Nikki's Team, Part 1

(by anonymous13, 27 November 2002)

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Nikki's Team

Part 1 

   "So, Mr. Morris, do we have a deal?"

   "I'm not sure.  Let me discuss it with my wife and get back to you

   "Certainly, Mr. Morris.  We realize you may think our offer strange, but in
the end, you will see all involved parties will be pleased with the result.
Take the forms with you and return when you are both sure."

   Phil explained it all to his wife that evening.  "No I don't know why but
think about it honey, we wouldn't have to worry about Carol's college
education.  We'll have extra money for the her and our other girls." "They
sure do make it sound worthwhile, " Sarah replied.  Besides, I never regretted
it.  She thought about it for some time before saying, "I guess so Phil. I'll
sign."  And she did.

   Phil brought the documents back with him.

   "Mr. Morris, all you have to do is sign and you can begin.  We applaud you
and your wife's decision.  Our company is proud to welcome you aboard."

   Phil signed the form and after minor formalities went home.  His wife
greeted him with a kiss.  "It's done," he said.  "They suggested we start as
soon as we can."

   "Now is as good as any time," Sarah said.  "I'll get her.  Carol!  Come
here," she called.

   "Yes mom?"  Carol answered as she entered the kitchen.  She was sixteen,
with blond hair and green eyes like her mother. Se showed signs of her
mother's striking looks.

   "Carol, your father and I want to talk to you.  We know you're mature
enough to listen to us.  You know we love you and want the best for you.  I
want you to do something for us."

   "Sure, mom, what is it?"

   "We want you to take part in a survey.  A company is thinking about
creating a new product line and wants honest feedback.  They would like the
opinion of someone who is new to their industry.  We think you could try it
and help them.  They promised to pay you well for your input."

   "No problem.  I'll do it.  What is it?"

   "Before I tell you I want you to know something.  When I was growing up,
things were different than they are today.  Smoking, for instance, wasn't
treated as it is today.  Practically anyone could buy them and you could smoke
almost anywhere.  I used to smoke when I when I was younger than you are.  I
wouldn't mind if you decided to try it."  Phil handed her the box he had
gotten from the company.  "The product is called 'Nikki' cigarettes.  All you
have to do is smoke them and answer some questions afterward."

   "The survey is in this folder," Phil told her.  "The cover page explains

   Carol read it.  It said to fill out the first page of the survey in private
after smoking her first cigarette.  She was to seal it in an envelope and give
it to her father to so he could return it for evaluation.  "Let me get this
straight.  If I smoke and tell them about it, they'll give us money?"  

   "That's right Carol," he said.

   "Will you help me mom?  I've never tried one before."

   "I know.  That's why you were chosen.  You can give unbiased replies.  I'll
show you how."  Sarah handed the cigarettes to Carol and showed her daughter
how to pack them.  She explained that they light and draw easier that way.
She had Carol open the pack and take one out.  

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