Nurse Regina, Part 1

(by, 16 December 1995)

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From Sat Dec 16 12:13:26 1995
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 12:12:54 -0500
Subject: Nurse Regina

Regina likes to smoke and knows she will die from it one day.
She takes immense pleasure in her habit. Enjoy!
part 1 of 2 part story.

Regina was born to smoke.  Her earliest memory was watching her mother
walk by her crib with a stream of smoke streaming from her nose and
mouth. She remembered the sweet smell of her fathers pipe and the ritual
of cleaning and packing the bowl that he performed nightly. Regina had
always thought of her mother as beautiful, but particularly so when she
smoked. Her mother was slender and short with dark eyes and hair. She
had high Slavic cheekbones and full lips that would envelop two-thirds
of a cigarette filter when taking a drag. To Regina her mother seemed
to always be engorged with smoke and her entire essence exuded a floral,
smokey feminine scent that Regina rejoiced in. She knew right away that
she was going to smoke.

At age nine, Regina began to make a careful study of how women of the
world smoked. Of course her main study was her mother and how her mother
smoked! Early saturday morning, coffee, cartoons and a haze of smoke
drifting to her room she knew her mother had been up long enough to
have smoked two cigarettes because it usually took that many to drift
noticably into her room from the kitchen. She would sneak silently
down the hall to peek surreptiously at her mother at the kitchen table.
Her mothers back was to her this morning as she read the paper. The 
inevitable pack of Benson & Hedges beside the well used ashtray.  She
watched as her mother tapped ashes and brought the cigarette to her
mouth, she knew when her mother was taking a drag because the smoke from
the end of the cigarette would stop suddenly and moments later would
erupt again above her mothers head. As her mother took a drag she could
hear the snappling crackle of the fire burning the tobacco. She had once
timed her mothers drags and found them to last 4 to 6 seconds consistently.
When her mother finished the drag there was often a pause
for several seconds and then a smooth deep inhale. Regina could see her
mothers back swell and shoulders rise visibly as she gulped the rich
smoke. Her mother seemed to let the smoke spread throughout her entire
body before she would exhale a bit and then breath normally out of her
nose, the smoke drifting in and out of her nose in time with the rise
and fall of her chest. Regina watched the smoke boil up around her mothers
body as she exhaled less and less smoke. It often took her mother
over 20 seconds to exhale all of a 5 second drag. Regina had timed this also,
she was utterly committed to being a smoker.
Regina was frustrated at her early attempts at smoking, she wanted to be
able to inhale as deeply as her mother without choking. Then one evening
when her parents were in bed she went out on the patio with one of her
mothers B&H's and on the first drag was able to inhale all the way. She w
was extremely excited and experimented with longer drags and deeper
inhalations,she grew a bit dizzy and staggered around the patio but found
the feeling not unpleasant and had a peculiar sensation in her pelvic
region that was indeed unusual and exciting.

Regina smoked as often as she could from the time she was fourteen, but
always in secret. She was an only child and was proud of her secretive
ways. One morning she questioned her mother about smoking. In the past
she had been reluctant to discuss smoking with her mother so as not to
arouse suspicion.  But she was sixteen now and felt comfortable as a
fledgling smoker.  Her mother was preparing breakfast, a cigarette smoldered
steadily in an ashtray. As her mother was frying the bacon,
she would pause occasionally and drag on the cigarette deeply. She performed
med what Regina called a "double-pump" a technique she had just mastered
but not with the intensity of which her mother was capable.
Her mother would seat the cigarette filter deep within her lips and
pull so hard that her cheeks seemed to collapse upon themselves, she
would then part her lips and pull the smoke into her and began another
long drag that would end just as the first drag came streaming from
her nostrils then she would pull the last drag down upon the first
and compress the smoke to the base of her lungs. Finally she would
gradually release the dilute smoke which seemed to meander from
her lungs for an infinite time in slow unsteady streams of dull yellow
well absorbed smoke. Regina asked her mother when she had started t smoke
and her mother said when she was sixteen. She sounded a bit regretful
about that so Regina did not ask anymore questions. But she wondered why
anyone would regret smoking.

As school progressed Regina continued her secret smoking and never revealed
it to anyone. She was able to purchase cigarettes at a 7-11
store 3 blocks from her house and had bought them there since she was
fourteen . They would sell to anyone and she was a familiar face.
In school for many years they had been preaching the dangers of smoking
and would display propaganda and pictures of diseased lungs. Regina was
well aware of the dangers of smoking and knew her mother would often
wake up with a nasty cough. But if anything, these warnings and examples
excited her and increased her intimacy with cigarettes. She was fascinate=
d that something so pleasing could be so deadly and found it
curious that such damage could occur to the lungs without any pain.

As her senior year approached Regina had decided that she would study
nursing, a field that held some fascination for her. She was more or less
a regular smoker and would often drive around after school smoking 
one cigarette after another. She had tried several brands before she
had settled on Camel Wides. At first she tried a filterless cigarette
because she enjoyed a strong viscous smoke, but she found the tobacco
particles annoying, particularly when she attempted a deep drag. Regina
smoked a lot like her mother and if anything had turned out prettier.
She was slender and taller than her mother with ample breasts and a
narrow chest. Her eyes were large brown almond shaped gems that perched
above prominent cheekbones, her full lips would encompass a cigarette
to the hilt and her dark hair was a lovely flowing curtain that provided
a wonderful backdrop for the smoke that drifted from her nostrils forming
a smokey wreath around her head.  Regina never did date much in high
school and found the boys her age a bit boring. She enjoyed watching
older men smoke and thought often of them, but she was now becoming
engrossed in her studies for nursing. Some of her girlfriends smoked
but none of them seemed to really enjoy it. In Regina's opinion they
just wasted cigarettes with their shallow inhales, trying to look
sexy for the guys with their weak Marlboro Lights as a prop. Regina
had shocked some of her friends when she first began to smoke around
them. She smoked with a seasoned skill that she obviously delighted
in. The wide gauge Camels she smoked would turn most of the girls
green with nausea and even sickend some boys. Regina however had
decided to go to the grave with these thick potent cigarettes that
provide much larger drags than could ever be obtained from a more
narrow or low tar cigarette. 

When Regina started nursing school, she was just beginning to notice
the subtle effects smoking was having on her.  She was now nineteen and
had been smoking daily for 4 years. She noticed a shortness of breath
when climbing the stairs to her room, but she was not really
concerned, she understood what was occurring deep within her lungs.
She began to jog in the afternoons after school and at first became
heavily winded, but after a month or so those smaller airways in
her lungs began to open up and she was able to inhale deeper and
exhale longer than she could ever remember. While jogging she would
frequently crave a cigarette even while severely winded and was amazed
at the intense desire.  After these jogs she would try to hold off
on smoking for as long as possible, but within an hour would began
filling her lungs with what she craved.

As her understanding of smoking's effect on the body increased she began
to appreciate the subtle changes her smoking was evoking upon her body.
She had finally come into her stride as a smoker and smoked a pack and
a half a day. Her roommate smoked also but was not dedicated to her
smokes as Regina was. While studying, Regina would chain-smoke with each
drag as deep as the next. Deep, seemingly desperate drags was her
standard method of smoking and smoke seemed to trickle endlessly from
her brown-tinged nostrils. When Regina was by herself, she would often
turn out the lights and direct the beam of her study light to shine across
her face then she would light a cigarette, and inhale with force.
She would hold the smoke until she virtually exhaled nothing. She would
take insanely long drags and let the mouthful of smoke cool as she
emptied her lungs completely through her nose. She would lay her hand upon
her bare ribcage and inhale deeply and feel her hand riding upon her
everexpanding sternum, ribs stetched completely out. Then a long slow
exhale through her nostrils that would last forever. By this point Regina
stimulated herself to the point where masterbation was began. She would
tap all the ash off the cigarette and place it deeply within her lips. She
would caress her clitoris as she took deep somtimes painful lung
fulls of smoke inhaled around the cigarette then released in twin streams
of hazy yellow smoke from her nostrils to either side of the cigarette
which had formed tiny streamers of tar progressing from the fire towards
the filter that Regina was pulling on incessantly. As the cigarette
proceeded towards it's conclusion, Regina would reach her climax and pull
an extreme double pump as she worked her fingers over her clitoris with
steady friction, the hot smoke would surge into her lungs and she would m
moan as her sex moistened the bed and continue to moan a steady stream of
smoke from the depth of her lungs. She then would remove the dead butt
from her lips and dust off her ash coated breasts. She tried not to analyze
this activity too intensely as it was the most pleasurable
thing she had experienced and knew that it would never be the same with a
man unless he would accept her smoking during sex. One Sunday night after
her smoke laden lungs had emptied and she was basking in the afterglow
of her self stimulation, the phone rang. It was her father and he was agi=
tated and anxious as he told her that her mother was in the hospital
after a coughing bout had resulted in blood in her sputum. Regina knew
enough to realize it was probably lung cancer, although her mother was
barely 46, Regina realized that her mother had smoked for over 30 years
with a fury and desire matched only by herself. "Oh mom!" Regina sighed
as she examined the filter of her last cigarette, it was collapsed in
upon itself and the tip of the filter was stained a deep brown. Tears
pooled in her eyes as she knew with certainty that she was holding the
instrument of her own death between her slightly stained fingers. "I
don't even want to quit, not now, not ever!" She sobbed with frustration.

Continued in Part II

[reformateed slightly from original email]

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