Pam & Julie (The Deal, First Reprise)

(by Donald Richard Tetreault , 03 August 1995)

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Date: Thu,  3 Aug 1995 23:56:14 UTC
Subject: Pam & Julie - Re-reprise
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Since the original "Deal" story seemed to go over so well, I thought I'd 
take Don's "Reprise" follow-up and expand it a little. Nothing special - 
I'm not even sure I'm happy with it - but it's got a little different 
spin than the original. Enjoy.


Part 1

Julie was surprised to find herself thinking so often about smoking. 
Although she had to admit to herself that, during the last three or four
packs of her carton, she was enjoying her cigarettes, she truly did not
imagine herself ever smoking again.  In fact, she didn't really think of
them as "her" cigarettes;  they were more like Pam's cigarettes that she
had been allowed, or "required," to smoke. 

One morning, after Julie had gotten ready for school and Pam was taking a
shower, Julie was moved to sneak a VS 120 from her mom's pack.  More than
anything else, she was curious to see if she could still smoke, and if
after a week of not smoking the sensation remained the same.  Julie went
downstairs into the kitchen where the smoke of her mom's last cigarette
was still lingering thick in the air.  Certainly, she could smoke one
without getting caught.  She quickly pulled one out of the nearly full
pack and using Pam's lighter, gently drew in the flame. 

As the first molecule of smoke struck Julie's tongue, her memory was
immediately revived... and to her amazement, it was one of delight. That
first gentle drag suddenly became a forceful, purposeful one.  She
continued pulling on her mom's 120, thinking to herself 'Oh God, I can't
believe how good this is!  How I have missed this!'.  Julie had earlier
learned to breathe out her nose while dragging, so that the negative
pressure in her lungs would easily pull the smoke in as she inhaled.  She
pulled the cigarette out from her lips, opened her mouth, and massaged the
smoke into her lungs as she inhaled slowly, once again feeling the 
familiar and welcomed sensations of inhaling.  And then something 
unexpected happened. 

As she held in the smoke from that first drag, Julie thought 'I want
another one, NOW!'.  She brought the cigarette to her lips, smoke still
drafting out of the filter, and began a second drag while exhaling the
first.  This was something Julie had never done before.  When smoking her
carton, she always exhaled her smoke through her mouth.  Occasionally,
some residual smoke came out her nose, and she knew the sensation... but
never before had she experienced tobacco taste like this before.  She
thought to herself 'so THIS is what tobacco REALLY tastes like!'.  She
finished the second drag, again exhaling entirely through her nose. 
Glancing at the clock, she noticed that her cigarette was already nearly
half-gone.  She decided that she had to do this again.  Once more, she
pulled forcefully on the first drag, inhaled, and then immediately began a
second drag as she exhaled the first.  Smoke was jetting downward out her
nostrils as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation. She 
felt her body react to the nicotine it had been missing for the last week 
as a mild "buzz" began to overtake her. She found that she enjoyed the 
sensation very much.

Julie finished her cigarette with a few more single drags, ran the
remnants under the sink faucet, and discreetly discarded the butt in the
waste can.  'Made it,' she thought to herself, still hearing the sound of
water running upstairs in her mom's bathroom.  But now, getting caught was
the least of Julie's concerns.  Instead, her thoughts began to shift to
when she would be able to do this again. 

Later, when her mom finished showering and came back down to the kitchen,
she asked Julie if there had been a smoldering cigarette left in the
ashtray.  "I don't think so," Julie said.  "Hmm," said Pam, "it sure
smells smoky in here.  Did you have one of my cigarettes?" 

Julie's face turned red.  "No, of course not."

"Because if you did, it's OK.  After all, I've already seen you 
smoke a carton... I'm certainly not going to forbid you to smoke if you 
really want to."

"I know, I know," replied Julie, "but I didn't."

About 7:45 Pam and Julie got in the car for the daily drive to school.  As
soon as they pulled out of the driveway Pam pushed in the lighter, and
reached into her pocketbook for a cigarette.  Julie cracked her window
open about an inch and watched her mom with the unlit 120 hanging from her
lips.  The lighter popped out, Pam pushed her cigarette against the
red-hot element and drew a strong, even light. As she exhaled, leaving the
cigarette hanging from her lips, she said to Julie, "I'm cold hon... would
you close the window please?"  Then she took a long, hard drag and,
holding her cigarette in her right hand, placed her hand on the stick
shift between the two seats.  The sidestream smoke was wafting directly
into Julie's face, and she breathed deeply, trying to draw it in, as she
stared straight ahead.  This was unusual, since Pam always held her
cigarette in her left hand while driving, leaving the driver's side window
open a bit.  Julie knew what was going on here.  So did Pam. 

"Do you have any tests at school today?" Pam asked.

Julie said nothing.

"Julie....Julie!" her mom said loudly.

"Sorry, mom," Julie finally responded.  "Did you say something?"

Pam took in a deep drag and, intentionally exhaling in Julie's 
direction, said, "Yes!  I asked if you had any tests today.  What are 
you thinking about?"  Pam knew exactly what was on Julie's mind.

Julie hesitated and, just as she was about to answer, her eyes met her
mom's stare.  Pam smiled and, without saying a word, offered her
half-smoked cigarette to Julie.  After a split-second of hesitation, Julie
quickly grabbed it and brought it to her lips, forming a tight seal
directly in the center of her mouth.  She dropped her hand and started
pulling in a hard drag, holding her head steady as her cheeks began to
hollow.  After about five seconds she started to lean forward, toward the
ash tray, while continuing to drag.  She then snapped the cigarette from
her lips, manicured the long hot-burning head as she was inhaling, and
immediately began a second drag while exhaling the first. 

Pam smiled, watching her daughter admit her defeat, but still said
nothing.  She reached into her pocketbook for another cigarette, knowing
that Julie wasn't about to return the 120.  Pam lit up and luxuriously
inhaled a long puff, then held out the pack to her daughter. Taking yet
another puff, Julie eyes widened as she grabbed the pack while mid-drag
and pulled out a fresh one, finished her drag, and inserted the unlit one
in her lips.  She lit it from the spent butt as smoke flowed in a thick
stream from her nostrils and pulled even harder, taking advantage of the
cooler burning newly lit cigarette.  This time, she began a second drag
without removing the cigarette from her lips, while crushing out her
finished cigarette in the car ash tray.  It still wasn't enough, as her
lungs demanded more of what they had become accustomed to over the last
month.  Clutching her mom's pack of VS's like a lifesaver, she took a
third consecutive drag before finally removing the cigarette from her

Pam observed her daughter's behavior with a combination of amazement and
understanding. Asking the obvious, she said, "Julie, do you want to start
smoking regularly?" 

Again, Julie was mid-drag when she started to slowly but enthusiastically
nod her head in agreement.  She finished her drag, inhaled deeply, and
slowly exhaled as she continued to nod.  Finally, she spoke.

"Yes, yes, yes!  Oh yes, mom, please, I DO want to smoke!  Everyday, 
everywhere, every minute, every chance I get!", she said giddily. 

They arrived at the back entrance to the school building about five 
minutes late.  All of the other students had already gone inside for the 
first class of the day.  Julie was nursing the last few drags out of her 
cigarette, which by now was nearly down to the filter.  

"I wish I didn't have to go to school today," lamented Julie.

"That's why I asked if you had any tests today," said Pam.  "Do you?"


Pam offered a suggestion.  "Why don't I write you a note to be 
excused early?  I'll say you have a doctor's appointment and you need 
to get out at 11:30.  Then I could pick you up and you can have the 
afternoon to yourself.  What do you think?"

Julie took the final drag of her cigarette, opened the car door, and
cast the butt to the ground.  As she exhaled she said, "Oh mom, that 
sounds great!"

Pam quickly scribbled a note and said, "And when I pick you up, maybe I'll
have a surprise for you."  Julie already knew what the surprise would be,
and she knowingly responded with a smile.  It was a two minute walk from
the car to the building, and as Julie took the note from her mom and was
about to close the car door, Pam reached over.

"Wait a minute, hon. Here, take this,"  she said, handing Julie her 
half-finished cigarette.  Without hesitating, Julie grabbed it, slammed 
the car door shut, and finished it off on her way toward the building.

The next three and a half hours seemed like an eternity.  Looking at the
clock every five minutes didn't help.  All Julie could think about was
getting out of school and spending the afternoon smoking with reckless
abandon, guilt-free and with her mom's endorsement. 

Pam picked up a carton of VS 120's for her daughter on the way back to
school.  She parked the car outside the building about 11:25, opened the
carton and set it on the passenger side dashboard.  She pulled out a fresh
pack and opened it, placing it on top of the carton.  She saw Julie exit
the building, honked the car horn, and pushed in the lighter.  Julie waved
and began running toward the car.  As Julie opened the door and sat down,
she saw the carton and reached for the opened pack. 

"Is this my surprise?" she asked.

Pam nodded as the lighter popped out.  Julie smiled as she pulled out a
fresh cigarette, bringing it to her lips while reaching for the lighter. 
She fired up a strong, even light as Pam started the car and began to 
pull away.  Without hesitation Julie pulled a few consecutive drags, 
anxious to once again experience the full, rich tobacco taste of exhaling
through her nose.  During the drive home Julie sat with the carton 
on her lap, holding her cigarette and resting her hand on top of the 
carton.  The sidestream smoke rose along the contour of her breasts, 
and directly into her face.  She breathed deeply, exhaling between 
drags with a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Pam said nothing as Julie finished her cigarette in about two minutes.  As
she chained into a second one, Pam finally broke in. "Looks like you're
having one of those can't-get-enough days." 

"Honestly," Julie replied, "smoking was the farthest thing from my mind
when I got up this morning.  But this really hit me from out of nowhere. 
You're right, I can't get enough!  I wish I could just let a five foot
cigarette hang from my lips and keep dragging on it with every breath!"

Pam smiled.  "I know, I know exactly how that is.  Unfortunately, 120's
are about as close as you can get to that.  At least you have a carton,
and permission to smoke as much as you want, whenever and wherever you

Nodding in agreement, Julie took a hard, celebratory drag, inhaling deeply
and forcing her exhale downward in short, repetitive bursts.  They pulled
into the driveway just as Julie started chaining into her third cigarette
in fifteen minutes.  She left it hanging from her lips as she opened the
car door, holding her carton in one hand and her books in the other as she
walked toward the house.  She continued dragging deeply and exhaling
through her nose, totally enjoying both the sensation of inhaling and
exhaling as well as the chemical effect of the rapidly-rising nicotine
level in her system, reaching the door and stepping inside just as her
cigarette needed to be de-ashed. 


End of Part 1

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