Pam & Julie (The Deal, Second Reprise)

(by, 03 August 1995)

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Subject: Pam & Julie Re-Reprise (2/2)
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Part 2


Once home, Julie sat down at the kitchen table.  She set up her new
carton, fresh pack, and a large, clear glass ashtray in front of her.  The
table and chair were just the right height, so that with her right arm
bent and her elbow on the table, the length of her forearm brought her
cigarette directly in line with her mouth.  This made for a perfectly
efficient smoking posture.  Without adjusting her body or moving her head
she could take a drag, move her hand toward the ashtray, and bring the
cigarette right back into contact with her lips.  And that's exactly what
she did. 

For the moment at least, Julie slowed down to taking singularly long
drags, keeping her head motionless yet slightly tilted to the left,
bringing her VS 120 to the right side of her mouth, opening her fingers
with each drag, and eventually shifting her forearm downward toward the
ashtray to manicure the head of her cigarette.  She shot a third of each
exhale toward the ceiling, letting the remainder flow out her nose,
gradually decreasing in volume with each successive exhale of her normal
breathing cycle.  Between drags she held her cigarette up to her face,
positioning it so it was barely touching her lips.  She breathed in deeply
to pull the sidestream smoke down the shaft of her cigarette and into her
nose, a sensation she found strange at first but one which she soon began to
enjoy as well.  As she formed a seal on the filter, her 120 angled sharply
upward. With each drag she slowly closed her eyes, as if drifting off to
sleep, and as she filled her mouth with more and more smoke, the sharp angle
of her cigarette gradually diminished. Julie's mind was focused on the
sensations of her smoking, listening to the sound of the burning VS each time
she puffed, and listening to her breathing each time she inhaled.  She was
concentrating on the way each puff made her feel, and was enjoying the
nicotine buzz that she was experiencing. Despite the prodigious amount of
smoke she had inhaled in the last hour, she still wanted more.

Suddenly, she was startled from this trance-like state.

"Julie," said Pam, walking into the kitchen, "I think I need to 'steal' a
pack of cigarettes from your new carton.  I thought I had a few more packs
left, but I'm out." 

Julie looked at her cigarette, deciding that she could get one more drag out
of it.  She placed it in the center of her lips and began pulling on it as
she reached for her carton, handing it to her mom.  After crushing the filter
in the ashtray, Julie reached for her pack and put another fresh 120 between
her lips.  She waited for her mom to open a pack, fired up her lighter and
held out the flame to light Pam's cigarette, and then lit her own. Pam sat
down as the two of them remained silent for a moment, each taking three
consecutive drags almost in perfect unison. Julie reflected on how bizarre
this all seemed... this morning, smoking was doing something "bad"; now, she
was enjoying this newfound pleasure totally, and totally guilt-free, thanks
to her mom's encouragement. 

"You know," Pam began, "when you were smoking a few weeks ago, I really
couldn't tell if you were enjoying it or not.  I mean, it didn't seem like
it was an unpleasant experience for you, but then again, you certainly
weren't smoking then like you have been today."

Julie was mid-drag when she heard this, and she started pulling harder as
she started to think about her mom's query.  She inhaled especially
deeply, as if this drag would help her decide how to respond to her
mother's comment.  She picked up the carton with her right hand, still
holding her cigarette with the same hand, and exhaled at the carton as she
inspected the Virginia Slims logo.

"I think," Julie paused to finish exhaling, "that before, I liked
realizing that I COULD smoke... I mean, that I was actually able to do it. 
And I kind of liked the sensation of inhaling, and watching the smoke
shoot across the room as I exhaled.  But I never really thought about the
taste.  In fact, I don't think I could have even described what smoking
tasted like.  I guess that's because I never exhaled out my nose, until
this morning when you were taking a shower.  By the way, I'm sorry I lied
to you about that.  I guess I was afraid of what you might think...that
you would be disappointed in me."

"Julie, I'm not fact, I'm proud of you."

Julie looked at her mom in disbelief.  "For smoking?"

"No...oh no, hon.  For simply deciding, on your own, that you wanted to
smoke...and for having the courage to admit that to me.  You know, a lot
of kids start smoking because they think it makes them 'adult.' But making
the decision to start smoking because you want to, and then taking
ownership of that decision without any guilt or pretense...that's what
adult behavior is really all about.  And you did it.  That's why I'm proud
of you."

Julie beamed with pride as she took a celebratory drag, finally feeling
like her mom was treating her as an equal. 

Pam continued the conversation.  "I noticed that you really like to take
two drags in a row, exhaling the first as you draw in the second.  Is that
something new, or had you tried that with your carton a few weeks ago?"

Julie crushed out her cigarette and walked over toward the trash can to
empty out the ashtray, which was starting to fill up.  She sat back down,
and replied, ", but I really like it.  The only thing is, it
seems like after two consecutive drags, the head of my cigarette gets too
long, and the smoke begins to burn too hot.  I hate having to wait a few
minutes for it to cool down."

Pam had a solution.  "There's two things you can do to solve that
problem...neither of which is very practical if you're out in public.  But
let me tell you anyway, just so you'll know.  One is to have two
cigarettes going at once, so you can alternate between them.  You could
either take a drag off one, and a second drag off the other... or you
could take two drags off one, and then let it cool down while you smoke
the other." 

This had never entered Julie's mind, but what really surprised her was
that she was hearing this from her mom.  "Sounds like you're speaking from
experience, mom."

Pam continued, "Well, actually...when I was your age and I started
smoking, my girlfriends and I used to go to the school lavatory to smoke. 
We only had about three minutes between classes, and we each usually tried
to smoke two cigarettes in that time.  We ran into the same problem you
described.  As a solution, the two-cigarette thing really didn't work very
well, but we had another way to deal with the hot-burning head problem. 
Let me show you."

Pam grabbed the lighter and lit a fresh cigarette.  She left it hanging
from her lips as she exhaled the first drag.  Then she breathed in deeply
through her nose, pulling all of the sidestream smoke in, in preparation
for a second drag.  She then pulled another drag, inhaled, and exhaled out
her nose as she pulled in a third drag. 

Julie thought to herself, 'OK, I've already done this.  What's the

Pam then took the cigarette from her lips, knocked the long, orange head
off into the ash tray, and put the unlit cigarette back into her mouth. 
She then fired up the lighter, drawing in two more consecutive drags. 
Again, she knocked off the head, re-lit, and repeated the process.

"Mom," Julie said with astonishment, "I've never seen YOU smoke like that

"Well, I don't do it much anymore...sometimes in the morning when no one's
around.  But if it's taste you're after, it sure delivers.  You ought to
try it, it's kind of fun."

Pam's encouragement was unnecessary.  Julie was more than game, as she had
already begun reaching for her cigarettes and lighter.  She fired up a
flame and mirrored her mom exactly, taking three drags before knocking off
the head and re-lighting.  As she began her second drag, Pam broke in.

"You also might try pulling hard and fast for the first drag, and then a
little easier and slower for the second drag.  You'll find that the flavor
is a little more rich when you pull'll see as you exhale and
begin the second drag."

Julie smiled and said OK.  She again knocked the head off, put the unlit
half-smoked cigarette in her mouth, and established a bright burning
orange head that crackled loudly as she pulled extra hard and fast,
hollowing out her cheeks.  "Mmmm," she said as she exhaled slowly while
taking the second drag.  The smoke funneling out of her nostrils was
thicker than she had ever seen it before.  Finally, she responded, "Oh
yes, that is rich!" 

Soon, however, the novelty of this style of smoking was overcome by the 
nuisance factor, and combined with the level of nicotine in Julie's 
system, she began to finally feel satiated. Her pace began to slow down 
as Julie now settled back into a smoking style of long single drags and 
deep inhales, with  enough time in between them to allow the heat to 
subside. She began to allow herself some time between cigarettes as well, 
following a pattern that was almost exactly the same as Pam. As the day 
passed, Julie was amused to watch as she slowly emptied the pack of VS 
120s and set an objective in her mind to finish it before the end of the 
day. This turned out to be no problem as the women continued to smoke on 
a near-continuous basis throughout the evening, and Julie had to open a 
new pack before bedtime.

The next morning, Julie awoke and immediately lit up. She resumed her 
previous pattern of smoking both before and after breakfast, this time 
treating herself to a few double drags but generally maintaining a more 
conventional smoking style. As they prepared to leave the house, Pam 
asked her daughter, "I assume you're going to take your cigs with you 

Julie hadn't really considered this, but she began to realize that she 
was now a smoker in her mom's eyes, and began to accept the image in her 
own as well. Given the option, she was quick to accept. "I suppose I 
should. I have some time between classes, and at lunchtime I know I'll 
want some." As Pam drove Julie to school, both women lit up as soon as 
the car pulled out of the driveway. Julie lit up a second just before 
they arrived at school and stood outside the building until she had 
finished it, much to the surprise of her schoolmates as she explained to 
them that she had smoked for some time now.

Julie was still somewhat amazed at how much she was enjoying smoking, and
at how many she was able to smoke each day. It was almost as if her body
was wanting her to catch up for the time after she stopped smoking
initially. Julie's addiction rapidly exerted itself once again, and she soon
progressed from her initial pack a day level into a pattern of smoking about
a carton a week. She really enjoyed weekends, when she was able to smoke
without any restriction, and would zoom up to nearly two packs a day on those
days. After a few months of this, Julie's smoking habit had become firmly and
deeply entrenched. Julie now needed to take advantage of nearly every
opportunity to smoke in order to satisfy the strong craving that she had
developed. Still, it was not a bother in her mind as she loved smoking every
bit as much as did her mom. 

Julie maintained her habit at this level for some months. One day, she and
Pam were driving back from a day at the beach along a deserted back road,
which they mistakenly thought was a shortcut but which actually led them
away from their destination. Pam reached for her pack of 120s and
discovered it was empty. Julie was smoking, so Pam asked, "Damn. All out.
Let me have a smoke, will you hon?" 

Julie handed her pack to Pam. "That's the last one I have, mom. Did you 
put a pack in the beach bag?", she asked.

"No, I don't think I did," Pam responded, lighting up. "That's Ok.... we 
should see a store soon, and I'll stop and get us some," she said as she 

As the women continued to drive, Pam finished the cigarette, offering
Julie a few puffs along the way to help hold her, but no stores appeared. 
Time passed and both women began to feel the nagging need to smoke again,
and soon. Pam began to drive faster in the hope of finding a store more
quickly, but still no opportunity presented itself.  Finally, nearly an
hour after their last cigarette, a small gas station appeared. "I'll stop
here... they should have smokes for us," said Pam with relief. 

Entering the small office, Pam soon realized that this was a true country 
station, with none of the facilities that she had become used to at 
stations in town. "Do you sell cigarettes?", she asked the man behind the 
counter. He gestured to a small shelf of the wall behind him. All that 
was there were a few packs of Marlboro Red, Salem Kings, and Winston 
100s. Disappointed, Pam knew that she would have to compromise. "Oh... 
well, give me two packs of Winston 100s, please", she said.

Returning to the car, Julie had returned from the restroom. "What a 
dive!", she said as Pam got behind the wheel. "That place was filthy. Did 
you get us some cigs, at least?"

"This is all they had", she replied, handing Julie the Winstons. "They'll 
have to do. Have you ever tried these before?"

"No. But I don't care. I need one, bad", said Julie, as she tore open the
pack. Pam had already done the same and was in the process of lighting up
as Julie pulled the orange-filtered cigarette from the package. Placing it
between her lips she was struck by the fact that this was the first time
she had smoked something other than a VS 120, and both the look of the
orange filter and the thickness of the cigarette seemed strange to her.
Pam offered her lighter to Julie and she drew gratefully on the Winston.
Inhaling her first puff, Julie was instantly aware of the fact that these
were very different cigarettes. They were stronger, for one thing, and had
a different taste and smell. But she didn't care, for the moment at least,
as she needed to give herself a quick dose of nicotine to offset the last
hour or so. She decided to double-drag in order to satisfy herself more
quickly, and was surprised to find that the Winston - maybe due to its
larger diameter - stayed cool when she did this. Not only that, but the 
smoke that she released through her nostrils was about as thick and rich 
as she had ever experienced. 

This was Julie's first experience with a full-flavor cigarette, and she
found herself liking it. Not only the taste, but the sensations inside her
when she inhaled were much more intense, almost like when she first smoked
so many months ago. She remembered this as she inhaled again on the
Winston, and allowed herself to enjoy the sensation in her lungs again.
She soon decided that she liked their taste as well, and certainly she
appreciated their high nicotine level after beginning to start suffering
from withdrawal pangs during the last while. A few more puffs and the
shorter Winston was finished, and Julie immediately extracted another from
the red package. 

"I'm going to have another. Want me to light one for you too?", asked 
Julie, watching as her mom crushed out the remains of her own Winston in 
the ashtray.

"No, honey, thanks but I really don't care for these that much. Maybe 
later, but we'll probably be home before too long anyway", Pam replied. 

Julie shrugged, and lit up again, once more doubling up on the first few
drags and enjoying the rich taste. After a few doubles, she settled back
against the seat of the car, leaned her head back against the headrest,
and took long, leisurely puffs, drawing in the smoke as deeply as she ever
did, and concentrating on exhaling through her nostrils in slow, short
streams as she retained some of the smoke from each puff in her lungs for
five or six breaths. The light from the setting sun entering the side
window of the car highlighted the twin streams leaving her nose, and Julie
liked to see how many times smoke from a single puff could be exhaled that
way. The Winston let her do this much more successfully than her VS 120s
ever did. 

Julie chained into the Winstons this way for the rest of the trip. Even 
though Pam didn't like them that much, the sight and smell of her 
daughter's chainsmoking became too much of a temptation for her after a 
time, and she felt compelled to light up another as well and join Julie, 
commenting, "Seems like you've found a new toy. You like these, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, mom, I really do!", said Julie while she exhaled yet another
puff.  "They're great! Wish I had tried them before. But you don't like

"No, not really. In that case, here, take my pack too. I've got my 120s at 
home and we're almost there. I'll stick to those."

Soon, they arrived home and Pam immediately pulled a fresh pack of VS 120s
from her carton and lit up. Julie did the same with her carton, but only
to give herself a chance to evaluate the two brands back-to-back.  For the
rest of the evening, she would alternate between the two types, and at one
point mid-evening lit up one of each simulataneously to try back-to-back
puffs to help her decide. It really wasn't all that difficult - the
devoted smoker Julie had now become could only make one choice, really -
but she liked the image of the 120s and it took her a while to adjust
mentally. Finally, though, she made a decision.  "Mom, the next time you
pick up a carton for me, would you get me these instead? I think I'm going
to switch to the Winstons. I really, really like them." 

The next day, Pam bought Julie a fresh carton of Winston 100s and claimed
the remains of Julie's old carton of 120s for herself. By the time she
arrived home from school, Julie had finished the second pack of Winstons
and was glad to find the carton in her room. Julie immediately opened the
carton and lit up, enjoying the sensation as she breathed the dense smoke
deep into her lungs. She had discovered an additional benefit of the 100s
during the school day, in that she could finish 2 complete cigarettes
between classes whereas she never had quite enough time for a pair of
120s. Some of her friends had given her a hard time about the Winstons,
saying that nobody smoked them these days, but Julie didn't care. She
thought they were just about perfect, and suited her totally. From that
day on, Julie became totally devoted to her Winstons, smoking at least two
packs each and every day, completely abandoning herself to her passion for
smoking. Pam was a little concerned since Julie now smoked much more
heavily than did she, and not only did she fret about Julie's health -
Julie admitted to her that she was now woefully out of shape - but the
cost also was beginning to become a bit of a burden. But her daughter had
made her decision and, at least for now, had no regrets. Pam took some
comfort from the fact that the relationship between them had continued to
grow as a result of Julie's smoking, and for Julie's part, she had no
regrets at all. She loved everything about smoking, she loved how it made
her feel, and she appreciated how it helped change her relationship with
her mother. It was a deal Julie would happily make again. 

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