Smoke Police, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 22 September 1996)

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    This story contains adult language and sexual themes (including
lesbianism). If such language and themes offend you, please do not read
further. Copyright 1996 by SSTORYMAN. All rights reserved. Permission is
hereby granted to reproduce this story in any form and for any purpose as long
as this notice is reproduced and no financial remuneration is received by the
person reproducing.


    The story occurs in January, in the year 2025. To understand the events
which take place, you should know the following:

    2006 - Catastrophic punitive damage awards against domestic tobacco
companies in product liability cases cause tobacco companies to declare
bankruptcy. Rather than allowing black-markets to fill the void for tobacco
products, the federal government buys all cigarette manufacturing operations
and becomes the sole domestic tobacco manufacturer and distributor. Cigarettes
are sold generically as a "controlled substance" through pharmacies and
licensed distributors. To purchase tobacco products, a person must obtain a
Tobacco Use Permit (TUP). TUPs are available to persons twenty-one years of
age and older.

    2013 - The FDA adopts regulations eliminating issuance of new Tobacco Use
Permits. Thus, people can no longer obtain TUPs upon turning 21. In effect,
prohibition becomes law (except for persons already holding TUPs). The FDA
acknowledges the difficulty of enforcing complete prohibition but declares
people should no longer be permitted to smoke upon turning 21. The FDA
announces in advance a truly "smokeless society" will arrive by the year 2020.
Nevertheless, illegal smoking continues unabated.

    2019 - Black market cigarette distribution reaches epidemic proportions.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) establishes a "smoke police"
division to crack down on black market activities and sales to persons under
the minimum permit age (which is increasing each year and is now at age 27).

    2025 - Youngest licensed TUP holders are 33 years old but cigarette use by
teens and twenties remains rampant. Official estimates show almost 20% of
twenties smoke illegally. Teenage smoking is estimated as high as 15%. Black
market and illegal smoking "speak-easies" are commonplace in U.S. high schools
and on college campuses. In November 2024 a Libertarian Party candidate is
elected President. Among his platform planks - repealing all age restrictions
on tobacco use and privatizing manufacture and distribution of cigarettes.
Experts admit prohibition has been a dismal failure but public health
officials still oppose privatization. ATF "smoke police" continues its
enforcement activities against black-market cigarette distribution.

    Part 1 - Welcome to Covert Ops.

    No matter what they said, Sandra Winter liked her job at ATF. The pay was
good. Benefits were great. She graduated from the local community college last
spring at age 22 and was lucky to find a good job quickly. Especially a
government job with good pay!

    Sandra's thoughts wandered while she sat at her desk. Not much to do, she
mused. She started thinking about her drive home. Last night some of her
friends chided her about working for the "smoke police." She wasn't going to
make new friends, they told her, working for an unpopular government agency.
And the "smoke police" is unpopular; worse than the IRS.

    Yeah, it is a problem, Sandra admitted. She doesn't have many friends. She
was too shy, they told her last night, not social enough. It was true. She
hadn't had a regular boyfriend for over a year. Despite her striking, long
blond hair and attractive figure she wasn't socially active. Working for the
"smoke police" wasn't smart for someone who was naturally shy.

    Sandra sighed. They were right. She was too inhibited. This job was no
help when it came to expanding her social network. But I only work in ATF's
administrative office, Sandra objected into the silence. I have nothing to do
with black market covert operations (or covert ops as it was called within the
agency). Sandra didn't appreciate the grief she took. She wasn't going to quit
her job to make friends.

    No, Sandra liked her job. But since the election she'd started worrying.
What if President O'Brien kept his promise and legalized cigarettes? Would ATF
lay people off? Sandra was new. She'd be among the first to go. Damn! She
liked being the Administrative Assistant to the Regional Director. Looking for
a new job didn't appeal to her. She hated meeting new people and adjusting to
new situations. Sandra sighed with resignation.

    A voice and picture on the vidphone interrupted Sandra's daydreams.
"Sandra, please come to my office. Right now." It was Michelle Hammersmith,
Sandra's boss. The call surprised her. She thought Michelle's meeting with
Roger Westfall, the tri-state director for ATF, would last until quitting
time. Sandra looked at her watch. Shoot, she thought. It was almost 4:30 p.m.
She hoped Michelle wasn't going to start a new project this late in the day.
Sandra wanted to get out on time.

    "Amber, would you cover the phone for me?" Sandra asked, standing up and
brushing her long blond hair back away from her face. "The boss wants

    Amber Rogers sat at the next desk. She nodded her head silently in reply,
focused on some urgent task of her own. Sandra shook her head as she walked

    "Come in Sandra and close the door behind you." Michelle smiled as Sandra
walked through the door. Michelle was young to be a Regional Director. Only in
her mid 30's, Michelle was blond, tall and attractive. But unlike Sandra's
blond hair, Michelle's hair was short, almost a boy-cut. The display screen at
Michelle's workstation flashed information on a variety of topics while Sandra
sat down. Michelle turned off the display and looked at her.

    "Sandra, you've done a good job the last few months," Michelle began.
"You're a dedicated employee whom I trust to be discrete and get the job

    "Thank you, Michelle," Sandra blushed. "I like it here. I especially like
working for you." Sandra tried to smile. What was going on? Was she about to
be laid off?

    Michelle didn't notice Sandra's concern. "You're welcome," Michelle
continued. The smile put Sandra at ease. "Sandra, I'll get to the point,"
Michelle continued. "Let me ask you a blunt question. We need assistance in
covert ops. We're short-handed. Would you be willing to help?"

    Sandra was surprised, relieved and flattered. It wasn't what she feared at
all! "Oh, Michelle," Sandra hesitated. "I'm not trained for field work. I'm
only an office administrator." And not very good at working with new people,
she wanted to add.

    Michelle nodded. "I know. But we're on a tight budget. We don't have the
investigative staff to handle our assignments. This particular assignment
isn't dangerous. Just some snooping around on the university campus to get
leads on potential black market activity. Interested?"

    A wave of excitement hit Sandra. God, cloak and dagger work! It sounds so
intriguing, she thought. Her natural fear began to abate.

    "Sure, I guess so," replied Sandra, trying to convince both Michelle and
herself by answering enthusiastically. She paused again. "Are you sure it's
okay? I don't want to get in trouble. I thought no one could work in field
operations without agent training." Sandra always tried to follow the rules.

    Michelle laughed. She seemed amused by Sandra's concern for protocol.
"Relax," Michelle replied. "I need someone to frequent a few campus hangouts
and keep her ears open for black market activity. We're not talking about
arresting anyone. Students on campus are getting cigarettes illegally from
local sources." Michelle lowered her voice. "Roger Westfall told me that some
agents suspect the distribution source is within this ATF office," she added.

    Sandra was surprised. She gasped. "Here?"

    "Yes," Michelle continued. "That's the rumor. Roxanne and I don't have the
staff to check out all possible leads." She smiled. "I'd like to deputize you
to spend evenings on campus. To keep your ears open. I can't pay overtime
because you're not authorized to work as an agent. But it might be exciting.
You'd be a mole gathering information about cigarette availability on campus.
Are you game?"

    Wow, Sandra thought. Working undercover for Michelle and for Roxanne
Smarzen, the head of Covert Ops. She took a deep breath. "I'm willing to try,"
Sandra agreed.

    "Great," Michelle smiled. "Let me call Roxanne. She'll bring you up to
speed." Michelle pushed a button on her vidphone. "Roxy," she said. "I've got
another candidate. For informal campus surveillance. Can you join us?"

    "That's wonderful," said the face on the vidphone. "I'll be right there."

    Momentarily the door opened. In walked Roxanne Smarzen, ATF's regional
head of Covert Operations. Sandra'd seen Roxanne around the office. They'd
talked a few times when Sandra answered Michelle's phone. Roxanne was a
strikingly attractive redhead. Sandra guessed Roxanne, like Michelle, was in
her mid-30's. Whenever she walked into a room, she immediately took command.

    "Hi," Roxanne greeted Sandra as she extended her hand. "You must be

    "Yes," Sandra replied shyly, standing to shake Roxanne's hand. "I'm Sandra
Winter, Michelle's Administrative Assistant."

    " Sandra is trustworthy, dependable and willing to help," Michelle said.
"She can keep confidences. Why don't you brief her on the campus surveillance

    "Sure," Roxanne agreed, sitting next to Sandra. "Thanks for being willing
to help. It's simple. We're short on agents. We need people to infiltrate
smoker groups on campus to figure out where kids are buying cigarettes. Our
field agents can't cover all suspected distribution points. We need help. Did
Michelle tell you we suspect a local distributor has a supply source within
the agency?"

    Sandra nodded quickly. She tried to look professional.

    "We're asking a few trustworthy younger employees to snoop for us,"
Roxanne continued. "People young enough to fit in on campus. Nothing
dangerous. You'll just report to me what you see and hear."

    Despite her natural reticence Sandra began to get excited. "I'd love to
help," she replied with genuine enthusiasm. "Just tell me what to do."

    "Okay." Roxanne paused. "First, have you ever smoked cigarettes before,

    "No," Sandra replied truthfully. "I never have." During high school her
friends smoked. But Sandra'd never tried it. She'd been afraid to break the

    "In this case, that's too bad," Roxanne sighed. "Are you willing to

    Sandra was confused. Why? What did smoking have to do with this
surveillance assignment?

    Roxanne saw the puzzled look on Sandra's face. "Let me explain," Roxanne
offered. "We need to infiltrate campus parties to hear smokers talk about
their suppliers. Unless you look like a smoker you won't be credible. Students
won't talk freely if you're not smoking, too."

    Sandra gulped. "But that's dangerous," she objected. "It's illegal for me
to smoke. Besides, I might get hooked." Everyone knew cigarettes were highly

    Michelle laughed. "Relax, Sandra," she said. "Roxy can take care of that.
We have special medication to deal with the addiction. She'll get you a
temporary permit, a special TUP, so it's legal. Remember, you'll be working
for us," she smiled. "It can't be illegal."

    Sandra didn't answer. She wanted to do it. But the idea of smoking made
her nervous. Very nervous.

    "Listen, Sandra," Roxanne assured her. "I understand your concern. Our
undercover field agents take medication to counteract nicotine's addictive
effect. But we have to teach you to smoke." She smiled. "Tho' we wouldn't
dream of exposing you to a risk of addiction."

    Sandra thought for a moment. "Well, okay," she replied. If it was safe and
legal she guessed she didn't mind. "Who's going to teach me to smoke?"

    "Roxy will," Michelle said. "She knows how. She'll teach you. By the time
Roxy's done with you, people will think you're a regular smoker."

    Sandra was nervous but curious. This might be an interesting experience.
"Okay," she decided. "When do we start?"

    Roxanne stood. "Right now," she answered. "Let's go down to the Covert Ops
center. The sooner you start smoking the sooner we can get you in the field."

    The meeting was over. Sandra looked at her watch. Only fifteen minutes
until quitting time. But now she didn't mind staying late. She'd fantasized
about doing undercover work. Now she'd be working for Roxanne Smarzen herself!

    Sandra and Roxanne took the elevator to the basement. After walking
through several hallways they reached a restricted area. The sign said Covert
Operations and George Wilson, Ms. Smarzen's administrative assistant, sat
guard at the door. Sandra liked George. She'd talked and flirted with George
at the office Christmas party last month. "Hi, George," she said sweetly.
George smiled but didn't respond. He seemed preoccupied.

    "Come on in, Sandra," Roxanne said with a wink as they walked past
George's desk. "We'll start your training right now."

    Roxanne approached another door marked "No Admittance - Authorized
Personnel Only". Before they could enter, a pretty young woman whom Sandra
recognized opened the door, walked out of the restricted room, and quickly
closed it behind her.

    "Hi, Shayla," Sandra said. Shayla Zimmerman started at the agency a few
weeks after Sandra. She worked in public relations. But her department had no
connection with Covert Ops.

    "Hi, Sandra," Shayla said meekly as she hurried out. Funny, thought Sandra
as she walked by. What's that smell? Suddenly Sandra recognized it. Tobacco

    Roxanne ushered Sandra inside. Sandra smiled knowingly at Roxanne. "I
smelled smoke on Shayla's clothes," she confided as she looked around. "Are
you training her, too?"

    Roxanne frowned. "Damn," she muttered. "That girl needs to be more
careful. We've got ionizers to eliminate the smell. She needs to use them."
Recovering, Roxanne smiled at Sandra. "Yes, you're right," she said. "Shayla's
another volunteer operative. But please don't speak with her. You must each
work independently. Discuss your work and the results of your investigations
only with Michelle and with me, unless we tell you otherwise."

    "Sure," Sandra shrugged. No problem, she told herself. She didn't really
like Shayla that much anyway.

    Roxanne opened a cabinet and removed a round dish, placing it on the
conference room table. Sandra guessed it was an ashtray. Roxanne also got out
a pack of cigarettes, a butane lighter and a small pill bottle.

    "Sandra, I appreciate this. Your assistance will really help us." Roxanne
shook a couple cigarettes from the pack. "So, let's get started," she smiled.

    Roxanne put a long, white cigarette in her mouth. Sandra watched with
amazement as Roxanne flicked the lighter, lit up, took a deep drag and inhaled
the smoke. She took a second, even longer puff and inhaled a second time into
her lungs. She removed the cigarette from her mouth and smoke began to escape
from her nostrils. Sandra was astounded.

    "Oh my God," Sandra sputtered. "Do you really smoke, Ms. Smarzen?"

    Roxanne laughed as smoke continued to escape from her lips. "Don't be
silly," Roxanne giggled with a little girl laugh. "And please, call me Roxy.
Remember, I work in the field in covert ops. I frequently play the part of a
smoker. I'm pretty good, don't you think?"

    Sandra nodded. She sure did.

    "Now, Sandra, don't worry about becoming addicted," Roxanne continued
pointing to the bottle of pills. "These work wonders. You take one every day.
Pretty soon you'll be able to smoke as much as you want. Getting hooked will
be no problem. Neat, huh?"

    Roxanne held the cigarette erect between her fingers while she talked.
Sandra watched the smoke curling from the end of the lit cigarette. She
couldn't get over the sight of Roxanne Smarzen smoking! Far from repulsive,
Roxanne seemed strangely attractive standing there. She looked so stylish, so
feminine, so sophisticated while she smoked. For the first time in her life,
Sandra understood some of smoking's appeal. Roxy looks great doing it, she

    Roxanne got a glass of water. Setting her cigarette in the ashtray, she
opened the bottle and gave Sandra a pill. "Here," she smiled, "take one of
these. Then I'll teach you to smoke."

    Suddenly, Sandra felt very nervous. She placed the pill in her mouth and
washed it down. Her eyes were transfixed by the burning cigarette in the
ashtray. The smoke rose slowly in an uninterrupted spiral toward the ceiling.

    "Good," Roxanne said approvingly as Sandra swallowed. She noticed Sandra
watching the spiraling smoke. Roxanne smiled. "Mesmerizing to watch, isn't
it?" she asked rhetorically.

    Roxanne put the glass in the sink. She retrieved her cigarette from the
ashtray. Almost absent-mindedly Roxanne took another drag. Sandra saw Roxy
inhale the smoke into her lungs and hold it there. Wow, Sandra thought.

    "So, ready for your first cigarette?" Roxy asked while holding the smoke

    Sandra gulped. "I guess so," she whispered. She watched Roxy slowly
exhale. Playing with the smoke while it escaped, Roxy exhaled ever so slowly,
in intermittent short bursts.

    Roxanne noticed the hypnotic look on Sandra's face. Roxanne laughed again.
"Don't worry, Sandra, that pill will start working right away. You should feel
some of the side effects already. Most people relax as the medication takes
effect. It also makes you feel less uptight. The pills usually have a
pleasant, tranquilizing effect. We can start you smoking right away. If you're

    Sandra's mind was racing. This is completely legal, she reassured herself.
It's for the government. Nothing is wrong, illegal, or even immoral. She
thought she would feel uneasy. Ever since kindergarten she'd heard smoking was
evil and good girls don't smoke.

    To her surprise, however, Sandra wasn't uneasy or afraid. She was actually
looking forward to trying a cigarette. Roxy was right. She felt relaxed. Very
mellow. The pill was taking effect. Whatever it was, Sandra felt good. She
looked at Roxanne. God, she smiled, Roxy looks so sophisticated! And now she,
Sandra, was going to try it, too.

    Roxanne finished another long exhale. She handed Sandra an unlit, 100
millimeter cigarette. Instinctively, Sandra winced. "It won't bite you,"
Roxanne laughed. "Go ahead. Take it. Get used to holding it between your
fingers before we light it."

    Sandra picked up the long cigarette. She looked at it. It was slim and
white. She smelled it. It smelled good! Sandra felt a wave of illicit
excitement. Smoking had always been forbidden, but the thought of learning how
to smoke made Sandra feel strangely aroused. Excited.

    "So, you've never smoked before?" Roxanne asked. Her voice had a slightly
antiseptic tone. Sandra shook her head. "That's okay," Roxy went on. "The
first few puffs of a cigarette usually aren't pleasant. You see, tobacco is a
learned taste. It seems bitter at first. You may even feel like coughing. But
don't worry. Relax. Let your body grow accustomed to the taste and sensation
of cigarette smoke. You'll quickly find you begin to tolerate the taste and
the physical sensations quite easily. Soon smoking becomes pleasant. In fact,"
she smiled wickedly, "it soon becomes very pleasant indeed."

    Roxy paused and took another drag. She snap-inhaled the smoke into her
lungs. She kept talking while holding smoke inside.

    "Sandra, cigarettes provide the smoker with a great deal of pleasure.
You'll experience it very quickly." Roxy paused and exhaled a large cloud of
smoke toward the ceiling. "And it's not just physiological. There's also
psychological pleasure involved. A lot of psychological pleasure. After you
get used to the habit you quickly begin to experience the pleasure it brings."
She tapped some ashes into the ashtray and took another drag. "Substantial
pleasure. Let's be honest, Sandra," Roxy smiled. "That's why smoking's so hard
to ban. People like it. A lot."

    Sandra felt quite relaxed now. Gee, she giggled to herself. The way Roxy
talks makes smoking seem so exciting! There was an odd, almost lustful look in
Roxy's eyes. Sandra gasped. God, Roxanne enjoys smoking! You can tell by the
way she talks about it!

    No, don't be silly, Sandra reproached herself. Roxy's the head of ATF's
regional covert ops. She works against tobacco! She couldn't possibly enjoy
smoking! Could she?

    Roxanne took another leisurely drag. In only a few minutes she'd almost
finished her cigarette. Sandra held hers between her fingers, still unlit.
Again she watched Roxanne inhale and then exhale toward the ceiling a steady
stream of blue-gray smoke. Sandra was impressed with Roxy's technique. It
looked so relaxing, so . . . fun.

    Roxy winked as she finished her exhale. "Before long you'll be doing this,
too, honey!" With that, she took a final drag and inhaled. She crushed her
cigarette in the ashtray. Her fingers carefully worked the spent cigarette
into the ashtray while smoke slowly exited her nostrils.

    "Okay, Sandra," Roxy smiled. "Let's get you started smoking, too." Without
hesitation Roxy pulled out a fresh cigarette for herself from the pack. "I'll
keep smoking with you," she announced quietly. "To keep you company. Is that

    Sandra nodded her assent. Actually, for some reason she was relieved that
Roxy would keep smoking, too.

    "Good," Roxy replied with a bright smile. "Now, Sandra, relax," she
reassured her. "I'm going to light my cigarette and then light yours. Don't
worry. Just do exactly as I tell you. Really, it's not hard. Millions of
people all over the world learn to smoke every year," Roxanne laughed. "Each
one successfully smokes a first cigarette. You can, too!"

    Sandra shivered. God, she thought. There's that wicked laugh again.

    Roxy went on. "With the cigarette in your mouth, suck gently when the
flame hits the tip. You'll feel smoke filling your mouth. But don't breathe
in. Not yet. Just hold the smoke in your mouth and blow it out after a few
seconds. Okay?"

    Sandra nodded and put the cigarette to her lips. Roxy flicked the lighter.
She lit her own cigarette and, with her cheeks hollowing and the cigarette
still in her mouth, Roxy motioned for Sandra to lean toward the flame. Sandra
leaned in and let the tip of her cigarette touch the fire. As instructed, she
sucked gently.

    Almost immediately Sandra felt a warm, strange and bitter sensation in her
mouth. The taste was odd, unpleasant. She knew her mouth was filling with
smoke. Immediately she removed the cigarette and blew out. Sandra made a face.
Roxy was still exhaling from her initial drag.

    "I know, I know, it tastes terrible," Roxanne admitted with a smile. "It
always does at first. You're doing great! Don't worry," she added. "You'll get
used to it. After a few puffs you'll like the way the smoke tastes. I

    Sandra frowned. She watched Roxy take a long, leisurely drag on her
cigarette and inhale deeply. God, Sandra thought to herself, Roxy is enjoying
her cigarette. Suddenly, watching Roxy smoke made Sandra want to try again.
She looked at the burning cigarette. "Try it again, Sandra," Roxy urged. "And
try sucking harder this time, kid."

    Sandra raised the lit cigarette to her lips for a second puff. As her lips
closed on the filter Sandra drew again, a bit harder this time. Surprisingly,
Roxanne was right. The second puff was more tolerable. She blew the smoke out
with no comment. Roxanne watched her closely.

    "Try taking a much longer drag, sweetie," Roxanne admonished. "Let your
mouth fill up with smoke! You need to get used to the way it feels. It won't
hurt you. I promise. Do it like this." Roxanne took a long drag on her
cigarette. But instead of blowing the smoke out, as she'd instructed Sandra,
Roxanne continued to pull the smoke deep into her lungs and hold it before

    Sandra realized Roxanne was actually breathing the smoke into her lungs.
Unlike Sandra's two little exhales, each of Roxanne's lasted a long time and
seemed to come from deep within.

    "God, how do you do that?" Sandra asked incredulously. "How do you blow
the smoke out from deep inside you like that?"

    "You mean like this?" Roxanne replied with a grin. She took another puff.
She opened her mouth and Sandra saw a ball of smoke resting there for a split
second. It swiftly disappeared down Roxanne's throat into her lungs. Roxanne
waited a few moments and then winked at Sandra. She pursed her lips and blew.
A thin stream of smoke slowly began to escape.

    "This is called inhaling," Roxanne laughed. "I'll show you how. Later. In
the meantime just keep puffing like I showed you. You must master the basics
before you start inhaling. But you will. Soon. Like a real smoker. And you'll
enjoy it. Trust me."

    Sandra began her third puff. This time she sucked longer and held the
smoke in her mouth for five or six seconds before exhaling.

    God, it's not nearly as bitter this time, she decided. Without thinking,
Sandra immediately tried again. On the next puff she accidentally inhaled a
bit of the smoke. Sandra felt the smoke "catch" in the back of her throat. She
began to cough and her eyes began to water. "Shit," she muttered as she
choked. "I screwed up." She felt a little dizzy.

    Roxanne put her hands on Sandra's shoulders and pulled her close. "That's
okay," she assured her, hugging Sandra as she continued to cough. "You'll be
okay. Just relax, sweetie. Don't fight it. It'll pass."

    Surprisingly, the desire to cough passed quickly. Sandra sat up straight
as Roxanne removed her arms from Sandra's shoulders. Without hesitation,
Sandra returned the cigarette to her lips again. "I'll get used to it," she
said bravely. "Don't worry."

    "Of course you will, dear," Roxanne smiled pleasantly as she watched
Sandra take another drag. "I'm not worried."

    This time Sandra was careful not to inhale. She exhaled the smoke. Now the
taste seemed much less stringent. Strangely pleasant. She felt good. She
finished blowing the smoke into the air. Not as accomplished as Roxanne's
exhale, she decided, but much better! Once again a surge of forbidden
excitement rose within her. God, she told herself, this is fun!

    Sandra noticed the way Roxanne tapped ashes into the ashtray from the end
of her cigarette. Sandra did likewise. She noticed how Roxy closed her mouth
and allowed smoke to escape from her nostrils. Sandra was impressed. Roxanne
knew what she was doing. Sandra felt immature and awkward in her own attempt
to smoke.

    Roxanne sensed Sandra's intimidation. "Don't worry, sweetie," Roxanne said
sweetly as wisps of smoke escaped from her nose. "You're doing great. Really.
You even inhaled a little smoke, didn't you? Good for you! And it wasn't so
bad, was it?" Sandra shook her head. "It seems overwhelming," Roxy went on.
"But it's not. You'll learn to smoke like a pro, just like me, in no time.
Just be patient."

    Roxanne inhaled another drag and set her cigarette in the ashtray. She
took Sandra's free hand, the one not holding her cigarette. "Rome wasn't built
in a day, you know, Sandra. If you want, honey, there's a better way to learn
to inhale. I can show you."

    Smoke escaped from Roxanne's mouth while she talked.. Sandra was
fascinated. She knew she wanted to learn to do that, too.

    "Yeah," Sandra nodded, trying to act cool. "I'd like to learn how to do
that." She grinned awkwardly. "Actually, it looks bitchin'." Sandra surprised
herself. She didn't usually use strong language. But it seemed strangely
appropriate now.

    "Doesn't it?" Roxanne replied with a grin. "It looks like I'm a smoker,
doesn't it? A real one. See, it even fools you. You need to be able to fool
people. And you will. Okay, ready?"

    Sandra nodded. She tapped some ashes into the ashtray. Without knowing
what was coming she felt strangely excited. "I think so," she answered.

    "Good," Roxanne smiled as she squeezed Sandra's hand. "This may seem
strange, sweetie, but it's the best way to do it. I'm going to get right next
to your face. I'll take a drag, inhale the smoke and then blow it into your
mouth. Breathe it into your own lungs as I exhale the smoke. Then hold it
inside your lungs for several seconds. See, the smoke will mix with air in my
lungs first. That makes it easier for your lungs to tolerate. After you suck
it in, hold it there, deep inside. Count to five. Then purse your lips and
exhale. Okay? Let's try it."

    Roxanne put her face right next to Sandra's, cheek to cheek. She picked up
her cigarette, took a long drag and inhaled. Their lips were only inches
apart. "Okay, honey," Roxanne whispered as she held the smoke inside. "Now!"
She began to exhale directly into Sandra's mouth. Obediently, Sandra breathed
deeply as Roxanne exhaled. Sandra felt the smoke entering and traveling down
her windpipe into her lungs. But it didn't feel bad. In fact it felt ... good.
Really good! Sandra smiled.

    She said nothing, enjoying the sensation of smoke in her lungs. An odd,
tingling sensation raced across her chest. It felt pleasant. After holding the
smoke and counting to five, Sandra began an exhale. Amazed, she watched the
smoke escape in a steady stream. "Wow," she exclaimed, still grinning. "I did
it. That is cool!"

    Roxanne grasped Sandra's hand again. "Good girl," she said reassuringly.
"Let's try it again. Soon you'll be ready to do it yourself." Roxanne smiled
sweetly. "Get real close, honey," she urged. "You want to get all the smoke
I'm giving you, don't you?"

    Sandra nodded. She did want it. She wanted it all! And the fact that it
came from deep inside Roxanne, a beautiful redhead whose lips almost touched
her own, made the smoking seem forbidden, more exciting, naughty. Sandra
shivered involuntarily.

    Once again Roxanne puffed and inhaled. She moved her lips right next to
Sandra's. Roxanne was close enough to kiss her, Sandra realized. For a moment
Sandra thought she might. But instead Roxanne blew the smoke directly into
Sandra's mouth. More confidently this time, Sandra inhaled the smoke from
Roxanne's mouth into her own. The smoke still tasted good to Sandra. Very
good! Even better than before! And the fact that Roxanne's lips were right
next to hers made the moment seem sensual. As she held the smoke inside,
Sandra found herself thinking how attractive Roxanne was. God, she thought,
thoroughly enjoying the sensation of smoke filling her lungs, Roxanne is sexy!
And this smoke feels so good! The same tingling sensation filled Sandra's
chest. Very nice!

    To Sandra's surprise, this time Roxanne didn't move back when Sandra
breathed in. Her face remained next to Sandra's while Sandra held the smoke

    "Feels really good, doesn't it, kid?" Roxanne whispered quietly. Sandra
nodded gently, enjoying both the smoke and the feeling of closeness with

    Suddenly Sandra realized she'd forgotten to count. She'd held the smoke
for a long time, so she exhaled and saw it escape from her own lips. She
smiled. I understand why people like to do this, she thought.

    "Very good!" Roxanne said, still cheek to cheek. "Are you ready to try
inhaling by yourself now?" she asked quietly.

    Surprising herself, Sandra shook her head. "No, Roxanne," she said softly
and then paused. "I mean, Roxy. No, let's try it one more time the other way.
I mean, with you giving me your smoke." Sandra's palms were surprisingly
sweaty. She liked having Roxanne's face so close. Sandra felt her pussy
becoming wet. God, I can't believe it, she told herself. I'm getting turned

    Roxanne smiled a wicked smile. She blinked her eyes slowly. "Of course,
Sandra," she whispered softly, brushing her red hear away from her face. "I
want you to feel completely comfortable. It's very important to me. I'm happy
to help. Here, let me take another big drag and share my smoke with you one
more time. Get ready, sweetie. Here it comes!"

    Roxanne took a hard hit on her cigarette. Sandra watched with amazement as
Roxy pumped and then pumped again without exhaling to get even more smoke. As
Roxy inhaled the huge volume of smoke she leaned forward toward Sandra. This
time Roxy rested her lips lightly on Sandra's mouth. Roxanne slowly began to
exhale and Sandra felt the warmth of Roxy's pursed lips against her own while
smoke traveled between them. Eagerly sucking the smoke inside, Sandra noticed
that Roxy's eyes were closed. God, Sandra thought as she held it inside, I
think Roxy's turned on, too. The realization excited Sandra even more.

    "How does that feel?" Roxanne asked innocently. Her face stayed close
while she talked. "Do you like the way the smoke feels inside you, Sandra?"

    "Uh-huh," Sandra said dreamily. With the smoke inside, Sandra was keenly
conscious of Roxanne's lips still only inches from her own. She felt hot, but

    Reluctantly Sandra finally began to exhale. This time, because of
Roxanne's double-pump, much more smoke streamed from Sandra's mouth. And the
sensation of the smoke was becoming more pleasant each time. As was the
sensation of Roxy's lips against hers. Sandra blew the smoke right into
Roxanne's face. Roxy didn't seem to mind. She didn't move an inch.

    "Yeah, I do like it," Sandra finally gasped. "It's great. Just great. I
understand why people like to do this." She paused. "Why they like to smoke, I

    Roxanne nodded her head and finally leaned back a few inches, giving
Sandra more room. "It's very beguiling, isn't it?" Roxy purred. "Yeah, the
smoke feels good when it goes deep inside you, doesn't it? God, it feels good
when it fills your lungs all the way up. You want to expand your chest to let
it all in. No doubt about it, it's great, isn't it?" Roxanne's smile told
Sandra she wasn't kidding. She loved it, too.

    Roxy leaned back further. "Okay, honey, let's see you do it," she said.
"Take a puff by yourself. A big one. Exhale through your nose at the same time
you're dragging hard on the cigarette. It creates a vacuum. When you've
emptied your lungs, breathe the smoke in through your nose and mouth It'll
feel much stronger than before. But hold it in and get used to the feeling.
It's not bad. In fact, you'll like it better coming directly from the

    She did as Roxanne instructed. With a sense of anticipation Sandra exhaled
through her nose while she took a long drag. The taste no longer seemed
bitter. It tasted good. After holding the smoke in her mouth for a second,
Sandra breathed in. Hard. Roxy was right. Coming directly from the cigarette
the smoke seemed stronger and more satisfying. As Sandra held it inside she
knew she liked it. The same pleasant sensation filled her windpipe and lungs.
More intense, more satisfying. Sandra began to breathe out and a big smile
erupted on her face as she exhaled. "God," she gasped as she watched the big
cloud of smoke escape. "I did it!"

    Roxanne smiled. "You sure did! And the truth is, it feels good, doesn't
it? That's the danger. It's really fun." Roxanne laughed softly. "But don't
ever admit that, kid! No one outside covert ops would ever understand."

    Roxanne cleared her throat. Her voice changed and she began to speak in a
businesslike tone of voice. "You look great, Sandra," she went on. "Let's
light another cigarette and keep going. This one's done." Sandra looked at the
cigarette in her hand. Roxanne was right. It was almost finished. "And don't
worry," Roxanne smiled. "Take your pill every day and nicotine addiction will
be no problem."

    Roxanne crushed her cigarette in the ashtray. Sandra mimicked her motions.
After a few moments Roxanne removed two more cigarettes from the pack. She
handed one to Sandra. "If you don't mind I'll smoke with you again," she
smiled. "Just to encourage you of course." Sandra doubted that. She suspected
Roxy simply enjoyed smoking, though she wouldn't admit it. That must be the
real reason she'd smoke a third consecutive cigarette.

    Roxanne lit her cigarette and once again held the lighter for Sandra.
Without hesitation Sandra moved the tip of her cigarette into the fire to
ignite. She took a first puff, inhaled, and blew the smoke out after holding
it in her lungs for a moment. "Very good," Roxanne said with enthusiasm. "I'm

    Sandra took another drag. She too was enjoying her smoking. She felt
relaxed. The smoke seemed so satisfying. It felt good in her lungs. And she
loved being right next to Roxy. She still felt turned on and she knew it.

    "Do you feel dizzy at all, Sandra?" Roxanne asked.

    Sandra paused. No, she didn't. The dizziness she felt in the beginning was
completely gone. "No," she decided. "I feel fine."

    "Good," Roxanne sighed. "That means the pills are doing their job.
Ordinarily the process of nicotine addiction makes you feel dizzy and
sometimes even sick in the beginning. I'm glad you're feeling okay. God bless
those little pills." She smiled.

    "What is nicotine addiction, Roxanne?" Sandra asked.

    "Nicotine addiction is what causes the physical cravings smokers feel,"
Roxanne explained as she finished her first big drag. "It makes people want to
smoke more than anything in the world. You see, Sandra, at first nicotine is a
foreign agent in the bloodstream. It makes you feel queasy, dizzy, even sick.
But slowly the smoker's body becomes accustomed to a certain level of nicotine
in the bloodstream. The body likes the sensation and demands that the level of
nicotine be maintained. The smoke you smoke, the harder it becomes to reduce
the nicotine level without your body revolting. It wants to maintain that
nicotine level. That's called being hooked. Once you're hooked, you'll do
anything to get to smoke a cigarette; anything in the world. Even break the
law. You want to satisfy those cravings and make them go away." Roxy smiled
knowingly. "But they don't really go away at all. They recede but they always
come back. Over and over."

    Roxy took hold of her hand. This boldness surprised Sandra, but she said
nothing. "Don't worry, honey," Roxanne continued reassuringly. "You'll do fine
smoking. Most agents find that one pill a day keeps the physical cravings from
ever developing. In unusual cases two pills a day are necessary. If you sense
any physical cravings to smoke, Sandra, it's no problem. Increase your dose to
two pills each day. A couple days at that level and you'll have no problem at
all. You'll feel fine. I promise."

    Sandra smiled. Roxanne had it all figured out. As they continued to smoke
Sandra enjoyed the taste and feeling of smoking more and more. God, she
thought, I didn't think it would be this easy. She felt that same twinge of
excitement, surprised by her own sexual arousal and by the strong attraction
she felt to Roxy. God, she decided, I never guessed smoking would be so much

    Sandra continued to puff on her second cigarette. Roxanne was absolutely
right. She felt good inhaling and the taste was ... pleasant. Very pleasant.
She finished the second cigarette and crushed it out in the ashtray just like

    "And that's it?" Sandra asked. "That's all?"

    "Oh, no, baby," Roxanne laughed wickedly. "You've got to practice. Lots.
I'm going to send you home with a carton of cigarettes, a lighter, a bottle of
pills and an ionizer to keep the smell down. Don't tell anyone, but practice
smoking every night for the next week. At least three or four cigarettes every
night. More if you can. I can't send you into the field until I know you'll
pass for a regular smoker. Every morning and afternoon come down here on your
break and show me how you're doing. At ten and at three. Smoke a couple
cigarettes for me each time while I watch. I'll give you pointers on
technique." Roxanne smiled the now familiar smile. "You see, I need to make
sure you're staying with it, Sandra. Watching you every morning and afternoon
is necessary to make sure you don't lose heart. And then, within a week,
you'll be able to pass for a regular smoker. I guarantee it."

    Sandra was pleased. Roxanne seemed happy with her progress. She had picked
it up quickly. Very quickly. And she liked the idea of spending time each day
with Roxy. It seemed somehow naughty, but very nice.

    "Wait," Sandra suddenly objected. "What about my roommate?" Chantelle,
Sandra's roommate, would have to know. "What am I going to tell her?"

    "Relax," Roxanne smiled. "I've already thought of that. Your roommate is
Chantelle Springer? Twenty four years old, white Anglo-Saxon female, works for
the State Department of Development as an administrative assistant?"

    "Yeah," gasped Sandra. "But how did you know?"

    "Honey, think for a minute," Roxanne winked. "I'm in covert ops. It's my
business to know all about people. Here, take a look at these."

    Roxanne handed Sandra two cards. "Why, these are TUPs!" Sandra gasped.
"One for me and one for Chantelle!" She looked at the cards. Each had a
thumbprint mark to provide ID. "Are these for real?"

    "Of course," Roxanne smiled. "I knew you'd need to tell your roommate. And
that you'd want to. You've been friends for several years. But if she knows
you're smoking for us, she's got to get directly involved." Roxanne grinned at
Sandra. "Sandy, honey, teach Chantelle to smoke like I taught you. You'll be
more effective undercover if have a friend and you're both smoking. Then I
don't have to team you with another operative from the office. We'll deputize
Chantelle, too. Now you've both got temporary TUPs. So it's legal and legit.
What do you think?"

    Stunned, Sandra didn't know what to say. Actually, whether or not it was
legal now seemed the last thing on Sandra's mind. "You're right, I'd like to
tell Chantelle," she admitted. "I guess you've thought of everything."

    "You're right, honey," Roxanne agreed. "Believe me, I've thought of
everything! Make sure Chantelle takes the pills before she tries it. She'll
need 'em." Roxanne turned on the ionizer. Immediately the air began to clear.
Within seconds the smell of smoke was gone.

    Roxanne looked at her watch. "Hey, you'd better get going, Sandra. It's
almost six o'clock. I've kept you overtime. See you tomorrow. Remember,
practice smoking tonight like a good girl and then show me how good you've
become tomorrow morning. I'll expect you here, in the covert ops center, at
10:00 a.m."

    Sandra squeezed Roxanne's hand and then bolted for the door. "Thanks," she
blurted out. "This is going to be really fun. Thanks for all your help. Thanks
a lot."

    Roxanne smiled and waved her hand as Sandra disappeared into the outer
office. "You're more than welcome, sweetheart," she said. "I'm the one who
should be thanking you. This will be a big help."

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