The Pool Party

(by anonymous2, 24 December 1995)

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Subject: The Pool Party
Date: 24 Dec 1995 17:53:50 GMT

I just spent 30 minutes trying to post this and had a system failure.  
Hopefully, it won't be a repeat!

To all those who have suggested trying VS 120s, I did go out and pick up 
a pack last night.  You were right-they're great!  They made a big hit 
with both of us.

About two weeks after I started smoking, our company had a pool party at 
the home of one of the Denver Bronco's players house who was out of town 
for practice or something.  It was a huge home with a large pool and 
poolhouse.  I was a little nervous about smoking in public for the first 
time where people knew me, but I was also a bit excited.  

My husband had been asking me to switch from the Capris I started with to 
his favorites (now mine too) VS menthol lights.  He left little notes in 
my cigarette case like "Think Slim, not Skinny".  I agreed to try them as 
they were my old brand when I smoked before and tucked a pack into our 
bag as we headed out.

We still hadn't told my daughter mom was smoking and I asked my husband 
to talk with her as I was really concerned about how she might react.  He 
explained that mom had been under alot of stress and that she used to 
smoke.  She was surprised to hear that as we had never told her before.  
He continued by saying that mom had started smoking at work a couple of 
weeks before and that she wanted her to know before the pool party where 
she planned to smoke the next day.  She looked at both of us and simply 
said it was OK with her and that she loved me just as much.  I asked her 
not to advertise it to the neighborhood until I was more comfortable 
about smoking in front of people again.

The next day, we arrived about noon and it was already very hot and humid.
  I wore a little sleevless, dark green knit top and white shorts knowing 
it would be very warm.

We sat our things down by the side of the pool and I was surprised to see 
how many people were smoking!  The owners, attorneys, accountants.  It 
seemed like everyone had a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other.
  This made me feel much less anxious but I was still concerned about 
smoking in front of my daughter for the first time.  We chatted with a 
girl from work and soon nearly two hours had gone by and over four since 
my last cigarette.  I was getting desperate for a cigarette and decided 
the time had come.  My daughter was playing with a friend in the pool, 
and I asked my husband for a cigarette.

Before picking up the pack, I noticed he grabbed a beach towel and threw 
it over his lap.  I smiled when he said his legs were getting a little 
sunburned!  I took one out and waited for him to light it.  I was so 
anxious I pulled back before it was lit and had to try again.  This time 
the tip turned red and I inhaled as deeply as I could.  I smoked quickly, 
trying to make up for the four hours without one.  I remember trying to 
hold the smoke in as long as I could before exhaling.  I had no sooner 
put it out than I decided I wanted another one.  I reached for the pack 
and lit a second one, smoking much slower and enjoying the taste and 

I noticed my husband had been looking at one of the girls from another 
office but was trying to "play it cool".  She's very pretty and rather 
nicely built.  I wouldn't have thought twice about it except that she was 
smoking some brand of white filtered cigarettes, too.  I'm not the 
jealous type normally, but now I was very aware of women who smoke!  I 
picked up my pack of Virginia Slims and said, "Honey, could I have a 
light, please?"  It seems kind of silly now, but I was thinking "fight 
fire with fire"!  I made sure to hold the cigarette as femininly as 
possible with my first two fingers extended fully.  I held the cigarette 
near my head and tried to tilt my head back slightly as I exhaled.  It 
worked wonderfully as I saw my husband turn his chair slightly in my 
direction to "avoid looking into the sun".  (I'm better understanding how 
important all these details are to you guys who have written me about how 
to hold the cigarette, exhale, manerisms, etc.  These things come 
naturally to us but seem to be the focus of alot of your attentions so 
I'll include them!)  Once again, I had his total attention!

We spent the rest of the day talking with people from the various offices,
 and each time a friend would light a cigarette, I would pick up my pack 
and lighter and have one with them.  Several girls said they were 
surprised to see me smoking and I explained that I had just recently 
started again.  A couple of them told me they were sorry for me as they 
wanted very much to quit.  Most said nothing and one said she couldn't 
imagine not smoking.  She had started later (about 21) than most and 
remembered the first time she tried one thinking, "Where have you been 
all my life?"  I guess that makes two of us!

Just before leaving, Mary, the young attractive girl my husband was 
watching earlier, came over.  She was wearing a white, ribbed top and 
shorts.  As she walked over, I noticed the cigarette in her left hand.  
She sat down to talk and once again I saw my husband staring at her.  I 
touched his knee and said, "Honey, could I have a cigarette, please?" 
(Even though the pack was closer to me than to him).  He reached around 
me, took one out, and lit it for me.  He sat down behind me and rubbed my 
shoulders while I sat and smoke as sensuously as I could.  He told me 
after we got home that he nearly went crazy sitting behind me watching me 
blow smoke.  (I'm sorry, but some of this seems so amazing to me.  I 
don't fully understand it but I definitely like the result!)

We left about an hour later and spent the remainder of the evening on the 
deck sipping ice tea and enjoying cigarettes together.  The rest of the 
evening is rated "personal"! 

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