The Project, Part 1

(by anonymous, 11 April 1998)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Susan was naked in the dim light of the bedroom, laying atop the bedsheets
on her tummy. Her athletic arms supported her slim torso and her firm
breasts hung down off her chest, rising and falling rythmnically with her
breathing. Her large nipples were erect with anticipation. It was a hot July
night. A warm breeze ruffled the curtains through the open window, subtly
breaking the silence. My senses were piqued by the panorama that unfolded
before me. My eyes followed the length of her lithe 24 year old body, the
slim calves, the toned thighs strengthened from years of figure skating. The
fine curves of her tight ass, its form accentuated by the dancing shadows.
She deftly struck the match and with quivering hands slowly brought it
towards her dangling cigarette. I watched the cigarette bob between her
moist lips as she mumbled her last comment before coaxing the tobacco to
life....."It's been a long time since I've done this...." Then, for the
12,457th time in her life, and the first time in four years, Susan was about
to enjoy the pleasures of a cigarette.
  I had never seen her smoke. She had quit four years previously, before I
had met her. I was witnessing the successful culmination of a three year
project to get my wife to resume smoking.
  The following is the true story of how I got my wife to return to smoking
and indulge me in my fetish....

  I had been at the party for about an hour and things were starting to pick
up. I was following my usual custom of casing things out and letting the
mood establish itself. I usually scanned for attractive unattached smokers
to chat up. Well, that night things weren't going too good. All the women
seemed to be either attached or rather homely. I decided to grab a beer. The
bar was downstairs and near the door through which new arrivals were
entering. As I stood facing the bar the door was to my right. As I cracked
what was probably my third beer of the night the door opened and....  it may
sound cliche but there she stood. Five foot seven, blue-green eyes, with
sandy-blond shoulder length hair and looking casually sexy in her form
fitting faded jeans and white halter top. Before she got through the door
our eyes met. As she stepped in from the warm spring night a hint of promise
filled the air. 
  Our stare lasted for what seemed like an eternity and then broke awkwardly
as a shy blush reddened her tanned cheeks. Now things were looking up. I
wondered if she smoked. While I took the first few sips from my freshly
opened beer I watched her say hello to a few people then head to the bar to
grab a cold one for herself. She chose the same brand I was drinking, gave
me another quick glance from those drop dead eyes and then headed towards
the rec room.  Most of the male heads in the room turned to watch the new
arrival in her tight Levi's move through the crowd. "Scott", I said to my
buddy, "check out the swing on that cute blond unit that just showed up,
does she ever have a nice ass." "Yeah, I noticed her too," he replied, "just
like every other guy here has!" Keeping his sage thoughts in my mind I
figured I had better pursue this "looker" or I might end up being third in
  The rec room was party central, subdued lighting, loud rock music and the
air thick with with a haze of tobacco and pot smoke. She had sat down on one
of the empty couches in the room leaving a vacant spot right beside her.
Although I still didn't know if she was a smoker I just knew I had to talk
to her. I approached her and motioning towards the empty spot beside her
said, "Hi, my name's Randy. Do you mind if I sit down?" "No, go ahead," came
her response. "What's your name?" I enquired. "Susan," she said as her eyes
lit with the embers of a shy smile. "How old are you?" I asked, aknowledging
her smile with one of my own. "Twenty," she replied. "Oh, I'm twenty-one," I
returned. "Where do you work?" I said, trying to move the conversation
along. "Well, I'm actually working at two jobs right now," she replied. "I
work in an accountant's office during the day and in the evenings I work for
a company that does stock audits," she elaborated. "Why two jobs?" I
interjected. "Well,I just quit smoking and want to keep real busy so I can
stay off the cigarettes," she continued. My interest piqued I asked, "Oh
really, when did you quit?" "Oh, four month's ago. Me and my dad quit at the
same time and we have a bet," she said. She brought her beer to her lips and
took an audible sip. My first thought was, shit, I missed getting to watch
this awesome looking woman smoke by four months! Stimulated by her talk of
smoking I subtly coaxed her on. "What kind of bet?" I said, trying to appear
nonchalant. "Well," she elaborated," we have a one hundred dollar bet that
we each won't smoke for one year. If I catch him smoking I'm one hundred
dollars richer and if I start smoking again I lose and he's one hundred
dollars richer!" I said, "That shouldn't be too hard to do... I mean, not
smoking for a year... should it?" Unaware that I was sending out exploratory
feelers regarding her smoking, she continued, "I don't know, I've quit
before, for six months actually one time. It was when I was in grade twelve.
But every time I try to quit, I always start again. But, it has been four
months, it's the second longest time in my life that I haven't smoked." She
laughed, took a deep breath and sighed. Her chest rose and dropped, her
nipples immediately hardened from the tickle of their contact with her
halter top. I immediately imagined her exahaling a deep, long held drag and
her relishing the wave of relaxation that it would bring. My revery was
broken by the sound of Susan's voice.... "In fact, my dad told me that I'd
probably be smoking again the next time I go to visit him and mom. He thinks
I won't stay off the weed but this time I really want to quit. It's gonna be
hard when I visit them though, my mom smokes like a chimney. She won't even
try to quit!.... you don't smoke, do you Randy?" she asked. "No, I don't," I
responded. "That's good, and don't ever start because it is so damned hard
to quit," she advised matter-of-factly.                                
  Deciding to shift the topic from smoking and flatter her a bit I
commented, "You look like you're in good shape. Do you work out, Susan?...."
She laughed and smiled, obviously pleased with my assesment.  "You could say
that," she said with a nod and continued, "Well, actually I've figure skated
for twelve years and it's a real workout every time I'm on the ice. I'm
pretty "bagged" when I'm finished!" I was excited by her curious
juxtapositioning of smoking and an athletic pursuit. Obviously she had
undertaken and developed a smoking habit from which she derived pleasures
that outweighed any consequential effects it may have had on her skating.
Pleasant thoughts tangled in my head; she's a sexy figure skater who used to
smoke, in fact she was smoking up until four months ago. I imagined her
rewarding herself with a cigarette after a hard practice session. Too bad
she quit I mused, hoping that she was single and knowing that I was going to
ask her out. I pondered the inevitable; would she start smoking again after
her year long bet, or maybe even sooner?
  A little more small talk and I'll ask her out I decided. "So, where do you
live?" I asked. "With my sister," came her response, "we have an apartment
about a mile from here." Seeming to be aroused by my interest she continued,
"I've roomed with her for just over two years, ever since I moved to the
city to go to college." Wow, a small town girl and fairly new to the city,
great possibilities, I thought. We talked about college, our jobs and
families for a while. She seemed a little fidgety, playing with her hair in
a nervous manner all the  while we talked. I sensed that she still may have
been going through some nicotine withdrawal and was craving a smoke. She
probably smoked in these type of social situations in the past and missed
the relaxation and assurance that tobacco had provided.
  After a little more chit chat I decided that it was the time for the
sixty-four thousand dollar question. I had another pull on my beer,
swallowed hard then took the plunge, saying, "If you're not seeing anybody,
I'd like to ask you out Susan." Time seemed to stand still... she brought
her beer half way to her lips then returned it to the table. While crossing
her long legs she reclined back on the couch giving me a nice view of her
perfect belly button and slender waist. Finally she turned to me, flipped
her golden hair from her eyes and spoke, "The answer is no, I'm not seeing
anyone and yes, I'd like to go out with you."
  Yesssssss! I was elated! We made a date to go ice skating the next day. My
three year project to get her to return to smoking had begun.....

  After several dates it was obvious that there was a growing mutual
attraction between us. We went ice skating together many times and I loved
to watch the guys trying to keep up with her as she skated backwards at high
speed around the rink. Her well shaped, powerful gluteals and smooth stride
gave her a distinct advantage over her hapless rivals. I used to make her
wear her tight jeans so I could watch her ass while she skated.
  It was obvious that she was very athleticly inclined so many of our
persuits during our first months together focused on some sort of physical
activity. I was an avid runner and she had never really tried any distance
running except what was required of her in high-school. As a challenge to
her one day I said, "Come on Susan, let's run the sea-wall." Little did she
know that what I had in mind was a test of her lung capacity, a six mile run
around a large ocean front park in the city! She ran the entire distance
with me without any previous training and at a pretty quick pace to boot!
Her former smoking habit certainly hadn't affected her lung power. I
complimented her on her running prowess. She told me she always ran good
during fitness tests in high-school and then added parodoxically, "Even
though I was smoking at the time."  Not only did she have good stamina when
running but she also had great stamina in the sack as oft times we would
finish our runs with a quick shower and then jump into bed for marathon love
making sessions. She was as incredibley hot and horny for me as I was for

  Much to my consternation her non-smoking lifestyle seemed to be growing on
her. I remember her saying, "This car will never be smoked in," when she
bought a new car shortly after we met. This attitude was counter-balanced by
certain behaviours that indicated to me that she still had an interest in
smoking. One time Susan and I had gone out for dinner with friends and were
seated in the restaurant lounge having a few drinks before our meal. I
surmised that the previous party seated at our table must have included
several female smokers because one of the ash-trays contained several
Virginia Slims butts. I watched as, in front of myself and four of our
friends, Susan reached down into the ash-tray in an almost trance-like state
and picked out one of the butts and ran it under her nose almost as an
attempt to draw satisfaction from the sweet aroma of the remaining unburnt
tobacco. Not a word was said as she then seemed to "snap out of it" and
place the butt back in the ash-tray. I wondered what thoughts were playing
in her head. Was she contemplating buying a pack?
  By this time she hadn't smoked for about nine months and appeared to have
"kicked the habit" as she liked to say. Whenever the oppurtunity presented
itself I'd quiz her on her past smoking habit. During the fall of 1982 her
cousin came down to visit and the topic turned to smoking. Susan and her
cousin Linda had started experimenting with cigarettes together and were
recalling their early smoking experiences. (Linda, a sultry, slim, blue-eyed
blond was and still is a regular smoker and is one year older than Susan) We
were sitting in the kitchen after dinner when  Linda casually lit up a
smoke, took a deep drag and started the conversation as she exhaled, "How
old were we when we started smoking Susan?" Susan took a thoughtful look
towards the ceiling and said, "Um... you were thirteen and I was still
twelve... I was a bad girl!" she added with a giggle. Seizing the
oppurtunity I interjected innocently, "Why did you try smoking, Susan?"
Again she thought a little bit, then responded, "Oh, I was curious. I saw
lots of my older friends smoking and they really seemed to enjoy it. I
didn't want to think that I might be missing out on something that seemed so
pleasurable."   " Do you remember your first cigarette?" I added to
encourage her to continue. "Yeah, amazingly I do. It's funny you know. I
remember people telling me that it would make me cough but it didn't. In
fact I distinctly remember enjoying smoking right from my first experience
with it." Linda took another drag, looked at me, then cut in with a
sarcastic, "Yeah Randy, Sue started bumming smokes off me all the time after
that," she then turned to Susan and added, "Your mom told me you've quit
smoking since the last time I saw you. You are the last person that I
thought would quit. How's it going Susan?"
  "Good, no more lung torpedoes for me!" Susan responded with a laugh, then
continued, "at first I had a lot of cravings though, you know how it is
Linda. It's pretty damned hard giving up something you enjoyed so much
but... well, Randy doesn't smoke and I still have that bet going with my
dad." "What bet?", Linda queried as she sexily blew out a long thin stream
of smoke from the recesses of her chest towards the ceiling. "You mean my
mom didn't tell you?" Susan asked, somewhat surprised. "No, she didn't. Go
on. Tell me about the bet!" said Linda. "Well," replied Susan, " I went home
for a vist last fall and my dad said that he was going to try to quit
smoking and mom and I should quit too. Mom said that she had no intention of
quiting and that dad and I probably didn't either and wouldn't last the week
without a smoke.... I think that kinda pissed dad off, he picked up his half
full pack of smokes, looked at me and said he was going to flush the last of
his smokes down the toilet and did I want him to do the same with mine. Then
he looked at me as if to say, I don't think you have it in you to quit."
Susan continued.... "I thought about it for a sec because he did get me
riled, but then I told him that I didn't really want to quit smoking because
my new job was causing me lots of stress and I found that cigarettes really
helped me get through the tough days. As a matter of fact I think that my
smoking had increased to about a pack a day around that time. It didn't
really affect my stamina at skating or anything, so I didn't give it much
  "What about the bet?" interupted Linda as she brought her half smoked
cigarette slowly towards her waiting lips and paused, "...tell me about the
bet!" Linda then wrapped her seductive lips tightly around the saliva
moistened filter and sucked hard while waiting for Sue to answer. Her cheeks
collapsed inwards. The tobacco crackled and glowed brighter with furious
combustion as Linda continued to draw forcefully on her cigarette. Her
powerfull  suction transformed the burning tobacco's hidden pleasures into a
large mouthfull of thick smoke that she  tantalizingly displayed before
drawing it deeply into her lungs....  "Well Linda," Susan replied as Linda's
voluminous exhale swirled around the kitchen light, "the next day I ran out
of smokes and asked dad if I could borrow his car to go to the store to buy
some. He told me that if he didn't need to smoke, I didn't need to smoke so
the car could stay in the drive-way. Now I was pissed off. I told him, fine,
have it your way. I'll quit too, but let's put a little wager on it then! So
then we decided if either of us smoked before one year from that day they
had to pay the other one hundred bucks!" Susan continued, "Then he told me
that I wouldn't last a month without a smoke and that I was probabley gonna
bum one off mom before it was time for me to go back to the city. The rest
of my visit with mom and dad was pure hell, I didn't want to loose my bet
with dad.... it wasn't so much the money thing, it was more a matter of
seeing who would break first.  He'd smoked for thirty or so years and me for
only eight. I figured that I could out last him and that he'd grab a smoke
off mom  before I left." "Well," continued Susan, "he didn't, but I was
going crazy with the urge to smoke right up until it was time for me to go.
I was so stressed out and dad was on edge too. It was nic fit city and of
course mom just went on smoking her pack a day in front of us and I almost
grabbed one of her's a couple times but I managed to control myself. Mom
drove me to the bus depot at the end of my visit and when we were half way
there she offered me one of her smokes when she was lighting one up for
herself. She knew I was uptight and she was mad at dad too. I really wanted
a smoke, so without a second thought I took one. I said to myself.....
Susan, this is the last cigarette you will ever smoke and boy did I smoke
it. I sucked every last bit of nicotine from that little white cylinder and
I drew it in deep and held it in long because I had made up my mind that if
it was going to be my last cigarette then I was going to enjoy it. I
remember savouring it for all it was worth and taking about twenty drags all
the while thinking... Christ... Susan, this is supposed to be your last
cigarette and it's the most enjoyable one you've ever smoked. I'd never
craved a cigarette like that before. I smoked that cigarette right down to
the filter. At the same moment that I had hardened my resolve to quit I
realized just how big a part of my life smoking had become. It was going to
be tough to quit but I was going to do it, just to prove to dad that I
could. When we got to the bus depot I told mom I loved her and thanked her
for the smoke. I also made sure she wasn't gonna tell dad that I fell off
the wagon that quick... and well," finished Susan, "that's the low down on
the bet and that cigarette I smoked on the way to the bus depot with mom is
the last cigarette I will ever smoke." With that Linda looked at me,
shrugged, smiled, and said wryly, "Whatever works for you, I guess, right
Randy? I  mean, I just have a hard time imagining Susan having a coffee and
no cigarette.... me on the other hand, I'm gonna smoke til I die... I love
my lung candy!" The air in the kitchen was filled with the aroma of the
cigarette Linda had finished smoking moments before. My mind, on the other
hand was full of thoughts of what Susan may have looked like as she
voraciously smoked her last cigarette on the way to the bus depot those long
months ago. As Linda reached for her second after dinner cigarette I felt
the blood rush to my cock....(end of The Project, Part 1)
                                        (to be continued)

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