Make Me a Promise

(by, 10 September 2000)

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Make Me a Promise 

   Lisa walked into the house after her final day of school before summer 
break. She was only 6 years old, but she had already begun to enjoy being 
off from school for the summer. But as soon as she walked into the house, 
she smelled what she has smelled every day of her short life, smoke. Her 
mom Jenny was in the kitchen doing the usual, smoking. 
   "Hi honey, how was your last day of school?" Jenny said as she put out 
her cigarette and began lighting another. 
   Lisa suddenly got annoyed as she usually did when she smelled smoke. She 
hated the smell and everything about it. She just couldn't stand the fact 
her mom smoked. Especially when she knew it was so bad for her. 
   "Mom when are you going to quit smoking! I can't stand it! It smells 
horrible and its so bad for you." 
   At 35 years old, Jenny wasn't about to give up the one thing she had 
done for the last 28 years. And Lisa had begun to nag her about it a lot 
lately. Ever since her school teachers told her how unhealthy it was to 
smoke. But even with all the risk, Jenny never regretted starting to smoke. 
Her mother was a heavy smoker, about 2 packs a day and forced Jenny to 
start smoking when she was 7. At first, she fought it and didn't want to 
start. But she eventually realized why her mom made her start and was ever 
grateful. Her mother eventually introduced her to cigars as well. Once she 
realized how much she loved smoking, she thanked her mom for forcing her to 
start. Her mother made Jenny promise her two things in return for 
introducing her to smoking. The first was that she eventually had to become 
a heavier smoker than her mom. The second thing her mom made her promise 
was that if she ever had a daughter, to pass on to her the joys of smoking. 
The first promise was easy for Jenny to keep. She was smoking 2 packs a day 
by the time she was 21, and her habit grew even more after that until it 
got to her current level of 3 packs a day. She also smoked a cigar or two 
each day. She loved to inhale the cigar smoke deep into her lungs, hold it 
there, and feel it coat the walls of her lungs as she held it in. The 
second promise she had every intention of keeping. She was going to wait 
until Lisa was about 8 or 9 years old. But she quickly decided that Lisa 
was going to start immediately. She only wished her mother had made her 
start at an earlier age. So she was going to pass that favor on to Lisa. 
   "Lisa, sit down right now! I'm going to do something for you that you 
may not understand at first, but will eventually be eternally grateful 
for." Lisa hesitated, but thought her mom was finally going to quick 
smoking for her, so she sat down. 
   "Lisa, you're going to smoke! You may hate me now, but you will thank me 
later for this!" 
   "No! Why don't you just quit! Why do I have to start!" 
   "Because you don't know how pleasurable it is to smoke until you start. 
And once you do, you'll never want to quit. Trust me. Now here, take one." 
Jenny said as she held the pack of cigarettes toward Lisa. 
   "No, I won't do it!" Lisa yelled in defiance. 
   "Yes you will young lady! Now take one or I will force you!" Lisa yelled 
in a very stern voice. 
   Jenny became frightened because her mom had never talked to her in such 
a stern and loud voice. She knew she had no choice so she took one. 
   "Now put it in your mouth and suck on it when I light it!" Lisa said. 
   Jenny did what she was told, but very unwillingly. As her mom flicked 
the lighter and moved it toward the cigarette in her mouth, Lisa sucked on 
it as hard as she could. She quickly blew out a large cloud of smoke and 
immediately had a horrible taste in her mouth. 
   "This is disgusting! How can you do this!" Lisa said. 
   "You will get used to it. Take another big puff." Jenny said as she took 
a long drag herself and then inhaled the smoke very deeply holding it in 
her lungs while she watched her daughter. 
   Lisa did what she was told and took another large puff, blowing the 
smoke out without inhaling. 
   Jenny finally released the smoke from her last puff out of her lungs, 
what was left of it. She had held it in for about 30 seconds, allowing most 
of the smoke to turn her lungs even blacker than they already were. 
   "Very good. Now do it again, but this time breath the smoke into your 
lungs. And make sure you take another big puff." 
   Lisa obeyed again, but this time took a deep breath instead of blowing 
the smoke out immediately. The sensation was unlike any she had ever felt, 
and it caused her throat to burn so much that she coughed violently before 
she even exhaled the smoke. "Mom, this is horrible, please I don't want to 
do this anymore." 
   "You will get used it dear. Just keep doing it. Take another big puff 
and inhale again. But this time try not to cough." 
   Lisa did the same thing, but coughed again. She took a third puff, and 
finally was able to hold back from coughing. She inhaled deeply, then 
exhaled the smoke in a long thick stream of smoke. She suddenly felt dizzy 
after exhaling. 
   "I don't feel so good mom. I'm dizzy." 
   "That's OK honey. That happens to everyone the first time they smoke. 
Your lungs have to get used to turning black. They will begin to look like 
mine soon enough. Do it again." 
   Lisa did what she was told and felt even more dizzy. Her mom said that 
was enough for now so Lisa put out the cigarette. She went to her room and 
laid down to let this dizzy feeling wear off. 
   Jenny didn't want to push it too much and get her daughter sick. But she 
also wanted her to be able to enjoy smoking as quickly as possible. She 
decided she would let Lisa rest for a while then make her smoke again. 
   Lisa was so angry at her mother for making her smoke. 
   She began to think of what her mother said about her lungs turning 
black. She couldn't stand the thought of it. She fell asleep while lying on 
her bed. 
   Jenny came into Lisa's room about an hour later and woke her up. She 
made her smoke again. This time, Lisa finished the whole cigarette. She 
made Lisa smoke once more that day then let her go to bed. 
   The next day Lisa awoke and went into the kitchen. She knew her mom was 
awake because she smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. Lisa hoped what 
her mom had done to her the day before would never happen again. But she 
wasn't so lucky. 
   "Time for you to smoke again honey. Sit down. This time I want you to 
watch and do what I do." Jenny said as she slid the pack of cigarettes 
toward Lisa. 
   Lisa took one and watched as her mother lit one for herself. "Now Lisa, 
there are three things you want to do in order to be able to smoke well. 
First, take long big drags. Second, inhale the smoke as deeply as you 
possible can every time you inhale. Third, hold the smoke in your lungs for 
some time. Usually between 20 and 30 seconds. Here, watch me." Jenny took a 
seemingly endless puff of her cigarette. When she finally inhaled, she 
breathed in for what seemed like an eternity. She must have inhaled the 
smoke into the very bottom of her lungs Lisa thought. Jenny then held her 
breath for almost a full minute. When she finally exhaled, very little 
smoke came out. 
   "You see dear, its best to get the most out of every puff. Your lungs 
will turn black quicker that way. Now you try." 
   Lisa took a big puff and inhaled as deeply as she could. She held the 
smoke in her lungs for about 15 seconds and exhaled. Surprisingly, she 
didn't cough and it didn't feel that bad. 
   "Very good. You see you didn't even cough this time." 
   "When can I stop doing this?" Lisa asked not wanting to turn her any 
   "When I tell you you can stop. Now smoke." 
   Lisa smoked the whole cigarette and didn't get that dizzy this time. 
Jenny made Lisa smoke like this for about a week. She forced Lisa to 
increase to almost 10 cigarettes a day within a week. Then she decided it 
was time to introduce her to something she absolutely loved, cigars. She 
wanted Lisa to enjoy having black lungs like herself, so her thought of a 
way to allow Lisa to turn her lungs black very quickly. 
   "Lisa, come in here please." Jenny said that evening as she was sitting 
in her room smoking a cigarette from her third pack that day. 
   "Yes mom, is it time to smoke again?" Lisa asked. Lisa had gotten used 
to smoking every day. She still didn't like it, but by now it was 
tolerable. She was beginning to acquire the taste for cigarettes, but still 
wanted to stop. 
   "Sit down on the bed dear. Its time for another smoking cession." As 
Lisa sat down, Jenny pulled out a box of cigars. "Now honey, its time I 
introduced you to cigars. You will love them. Trust me. But you have to get 
used to the taste. There is a way to get used to the taste very quickly. So 
do as I say." Jenny then got out a small, clear plastic bag. It was the 
plastic covering that her bed sheets came in. It was about six inches 
across, 18 inches high and 18 inches long. It had a zipper on the bottom to 
open and shut it. Jenny took out a cigar and told Lisa to put it in her 
mouth. When Lisa put it in her mouth, Jenny put the plastic covering over 
Lisa's head, with the zipper just under her chin. Jenny had poked some 
holes in it. She didn't want Lisa to suffocate. 
   "Now Lisa, I'm going to light the cigar and I want you to take a nice 
long puff. Got it?" 
   Jenny took her lighter and slid her hand inside the covering. She 
flicked the lighter on and Lisa took a big long puff. When she saw the 
cigar was lit, she removed her hand from inside plastic covering and 
proceeded to zip it shut. Lisa's head was completely covered and the zipper 
closed right up to her throat. 
   Lisa could not believe what her mom had just done. But she did not fight 
it. She took a big puff of the cigar. The smoke was very heavy. At first 
she did not inhale and blew the smoke out. But she realized that was a 
mistake because since her head was covered by the plastic, the air around 
her became filled with thick heavy cigar smoke. 
   "Lisa, I would suggest you inhale and hold the smoke in. The air in 
there is going to get very smoky, so inhale the smoke first. That way you 
won't exhale very much smoke. I'm not going to let you out of there until 
you smoke the entire cigar. So the quicker you smoke it, the quicker you 
will get out." 
   Lisa was starting to find it hard to breathe. And the smoke was so thick 
and heavy, she didn't think she could inhale it. But every time she 
breathed in, she was inhaling cigar smoke because the air was filled with 
it. So she took another big puff and inhaled it very deeply. She held it in 
as long as she could and exhaled. Not as much smoke came out, but the air 
still became filled with more smoke. She took three or four more large 
puffs, doing the same thing, inhaling deeply and holding the smoke in. By 
now, the air had become completely filled with smoke. So much she had to 
close her eyes because they started to burn. The air was so filled with 
smoke, she couldn't even see out of the plastic covering anymore. All she 
could she was thick harsh cigar smoke. She tried to breathe without taking 
a puff of the cigar. But the smoke was so thick it was even worse than not 
inhaling the cigar smoke after taking a puff of the cigar. Lisa thought she 
was going to choke to death. She felt like she wanted to cough, but held it 
back. She did the only thing she could do, took another puff of the cigar. 
She took as big a puff as she could, hoping she could smoke the cigar 
quicker and finish it so her mom would take the plastic covering off of her 
head. She inhaled as deeply as she could. It seemed easier to breathe when 
she took a big puff and inhaled. So for the first time since she had 
started smoking, she actually wanted to inhale smoke. 
   Jenny watched as the plastic covering quickly went from clear to opaque 
with each puff her daughter took. 
   Soon she could not even see Lisa's face, just the thick smoke that 
surrounded it. Jenny knew how hard it was becoming for Lisa to breathe 
because Jenny's mother had done the same thing to her when she had started 
smoking. Jenny's mom used to force her to smoke an entire cigar while her 
head was covered with something. After some time, Jenny actually began to 
enjoy the sensation! After her mother stopped forcing her to smoke cigars 
while having her head covered, she would do it anyway because she enjoyed 
it. She would even start off by taking 9 or 10 puffs of the cigar and not 
inhaling the smoke at all in order to make the air inside the covering fill 
with smoke immediately. So she did not regret doing this to Lisa. But she 
did remember how hard it was the first time, so she felt a little bad for 
her daughter. She knew though that in the long run, Lisa would grow to like 
it just as much as Jenny now did. And it was a way to inhale smoke with 
every single breathe she took, making her lungs black for just breathing in 
   Lisa had finished about one quarter of the six inch cigar. Her eyes were 
shut tight and by this time, she didn't even breathe without taking a puff 
of the cigar and inhaling the smoke. After taking her tenth straight puff 
and inhale, she tried breathing without taking a puff of the cigar. It was 
impossible. The smoke was so thick and heavy, it burned her nose and 
throat. She decided she would not breathe again without taking a puff. She 
was almost halfway done with the cigar. But could she make it without 
choking? She took the biggest, longest puff she possible could. Her cheeks 
hollowed tremendously under the strain of the extremely large puff. She 
inhaled the smoke very deeply and held her breathe. It was easier than 
breathing. After a full minute she exhaled. She though of how black her 
lungs must be getting inhaling smoke with every breath she took. After 
exhaling the large puff, she repeated it again. It seemed to be the only 
thing she could do, and was the only relief in any way. She continued and 
continued, puff after puff, inhale after inhale. Not stopping a single time 
without puffing and inhaling more smoke. She was up to 20 straight puffs 
without stopping when she thought she was going to choke to death. 
Suddenly, she heard the zipper open, and the plastic covering was removed 
from her head. She finally opened her eyes. Tears streamed down them 
because her eyes were red from the smoke. She finally noticed she had 
smoked the whole cigar. She felt a certain amount of satisfaction that she 
did it. 
   "Congratulations Lisa, you smoked the entire cigar. How do you feel?" 
Jenny asked. 
   "Like I need some air." Lisa said as she breathed in fresh air for the 
first time. She breathed in deeply, finally being able to breathe freely 
for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. 
   "I know that was difficult. I'm very proud of you. You didn't fight it 
at all. I'm sure your lungs got very black from that experience and are now 
fully used to having smoke in them." Jenny said. 
   Lisa almost felt like something was missing after breathing fresh air 
for the first time. It was weird, but she felt like she had begun to get 
used to breathing in smoke with every breath. But she didn't think much of 
it and went off to bed being thankful the experience was over. 
   The next day Jenny sat Lisa down first thing in the morning. She said, 
"Lisa, now that you have smoked for a week and have also had the cigar 
experience, you don't have to smoke anymore if you don't want to. You did 
what I asked, and that is enough." 
   Jenny knew by this time Lisa was hooked and that she would not want to 
quit smoking. Jenny decided it was time for Lisa to accept smoking on her 
   "Thanks mom. I'm glad I don't have to smoke anymore.  But it wasn't so bad
I guess." With that, Lisa ran off to her room. The day went by slowly, but
Lisa felt relieved not having to smoke anymore. By the end of the day, Lisa
felt somewhat down and depressed. But she couldn't figure out why. She went
to bed early that night. 
   Jenny sat in her bed smoking what had to be her fourth pack that day. 
She knew Lisa would initially try to stop smoking. So she would just wait 
until the next morning. 
   As Lisa awoke, she immediately smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. 
Out of reaction she thought to herself that smells good. But how? She could 
not believe her reaction. She went into the kitchen and saw her mom 
smoking. She suddenly felt this weird feeling. Like, she wanted to smoke! 
She just ignored it, but with each passing second it got stronger and 
stronger. Until she finally screamed out, "Mom I want to smoke! Please, let 
me have a cigarette!" 
   Jenny calmly smiled and slid the cigarettes toward her daughter. She had 
finally kept the second promise she had made to her mom. 
   For the next year, Lisa accepted the fact that she was smoker and 
quickly began to love it. She became more popular in school and even 
noticed some of the boys watching her smoke after school every day. By this 
time, she had increased her habit to almost 1 and half packs a day, 2 on 
weekends. She also smoked cigars regularly and every Saturday her and Jenny 
would go into Jenny's room and they would take turns covering their heads 
with the plastic cover while smoking a cigar. Lisa even smoked two in a row 
one time without removing the cover from her head! One Saturday before it 
was her turn she said to her mom, "Mom, I just love to smoke. I can only 
imagine how black my lungs are after smoking so much for the last year. 
Thank you for forcing me to start." 
   "You're welcome dear. Now, in return for starting you smoking, there are 
two promises I want you to make me--" 

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