Pulling Sarah from the Closet, Part 1

(by grizfaninmsla@yahoo.com, 15 February 2003)

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I am a first time writer here, but a long time reader. I've enjoyed many of
your works, especially the authors Karriejj (Corruptor Series), Sstoryman,
AsianSmoker, Anon. Thanks for the many hours of work you've put into your
creations, and for the inspiration you've provided in them.  Your
comments/criticisms welcomed: grizfaninmsla@yahoo.com

This work of fiction contains adult themes about smoking and sex.

Pulling Sarah from the Closet
Part 1:

My wife has always toed the line, been a good girl if you will. She's
intelligent, a quick thinker, humorous, opinionated, and sexy as hell. We go
out to the bars from time to time, but mainly socialize with a close group of
friends who never get too out of hand. A few beers or bottles of wine during
Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit is a wild night for us. No one in the group
smokes and we're even borderline "anti smoking Nazi's". So when I saw Sarah
smoking two weeks ago, it nearly blew me away.

We work on opposite ends of town and rarely see each other during the days. My
secretary was out sick and I had to run some papers across town to get some
signatures. It was about 10:15 or so in the morning and my route was taking me
past the office plaza Sarah worked at.

As I got closer, I actually spotted her stepping outside and sitting on a
bench with a female co-worker. At this point, I'm a good 75 yards away still,
but it's definitely her as I recognize the red business suit she's wearing.
From my vantage point her back is to me and she cant see me. I decide to pull
over across the street in a large parking lot and run across and surprise her
with a quick hello.

From where I parked, I could see her and what I saw took my breath away. She
quickly looked around, scanning the area and then accepted a cigarette and a
light from this younger, pretty co-worker. My jaw simply dropped open as I
watched her take drag after drag, inhaling and exhaling repeatedly, nervously
flicking the ashes from the cigarette with her thumb, and even talking and
laughing through exhales. 

So many emotions ran through my body as I watched; lying, deceit,
helplessness, sorrow. But something I hadn't expected happened too. I was
completely turned on. As I watched I was also uncontrollably massaging my
growing erection through my pants. "God, here is my goody two shoes wife..
smoking, being a bad girl," I thought to myself.

As soon as it started, it was soon over. She took a final pull from the
cigarette as she stood, and then exhaled from her nose as she drew once more.
The slight breeze carried her exhale away as she stuck a piece of gum in her
mouth and crushed her cigarette out in a nearby ashtray. She and the co-worker
walked back inside, never seeing me.. never the wiser.

I continued on my way to get the papers signed and spent the rest of the day
trying to comprehend what had just taken place. Not only was she smoking, but
seemed to be smoking like someone who's done it before, for quite a long time.
How long had she been hiding this from me? Why was she hiding it from me? Why
couldn't she trust me with this? Why did she smoke in the first place? To say
I was productive that day would be a complete and total lie.

On the drive home, I decided to play it cool, not let on. Over the next day or
so I'd do some snooping around and see what I could find out. I didn't know
how or if I would tell her what I saw, but my conscience wouldn't let her keep
this secret forever.

First thing I did when I got home was I went to her and gave her a big hug. I
took this opportunity to smell her hair deeply. Heavy perfume was the only
thing I noticed. I leaned in to kiss her and she gave me a small peck,
avoiding a deeper kiss. She was chewing a very minty gum.

"So how's work been?" I asked innocently.

"What makes you say that?" she asked back, now washing her hands in the sink.

"I don't know, just wondering. Hey, I was driving past your building today,
thought I saw you walking back inside…"

She kind of froze at this and tried to play it off.

"Really, what time?"

"I don't know, around 10:20 or so. I had to run some papers across town and
was driving by and saw you and someone else walking in the back door there."

"Oh.. Janet and I went out for some air. It was a great day and we needed to
stretch and take a break." She said awkwardly with her back still towards me.

I made my way back to the bedroom and spoke as I went. "Yeah, it was a great

During dinner a teen smoking story came on the news, showing teenagers smoking
outside of their school. Kids from all ages and social backgrounds were shown
through a cloud of smoke that seemed to surround them.

"God, glad I never started that," I mentioned as I poured myself some new

"Me too," Sarah agreed. "It can be so hard to quit," she added.

"So you never smoked in high school, just to try it with the girls?" I asked

Sarah swallowed hard and looked away from my eyes as she answered. "Oh, I
tried it a few times I guess, but never liked it. It tasted gross and made me
sick." She returned her gaze to my eyes and then quickly looked away. I could
tell she was lying.

"My brothers and I used to sneak my mothers from time to time, but never
really inhaled, and we were jocks, so.. I didn't either," I reassured her.

She just smiled and then quickly changed the subject.

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