Real Girls - Miri

(by anonymous16, 22 May 2005)

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Real Girls - Miri

Hi guys, this is my first smoking story and I hope you'll enjoy it! If you
like it, I will soon add some more. The content of all stories is all real!!!
Everything really happened!!!  So just enjoy the story about this extremly
young smoker-girl called Miri, which I met some years ago.

Three years ago I used to work as a private tutor in a small school. My boss
had told me that my tutoring session would be math with two young girls. When
they first entered the classroom, I was overwhelmed by their beauty,
especially the smaller girl, Miri, was just too cute. They told me they were
in the eighth grade so they should only be about 13 or 14 years old. As they
approached and sat down next to me I could smell stale smoke on their
clothes. "It will be from their parents' smoking," I thought as I started
our math lesson. 

After 45 minutes sexy Miri started shifting nervously in her chair. All of a
sudden she smiled at me with her beautiful young face and asked me if it was
ok to have a five minute brake. I agreed because I thought they could
concentrate better after a short time. At once Miri reached into her handbag,
took out a pack of full flavour Lucky-Strikes, and rushed out quickly. My
cock started to enlarge in my trousers at once. I couldn't keep sitting in
the classroom, I had to watch these cuties smoke. So I also went outside and
there they were. The tall girl took very small puffs of her ciggarette and
always exhaled immediately. I wondered if she inhaled the smoke into her
little lungs but came to the conclusion that she didn't. So my view fell on
sweet, sexy Miri. Her cig was already much shorter than the other girl's.
Then I saw her pulling desperately and very deeply on her Lucky-Strike. The
cigarette-tip started glowing brightly and she continued sucking for several
seconds. Then she inhaled deeply to get the sweet, toxic smoke into her
little, sexy body. I had some small-talk with the girls and I couldn't take
my eyes of Miri until she had finished her cigarette in no time with some at
least six or seven deep drags. The other girl stubbed out her half smoked
Lucky and we went back to the classroom for another 45 minutes of math. I
really had problems concentrating but the two girls seemed to be much more
relaxed now. 

When the lesson was over, the tall girl told me she would not need tutoring
any more because her last math test of this school year was the following
day. First I was dissapointed but when I looked at Miri, she smiled at me and
said that she would continue because her mother wanted her to go on studying
math until the summer hollidays. I was really glad to hear this. So we said
goodbye and as Miri walked toward the door in her tight jeans and her hot
ass, she took the next cigarette out of her pack and one second later I heard
the click of her lighter and she disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke.

Before our next lesson on Monday afternoon I had a look into my mailbox and
found some sheets from my boss with personal information about all my
students. On top was the paper about the tall girl and from her date of birth
I could see that she was 16. Now I got really excited because there also had
to be information about Miri. And right there it was and at once I saw that
she was only 13! I couldn't believe this and felt my cock rising in my
trousers. Then I heard a knock from the door and said "come in". And there
she was, my little cutie Miri with an unlit cigarette in her hand. She smiled
at me, said hello and asked me if I had a light. I was stunned, smiled back
at her and somehow managed to say that I was sorry but couldn't help her.
She looked somehow disappointed and said that she really needed a smoke now.
She turned away and went to my boss's office.  Half a minute later she
returned, now with a lit ciggy between her lips. She looked happy and
sattisfied. I couldn't believe this: My boss had lit a cigarette for a girl
who was only 13 year old! This was absolutely illegal because in Germany you
aren't allowed to smoke until 16. Either my boss was a smoking-fetishist
too, or he had thought that Miri was much older. In fact she didn't look
much more than 13. I went to my classroom and two minutes later Miri came in
after finnishing her cigarette, closed the door and sat down next to me. The
little girl was stinking like an ashtray. When she took out her books I
recognized that she had very long, perfectly styled fingernails which I
didn't remember from last week's session. She recognized me watching her
hands, smiled and told me that her aunt was the owner of a nail-studio and
that she had got her fingernailes styled just before today's lesson. We
started working on her math and as she was sitting right next to me I could
smell all the smoke from her clothes and fingers. When she leaned over to ask
me a question I smelled that she had a really very strong tobacco breath.
Some boys might have been disgusted by that but somehow this made her even
sexier to me. Suddenly I felt the great desire to kiss her on her bad
tasting, smokey mouth. But as her 22 year old teacher I definitely wasn't
allowed to do this, no way. So, I resisted kissing her and we went on until
it was time for our break. 

I went outside with her where she asked a man to light up her Lucky. We sat
down and she started to pull terribly hard on her freshly lit cigarette. She
inhaled all the smoke and held it in her young but already contaminated lungs
for some seconds. Her exhales were stunning as well. It was absolutely
unbelievable to me that a 13 year old girl had such an experienced and sexy
smoking style already. When she took the Lucky-Strike from her sweet red lips
she held it between her sexy, long fingernails. Wow! I was glad I was wearing
a long t-shirt to hide my growing penis from her. We chatted a little bit and
I tried not to stare at her. I was somehow dissappointed when she talked
about her boyfriend because I had the feeling that Miri also liked me. On the
other hand it was no surprise that such a pretty, young girl wasn't single!
She was about 160 cm tall, had a sweet face with green eyes and a little
snub-nose, long brown hair and already fully developed beautiful female

The next Monday we met again and as usual Miri smoked one cig before the
lesson, one after 45 minutes during our 5 minutes break and another one when
she left. Nevertheless there were also two interesting things that happened
this time. First thing was that when we reached the time of break, she asked
me if she could have her cig in the classroom. Although I wanted this so much
to happen and in fact had already thought about letting her smoke inside, I
had to say no. It was a non-smoking classroom where little primary school
children also were taught and as a matter of fact there was no ashtray. Miri
looked a bit disappointed but agreed and went out to the floor. The next
thing was that at the end of the lesson she asked me if I could lend her some
cash for a new pack of cigarettes for the evening. I was very pleased at
getting the chance to help her with some coins for the cigarette machine.
Nevertheless I said to her that I shouldn't support her bad smoking habit.
She answered that it would be no problem for her to buy her Luckys in a shop
if I didn't help her. Naturally I gave her the coins-.

The next time we met was on the following Thursday for an extra lesson
because cute smoking Miri had a math test on Friday. Since I had to study all
the afternoon, we had to meet later than usual at 8 pm. The schoolbuilding
was absolutely empty. I was sitting in my classroom when my sexy smoking
schoolgirl came in. She had an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth and
the lighter right in her hand. She was already late but asked me if she could
have a cigarette before starting. I said o.k. and went outside with her. We
sat down next to an ashtray and she started to satisfy herself with the toxic
smoke which she needed so badly. We made some small talk again and when she
stubbed out her butt in the ashtray I got up. She didn't, so I looked back
at her. She looked deep into my eyes and asked me with her sweet childish
voice if she could just smoke one more cigarette before our lesson. Although
we were already very late I couldn't resist and said it was all right.
Without any hesitation Miri placed the fresh cig between her full, red lips
and continued chainsmoking. She smoked quickly and intensively, so the air
was suddenly full of her smoke and we nearly needed fog-lamps to see each
other. Imagine this young and innocent-looking girl chainsmoking-. I have
never before, nor since, met such a petite girl at this high level of
tobacco-addiction! After the lesson when Miri had left I closed the room and
walked to the table with the ashtray which Miri had used before. There were
only her three cigarette ends inside it. I took them out and wrapped them
into a little piece of paper. Then I left the schoolbuilding and drove home.
In my little apartment I undressed myself, took the paper with Miri's
cigarette ends, unwrapped them and started to examine the three buts while my
left hand began to rub my cock. The filters looked deep brown because my
sweet little student had been dragging so hard and they were covered with
several marks of her red lipstick. I started to masturbate harder and put the
butts between my lips to taste them. I felt like I was kissing Miri's sweet,
smokey lips, then took a lighter and smoked the small amount of tobacco
remaining in each cigarette down to the very filter. Now my cock exploded
while I was dreaming of my little 13 year old smoking-slut!

The last lesson with my sweet cigarette-schoolgirl was outstanding again. It
was the last week before her summer holidays and we had to go to a different
classroom because the usual one was occupied this time. I found a room on the
first floor. It was usually used for grown-up-courses and there was an
ashtray in the middle of the table. Miri recognized it at once and smiled at
me with a devilish expression. I smiled back and nodded and so she had 6
cigarettes during our lesson inside the classroom! She told me that she could
concentrate much better when she was smoking and that she always chainsmoked
at home, when she was doing her homework. I asked her if her mother had given
her permission to smoke and she said yes. What an ace mother, who lets her
little 13 year old kid chainsmoke at home!!! I got absolutely horny by all
this and I asked her at which age she had started smoking. Miri told me that
she had already been smoking for more than one year, so she had to be eleven
when she started. She added that she had tried to quit during her last
holiday but that she had already been too addicted to stop. We continued with
the math and my sexy nicotine-pupil had to draw some geometric figures with a
pen and a ruler. All the time her cig rested dangling between her lips and
from time to time she inhaled hard and did some nose exhales to get the smoke
out of her perfect body. Suddenly the long ashes fell down on her exercise
book. She just giggled and blew the ashes down to the floor. Some minutes
later Miri got a really bad coughing fit, the first and the last one I've
ever had the luck to hear from her. Unfortunately it was a dry cough without
the rattling sounds that lungs of older heavy smokers produce. But it wasn't
bad at all! It continued for about 20 seconds and afterwards Miri had a big
problem trying to get her breath back and to speak. I offered her chewing gum
and she slowly started to relax again. It was really great to watch her big
tits jump up and down in her sexy, tight top while she was coughing. When
Miri's lungs had relaxed, she immediately lit the sixth cig of our lesson!
So this was our last meeting and I haven't seen her for about 3 years now.
But remember the info-sheet! I've still got her phone number and

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