Red Lips & Cigarettes

(by anonymous, 14 November 2006)

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Red Lips & Cigarettes

After weeks of increasingly explicit email exchanges and long conversations,
including naked photos and detailed phone sex fantasies, which often involved
being "blown on the phone," the night of their first sexual encounter had
finally arrived.  D had explained in erotic detail his ultimate fantasy,
combining all his preferences (clothes and makeup), fetishes (attractive
women smoking, provocative bras), and desires (penis-to-breast contact).  

Lori was an elegant, gorgeous, young woman, with shoulder-length dark hair,
pouty lips, and a tight, stunning body, who was accustomed to receiving a lot
of attention from men, but she was attracted to D for his youthful good
looks, uninhibited descriptive sex talk, and (based on the photos he sent), a
large well-formed penis that would surely feel heavenly inside her.   She
didn't normally smoke often, but she realized the sexy, magnetic effect it
had on attracting men she liked, so she enjoyed "working it" when it suited
her.  Her excitement grew when D walked up and asked to join her at her quiet
table in the hotel bar.  As he took his seat, she smiled, and with hardly a
word, began enacting the sexual scenario they had constructed.  She knew what
he wanted.  

Lori opened her purse and withdrew a long white cigarette from a fresh pack
of Marlboro Lights 100s, holding it between her slim feminine fingers.  Her
colored lips and fingernails matched, scarlet red, and it created a sexy
contrast with the white cigarette as she raised it to her mouth in a graceful
motion.  She locked eyes with D as he lit a match and extended it to her.
She leaned in to him, illuminating her face.  Young, smooth skin, bright
vivid green eyes accentuated by her makeup, black eyeliner and smoke-grey
eyeshadow.  A careful balance of sophisticated and slutty.  
The scent of her perfume across the table was stirring, and as D lit the tip
of her cigarette, her conservative cream-colored silk blouse fell slightly
open and he got a view of her black lace pattern bra cupping her breasts.
They were just as she had described, about a 36-C, large, full, soft, sexy
globes, and his eyes may have lingered on her cleavage a moment too long,
because when he looked up at her face, she was smiling as she inhaled.  "Do
you like what you see?  Because it really turns me on when guys can't take
their eyes off my cleavage," she said as she exhaled through her red painted

"Oh, umm, thank you for wearing such a pretty bra," he said, when he realized
he was caught.

"Would you like to go upstairs so I can show you more, in the privacy of my

D slipped his arm around her slender waist, and blood began to fill his penis
as they headed out the door to her room.   

Upon their arrival, the lovers kissed and caressed as their passionate lust
ignited.  D took a seat at the foot of her bed and Lori sat facing him in a
chair by her desk.  She pulled another cigarette from the pack with her
slender fingers.  This time she also removed a tube of lipstick from her bag.  

"Let me touch up my lipstick," she said.  "I think you're going to like
She then made a slow, deliberate show of applying a thick red coat to her
pursed lips, using a compact mirror for guidance, and finished by running the
tip of her tongue over them, making them shine.   She grasped D's hand
holding a lit match and pulled it close to her face in order to light her
cigarette, and their eyes locked as her cheeks hollowed, and she then exhaled
the smoke towards the ceiling.  She was a sensuous smoker, and was aware that
many men considered smoking glamorous.   A red smudge of lipstick was now
visible on the white filter tip as she set it in the ashtray.  

Lori's fingers then moved to the buttons on her blouse, and she whispered,
"Tell me more about how you like my bra," as she undid all her buttons and
slipped out of her blouse.  D's penis was enlarging, and Lori boldly
commented, "I know you're getting an erection.  But that must be
uncomfortable.  Let me help you-." Placing her cigarette between her glossy
lips, she reached for D's pants, lightly ran her fingers over his protruding
bulge, and unzipped him, allowing his thick stiff cock to spring forth.
Placing her cigarette again between her fingers, she reached forward with the
same hand and grasped his dick, and gasped when it came into full view.  
"Oh, you really are big-."

Lori began lightly stroking his cock and rubbing the sensitive underside of
the head with her thumb.  

Now fully aroused, hard, throbbing, straining, D leaned forward and reached
over to lower the straps of Lori's lace bra.  Lori assisted by slipping her
arms through the straps when D unhooked her bra in the back, and it fell
away, leaving her big tits exposed.  Lori retrieved the bra from the floor,
and tantalizingly dangled it over D's hard penis, letting the thin lacy
material dance over his sensitive cock-head.  Teasingly, she draped the
perfumed black bra over his protruding erection and let it hang there,
creating a vivid sexual image.  Lori crawled forward so she could lightly rub
her nipple tips across D's chest, and she moved slowly downward until her
swaying tits were rubbing against his cock, teasing him to maximum hardness.  

Lori had much experience and skill at the art of giving head, and she enjoyed
it perhaps as much as her recipients.   D raised his hips up off the bed, and
Lori slipped down to allow his erect penis to enter between her tender red
parted lips.  She placed a long wet lingering kiss upon his cock-head before
engulfing it, and then allowed his shaft to slide fully into her mouth as she
began sucking it lustfully.  Her sticky lipstick adhered slightly to the soft
skin of his penis, and increased the sensation of being sucked off.
She then raised her mouth up and off him, and paused to reach for her
cigarette.  As she did, D looked down and saw a fantasy fulfilled, as a red
smeared lipstick ring halfway down around his shaft was now visible.  Lori
gave him a sexy smile as she raised the cigarette to her moist shimmering
lips.  Grasping his cock with one hand, she gently blew warm smoke around the
bulging rigid shaft before her, and then again lowered her lips to continue
her erotic smoking blowjob.

  She swirled her pointed tongue around the circumference of his penis, and
flickered around the underside, as she lightly gripped his balls.  As Lori
sucked his big cock enthusiastically, D noticed her hand move between her
legs and begin fingering her cunt under her skirt.  Between intervals of
unhurried cocksucking, Lori provocatively drew on her cigarette and exhaled
the smoke at the corona of D's straining cock in a slow, exaggerated way that
accentuated her soft parted lips.  With thrust after thrust, his low moans of
pleasure became louder, and he finally announced to Lori, "You're gonna make
me come-.."  

"Yes, give it to me.  Do it in my mouth," she managed to whisper between her
oral caresses.

With the fingers of one hand rubbing her clitoris, she increased the rate of
her sucking, and pumped his slippery shaft through her other hand.

"I'm gonna come-."

"Mmmm-hmmm," she hummed as she awaited the imminent explosion.

 "I'm coming-," D managed to proclaim as he ejaculated a large load of hot
semen into her hungry mouth.  He arched his back and thrust forward to help
Lori maintain oral contact with his gushing cock.  She consumed several thick
spurts of his sticky fluid, as she eagerly took his load down her throat.
She licked away the smaller droplets that leaked past her lips as she firmly
stroked and sucked him to completion.

When he recovered, he pulled Lori up to the bed, laid her down and reached to
remove her fragrant sheer lace-and-mesh panties.  Her cunt was already wet
from her own fingering.  D plunged between her sleek sexy legs and attacked
her wet patch with his tongue, lapping at her outer lips, and probing the
entrance to her hot hole.   She responded by panting and then moaning loudly.  

Lori turned to the bedside, reached for her cigarette pack, and removed
another cigarette, lifting it to her lips, still glistening with D's semen.
Between gasps, she lit the cigarette and exhaled toward the ceiling, letting
herself get taken away by the sexual sensations.  D aggressively continued
his cunt-licking, eating her out while Lori leisurely smoked, tossed her hair
back, and propped herself up on her elbows.  She let the fingertips of her
free hand roam over her stiff sensitive nipples.

  "Yes, eat my cunt, put your tongue deep in my hot pussy, ohh, I love it,"
she breathlessly moaned, and D responded by rapidly tonguing her clit and
sweet wet slit until it was boiling over.  

Trembling, and with her eyes shut tight, Lori raised the cigarette to her
colored lips, inhaling as she reached a powerful orgasm.  She grunted, moaned
and cried out, exclaiming, "Oh my god, you're making me c-c-come."  

Lifting her hips off the bed in pleasurable orgasmic spasms, she pressed her
inflamed vagina against D's face, forcing his tongue yet deeper between her
wide-spread legs, intensifying her climax.  She shuddered with ecstatic
sexual pleasure, and when D stood up, she saw that in the time it had taken
to get her off, his erection had revived.  She quivered knowing that she was
about to get fucked with that big thing.

He rubbed the flared head of his cock up and down against her swollen pink
petals, gently lubricating his big cock with her flowing sexual secretions.
After a few tantalizing moments, he finally mounted her, spreading open her
labia and penetrating her hot slippery hole.  Centimeter by centimeter D
pushed his fat prick into her cunt, impaling her, and her eyes locked on the
sight, until he bottomed out.  She tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and
softly repeated the words, "so deep," as D impaled her with his thick,
throbbing shaft.  "So deep, so deep-.."

Lori repositioned herself comfortably in the center of the bed, propping up
her head on a pillow and holding the back of her knees to keep her legs
spread wide.  D raised his muscular body up with his arms, and gazed down
upon the gorgeous woman he was fucking.  The flowing hair, half-closed eyes
and soft smile.  Her big tits bounced and her breathing rate increased with
each thrust.  She looked down at the point where D's cock was penetrating
her, and she reached for his cock with one hand, grasping it and letting the
shaft loosely slide through her hand while the head continued to move in and
out.  D lowered his mouth to her nipples and licked them alternately, while
maintaining his shallow rhythmic thrusting.

Lori released her grip on D's shining wet shaft, and whispered, "Fill me up-.
God, you cock feels so good-  Would you like me to smoke while you're fucking
D silently slowed his thrusts, planted a kiss on her soft lips, and she
reached for the pack on the nightstand.  She could barely concentrate on
removing the cigarette from the pack and placing it between her lips.  She
picked up her lighter and lit the end while inhaling, causing her cheeks to
hollow.  The sight of this aroused sexy woman smoking beneath him caused D to
again increase the rate and depth of his plunges.  

Lori smoked with one hand, and placed her other hand on D's ass, pulling him
into her and holding him there.  D used this opportunity to reach beneath
Lori and place his middle finger upon her anus.  After moistening it with her
sweat by tracing circles around it, he began gently dipping the tip of his
finger into her tight butt-hole.  The electricity this generated caused Lori
to reflexively raise her hips up to forcefully meet D's cock, and she began
to cum.

"God, I love it, finger my ass, fuck me deep, make me cum!" she exclaimed as
she lost control, arched her back and had a tremendous orgasm.

Through it all, Lori managed to hold on to her burning cigarette, and she
drew on it as she eventually stopped trembling when the waves of pleasure
subsided.  She blew smoke towards the ceiling through the oval she formed
with her lips.  Her tender, red glossy lips-..  

D was taking all this in, as he continued administrating slow half-thrusts
with his straining rock-hard cock.  Lori lowered her unoccupied hand to her
clitoris and rubbed it in slow circles, maintaining her arousal.  "What can I
do to get you off," she asked sincerely.  "Do anything you want to me-"

Despite the enjoyment of his current activity, D decided to withdraw his hard
penis from her cunt, and he lowered Lori's legs flat and moved his knees
forward so he was upon her chest, with his erect cock hovering above her
breasts.  He maneuvered the tip of his penis to where he could circle her
nipples with it, and when Lori realized his desire, she placed her hands on
either side of her tits and pushed them together to form a tight flesh tunnel
for him to fuck.  Her first two fingers held her cigarette, and when D placed
his hot, glistening erection between her tits, she lifted her head and blew a
stream of warm smoke directly at the head of his penis, nestled in her
cleavage.  Still well-lubricated from Lori's pussy juices, D began repeatedly
sliding his penis between her tits, and she reflexively allowed his cock-head
to enter her mouth on the upstroke.  She sucked it until he withdrew, and she
sucked it again when it appeared within her reach.  

The sight and velvety sensation of tit-fucking his smoking, large-breasted
lover was causing the pressure to build in D's cock, and he knew he was soon
to cum.  Sensing this, Lori blew another stream of smoke at D's penis, and
whispered, "shoot off on my tits."

With one final thrust, D groaned and reached an explosive orgasm, ejaculating
a geyser of semen over her chest, neck and mouth.  The hot liquid accumulated
in the space between her breasts, and she licked it off her lips.  She rubbed
the juice across her stiff nipples with one hand, and took a final draw from
her cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray.

"Why don't we take a short break," Lori suggested.  "I think I need to touch
up my lipstick-."

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