Relaxing Smoke

(by anonymous, 07 March 2002)

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Relaxing Smoke

Lee entered his yard, closing the gate behind him. He heard voices hidden
behind the wall of the porch, and took to the stairs to have a look. There
was his older sister Claire and her best friend Kathy, smoking. Lee was
strongly anti-smoking, and turned away before either of them could say
anything, mumbling under his breath "I'm going to the store" as he walked
through the gate and out of his yard.

Taking the back way through the neighbor's yards, Lee couldn't believe he had
caught his sister smoking. He would let his parents know, he thought as he
walked, so they could talk some sense into them. It was for her own good. He
was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't hear Kathy running after him
until she was almost upon him.

"Lee, wait up" she called, running toward him. Both Kathy and his sister were
seventeen, and Kathy looked good. She was about 5'4", with shoulder length
blond hair and ice blue eyes. Her chest had filled out nicely, and Lee
couldn't help but notice the way it moved when she came up to him. Still, he
couldn't believe she had started smoking. Everyone Lee knew who smoked had
breath like an ashtray. He stood there, unsure of what to say.

"Lee, you're not going to tell on us, are you?"

"Smoking is really dangerous. Everyone knows that" Lee replied nervously.

"Yeah, I know" Kathy smiled, looking down for a second and then up again so
that her hair swished a little bit. "But, there are some good things about
it, too?"

"Like what?" Lee answered, and with that, Kathy turned slightly and pulled a
pack of cigarettes from her back pocket. Lee noticed her ass looked great in
her jeans, and was a little curious about what this mystery positive was.

"Well, I want you to watch this" Kathy said as she pulled out a cigarette and
put it to her lips. Lee noticed the stark contrast between her red lips and
the whiteness of the cigarette. She lit the cigarette, taking a drag on it.
She blew the smoke up, pursing her lips as she did. Lee was a little ashamed
to admit it, but she looked kind of sexy when she did so.

Kathy held the cigarette between her slender fingers.  "Smoking relaxes you,
lets you calm down. See how much calmer I feel?" With that, she took a deep
breath. Lee had trouble not staring as her ample chest rose and fell with her

She was staring straight at him when he moved his eyes back to hers, and it
took him a second to reply.  "Nicotine is an upper, it can't relax you..."

Kathy kept her gaze on him as she raised the cigarette to eye level. "But
smoking makes you feel sooo relaxed. Just watch the smoke drift off the end
of the cigarette for a little while. Look at the smoke drifting , it makes
you feel so calm, so relaxed.  Watching it can't hurt you, right?"

Lee nodded his head in affirmation. The smoke did look pretty coming from the
tip, and watching couldn't hurt, he guessed.

"Watch the smoke drift up, and you'll be surprised how relaxed you feel. It
really relaxes me when I'm stressed out to watch the smoke. Just keep
watching the smoke, and notice how relaxed you feel, how calm and peaceful
you feel. Look at the way the smoke drifts out, always moving slightly, so
nice to watch and so relaxing. The way it floats through the air, so peaceful
and relaxed. Watching the smoke makes you feel so good, so calm and peaceful.
The smoke is making you feel soooo tired and soooo relaxed, isn't it, Lee?"

Lee opened his mouth slightly to say "yes", but only the slightest hint of
the word came from his lips as he stared at the beautiful smoke coming from
the cigarette in Kathy's hands.

"Good, Lee. Watching the smoke makes you feel so relaxed...keep
watching the smoke...the more smoke you see, the more relaxed you'll feel.
Keep watching the smoke..." Kathy brought the cigarette to her lips and took
a deep drag on it, blowing the smoke in Lee's face. Lee's eyes drooped
noticeably. "You feel sooooo good and soooo relaxed, that when the smoke
drifts into your eyes, you may want to close them and sleep, because the
smoke makes you so tired, Lee." She took another drag, blowing the smoke into
his face again. Lee's eyes drooped some more, so that they were only slits.

"Don't try to fight it, Lee. Let the relaxing smoke surround you. Surrender
to it. Your eyes are so tired and feel so relaxed,
Lee. Surrender to the smoke, Lee, and sleep. Give yourself to it completely.
Relax, let your mind drift with the smoke, let your eyes close as the
beautiful smoke fills them. Relax and Sleeeep..." With that, Kathy inhaled
again, and as she blew the smoke in a gentle stream across Lee's face, his
eyes slammed shut completely. Kathy steadied Lee with her hands.

"Lee, can you hear me?"

A slight "yes" escaped his mouth.

"Lee, you feel so good right now, so peaceful." Kathy purred, rubbing his
chest with her hand. She could see the bulge in his pants, and smiled. "Do
you ever fantasize about me, Lee?"


"Lee, I want you to stay in this relaxed trance, but open your eyes, and
watch my cigarette." Lee's eyes opened slowly, and took a moment to focus,
but soon we're fixated on the cigarette. "Follow the smoke, Lee" she said,
moving her hand that held her cigarette to her mouth and taking a drag.
Slowly, Kathy moved her hand down her body and across her nipples, rubbing
her chest. Lee's eyes followed her slender fingers that held the cigarette as
it caressed her breasts as the smoke drifted from the tip. "You think smoking
is very sexy, Lee. Watching me smoke has made you really hard, hasn't it?"

Lee's "yes" was nearly a moan as her hand continued to roam across her firm
breasts. Kathy slid her other hand to Lee's pants, unbuttoning them deftly as
she took another drag on the cigarette. She unzipped his jeans, and then with
both hands pulled his underwear down to free his member, which was completely
erect.  "Have you ever had a blow job before, Lee?" She asked, lowering
herself to her knees.

"No" whispered Lee.

Kathy took a hit and blew the smoke over Lee's penis, making it twitch. "See
how good the smoke feels, Lee." She said, stoking his cock with her right
hand. Lee's eyes were wide open, staring at the cigarette in her hand as it
slid up and down his penis. "Watch the smoke around your cock. You feel so
good Lee. My smoking makes you feel sooo goood." With that, Kathy took his
manhood in her mouth, sliding his shaft past her red lips. Lee moaned and his
head tilted back in ecstasy, but Kathy removed her mouth, chiding him.  "Lee,
you have to watch the smoke...Yes, Lee, only the smoke makes you feel this
good." She brought her right hand which held the cigarette up towards his
head, moving it slightly to refix his gaze to it, then softly traced a
swishing pattern down his chest and back to his cock. "You can not look away
from the smoke, Lee. I control the smoke, Lee. It makes you feel so good to
watch the smoke." Lee could only stare transfixed on her right hand as she
wrapped her lips around him, staring up at him as she took all of him in her
mouth. He moaned, but his eyes remained on her hand, which she used to stroke
the base of his shaft with a twisting motion, while she licked and sucked the
head of his cock. Her crimson lips sliding up and down his white shaft, the
smoke swirling around his cock as her hands stroked him, and the pleasure as
she sucked on him were overpowering. She stood up slowly, switching hands to
hold her cigarette. Lee's eyes were transfixed, unable to break to bond she
held over him.

"Lee," she purred, "I want you to imagine that my cigarette is your cock. I
have complete control of it, don't I, Lee? I control the smoke, and the smoke
controls you."


"Lee," Kathy started, licking her lips and teeth with her tongue, " you liked
how it felt when your cock was in my mouth, didn't you?" Lee nodded slightly.
"When I put the cigarette in my mouth and suck on it, you will feel my mouth
around your cock, sucking on it. When I blow the smoke in your face, you will
feel totally relaxed, and submit completely to my control." With Kathy's
right hand, she slowly jacked Lee off. She brought her left hand up and took
a drag from the cigarette, staring Lee in the eyes as she slowly blew the
smoke into his face. "This feels soo good, Lee.  Lee, you feel it building
inside you, the orgasm" Her hand worked slowly as she took another deeper
drag on the cigarette, blowing the smoke at Lee. "You feel so goooood, Lee,
and you are so excited, that when I kiss you, you are going to cum." Her deft
hands continued to stroke him as she slowly pulled the cigarette to her lips
and sucked it deeply. She leaned forward, grabbed Lee by the back of the
head, and exhaled the smoke as she kissed him deeply. Lee's eyes squinted as
cum exploded from him, Kathy's kiss continuing through his orgasm as her free
hand continued the stroke his member. When the eruption slowed to a stop,
Kathy took her hand from the back of Lee's head and took another drag on her
cigarrette, blowing the smoke down towards his twitching member. Lee panted

"Close your eyes, Lee." They snapped shut. She cleaned him up, and pulled his
pants and underwear back up.  "Lee, you will not tell anyone that your sister
and I smoke. When you see me smoking, you will think of my mouth on your
cock, and become very hard. You will find my smoking very sexy, and fantasise
about me smoking and sucking you cock, so you will never want to do anything
that might stop me from smoking. If I ever blow smoke into your eyes and say
"drift with me", you will fall back into this trance again. You will forget
everything else. When I count to three, you are going to wake up completely
refreshed." She stamped out her cigarette on the ground. "1...your drifting
back up...2 your senses are coming back to are awake"

Lee took a few moments to really adjust again. When he did, he noticed Kathy
smiling at him. "So you won't tell on us?" She finally asked in a sweet,
singsong voice.

"No," Lee replied. "I guess I over-reacted."

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