The Rendezvous

(by, 21 September 1995)

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From Thu Sep 21 14:06:22 1995
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 14:03:55 -700
Subject: STORY - Vic & Kay - The Rendezvous

 Vic & Kay - The Rendezvous

 Vic got home from work -- late again! He pulled the car into the garage
 but Kay's car wasn't there. There was a note taped to the door leading
 into the house. Meet you at Patroki's Bar. Get a private booth and wait
 for me.    Love, Kay     X O X O

 What was she doing on that side of town thought Vic. He went into the
 house and freshened up. Patroki's was a neighbourhood bar built in a
 refurbished storefront of a small mall. The mall was in the same block
 as a few commercial buildings, a variety store and a no-tell motel. Vic
 could not remember being in the bar before, but they drove by it each
 time they went to Kay's parents.

 Vic pulled the car into the mall parking lot. Funny, he didn't see
 Kay's car, but her note definitely said grab a table and wait. Inside,
 it was suddenly quite dark as Vic's eyes adjusted to the subdued
 lighting. A light music played in the background. He scanned the room.
 It was going to be easy to pick a seat, the place looked almost empty.
 He chose a booth in the opposite corner from the door. No sooner had he
 sat down then a waitress came over with 2 drinks. Vic was taken back -
 Bacardi & Coke with a twist of lime - just the way he liked it. And a
 martini. Kay must be behind this - but where was she?

 The drink registered with Vic real fast. He'd had to skip lunch and
 still hadn't had any supper. Just as he started to get up to go to the
 bar for something to snack on he heard Kay's voice. It was deliberately
 husky, slow, and soft.

 Vic turned to face her and almost didn't recognize her. He fell back
 into the booth as he took another look. Her curly auburn hair was
 hidden by a straight black hair wig in a Cleopatra cut reminiscent of
 Thurman in "Pulp Fiction". The simple black dress with its low neckline
 showed off her great cleavage. Kay didn't normally wear high heels, but
 tonight she had, and they graced her legs. The makeup enhanced her
 thick lips and high cheek bones and complemented the black hair.

 As she raised her hand, Vic could see she was holding an unlit
 cigarette and a lighter in her hand. She placed the long white
 cigarette between her ruby red lips and winked playfully at Vic. Her
 red fashion nails matched her red lips. Vic felt his groin tightening
 and sat up straighter on the bench in the booth. Kay didn't normally
 smoke -- a couple of times a month to tease him. Before sitting down
 Kay brought the lighter up to the end of the cigarette. The flame
 disappeared momentarily as she drew gently on the cigarette. She put
 the lighter on the table, took the cigarette between her fingers and
 exhaled through pursed lips giving Vic the covetted profile view,
 before sitting down opposite him in the booth.

 "How was your day?" she asked, as she took a long drag on the cigarette
 and exhaled. Kay knew she had full control of her man. Vic was
 mesmerized by the image of her lips, slightly pouting, slowly exhaling
 that smoke, and by the presence of Kay's leg brushing his. He didn't
 even hear her question. He was now in full erection inside his pants
 and tried to remain very still. Suddenly there was a clunk on the floor
 as Kay dropped a shoe. Vic felt Kay's foot working its way up his leg
 to his thigh. He looked up at her to see her suggestively rolling the
 toothpick and olive from her drink between her lips and against her
 tongue with one hand as she held the cigarette poised upward between
 two fingers of her other hand. Vic was now right off guard -- he felt
 Kay's foot on his groin under the table!

 Kay put down the olive and took a sip of her drink as she slowly rubbed
 Vic's groin with her stocking foot. It was all Vic could do not to
 explode but Kay knew she had the upper hand. She put the lit cigarette
 between her lips in the corner of her mouth. As she brushed her fingers
 through the straight black hair the tip of the cigarette brightened
 briefly and a single ball of smoke came out from between her lips. Her
 foot continued to caress his groin. The tip of the cigarette glowed red
 and brightened again as Kay drew on it. She took the cigarette between
 her fingers and french inhaled. The smoke fluttered over her upper lip,
 disappeared, and reappeared through her mouth and nostrils as she
 exhaled deeply. It was too much for Vic. Kay felt his groin lift as Vic
 came in his pants.

 Kay slipped around the bench beside her husband and they exchanged a
 hungry smokey kiss. She stroked his thigh with her hand as they
 finished their drinks to quench their suddenly dry throats. It had been
 exhilarating for both of them, but Kay had more head games to play. She
 leaned over to Vic and whispered "I'm not wearing any panties." as she
 pressed the keys to the motel room next door into his hand...

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