My 10-Year Reunion, Part 1

(by, 27 July 2004)

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My 10 year Re-Union

This is a true story that I've been sitting on for sometime and knew that
I'd eventually get it written down.  Please excuse the grammar, I jump from
past to present tense all over the place, but don't feel the need to correct
it. This story contains adult language and sexual themes, so be forwarned.
Most of all, enjoy.


Part 1

Back in high school (1987 Grad), I knew I liked to watch girls/women smoke,
but I didn't classify myself as having a "smoking fetish". I'd always
watch them from the corner of my eyes and enjoy these few moments of
pleasure. Masturbation and fantasies didn't include anything remotely close
to smoking. I was (and still am) a closet smoker, smoking less than 3-4 cigs
per month, only when I just can not stop the craving any longer. To satisfy
my nicotine habit, I also use Copenhagen snuff regularly.

After getting my college degree in computers, and the "birth" of the
internet, I was astonished to find smoking related material and to find that
I wasn't the only one. I would spend hours in the evenings staying up late,
downloading and searching for pictures of the beautiful women smoking. I had
married a pretty extreme anti-smoking "nazi" so I never kept the material
on my hard drive, just deleted it night after night.

So this was (still is) my life, satisfying my fetish cravings in private,
alone, in the dark, via the internet.  That changed at my 10 year class

I drove back to my old town with anticipation of seeing old friends and just
having a good time. My appearance had changed dramatically since graduation
(put on 25 lbs and had lost most of my hair), but I had long since dropped my
ego and liked who I was and how I looked. My wife had accompanied me on the
trip and was looking forward to meeting the people from the stories I had
told her.

The first night of the reunion was planned to be sort of a drunk fest. Very
casual, lots of kegs, just standing around bull-shitting and then groups
would break off and go on their way to their own parties. My wife was not
feeling well and decided to not go to the first night, so I went alone.

As expected, beer was flowing freely, the same old friends were standing in
the same old crowds, pointing the same fingers and chuckling at the same
people. Everyone had changed to some extent. It was a blast chatting and
laughing it up with people.

I was talking it up with a small group when I spotted her, an old girl friend
from my sophomore year. Holy Shit, the memories hit me like a bus and I got
an instant hard on. 

Her name was Todda, a very cute and innocent Mormon girl. She was kind of an
outsider, quiet and reserved. We had met in choir when she had a broken leg
and I offered to help carry her books to her next class. We had hit it off
immediately and became close, quick friends. A few weeks into this
friendship, we were riding in the elevator and from no where, she stopped the
elevator, turned to me and planted the hottest, deepest, most sensual kiss on
me that a 16 year old can imagine. I was blown away and was instantly hard.
She rubbed at my crotch through my jeans and began sucking on my ears and my
neck, talking dirty. I finally had to push her back. She giggled as she
looked at my bewildered, glazed over eyes. She told me how hot she was for me
and how long she had wanted to do that.

Obviously, we started dating. People were kind of shocked that I was dating
her, but I stuck up for her and my decision. We spent every hour together in
hot passionate kisses, petting and feeling each other up and down. But we
never made love. She would stop each and every time, just before getting to
that point. She was very torn between what she wanted physically, and her
religion. I respected that and was just resigned to masturbating night after

For some reason I forgot, we broke up after about 3 months. I still saw her
and we remained friends during the rest of high school.

So, ten years later, I'm half drunk, and there she is, looking better than
ever. Short (maybe 5'3"), gorgeous blue eyes and natural strawberry blonde
hair. Her ass is still great, and I'm not sure (I'm sure its all the beer)
but her tits look bigger, perhaps surgically enhanced.

I immediately left my friends and begin to walk towards her with a large grin
on my face. About 15 feet away, she turns and recognizes me, screams, runs
towards me and jumps into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. I spin
only to stop from falling and spill my beer over several people in the

We now have the attention of the entire room and I'm embarrassed as hell,
but still I hug her, enjoying the moment.

I put her down and push her back only so that I can look into her eyes.

"Todda, you look GREAT, it's great to see you!"

"Oh my god, you too!" She says, hugging me again. (She was also in drama,
so I'm used to the theatrics)

Everyone at this point has stopped staring and returned to their mundane
conversations about where they live, what they do, and how much money they

"How've you been? God, truthfully, I didn't even think you'd be here.
I'm kind of ashamed to say that I'd forgotten about you a little bit," I
say and then quickly drink the rest of my beer.

She slaps at my shoulder, "You forgot about ME?" she shouts playfully. She
sips her beer (surprising me that she is drinking) and picks up my left hand,
examining my wedding ring. "I knew you'd be married, all the good ones
are," she says with a wink. She holds up her left hand and I see there is no
ring. "Where is the lucky wife?" she adds.

"At the hotel, not feeling well. She'll be at the dinner tomorrow night,"
I respond. I lift my cup and realize I'm empty.

She grabs my hand and pulls me towards the kegs. "Let's get a refill and go
outside and talk." She drags me through the crowds, garnering more stares
and making her presence be known. We fill up and walk down the stairs of the
civic center and out toward the parking lot. 

There are other crowds outside, of course, the smokers. I quickly glance
around noting who is smoking; a few of the old "stoners", some of the
preppies, wives/husbands, and even a few of the popular girls and
cheerleaders. Behind me, I hear a lighter click.

I turn around to see Todda's cheeks caving in around a freshly lit Marlboro
Light 100. She is placing the pack and a lighter back into her small purse.
She inhales deeply, smiles and takes my hand and leads me to a nearby bench
on the lawn.

"When did you start smoking?" I ask as my cock begins to rise as I watch
her bring the filter to her lips once again. It was about 9:30 and was
starting to get dark, and the cherry glows brightly as she draws deeply. 

She talks through her exhale, "Maybe 8 years ago, after I moved to Salt
Lake." She taps her ash casually to the lawn and sips at her beer. "Does it
bother you?" she asks sincerely.

"No, not at all," I stammer. "It's just surprising, you being the Mormon
and all," I say, trying to be witty.

"I'm not a very good Mormon," she says with a sly grin and pulls deeply
from the cigarette again. Her slow exhale fills the space between us and my
eyes are beginning to glaze over with lust.

For the next two hours, we ignored everyone else at the party, except to
refill our beer cups, staying outside and catching up. I learned that she had
moved to Salt Lake shortly after graduation, gotten pregnant and had little
girl. Her boyfriend turned out to be a loser and left her shortly after that,
leaving her to raise her daughter alone. Incredibly, she started "dancing"
at nights to help pay the bills. That lifestyle also led her down a few other
roads, drinking, smoking, dabbling in drugs. I listened the whole time with a
raging hard on, watching her smoke very sexually. My fantasy (good girl
turned bad) was sitting in front of me. I knew I had to watch myself with her
as it would be too easy to let my inhibitions slip. I continually reached to
feel my wedding ring and spun it nervously around my finger.

I in turn told her of my "boring" life, graduating from college with a
computer degree, marrying shortly thereafter, and feeling somewhat trapped in
a happy yet unfulfilling marriage. I also opened up to her and confessed that
I was somewhat of a closet smoker. Upon hearing this she giggled in glee,
laughing how "Mr. Jock" was a closet smoker and how sexy she thought that

She handed me her half smoked cigarette and playfully said, "Let me see you

I looked around and it was too dark to distinguish anyone, so I reached for
it and took a deep drag. I inhale deeply and hold it in, enjoying the
sensation and pass it back to her. I exhale to the side as she takes a deep
drag and then leans in to me, our lips just inches apart. "That is so damn
sexy!" she says, almost growling, and exhales between us. I breath in
deeply, trying to absorb her.

My head is literally spinning, I am so drunk with her, and not just from the
beer. It was so strange, not seeing or thinking of this woman for 10 years,
and then being so captivated and drawn to her.

She giggles, teasing, knowing what she is doing to me. She reaches for my
left hand and again refers to my wedding band. "It really is a shame," and
draws again on her cigarette. "I was hoping I'd find you here, and hoped
that you wouldn't be married." I believe her, but have no words and just
sit there with my mouth wide open, looking dumb as hell.

A large group of her friends begin to exit the civic center and make their
way towards us. I quickly grab her cigarette and double pump it and then
crush it out. "You are such a naughty boy," she says with a wicked look in
her eyes.

We stand and join the crowd. They announce they are going to a late
breakfast. I look at my watch and find it is 12:30. I am bewildered at where
the time has gone. "Are you gonna join us?" she asks.

I again check my watch, "Nah, I better not," I reply stupidly.

"Yes you are!" she says and takes my hand and pulls me to the parking lot.
She is snuggling up against me as we walk. The old mixed messages from high
school come right back, pushing all my buttons, my mind is reeling.

I stop at my pickup and offer her a ride to Denny's. "I don't think
that'd be a good idea," she says, but then incredibly stands on her tip
toes and kisses me deeply. Before I know it, she pulls away and says "Ooops,
that was a mistake, wasn't it?" She bats her incredible eye lashes at me
and giggles. She is such a fucking tease I want to scream! She lights a
cigarette and exhales as she walks towards her car, her tight little ass
swaying back and forth.

I get into my truck and roll down the windows. My 80's hair band mix tape is
playing (I made it special for the reunion weekend) and I follow her and the
rest of the group to Denny's, not knowing what I'll get myself into this
weekend, and not giving a shit either.

I slide into the booth next to Todda at Dennys and the rest of the group
shifts over to accommodate me as well. This is a group of people that I
barely know, they are her friends and I am largely ignored during our time at
the restaurant. 

Todda lights a fresh cigarette and places it in the ashtray on the table. I
notice the fresh lipstick stain on the filter, kind of a reddish-cinnamon. I
again, get agonizingly hard. She isn't shy about what she does and flaunts
her story to the group and I happily listen to it all again. She takes a drag
and looks at me playfully and hand the cigarette to me.

I look back at her, giving her a "What the Fuck?" kind of stare.

She looks into my eyes and announces boldly, "Jim's a closet smoker, but
we'll keep his secret, right?" Everyone laughs at this as we keep eye
contact. I take the smoldering cigarette from her and draw. I can taste the
slightest hint of the lipstick on the filter and it gets me harder. She has
now slipped a hand under the table and is running her hand up the inside of
my thigh.

I inhale and pass it back, exhaling up above Todda's head. She draws again
herself and turns back to the crowd, but keeps her hand on my inner thigh. As
she continues small talk with the group, she pulls lightly at my right leg,
urging me to spread my legs a bit. I sip at my coffee and comply nervously.
Her hand is now inside my cargo shorts, just inches from my cock. God, I'm
afraid if she continues this I'm going to blow my load right there. 

She is gently raking the inside of my thigh with her finger nails and I've
finally had enough. I push her hand away gently and close my legs. Everyone
else is pretty much oblivious to us. I lean towards her as she brings the
cigarette to her lips and draws. I whisper as softly as I can.

"Please, you have to stop this. I can't resist you, it scares me. I have to

She turns to me and gently exhales towards me, batting her eye lashes with a
wicked grin. I adjust my cock in my shorts and pull out my shirt, hoping to
hide my bulging cock. I announce to everyone that I gotta get going and throw
a $10 on the table and slide out the booth.

Todda takes another pull and French inhales for me, and states "See you
tomorrow night at the dinner, I can't wait to meet your wife." With that I
smile, wave good bye and quickly leave.

I am sweating. I'm no longer drunk but I stagger to my truck like I just
finished a 5th of Jim Beam. I don't think I've ever had a hard on for so
long in my life. I just keep telling myself I gotta get out of here.

I pull out of the restaurant and as fate would have it, an old Def Leppard
song comes on, and the lyrics are so ironic.

"Lady luck never smiles So lend your love to me awhile Do with me what you
will Break the spell take your fill On and on we rode the storm The flame has
died and the fire has gone Oh, this empty bed is a night alone I realized
that long ago 
Is anybody out there, anybody there Does anybody wonder, anybody care 
Oh, I just gotta know If you're really there and you really care Cause baby
I'm not F-f-f-foolin' -. "

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