Rodney and Annabelle (or An Unexpected Invitation)

(by suburbanlife16, 20 August 2002)

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Rodney and Annabelle (or An Unexpected Invitation)
by suburban16

Rodney lived with his elderly mother in a middle class suburb.  While Rodney's
father was alive, he had maintained strict discipline to prevent Rodney from
suffering from spoilt only-child syndrome.  But it also prevented Rodney from
having many close friends.  Although his mother had always supported whatever
her husband said, she somehow managed to have a gentler approach to life and
gave motherly respite from his father's tight regime.

His father had seen to it that Rodney studied hard and concentrated on
whatever tasks he undertook at school or at home.  As a result, Rodney became
quite computer literate and put his skills to good use on his own personal
computer.  He had attended a good school, got an above-average Higher School
Certificate result and afterwards quickly found a job with the IT department
of a well-established firm.

As the company Rodney worked for needed its computers to be up and running 24
hours a day, he was assigned to work the shift from 7am to 3pm.  He soon got
used to rising early and found plenty of things to do in and around the home
during the afternoon and evening, especially where computers and the Internet
were concerned.

About six months after he started work, new neighbours moved in next door.
Two days later, 11-year-old Annabelle bounced up to Rodney as he walked home
one afternoon and asked if he could help her installed her computer and
printer.  Rodney was glad to help, did all the set-ups and gave her a few tips
about using her system.

Annabelle was a bright girl and readily assimilated what he showed her.  She
showed her mother what she was able to do on the computer as a result of what
Rodney had taught her.  Over the coming months, if she had a problem she would
first try to fix it herself, but would often be on Rodney's doorstep, asking
him for a helping hand.  Rodney found that, because, not only was she a good
student, but also because she had quite a twinkle in her eye, he enjoyed her
company, even though she was seven years his junior.

The next year, Annabelle got some computer games for her birthday and more at
Christmas and again she asked Rodney to install them for her.  Each time,
Rodney stayed with her long enough to ensure that the games worked well, and
have a few turns himself, as his father had not given him the opportunity to
indulge in such frivolity.  In turn Annabelle was able to teach her mother how
to play games and often they would enjoy themselves together.

When she was 13, Annabelle started growing up quickly and persuaded her mother
to get their computer connected to the Internet and email.  Again she was not
shy in asking Rodney for his advice.  And he responded by suggesting how to
select the best Internet Service Provider and what type of modem to buy.  He
also configured the computer and installed a virus protection program.

After he started work, Rodney realised that he had led a rather sheltered life
and thought he should live it up a little more.  So he joined the social club
at work and went on various outings to the cinema, ten-pin bowling and the
like.  Other afternoons after work he often went with a group of technicians
from the IT department to a nearby tavern for a drink or two.

Several of his co-workers smoked, so, as part of his search for broader
experiences of life, Rodney decided to try it for himself.  It was about the
first "bad" thing he had ever done.  At first he only smoked while at the
tavern, as the influence of his dear departed father was at first strong
enough to stop him from indulging in his new habit at home.

But eventually, encouraged by his mother's more relaxed attitude to life, he
was able to admit to her that he did smoke occasionally.  He started having a
cigarette some nights after dinner, and his mother was glad that he was
getting some enjoyment out of life after many years of strict discipline, the
legacy of his father's outlook on life.


At about the same time, Rodney had started a relationship with Mirren, an
older girl from one of his company's other departments.  Mirren had had a
failed marriage behind her so had set out to improve her education by doing an
Internet course at an evening college.  From enquiries of her colleagues at
work, she found out that Rodney would be the best one in the IT department to
help with her studies.
He helped her as much as he could.  Then, after they had met over coffee a
couple of times, and, despite her being a little older than Rodney, he asked
her out.  He knew before he took her out that she did not smoke, so at first
he refrained from smoking while they were out together.

Mirren could see that, because of his strict upbringing, Rodney might be good
(second) husband material.  She maintained this view, although with a certain
degree of reservation, even when Rodney eventually came clean and told her he
did smoke occasionally.  Because of her previous poor record in holding on to
a man, she decided to accept at least for the time being Rodney's smoking as
about the only fault in an otherwise good man.

It was not a tempestuous relationship, but one in which each party could see
the advantages which two steady partners could bring to it.

Rodney's strict upbringing suggested that sex before marriage was wrong and,
before Mirren's first marriage, she had felt the same.  But now Mirren not
only decided she wanted to make a more informed choice for her second partner,
but she also felt a certain desperation about hanging on to Rodney, regarding
him as rather a "catch".  So, one thing led to another and she persuaded him
into her bed.  What followed was not necessarily passion, but at least he
could say he had lost his virginity.


On afternoons when Mirren was at college, Rodney would often catch up with
Annabelle as he returned from work and she from school.  They both walked home
from the station at about the same time.  The two would discuss the latest
software and hardware available for personal computing and Rodney would give
Annabelle the latest tips on how to get the best from her computer.

One day when Annabelle was nearly 15, they were strolling home on a sunny
afternoon and Annabelle put on her cheekiest smile and asked ever so cutely,
"Rodney, I've seen a packet of cigarettes sitting on the desk in your computer
room.  Do you smoke?"

"Yes, sometimes," replied Rodney a little guardedly, seeing her particularly
cheesy grin.  "Why do you ask?"

"If you have them with you now, could I have one, please?" she asked with
disarming honesty.  Rodney found it hard to say 'no', as Annabelle was
developing into a rather attractive teenager, with slightly tousled blonde
hair, nicely rounded breasts and long, tanned legs which she displayed to
advantage with her short school uniform.

"Yes, I suppose so," conceded Rodney, pulling a packet from the pocket of his
jacket.  "How long have you been smoking?"

"Oh, not long.  Some of the girls at school have been experimenting and I've
had a few puffs," she admitted.  She quickly took the cigarette that Rodney
had offered her and, before Rodney could light it for her, she whisked out her
own lighter and lit the cigarette.  He had to content himself with lighting a
cigarette for himself.

"Thanks, Rodney," she said, as she blew the smoke out into the afternoon

"It looks like you've smoked enough to have your own lighter," he remarked.

"Oh, yes, we girls always carry a lighter, even when we don't have any smokes.
It's best to be prepared for any situation," she carried on with complete
candour.  "And it's easier to buy a lighter than it is to buy a packet of
cigarettes.  Some of those shopkeepers are mongrels - they just about threaten
to turn you over to the police, if you ask for a packet when you're under 18."

As Rodney had never even tried to buy cigarettes before he was 18, under
threat from his strict father, he did not really understand much about the
problems of serious under-age smokers.  But Annabelle's revelation gave him
new insight into the dilemmas faced by the under-18.

While this cigarette was clearly not Annabelle's first, Rodney was rather
pleased to note that Annabelle did not seem to inhale.  After puffing at it,
she just blew the smoke straight out again.  So he was not too concerned that
he was contributing to an addictive habit.

The next afternoon, there was Annabelle again, same place, same time, same
irresistible smile.  Rodney vaguely wondered if she had hitched her school
uniform up a little higher than it had been yesterday and had undone one more
button of her blouse.  But Rodney dismissed these notions.  And she asked the
same question as yesterday, "Could I have another cigarette, please, Rodney?"

Again Rodney obliged and she readily took another one out of his pack.  She
did not immediately light it, because she had a further question, "Rodney, you
know how good you are at teaching him stuff about computers?"


"Well, I'd like you to teach me something else - how to inhale the smoke from
a cigarette," was the grinning request.  She held her cigarette up close to
her mouth, as if to emphasise her request.   "Can we sit down in the park
along the street, while you teach me?"

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" enquired Rodney, trying without much
success to summon up his moral convictions about teenage smoking.

"Well, you obviously inhale, so why shouldn't I?"  Her argument was hard to
rebuff - the kind of logic that a good IT worker used daily.  "The other kids
will think I'm a woos if I don't inhale.  I just want to prove that I can do
it without any of them showing me how."

As a last ditch measure of self-defence, Rodney asked, "Does your mother know
you smoke?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to tell her when I can do it properly," smiling
disarmingly, as she replied in her usual completely straightforward manner.

By this stage, they had reached the park and Annabelle simply started walking
across the grass to the seat under a large gum tree.  As Annabelle already had
the cigarette between her fingers and because Rodney now knew that she had her
own lighter, he felt he had little choice but to follow her.

Once seated next to each other, Rodney took out a cigarette for himself and
proceeded to teach Annabelle the basics of inhaling.  As she had already
experienced the taste of smoke in her mouth, she was ready and eager to
proceed to this next step and, in her normal manner, learned the new lesson

Rodney asked her a little cautiously whether she had enjoyed this new
sensation, making sure she did not feel too dizzy.  But Annabelle was feeling
quite elated about having smoked her first cigarette "properly".  She loved
seeing the white smoke coming from her mouth in a steady stream.  She wanted
to have another cigarette immediately, but, to preserve his own sanity, Rodney
steered the conversation back to computer games and email messaging for a
short time.

Eventually, however, Annabelle, in her delightful but determined manner,
coaxed another smoke from Rodney.  Obviously relishing the experience, she
took deeper drags and extended her range of knowledge to French inhales and
nose exhales.  After admitting his continuing admiration for her rapid
learning skills, Rodney declared that that was enough for one day and they
went home, with Annabelle feeling on top of the world.

On the third afternoon in a row, the ever-smiling Annabelle once more popped
up to meet Rodney on their way home.  This time, however, she handed Rodney a
$10 note and asked every-so-cutely, "Please, could you buy me a packet of
smokes" at the local shop.  Again, Rodney had a brief pang of conscience, but,
as he found it almost impossible to refuse Annabelle anything, he soon
capitulated and did as she asked.

After Rodney had handed over the packet and change, Annabelle was grateful but
added, "Sorry, can't walk home with you this afternoon - I have to go and show
my mates what I can do with these now."  And she hurried off, unwrapping the
cellophane from the packet as she went.


Rodney and Mirren's relationship continued to the point where they became
engaged and planned where they would live after they were married.  Rodney's
mother was advancing in years and, after Rodney told her of his marriage
plans, she decided that she would sell the house and use the proceeds to buy
into a retirement village in the country to be nearer her sister.  She would
use the rest of her money to live on, now that she would no longer have
Rodney's financial assistance.

At the same time, Rodney and Mirren were looking around for a house they could
afford in the suburbs.  With house prices rapidly increasing around the city,
they needed every cent they could save for a deposit.

While Mirren did not begrudge Rodney his simple pleasures, she was constantly
on the lookout for way to economise as a way of securing a better future for
them both.  Rodney's smoking thus came under the microscope and she applied
subtle pressure for him to give up, or at least cut down.

He bowed to the pressure and essentially stopped smoking while in her
presence.  But, while he was still living at his mother's home, he kept a
packet in reserve and would sometimes sneak a cigarette when he was not with

As the weeks and months passed, Rodney found that the task of giving up
smoking was not made any the easier knowing that young Annabelle was enjoying
more and more the delights of nicotine, to which he had helped introduce her.
He observed that she had become thoroughly addicted to her smoking one
afternoon when he saw her light up as soon as she could after leaving the
railway station.  He caught up with her and they both enjoyed a smoke and a
chat on the way home.

She told him that, true to her word, as soon as she was comfortable with
inhaling as she smoked, she blithely told her mother that she was now a
smoker.  Annabelle's close relationship with her mother was such that her
mother accepted almost without a comment what her daughter told her.  What's
more, she told him, her mother was quite happy to buy cigarettes for

Her mother's complete acceptance of Annabelle's smoking was reinforced in
Rodney's mind, when one Saturday afternoon quite a few weeks later, he was
clearing up the back yard in preparation for the sale of his mother's house.
At first he could smell the aroma of her cigarettes, which made him realise
that he had fully exhausted his own secret supply.

Then, when he looked over the fence, he could see Annabelle sunbaking in her
yard, with her cigarettes, lighter and ashtray all within easy reach of the
banana chair she was lying on.  He could see that she was now smoking a
different brand from what Rodney was used to.  There she was, luxuriating in
the sun, her delectable breasts barely concealed by her bikini top and her
long legs stretched out as if she didn't have a care in the world.  She was
reading a paperback novel, languidly drawing on a cigarette and exhaling a
magnificent stream of pure white smoke in her thoroughly ladylike manner.

It was all too much for Rodney, so he leaned over the back fence to say
"hello".  Because he had been so busy getting engaged, cleaning up the old
house ready to sell and looking for a house for himself and Mirren, he had
barely seen Annabelle for weeks.

Annabelle waved cheerily and said, "Hello, stranger!  How are the wedding
plans and the house-hunting?"

"As good as could be expected," replied a slightly weary Rodney.  "But Mirren
asking him to quit smoking is taking its toll.  Could I bludge one of yours?
I'm so desperate, I don't mind what brand I smoke." 

Just then, Annabelle's mother, Janice, shouted from inside the house that she
was going down to the shops and did Annabelle need anything?  Annabelle asked
her to buy another carton of her favourite smokes, as she had nearly run out.
Then she suddenly added, "Mum, can you also a packet of Rodney's usual brand -
he's run out too!"

Rodney was about to tell her not to bother, but he was too late - Janice was
already backing her car out of the drive and was away.  So Rodney joined
Annabelle in her yard for the smoke he had been hanging out for.  As it was
such a sunny afternoon and he had been obviously working hard in his mother's
backyard, Annabelle offered him a beer and had one herself.

"Mum lets me have a drink or two at the weekend now," she confided, "and I
love a beer on a warm afternoon, like today."

"Me, too," replied Rodney, relishing his beer, after his thirsty afternoon's

Drinking the beer encouraged them both to have another smoke each - the last
two of Annabelle's packet - as they chattered away about all the events that
were happening to them and their families.  They were still chatting when
Janice arrived back home with both Annabelle's and Rodney's cigarettes.  She
joined them in the yard and all enjoyed another beer, while Annabelle and
Rodney opened up their new packets of smokes.

Rodney told Janice how grateful he was for her buying the packet of smokes,
even though he was supposed to be quitting, and offered her the money.  But
she would have none if it, "Let it be my small gift to you.  You deserve
something to relax with and I'm sure you need the extra money.

"By the way," she asked tentatively, "are you doing anything for dinner
tonight?  It's Annabelle's 16th birthday today and we're off to celebrate."

Rodney thought for a minute and said, "Well, I shouldn't really, seeing as I
am an engaged man and all that.  But it happens that Mirren is visiting her
mother in the country and Mum is spending the weekend in the new retirement
village to see how she likes it.  So, coincidentally I'm free."

"OK, that's settled, then," responded Janice, "I'll change the booking to
three and we'll see you at 7 o'clock."

"Thank you," responded Rodney, slightly amazed at the turn of events.  "And
happy birthday, Annabelle.  I had no idea when your birthday was."

"Thanks, Rodney, I'm really glad you can celebrate with me," came her genuine
response, as she drew on her cigarette and exhaled in such a way as to make
Rodney positively look forward to the night out.


It was a classy restaurant and the three of them were all dressed to suit.
Annabelle wore a slinky silver top, a new pair of tailored black slacks over a
pair of fashionably high heeled boots, all making her look more sophisticated
than one might expect of a girl, just turned 16.  She had done her hair up
specially, wore some subtle make-up and a distinctly come-hither perfume.

They all agreed the cuisine could not be faulted, as they ate their way
steadily through the excellent menu.  When it came to entertaining, Janice was
not one to settle for second-best.  She wanted her guests to be well treated.

Between the entrée and main course, Annabelle suggested that she and Rodney
slip out on to the balcony for a smoke.  Janice had no objections and Rodney
was more than willing.  The balcony overlooked the harbour, where the lights
of the ferries passing by, the neon signs and the houses on the far side all
twinkled in the balmy spring evening.  As Rodney lit Annabelle's smoke, he
felt her hand gently touch his, as she appeared to shield the flame of his
lighter from the gentle breeze.  As their hands touched, Rodney sensed an
almost electric thrill, the like of which he had not previously experienced.

When they returned to the table, Rodney could not help but ask Janice how it
was that she accepted Annabelle's smoking so readily.  Janice explained to him
that she had herself smoked when she was younger, but knew well enough to give
up when she was pregnant with Annabelle.  Janice's strong personality enabled
her resist the urge to start again.

She was quite positive that Annabelle had inherited her strong will.  So she
knew that, when Annabelle had decided she wanted to start smoking, there was
no point in objecting, even if she wanted to.  But Janice also knew that
Annabelle would be determined enough to give up if or when she needed to.

After the main course, Annabelle again wanted to take the opportunity for a
nicotine break outside.  This time, there was no doubt about the sense of
elation that Rodney felt when he was alone with Annabelle.  For one thing, he
was attracted by her heady perfume.  For another, he was beginning to realise
that he probably had more in common with Annabelle than with Mirren.

Annabelle too sensed the mutual attraction and quite deliberately took his
hand in hers, while they held their smokes in their opposite hands.  Rodney
felt as if he were in a seventh heaven, relaxed and at peace with the world
for the first time in many months.  He was also thoroughly turned on by the
sight of the adorable Annabelle, who not only looked quite alluring, but who
was also smoking in a most seductive manner.

Back inside the restaurant for the next course, Rodney was absorbed in his own
thoughts while Janice and Annabelle chatted between themselves.  He said
'yes', 'no' and 'uhuh' at the right times, while he pondered his own future.
Dining with his outgoing and friendly neighbours - mother and daughter - made
him realise that he had not enjoyed himself as much as he had that night for a
long time, maybe ever.

By the end of the dessert, he was coming close to making a decision. This time
it was he who suggested they take a stroll on to the balcony before they had
their coffees.  As they each pulled their cigarettes out and Rodney lit them,
love was in the air.  They stood very close together, taking in the view and
absorbing the heady atmosphere, as they silently but deeply inhaled and
exhaled cool streams of smoke into the romantic night air.

After they had both stubbed out their smokes, Annabelle put her arms around
Rodney, pulled his face to hers and planted a firm kiss on Rodney's waiting
lips.  He responded by exploring the smokey depths of her mouth with his
tongue and the two enjoyed their first deep, passionate kiss.  It was at that
point that Rodney came to an abrupt decision - he was no longer engaged to
Mirren.  He was embarking on a new and exciting adventure, one that looked as
though Annabelle would share.

Eventually Annabelle and Rodney returned to the table and took their seats
with Janice.  Not one to hesitate or delay, Annabelle immediately said to her
mother, "Mum, w can't have Rodney going back to an empty house tonight.  I
think he should stay the night at our place."

Rodney started to say something, but was immediately cut off by Janice's
knowing reply, "Absolutely right, Annabelle, dear.  Tonight is a night when
Rodney should definitely not be alone."

Right at that moment, any further debate about the matter ceased as the waiter
brought not only three coffees, but also a large cake topped with 16 brightly
lit candles.  The waiter led the singing of "Happy Birthday to you" and there
was much frivolity in the group.

There were hugs and kisses all round.  Janice ordered a bottle of champagne.
They each celebrated with a glass of bubbly, and nobody queried the fact that
the guest of honour may have been a little under the legal drinking age.

Annabelle was looking forward to the rest of the night with some anticipation.
The now unattached Rodney was at that stage not sure what to expect.  Janice
was simply enjoying the fact that her daughter was growing up very fast.

When they arrived back home at Janice's and Annabelle's home, Janice almost
immediately bade the two young ones good night.  Annabelle and Rodney sat down
on the lounge and Annabelle let her hair down.  Straight after, she reached
for her pack of cigarettes, took one out and lit it.  Rodney, still a little
disoriented from the night's events, thought the best thing was to follow

During the time that it took Annabelle to light her cigarette and Rodney his,
Rodney reflected that, of all the times her had been in their house, he had
only noticed two beds in the house - Janice's and Annabelle's.  They were both
double beds.  He was starting to put two and two together.  And he could only
assume that Janice knew exactly what was going on.

Rodney grinned at Annabelle, who was looking absolutely stunning, sitting
there, calmly exhaling a huge cloud of smoke.  She had kicked off her shoes,
but in her bare feet she still looked her immaculate and romantic best.  He
started to say, "You mean that you and I are going to . . ."

But, as he was speaking, she inhaled again.  Before Rodney could finish his
sentence, she once more put her arms around his shoulders and drew his open
lips to hers and exhaled into his waiting lungs.  It was clear that she was in
charge of the situation and obviously did not want him to disrupt her plans
with mere talk.  Rodney realised there were no decisions that he needed to
make; they had all been made for him.  So he relaxed again and continued to
simply enjoy himself.

Eventually, when they came up for air, Annabelle whispered, "Shhhh, the time
for talking is finished, now is the time for action . . .!" and she kissed him
again on the cheek.  They each took another big drag on their cigarettes, then
she got up, took Rodney's hand and led him off towards her bedroom.

He could see that hers was not the normal teenager's bedroom.  It was tidy,
the lights had been turned down low, with a certain fragrance in the air and
ashtrays were sitting on the bedside tables either side of the large double

It was obvious that she intended to do that night and Rodney was extremely
happy to be present on the occasion.  They were both just bubbling over with

"Would you mind just sitting there on the edge of the bed?" Annabelle
requested.  Of course Rodney complied.  She wanted to give Rodney show, with
him in the box seat.  
She lit a cigarette and let it dangle from her rosy red lips.  As she pulled
hard on it, it sprang into the horizontal axis, as if coming to rigid
attention.  The cigarette remained dangling from her lips as she inhaled,
waited several seconds until she allowed the smoke to billow out all around.
And clearly with no intention of immediately removing it from her lips, she
smoothly undid the few buttons on her sleeveless top, which slid off
gracefully on to the floor.

Rodney could make out the perfectly rounded form of her delicious tits under
her lacy black bra.  And then, in her next move, Annabelle unfastened her
slacks, which also dropped to the floor.  Her pussy was then covered only by
the briefest of black G-strings.

Rodney could not believe his eyes.  But, of course, the show was far but over.

"Now I need your help, just like I have so many times before," came the bold
request from the pretty teenager, as she purposefully took a drag on her
smoke, held it enticingly in her lungs and exhaled it in a steady stream right
over Rodney.  "Would you please finish undressing me?"

Rodney, who had also lit a smoke, then stood up and snapped open her flimsy
bra strap to reveal for the first time to him the full beauty of her shapely
breasts.  He could not resist gently caressing them, which brought his eager
cock into almost violent contact with the fabric of his own trousers.

He then quickly moved his hands down to remove her final garment to reveal her
prized jewel, situated between the tops of her long, slender legs.  Then
before him stood Annabelle looking her absolute radiant best without a stitch
of clothing - or, to put it more succinctly, she was starkers.  He could only
stare in unbelief as the beauty of her completely naked young body was
revealed exclusively to him for the first time.

"Okay, let's see what you've got, Rodney," she encouraged him.  And show it
Rodney did.  He stood just inches in front of her.  She beamed as Rodney
slipped off his shirt and dropped his trousers, displaying the outline of his
long and rock-hard rod of manhood.

"I'd whistle," she said, "if it wasn't so late at night."  She took another
drag and exhaled hard upon his erect penis, now barely contained by his
strained boxers.  And then Rodney let them fall down to his knees and he
watched her stare in quiet appreciation.  "Wow!" she exclaimed, "is that all
for me?  I'm enjoying this show already!"  

Watching a beautifully undressed Annabelle smoking so seductively, it was all
Rodney could do not to shoot all the way across the room there and then.  One
more little word or glance and Rodney just knew that he was sure to come.  And
then she beckoned with her little finger to denote "come hither".  As Rodney
got closer to her, she took a double pump on her cigarette and snuffed it out.
As Rodney took her in his arms, bringing those shapely boobs into contact with
his manly chest and with her ruby lips touching his, Annabelle deliberately
exhaled right into Rodney's mouth.

"I'm only good for another ten seconds," Rodney groaned.

To which she paused and replied, "I know, but I'm going to take full advantage
of that."  And she lowered her pretty lips to his enlarged cock in time to
swallow his load.

Rodney's orgasm was more intense than anything he had ever experienced and he
had to do something.  He wanted to scream, but thought better of it, given the
time of night.  So he just held on to her like a bear.  But she didn't flinch.

And finally complete, she turned her face to Rodney's, smiled as she deeply
swallowed, rolled her tongue completely around her lips, then thrust her
mouthful hard into his waiting mouth.  The tasty confluence of smoke and cum
was erotic beyond his wildest dreams.

“Ahh,” she moaned as she slowly disengaged her lips from his still erect
member.  “You don’t know how good that feels.  And now, if you need it, I'll
give you a full 20 minutes to recover." 

But he did not need anything like 20 minutes.  Ten seconds was an
over-estimate.  Whereas Mirren had attempted to give head a few times in a
pretty half-hearted manner, Annabelle did nothing by halves.  

Her lips returned to his still swollen member and she recommenced licking and
teasing it.  When she had finally played her tongue completely around his
reddened tip, no trace of cum was anywhere to be seen.

Her next line wasn't original, but it was certainly a first for him.  She lit
a fresh cigarette and radiated that post-coital satisfaction for which smoking
is so renowned.  This time she positioned herself on the edge of the bed and
invited him to his knees.  The line of course was, "Do you mind if I smoke
while you eat?"  She quickly discovered that Rodney didn't mind one little
bit.  Lovingly playing her clitoris with a passionately willing tongue, it
took little time to bring her to an animated climax.  Cigarette again dangling
and with smoke billowing all about, she too wanted to scream to express here
extreme emotion, just as Rodney had experienced a moment before.  Instead,
"Fuckin' amazing" was all she could utter.

Their hormones now returned to a semblance of balance, but there was no
immediate need for conversation.  They both knew that they had a great deal of
physical need to be attended to and they intended to devote themselves
entirely to that end.  In any case, Annabelle was now stroking Rodney's dick
back into life and he was kissing and sucking those beautifully rounded orbs
of flesh, thus stopping any further talk.

Rodney was now again rock hard and ready for action and they stretched back
out upon the bed gently stroking each other.  The intensity was no less than
it had been moments earlier, yet the ecstasy maybe even greater.

"Please climb on top," she instructed and, of course, Rodney complied.  As
Rodney caressed her mountainous breasts that he'd so much coveted beneath her
bikini top that afternoon, she moved him gently to and fro, teasing her pussy
with his searching tip.  And then she nursed it slowly through her pussy,
while the walls of her vagina pressed tightly against his throbbing manhood.
Deeper and deeper Rodney pushed as she thrust her hips up to drive him even
further in.

He gently burst through the symbol of her virginity and continued to bring
them both the most unutterable pleasure.  This marvellous coupling was as
tender as it was joyful.  They rocked together as one, with a mixture of love
and lust.  Her fingernails dug deeply into his shoulder blades but with
pleasure dominating any pain.  Rodney enveloped her entire being with his
rhythmic drive.

Now that he had so lovingly captured her virginity, she lay back and
contemplated how she would remember her 16th birthday forever as a
transforming moment of her life.  She was no longer a schoolgirl, but a woman
and she felt a glow appropriate to her new status.

There was more pleasure to come that night, as the two who were once merely
good neighbours had now become even better lovers.  The pair, who had once
been teacher and student, were now equals in bed.  After they had physically
exhausted themselves, they satisfied themselves with a most refreshing
post-coital cigarette - a first for both of them.  They then drifted off to
sleep in each other's arms and woke up very late the next morning.

After waking, Annabelle found a robe for Rodney and they headed to the kitchen
where Janice was casually reading the Sunday newspapers, half way through her
third cup of morning coffee.

"Ah, there you are!" exclaimed Janice, beaming happily toward the two young
lovers.  "I wondered whether I would have to wake you for lunch.  No doubt
about it, you two look very happy together."

So saying, she poured them both a cup of steaming coffee.  Rodney was still
absorbing his new relationship status, so it was fortunate that Annabelle had
had the presence of mind to bring cigarettes and lighter with her.  She pulled
two out and lit them, handing one to Rodney, who accepted gratefully.  The two
young ones drank their coffee and contentedly smoked their cigarettes, with
grins that stretched from here to next year.

It was only then that Rodney started to take in exactly what had occurred the
previous night and how he had virtually instantaneously become a member of
Annabelle's family.  Janice was clearly 100% in approval of all that had
happened.  And, as if to reinforce what she was thinking, she then introduced
an element or reality to the situation, "Rodney, I suspect that you might soon
be homeless.  How about moving in here?"

That brought home to Rodney exactly where he now stood, realising that his
mother's house was about to be sold and that he would no longer be looking for
a house with Mirren.  Right at that moment, he could think of no better
solution than Janice's suggestion.  Clearly Annabelle was in full agreement,
as she was holding on to Rodney's arm as if she never intended to let go.

As Rodney was still a little stunned by the events of the last 18 hours or so,
he said nothing immediately.  But Annabelle had all her faculties about her
and piped up, "Come on, lover, let's have one more cigarette before we shower
together, then we'll start moving your things in from next door.  But there's
no need to bring your bed; I think the one here has proved entirely
satisfactory, wouldn't you say?"

Rodney was in complete agreement.

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