Room of Requirement, Part 1

(by, 29 July 2005)

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The Room of Requirement
Part 1 of 2
By: Riley (

This fictional story contains adult themes and descriptions. If such offends
you, read no further.  All persons and situations depicted are fictional, any
similarities to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Copyright
Riley 2005. All rights reserved. Feel free to reproduce this story as long as
the author is notified via email.

   She moved quickly down the dark hallway, carefully keeping light on her 
feet so as to not alert anyone to her presence. She whisked past the 
different house dormitories, and down the winding stairways. She froze 
suddenly when she heard a whisper from in front of her. She ducked behind a 
decorative set of medieval armor, trying her best to sink into her cloak 
and go unnoticed by the person or persons down the hall. 
   The whispering came closer, until two men walked past her, two of her 
professors. She stopped breathing until they had made their way out of her 
corridor, into the next. She sighed with relief, still shaken up as she 
knew the punishment for her actions would be quite harsh... quite harsh 
   She finally reached her destination and pulled open a large wooden door, 
stepping into a large room. With eloquently embroidered pillows covering 
the floor and providing numerous comfortable looking seats, and rows of old 
books lining the walls around her, she felt this room was absolutely 
perfect, fitting her requirements quite nicely. She nestled down next to a 
low coffee table which was covered in various items she had been using the 
previous evening. 
   Off of the table she first grabbed a book, running her hands over the 
raised lettering: "The Mysterious Muggles: A Wizard's Guide to 
Understanding the Oddities of the Muggle World". She opened it to her 
marked page, before reaching towards another item on the table. She took 
the pack of Virginia Slims 120 Lights into her hand and extracted one of 
the long white cigarettes. 
   She placed the cigarette between her middle and index fingers, and 
smiled as she looked down at two pictures in her book, one of the same pack 
of Virginia Slims, the other of a woman exhaling a long plume of smoke. 
Putting the pack down and grabbing a lighter from the table, she placed the 
cigarette into her mouth, lit the lighter and leaned the cigarette's tip 
into the flame. 
   Inhaling deeply, Hermione Granger enjoyed her first bits of nicotine of 
the evening. Before exhaling she dared to take another drag, again inhaling 
until her lungs were full. She tilted her head upwards and blew out a long 
stream of smoke. The feeling made her melt, as she breathed a sigh of total 
   This had been her practice for almost a week now, after months of 
careful planning. Hermione first learned of smoking when her parents, both 
muggles, had invited some guests to their home for dinner. While the guests 
did not smoke immediately around Hermione, or even within her house, she 
watched when they would step out to smoke, perplexed by the enjoyment they 
seemed to achieve from inhaling smoke into their lungs. Hermione had first 
managed to get a hold of the book which now rested in her lap during the 
previous summer, after her curiosity on the topic grew to be unbearable. 
Knowing full well that in the wizard world she would never have access to 
cigarettes, Hermione studied more deeply about the secrets of transmutation 
until she perfected the spell necessary to produce the same pack of 
cigarettes depicted in her book. 
   She dragged hard on the cigarette, again enjoying the joyous sensation 
which tingled throughout her body as she absorbed the smoke. She exhaled 
the smoke slowly, enjoying how she could watch the smoke flow from within 
her and lazily begin to curl through the room. She dragged hard on the 
cigarette, sucking in smoke for almost five full seconds before pulling the 
cigarette from her mouth. She opened her mouth slightly, and inhaled from 
her nostrils, performing a perfect French inhale with a heavy volume of 
smoke. While Hermione had inhaled and exhaled smoke from her nose before, 
this volume of smoke produced a sensation in her nose which she could only 
describe as funny, but the good kind of funny. As Hermione continued to 
inhale such high volumes of smoke, she noticed her body becoming tingly as 
she began to experience a nicotine high. She stubbed out the spent 
cigarette just as she was becoming slightly dizzy, laying back and exhaling 
her last breath of smoke towards the ceiling. 
   "Hey you," Harry Potter said, appearing upside down to Hermione as she 
was staring upwards. 
   "Hey!" Hermione said, smiling and surprised to see Harry had so quietly 
entered the room. "How did you get in without me noticing?" 
   "I don't know- I guess you're stupid or something," Harry joked. 
   "Oh shut up and kiss me," Hermione said, rolling over and pulling Harry 
to her by the collar of his robes. 
   Their lips met and they shared what could only be described as a true 
lover's kiss, pulling closer to one another than would seem possible and 
slipping their tongues into one another's mouths. While kissing, Harry sat 
down next to Hermione and she immediately shifted so that she was on top of 
Harry, straddling him with her legs. 
   When the kiss finally came to an end, "You've been smoking again?" Harry 
   "Yeah, please don't tell Ron, Harry." 
   "Of course I won't! After all, if I tell him about that, he might have 
to learn about certain other things that have been happening in this room-" 
Harry grinned at Hermione who returned with a smile as she leaned in for 
another kiss. 
   Hermione loved Ron, she truly did. But even after dating for almost a 
year, there were certain things that Ron simply could not understand or 
provide like Harry. Having been raised by muggles himself, Harry was able 
to understand Hermione's smoking far better than Ron ever could and 
Hermione knew that Ron would simply never approve. 
   Both Harry and Hermione knew that outside of their friendship, their 
relationship inside of the Room of Requirement was strictly physical. 
Hermione recognized that at this stage of life she was a girl who required 
pleasure and as it stood Harry, not Ron, was better prepared to provide it. 
   "How come you didn't tell me you were coming here tonight?" Harry asked. 
   "I did!" 
   "You did? When?" 
   "I told you last time that I was going to come here every night that I 
   "So you were here the past two nights too?" Harry asked, visibly 
disappointed in not knowing this. 
   "Yeah, how'd you know I was here tonight though?" Hermione asked. 
   Harry pulled the map which he had acquired in his third year at 
Hogwarts, "Saw you on the map, I was up finishing Snape's assignment. 
   "Ah, of course, I totally forgot you had that thing," Hermione said, 
also noticing his invisibility cloak sitting on the floor behind her. 
   She leapt up and grabbed the cloak, shielding her entire body beneath it 
and quietly moving to the other side of the room away from Harry. 
   "Hey what are you doing?" Harry asked. "Oh, that's it, I'm going to get 
you now," he said after Hermione refused to respond. 
   Harry moved about the room quickly, throwing his arms at every shuffling 
noise Hermione made. After a minute of this game Harry spotted Hermione's 
robes suddenly appear across the room. A smile appeared on Harry's face 
immediately when he saw this. As he moved about the room Hermione suddenly 
goosed him and quickly ran away before Harry could reach her. 
   When Harry heard her snickering, he exclaimed "Hah! You think you're 
funny? Just you wait Hermione, when I get you I'm going to-" 
   "What? You're going to what?" Hermione said, allowing the cloak to fall 
revealing herself across the room wearing only a black silk bra and 
matching panties. 
   Harry rushed over to her, "Well I'll show you then." 
   He pushed her down onto some pillows roughly and climbed on top of her. 
Hermione giggled with pleasure as she began to pull off his school robes. 
They kissed fiercely, thrusting their tongues into each other's mouths and 
push hard against one another's bodies. Harry worked on pulling off his 
pants and underwear, revealing his naked body. Hermione reached to her side 
and grabbed her wand from the floor, dimming the lights with a flick of her 
   After some heavy kissing Harry began to kiss Hermione's naval, working 
his way up to her chest at which point he reached behind her and unclipped 
her bra, pulling it off of her arms and throwing it aside. As Harry began 
to kiss and massage her breasts Hermione leaned her head back and moaned 
with pleasure, running her hands through Harry's hair. 
   Hermione reached onto the table for her cigarettes, as Harry continued 
kiss her chest. She quickly pulled a long white cigarette from the pack and 
lit it, tossing the pack and lighter to the side as she inhaled the smoke 
deeply. "Fuck, Harry this feels so good." Harry continued, lightly kissing 
Hermione's nipples while masterfully massaging just hard enough for 
Hermione to experience total bliss. After a few minutes of this, Harry 
began kissing down her chest towards her stomach again, this time 
continuing further, pulling her underwear off as he went. He leaned up to 
pull the panties past her legs and smiled at her before moving in to slowly 
kiss her inner thighs. 
   Hermione, ready to explode grabbed Harry and pushed his head towards her 
vagina. Harry happily obliged and began to lick her wet vagina. Rubbing her 
clitoris with his right hand, Harry used his left hand to spread Hermione's 
vagina open slightly and thrust his tongue in and out of her. Hermione's 
moaning instantly became louder as Harry performed this on her and she 
continued dragging deeply on her cigarette, enjoying the combination of sex 
and smoke immensely. 
   After only a few seconds Hermione began to orgasm, shivers convulsing 
through her entire body one after another while she leaned back, biting her 
lip and enjoying it all tremendously. Harry didn't miss a beat, continuing 
to lick Hermione's vagina so as to keep her orgasm going. 
   Finally he stopped and looked up at Hermione. She brushed her beautiful 
brown hair from her sweaty face, "Harry," her voice quivered, "Harry I want 
you inside of me, NOW." 
   Harry didn't need to be told twice, and he moved up to position himself 
above her. Hermione took a drag from her cigarette and leaned forward to 
kiss Harry. When their lips had locked, Hermione pushed her tongue into his 
mouth, tasting her own juices as she exhaled the smoke into Harry's body. 
   Their lips parted and Harry smiled as he said, "That was pretty sneaky," 
each of his words punctuated by the smoke Hermione had given him. 
   "Just thought you'd like a taste," Hermione said, grinning wickedly. 
   Hermione raised the cigarette to her lips once more and was mid drag 
when Harry pushed himself inside of her deeply. Hermione was surprised by 
this and gasped with pleasure, inhaling a huge amount of smoke quickly. The 
pleasure from both of these actions were too much for her and she instantly 
began to orgasm again as she struggled not to cough. 
   Harry held out, however, thrusting himself as deeply into Hermione as he 
could. He leaned in and kissed her once she had managed to exhale the long 
stream of smoke. Hermione threw her arms around Harry, pulling him even 
deeper into her as they kissed. She began to gyrate her hips slightly to 
offer even more pleasure to Harry who was already ecstatic. 
   She lifted her cigarette to his lips after their kiss had ended and 
Harry gladly drew smoke from it. He inhaled the smoke and returned her 
favor from earlier as he exhaled it into Hermione's mouth while they 
kissed. Finally after several of these exchanges, Harry gave in to the 
pleasure he was experiencing and came inside of Hermione. 
   He relaxed himself and collapsed on top of her, sharing a few more 
kisses before rolling over and lying next to her. "Harry," Hermione asked, 
"Do you think I should tell Ron about us?" 
   Harry kissed her lips lightly and said, "It's up to you Hermione, though 
I think we're fine just sticking to the plan." 
   "Yeah, I guess you're right. As long as this is only a physical thing, 
no one needs to know." She said, relaxing. 
   Hermione turned away from Harry and pulled his arm over her. They laid 
spooning, while Harry gently massaged Hermione's breasts, until they both 
fell asleep. In the morning they woke up early, put their clothing back on. 
As they left the room, they knew that no one would ever suspect a thing, as 
the Room of Requirement was unique to the needs of every person who entered 
it and their hideout could never be found. When they reached the Gryffindor 
dormitory, they held hands, kissed lightly, and smiled at one another 
before retiring to the boys and girls rooms. They were prepared for any 
inquisitions about where they had been, having formulated a story about 
falling asleep while studying or working on an assignment. 

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