Salena Salem

(by anonymous, 09 March 2002)

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Salena Salem

*Warning, this story has been written for an adult audience.  It contains a
mature subject matter.  Read at your own risk.

It was the first Tuesday of the winter semester, and I was in one of my
classes for my MBA.  It was a night class from 7 to 10.  I really didn't know
how I was going to handle it.  Three hours of listening to some middle-aged
teacher who thinks that they knew it all.  I really didn't know anyone in the
program.  I arrived to class about 10 minutes, and couldn't quit thinking
about how I just wished school was over, and I could start my life.  All of my
friends had graduated.  They were out in the "real" world and making real
money.  I decided to go to grad school because I was offered a graduate
assistance ship and school was paid for.  I had been second-guessing that
decision ever since I made it.  My first semester was miserable.   The
workload was a whole lot more than undergraduate.  I had to study way too
much, and I did not feel like I was learning a lot.

Just as I was getting ready for another miserable semester, I saw her.  She
was about 5'7.  She looked like a goddess.  She had long dark wavy hair.  She
had beautiful green eyes.  Her figure was incredible: large breasts, tight
stomach, and long legs.  It looked as though my luck was starting to change.
The class only had 8 other students, and there was an open seat right next to
me.  It just so happened that she decided to sit next to me.  It must have
been my lucky day!  I introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Joe."

She replied, "It is nice to meet you Joe, I'm Salena."

"So are you in the MBA program?"  I asked.

"Yes, I just transferred from a small school down South."  She said.

Just then, the teacher entered the room.  He explained all of the basic first
class stuff.  "Blah, Blah, Blah."  I could not concentrate because I could
only think of Salena.  She was gorgeous.  I just wondered if she smoked.  She
was so beautiful.  She would look even better with a cigarette dangling out of
her mouth.  I couldn't stop thinking about her.  I figured that this class may
not be that bad after all.  I did notice that she wasn't carrying a purse,
though.  Most women who smoke always carry a purse - to hold their cigarettes.
Maybe she carried them in her backpack.  At least I hope.

The teacher kept talking, and I kept thinking about Salena.  Finally, it was
time for the 15-minute break.  I was dying for a cigarette, and I was really
dying to see if Salena would go outside to smoke.  I got up and went outside.
I was very disappointed, as Salena did not follow me.  About two minutes
outside, she appeared.   She came up to me and asked, "Can I bum a smoke.  I
usually hate to ask, but I was running late for class because I had to pick up
my books.  I couldn't go home or to the store to get a pack."

"Sure.  No problem."  I said.  Then, I reached into my pocket and pulled out
my pack of Marlboro Lights.

She looked at me kind of funny and said, "Oh, your one of those."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well first off, you smoke regular length cigarettes.  You get much more for
your money if you buy longer cigarettes.  I could handle that since I don't
have cigarettes.  However, you don't smoke menthols.  I don't really like the
taste of regular cigarettes.  They don't taste as refreshing as menthols.  I
guess since that is all that you have, I will take one, though."

Normally, I would have told her where she could take her attitude.  After all,
she was bumming a cigarette from me.  However, this was different.  She was
gorgeous and I really wanted to get to know her.  I guess that I could put up
with a little attitude.  So I said, " Well, I can drive you to the gas station
down the road if you want.  My car is right there (pointing to my car) so we
will be able to get back before class.  I get to park close to the building
because I can park in faculty and staff.

"Great! Lets go," she said.

As we got to the drive through, I asked her what kind of cigarettes she would
like.  Salem Light 100s was her reply.  The attendant asked what I would like,
and I told him, "One pack of Salem Light 100s."  He got the cigarettes, and I
paid him.  As I gave the cigarettes to Salena, she grabbed them out of my
hands.  She ripped the pack open and pulled out a long white Salem.  Oh my God
did she look beautiful.  She flicked her lighter and her cigarette came to
life!  As she sucked the smoke deep into her lungs, her chest expanded showing
me her ample breasts.  Her cheeks were caving in she was sucking so hard.  I
couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  She had to suck on that first drag for at
least 5 seconds.  Then, she started blowing the smoke out of her nose and
taking another drag."  How incredible!

"Sir.  Excuse me sir."  Damn, back into reality.  "Here is your change." The
attendant said.  "Thanks."  I replied as I was leaving.

Salena was still absorbed in her Salem.  She was concentrating on her
cigarette so much.  It looked as though nothing else mattered to her.  She
didn't even roll the window down.  Smoke filled the car.  She was just puffing
away like a machine.

Finally, I asked, "Are you feeling better?"

"You don't even know.  I feel tremendous.  I really, really needed a
cigarette.  I hadn't had a cigarette in a couple of hours.  I was just so busy
today getting all of my things together for class.  I ran out, and didn't have
time to get any.  I am so sorry about earlier.  I was kind of a bitch.  I
guess that I was having a nic fit.  Bye the way, I was so intent on getting a
cigarette in my system that I didn't even give you any money.  Is four dollars

"Don't worry about it."  I said, hoping that maybe I was making a little
headway with this beauty.  I was getting ready to take a big leap.  Right
before we got out of the car at school, I said, "Maybe we can go together this

"That sounds great, I'll give you my phone number when we get back in class"
she said, exhaling a big plume of smoke as we got out of the car.  "We still
have about 3 minutes until class starts.  Will you stay out here with me while
I finish my cigarette?"

"I don't mind at all!"  I hope that I didn't appear too anxious.  I didn't
want to sound too excited, but I couldn't help it.  I loved watching women
smoke, and Salena could really smoke.  She was so elegant.  Hopefully, she
wouldn't pick up on my "little secret" and think that I was some freak.  I
don't think many people get off on women smoking.  However, for some reason,
it gets me very excited.  Especially when they are as stunning as Salena.

After she finished her cigarette, we went back into class.  She gave me her
number right after we sat down.  Now the teacher was getting ready to actually
teach stuff that we needed to know for a test.  However, there was no way that
I would be able to hear anything!  My mind was in another place.  I kept
recalling the beautiful sight of Salena lighting up that Salem Light 100 in my
car.  I managed to hide my erection in the car, and I don't think she noticed.
She was so absorbed in her cigarette.  She was a woman that I would definitely
want to have a relationship with.  She was beautiful, looked sexy smoking, and
appeared to really love smoking - three things that I think really make a
woman attractive.  Another plus was that she was most likely intelligent, as
she was in the MBA program.  This was the woman for me.  I couldn't wait until
this weekend.  I just hope she doesn't already have a relationship or want to
just be friends or something stupid.

I could not get Salena off of my mind.  I kept thinking about her until the
end of class.  Then, it was over.  She said, "I'll talk to you later Joe."

I replied, "Do you need a ride to your car or anything?" hoping that I would
get to see her smoke again, and talk to her some more.

"No, my car is the other way, but thanks" she said.

Shit, I thought.  Then I replied, "Well, have a good week Salena. I'll call
you this weekend so that we can get together."

That night, all I could think about was Selena.  I hadn't been with a woman
for a couple of months.  This was going to be a long 3 days - very long.  I
really wanted to call her when I got home.  Then, I decided against it.  I
didn't want to appear to overly anxious.  I know that I hated it when girls
called me all of the time.  It made them seem somehow less attractive.  Like
they were too needy, and I didn't want to start anything with Salena on the
wrong note.  She was a woman that I wanted to have a relationship with.  I
wanted, no I needed, to have a relationship with a woman who smoked.  This was
for several reasons.  First of all, I couldn't stand it when a girlfriend
would bitch at me about my smoking.  I had dated girls in the past who didn't
smoke.  I finally had enough of it, and swore off all women who didn't smoke.
The other reason was because of my little fetish.  I found women who didn't
smoke attractive, but after a while, they would bore me.  I would always
imagine that I was with a smoker when I was with them, until I couldn't handle
it any more and broke up with them.

That is why I needed to get together with Salena.  She was everything that I
could ask for in a woman.  She was beautiful, intelligent, and best of all
loved smoking.

The rest of the week, I couldn't keep my mind off of her.  I wanted to call
her so bad.  I withstood the pressure though.  I dreamt about her every night.
She was on my mind constantly.  This semester was turning out to be very good.
I am finally glad that I decided to stay in school.  Now I will have a lot of
free time to get to know Salena.  I just had to decide where we should go.
The college bars were fun, back when I was in undergraduate, but I wanted to
get to know her.  Those bars were just too loud to have a decent conversation.
I decided on a bar that was in town, but had an older crowd.  It didn't have
drunk 18 year olds stumbling all over the place and blaring music.

Finally, Friday had come.  I called her around 6.  It was a short conversation
- just the basics.  I told her where I planned on taking her.  We decided that
I would pick her up around 8, and she gave me directions to her apartment.

I arrived at her place at 8:10.  I didn't want to seem overly anxious.  My
heart was pounding as I knocked on the door.  She opened it up, and did she
look stunning.  She was wearing a short black dress.  Her legs looked
incredible!  In between her fingers was a freshly lit Salem Light 100.

"Hello, Joe. Come on in. I'm just getting finished getting ready" she said.

As I entered she told me I could sit on the couch and watch T.V. until she was
ready.  I was ecstatic.  She was getting ready in the bathroom - a perfect
view from the couch.  She was finishing putting on her makeup on.  She looked
so good - and she was smoking!  I was in heaven.  I could act like I was
watching T.V. and watch her smoking, without being too obvious.  Her drags
were very deep.  She held the smoke in for what seemed like an eternity.
Then, she would exhale a beautiful stream of smoke.  She finished in about 5
minutes and we were off.

When we arrived at the bar, I asked, "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll have a Limon and Sprite."  Then she lit up a Salem.  This evening was
starting off great.  I went up to the bar and ordered a Bud light for myself
and Limon and Sprite for her.  When I got back to our table, she said, "I am
so glad that you called me.  I just started on Monday, and I don't know anyone
at this school." Just what I wanted to hear.

"Well, I went to undergraduate here, but all of my friends have graduated.  So
I really don't know anyone either.  I mean I know people, but none that I want
to go out with."  She looked so good smoking.  She was sucking the menthol
deep into her lungs.  Then she would blow it slightly above my head.  If she
only knew.  I wish that she would blow it directly in my face.  We kept up
with the small talk and had a couple of more drinks.

Then she asked, "So I guess you don't have a girlfriend?"

"No, I haven't had a girlfriend for about a year" I answered.

"Well that it very good news!"  she replied.  I couldn't believe my ears.  She
must be getting a little tipsy.

I decided to keep the conversation going, liking the subject we were on, "So
do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend about two months ago.  I really liked
him, but I couldn't handle his attitude towards my smoking" she said.

"What type of attitude did he have?" I asked.

Salena said, "If you can't already tell, I LOVE SMOKING.  I love Salem Lights
100s.  They taste soooo good.  I love the way the menthol feels deep inside of
my lungs.  I am addicted, and I know it.  The only problem is that I don't
care.  I just love to smoke.  My ex could not handle this.  He was a non.  You
know how that goes - always bitching about the smell, and preaching to me on
the effects of smoking.  He was always trying to get me to quit.  At first, he
acted like it didn't matter, but then he slowly started bitching.  By the end
of the relationship, he was bitching all of the time.  I couldn't stand it!  I
know that smoking can kill me, and I don't care.  I will worry about that when
I am older.  Right now I want to enjoy my life.  Do you know what I mean?"

"I know exactly what you mean," I answered.  "I can't stand it when women
bitch about me smoking.  It really drives me crazy.  At first it isn't bad.
Then, it seems like it is all of the time.  I vowed to myself that I wouldn't
date a woman who doesn't smoke again.  That way I know that they will not try
and get me to quit.  They will simply enjoy my pleasure with me."

"That sounds like an excellent idea.  I don't think that I am ever going to
date another man who doesn't smoke" Salena replied.  "That way we can both
enjoy smoking together.  I think that it is a good thing that you smoke."

"Are you implying that you would like to get to know me better?" I asked.

"Well, I would really love to get to know you better.  I am getting kind of
drunk right now, or else I wouldn't be telling you this.  There is only one
problem." She said.

Concerned, I asked, "What is the problem?"

She replied, "Well, I know this is weird, but I kind of have a problem with
you smoking Marlboro Lights.  I don't care what anyone smokes normally, but
you have got me thinking about a boyfriend who smokes.  First of all Marlboro
Lights are what everyone smokes now a days.  It is like you are smoking just
to be popular.  Like you are in high school or something.  You need to smoke
something with style.  Second of all, these cigarettes are too short.  You
would be done with your cigarette way before me.  Finally, I think that I want
to have a boyfriend who smokes Menthol cigarettes.  They taste much better
when I am kissing.  I know that it sounds weird, since I smoke, but I really
don't think that kissing someone who smokes non-menthol tastes as good."

"So what you are telling me is that you want me to start smoking Marlboro
Menthol Light 100s?"  I ask, kind of sarcastically.

However, Salena was serious.  "No, actually, if we do end up dating, I think
that I will want you to smoke Salem Light 100s.  That way, I can bum them off
of you when I am out and vice versa.  It would be a lot more convenient."

"Are you serious?  I don't really like menthol."  I ask puzzled.  Maybe she
has a fetish as well.  Probably just drunk though.

"I am serious.  Here, have one of my Salems" she responded.  "I'll have one
with you.  You can start to get used to the refreshing taste of a menthol
cigarette.  It is sooo much better!"

I reluctantly took the cigarette.  At least I will get to watch her when I
smoke.  I still don't know how I feel about the menthols, but it would be
worth it together with her.  I lit up the Salem Light 100 and it didn't
actually taste that bad.  It was definitely different, though.

"How do you like?" she asked blowing smoke directly at me.  Was that on
purpose, or was it an accident?

"It's O.K." I replied.  "It is not bad for a change."

"Well, I know that you will get used to them.  After a while, you will never
want to go back to a regular cigarette" she said.

"I don't know about that, but I am getting used to it" I declared.  "I have to
go to the bathroom though.  I think that the beer is getting to my bladder."
I proceeded to the bathroom.  I was realizing that I was starting to get a
little drunk.  I needed to get going so that I would not be too drunk to
drive.  When I got back, I noticed that my cigarettes were gone.  I asked
Salena where my cigarettes were.

She answered, "I gave them away to that lady over there.  I don't think you
will need them anymore."  At least I only had a couple left.  I decided to let
the lady keep them, as I would look stupid asking for them back.  Then I
announced, "I really need to get going.  The alcohol is starting to get to me.
I don't like to drink and drive."  It was around 11.

"I am getting kind of drunk too.  I am ready whenever you are" came her reply.

On the ride home, I had another one of Salena's cigarettes.  They were O.K.,
but I really wanted a Marlboro.  She had one too, and that made it all better.
She didn't roll the window down again.  I was really getting turned on.  I
think that it was all of the drinking, smoking, and talking about smoking.  I
decided that Salena was an incredible woman.  The car was getting smokey, but
I didn't mind at all.  I think that she was taking deeper drags because of the
alcohol.  She took in a tremendous amount of smoke with each drag.  We finally
reached her apartment.

This was the moment that I was waiting for.  I wanted to get a kiss from
Salena.  However, she had different ideas.  "Would you like to come in for a

I said, "I'll come in, but I can't drink anymore.  I have already had enough.
I don't want to drive drunk."

Then she said something shocking.  "I don't think that you will have to worry
about driving.  You can spend the night if you want."

Now I was really excited!  This beautiful smoking beauty was actually asking
me to come in and spend the night.  Amazing!

We went inside, and she made a couple of drinks.  Then, she brought in a pack
of Salem Light 100s.  "Here, this is a present for you.  I feel bad about
giving your cigarettes away, plus I know you won't want to switch after you
have a full pack of these."

She sat down beside me on the couch and instantly lit one of her own Salem
Light 100s.  I turned to Salena and looked into her gorgeous green eyes.  She
stared directly back at me taking a long drag on her cigarette.  Before she
could exhale, I leaned over and kissed her deeply on the lips.  She didn't
have anywhere to blow the smoke so she blew it directly into my mouth.  This
was incredible: A smokey kiss from Salena!  She tasted great.  The menthol was
much better on her breath than it was from the Salems I had smoked earlier.
She broke the embrace to take another drag.  She could clearly see that I was
very excited, and grabbed my groin.

As she was smoking, she unzipped my pants.  My member instantly popped out of
my pants.  Then, she did something else incredible.  She started jerking me
off while she was smoking.  We were both pretty drunk, but boy did it feel
good.  I loved it!  Then, Salena gave me the cigarette - about half way
finished - and told me to finish it.  As I started smoking the cigarette,
Salena went down on me.  I don't think that I lasted, but 5 minutes.  I was so
crazy with lust all evening.

After she finished, she asked, "So was that the best cigarette of your life or

"It was definitely the best cigarette that I have ever had.  You are so
wonderful.  I can't believe that you did that!  It was incredible!" I howled.
"I think I need another after that."

"Good, I'll join you," she stated, extracting a Salem Light 100 from her pack
"but don't think you're getting off that easily.  I believe in giving as well
as receiving.  I have given to you, and I expect to receive something in

"You don't have to worry about that.  I will pleasure you all night long if
you like" I said.  "You deserve it after the experience you just gave me."

After we finished smoking, she suggested that we go back to her bedroom.  I
did not have a problem with that at all, and I readily agreed.

We started kissing instantly as we entered the bedroom.  I picked her up and
carried her over to the bed.  Then, I slowly took off her dress, kissing her
entire body as I did so.  Finally, I got to her special little mound.  I
lightly flicked my tongue over it and then gently kissed her thigh - teasing
her slightly.  I did this a couple of more times until her hands reached down
and pulled my head close to her.  I took this queue, and started going to
work.  She was moaning in ecstasy.  She climaxed, and then she pulled my head
up.  Then she asked if I would go get my cigarettes.  I said no problem.  Then
I returned.  We both shared a Salem Light 100.

Then she said, "That was excellent!  I haven't had an orgasm like that in a
long time.  However, as much as I want to, I can't go any further with you
tonight.  I would like to make something of this relationship.  I hope I don't
sound stupid, but I don't want to be a one-night stand."

"I think that sounds like a great idea.  As much as I would like to, I don't
want to if you don't feel comfortable.  I like you, and would like to get
involved with you as well," I said.

We finished our cigarette, and she said, "Good night Joe."

"Good night Salena Salem" was my reply.

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