Sandra and June's Story

(by anonymous, 26 January 2008)

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Sandra and Jane's Story

   The story starts back in 2003 when our niece Sandra came to stay with us
when we were holiday in Florida. She arrived on the doorstep looking very
tired and grumpy, Both my wife and I smoke and we both lit one up as soon as
the greetings were over. Sandra was watching us intently and I immediately
noticed the signs, so I suggested to Sandra that we go to the local store for
some food and bits and pieces, so during the walk to the store I lit up
another cigarette and asked Sandra if she would like one.  The look of
surprise was clear to see, but she gratefully accepted and you have never
seen such a look of relief after that first huge drag hit the spot. We
continued walking and the cigarette was finished in record time. I then
started asking a few questions and got some very truthful answers.

   It transpired that Sandra had been smoking for over two years, her parents
knew but didn't approve - both her mother and step father had smoked in the
past, until they became victims of the do-good brigade. The flight from the
other side of the States had been a nightmare, and when she saw us light up
she had been close to despair. I found out she was smoking around about 15 a
day at that time. Sandra's favourite brand was a Canadian make called
DuMaurier, So she was introduced to English Superkings which she said she
liked very much. Luckily at the airport coming out to Florida we had been
able to bring into the States 2000 cigarettes. So the two weeks went by and I
noticed how Sandra's smoking style was changing from a quick drag to a very
sexy inhale and exhale routine.  So one day when we were alone I asked if she
would like to learn some smoking tricks, again she gratefully accepted and
listened and watched intently as I ran through French inhales, nose exhales
smoke rings, snap inhales, etc.  Then it was Sandra's turn and what a star
she turned out to be - she was almost perfect with every trick. She thanked
me very much and continued to enjoy the "Smoking Holiday."  The time to leave
came much too soon but she promised that she wouldn't be afraid of smoking in
public anymore. It turned out to be very true as we later found out that she
had married a smoker who was turned on by her sexy smoking, she is now
smoking 2 packs a day and enjoying every single one.

   June, our niece and younger sister of Sandra, came to visit us in England
in 2004 with her other sister Susan and their grandfather, not much happened
on this trip as they were with the grandfather most of the time but it turned
out that both had secretly been escaping for a quick smoke on every
opportunity they got at 15 and 13 years old. So they went back home and Susan
started smoking full time very soon afterwards. 

   And now to the main part of the story. Early in June 2007 we received an
email from the mother of the girls asking if June could come stay with us for
a week while the grandfather was on a month long trip to England. We both
said yes, she could come a stay with us. On 29th June a car pulled up with
grandfather and June. They unloaded June's things and the grandfather left
for the hotel he was staying in locally and he said he would be back the next
day to discuss the plans for the month. Nothing happened that first night
apart from June asking us if she could stay for the full month since her
grandfather was touring the country visiting old friends and she did not want
to spend time with so many old people discussing the past. During the rest of
the night I noticed that we were being watched again. June retired to bed
very early at around 9.00 pm - she said she was tired after the long flight
and drive.  The next day was uneventful apart from grandfather agreeing to
her staying with us over the whole of the holiday but he would call in a
various times to see that she was ok.  My wife had to go to church that
evening, again we were being watched as we smoked each cigarette. When my
wife went to church I sat down and immediately lit up another Superking, June
was watching intently so I asked her if she wanted one.  After a moment of
silence she said yes and asked how did I know that she would like one.  I
explained the earlier part of the story and watched as June played with the
cigarette without lighting it, She then got the courage to tell me that she
had wanted to learn to smoke since her sisters  who both smoked, said she was
too young.  She had been taking the odd one o two and smoking without
inhaling for around six months on and off, and when she was in England two
years ago she had been having one drag on every cigarette that Susan had been
having, and in the last two years it had been when and if she could get hold
of them. I asked would you like learn to smoke properly, to which the answer
was, "Brill".  

   "The first one is always the worst so come over here and I will start the
lessons", I said and  you have never seen a teenager move so fast. I then lit
up another cigarette and lit up June's asking her just to take the smoke into
her mouth and hold it there, the light up was perfect.  She then let a small
puff exit her mouth as she had been doing for the past six months. The next
drag was the same.

   "Watch me do this inhale," I said, "Then take a small drag and do the
same." The result was a perfect inhale without a cough or anything, then she
exhaled a nice cone of smoke. When I asked how it felt she said it was
different. She continued in this way for the rest of the cigarette and put it
out in the ashtray between us. She said she felt a little light-headed and
had a relaxed feeling. Some twenty minutes passed and I lit up another only
to be asked, "Where's mine?" 

   Again, she produced perfect inhales which appeared to be getting bigger
and held for longer, talk about it being build in to the family genes. My
wife returned from church and June asked for me not to tell her yet, but
"Could I keep having a drag of yours?"  No problem.  Every time my wife left
the room she would have a sly drag and appeared to enjoy every one. My wife
went to bed around 11.00 pm and June immediately asked for a cigarette.
After another hour and three more cigarettes each, we retired to bed with her
secret still just between the two of us. She went from a few sly puffs to
five full cigarettes in one night.

   The next morning I got up early as usual, only to find June sitting
downstairs waiting for me.  We both lit up a cigarette before any food or
drink had passed our lips. She enjoyed her first of the day at 6.30 am and
said it gave her a wonderful feeling. 

   This day passed like the previous evening, with two cigarettes after
breakfast and then drags from mine whenever possible. Evening came, and my
wife went out to the local club for about 5 hours, like every Sunday evening.
As soon as I had dropped her off, from the back of the car June asked for a
cigarette which she smoked completely by the time we got home, only 2 miles
away. Her inhales had become much longer and she was obviously on the way to
being well hooked by the nicotine bug. So, the first thing we did when we
arrived home was to have a long chat about what she wanted to do next.  I
said that we had better tell my wife and her granddad. She pleaded with me
not to tell grandad yet, but agreed to me telling my wife. The evening passed
without any further incidents, just a lot of cigarettes. Her style was there
to see and was improving with every one, her inhales and holds were much
longer and her exhales were now through both mouth and nose. By the time I
went to collect my wife from the club, June had smoked another eight
cigarettes in about 4 hours. On the way back from the club I explained the
situation to my wife, who said she thought that had been June's plan since
she arrived, She also said that we should play a trick on her as a way of
revenge. As we entered the house June was sitting on the settee waiting for
an answer, and as none was offered.  You could see her getting more and more
irritated. After about 30 minutes my wife lit up two Superkings and gave one
to June.  The look of relief on her face and the very large double pump that
hit her young lungs showed how nervous she had been.  For the next three
hours we talked about smoking - the  pleasures and health consequences
involved. June then gave us both a big hug and thanked us for  letting her
smoke in the open for the first time in her life.  She asked if we would
teach her the finer points of smoking. We agreed and after a further
cigarette we all retired to bed. On June's second day as a smoker she had
smoked around 18 cigarettes.

   The next day dawned and her new freedom was clear, her smoking was
developing nicely and she was keeping up with two heavy smokers for most of
the day. By the time for bed she had smoked around 35 cigarettes and enjoyed
every one. The following day was a visit from granddad, so again she was up
early to have a few cigarettes before he arrived.  Two hours and 10
cigarettes later grandad arrived and stayed for about three hours, during
which we smoked 5 cigarettes each and June, unfortunately for her, had none.
Grandfather left and as soon as he was out on the road. She lit up with a
huge double pump and a hold of about 10 seconds, this was again followed by
the same and you could see the relief on her face. We now had a week of no
visits from Grandad. During that time her smoking style developed fully with
help from both of us and she was now becoming a very sexy 15 year old smoking
vixen. On the weekend we decided to give her a surprise and brought three
8-inch Havana cigars from the local merchant, that evening after a good meal
and various cigarettes we settled in the lounge room, each with a coffee and
brandy (watered down for June). I left the room and returned with a package
which I gave to June as we were sat discussing the day. She opened the
package and the look of surprise on her face was priceless. In the package
was a gold lighter engraved "June, Welcome to the Club, May many years
Happiness come from this Moment",       two cartons of Superkings with 400
cigarettes in each and one of the large Havana cigars. She jumped up from her
seat and gave us both a huge kiss and hug and said, "Thank you so much, you
have made my day perfect!"

   We then explained that she should tell her family immediately that she was
going to be a smoker for life. She agreed and then asked for us to show her
what to do with this huge cigar. She sat on the floor in front of us both and
watched in awe as first I lit my wife's cigar and then she lit mine. We
showed her the finer techniques involved in smoking the cigar and also
explained that you do not inhale all the smoke from a cigar unless you want
to become addicted for life, and that it was only for special occasions. I
helped her light the cigar and she followed the lessons perfectly, including
one of two large inhales - she was indeed a true smoker. As the evening went
on and we talked about the situation it appeared as though her mother had
been taking cigarettes from Susan for the occasional smoke.

   With three weeks of the holiday to go and no let up in June's smoking, she
was now smoking over two packs a day.  She told her grandad on his next visit
and he said he knew she was born to be a smoker and that her parents had only
stopped smoking to protect their three daughters. Grandad gave his approval
and this was greeted with a hug and kiss, he then asked for a cigarette and
joined us all in a nice family smoke.

   The last week arrived with a call from June's mum, who said she had spoken
to her father and that she could join the rest of the family in smoking when
she came home. She also explained that after this revelation that June was
now smoking, both her and her step father had again started smoking and
rediscovered the pleasure of cigarettes for the first time in years. As the
week drew to a close, June was now smoking about 2.5 packs a day and had
developed her own style of sexy smoking, everywhere she went boys were
transfixed by her and she gave them a full show.  On her final night in
England, we again had a smoking party and we gave her a going away present of
another 800 cigarettes and two huge Havana cigars. She then disappeared to
her room and came back with a present for both of us of a table lighter and a
signed picture in a silver frame of her with a verse on back:

   THANK YOU for helping me become part of the smoking family
   Thinking of you always, 
   Smoky June.
   My wife burst into tears and there were lots of hugs and kisses along
with lots and lots of cigarettes and Havana cigars.

   The next day June flew home a very happy 15 year old smoker. She arrived
home to be greeted by all her family and a very smoky party in her honour.
She had changed from a shy 15 year-old non-smoker in a non-smoking family,
into a smoking vixen from a smoking family in five weeks.

I hope you enjoyed the story. 

PS She is now 16 and up to 3 packs a day, along with her sisters and mother
and still enjoying every single cigarette and cigar..   

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