(by anonymous, 27 January 1997)

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First I'd like to thank you for keeping such a great page.  I have
always been turned on by females smoking.  I don't know why, but it has
always had this effect on me.  For a long time I thought it was
something odd, but now I know lots of others feel the same way (via
asfs and recent publicity about this fetish).  To me there is nothing
better than to see a pretty girl sucking on a cigarette, inhaling and
blowing out a long stream of smoke.  It is better if they are pretty,
fairly young and with a good body. Nice (fairly big) tits seem to
feature a lot in my fantasies as well (I'm sure a pyschoanalyst would
have a field day with that one!).  Anyway the reason I am writing is to
tell you an incident that happened about ten years ago:

I first met Sarah one summer, whilst walking through my home town with
my younger brother.  He met and chatted to a new girl to the area that
he knew through school.  They were both in the sixth form, whilst I was
away at university at the time (just visiting during my vacation).
When we met, it was electric, I was totally in awe of this sex
goddess.  What made it worse was that she flirted with me, and I had
the feeling that I was in with a chance.  I couldn't stop thinking
about her for weeks afterwards, but did nothing, for fear of making a
fool of myself.

Several months later, I was in the area again and spotted her at a bus
stop (inevitably) chatting to a group of young lads.  She was obviously
the centre of attention and loving it!  I waved, but only got a half
hearted wave back.  Over the next few months we bumped into each other
with increasing regularity (these things take a lot of planning!) .  I
eventually asked her out, but she was seeing someone else. I was
devastated. However, I kept on until she finally agreed to go out with
me.  The first date was nothing much to write home about. We had a few
drinks, met some friends (my mates couldn't believe it!) and I walked
her home.  A peck on the cheek and I was on my way.

Things went like this for a little while before IT happened.  We went
back to her (mother's) house, to find it empty.  A very quick cup of
coffee was followed by some groping and then some very passionate sex.
This was so amazing (apparently for both of us!) that it went on for
hours.  Without realizing it, we had each met THE perfect sexual
match.  There was no "first date" fumbling, just an incredible
passionate frenzy.  What I couldn't get over however, was the
perfection of her body.  She had superb, firm and large breasts and
perfect skin texture.  I sucked on her nipples for ages, which drove
her wild - she later told me that this was the main physical thing that
turned her on.  However, this was just the tip of the iceburg.  As we
got to know each other better, we confessed some of our fantasies.
Hers had already become apparent to me, although the fun of
"confession" just added to the enjoyment of it.  She liked me to talk
about sex.  In particular, she liked me to talk about me having sex
with my previous girlfriends.  One in particular, called Frances,  used
to really turn her on.  She new that there was something special about
Fran, that turned me on, but couldn't put her finger on it - but still
she wanted me to talk about her.

The thing was, Fran was a smoker.  I hadn't really gone out with many
smokers before, but I think Fran sensed my arousal every time she lit
up.  She too had a great body and was pretty, but she was a very
dominant personality and liked to take the lead during sex.  She really
enjoyed tormenting me during sex.  Her favourite was to tie my wrists
to the bedposts and tease me by just inserting the tip of my cock into
her, so that the hot, wet feeling was making it twitch and then to
remove herself.  She would sit (just out of reach of my throbbing cock)
on by stomach and play with her body.  In particular, she would rub her
tits and hold them millimetres from my mouth.  She would then light up
a cigarette and smoke it, because she thought I hated it.  She would
tell me how good the smoke felt as she
 inhaled it deeply into her chest, and would gently suck on my cock as
 she exhaled.  This would drive me wild (let's face it, she must have

Anyway, back to Sarah.  She was a non-smoker.  In fact she was very
much an anti-smoker.
 This was something that used to make my fantasies worse, as I always
 imagined her smoking her first cigarette.  Her mum smoked quite a lot,
and she was always complaining about it.

One night, we were (as usual) discussing and acting out a few
fantasies, when she said something that made my pulse quicken.  You
see, the fantasy was always more exciting if no-one else knew.  She
said that she thought I had a secret fantasy that I was not telling
her.  She would not say what she thought it was until she had satisfied
herself that she was certain.  I knew that I had been "found out", but
couldn't be sure.  She didn't mention this for sometime, until a few
weeks later, in the middle of sex, she said quite simply "I know what
your fantasy is!"  My cock jerked with excitement, but I didn't really
know what to expect.  She said "wait here" and left the room.  When she
returned, she had put on the bra that she knew always turned me on (it
was a little too small and presented an obscene amount of cleavage.
She had also donned some bright red lipsick, but to top it all, she was
holding one her mothers cigarettes, a lighter and an ashtray.

She bound my hands to the bed (this much I had told her about the
Frances escapades).  She then told me how she had noticed me looking at
other girls who smoked and that she had put two and two together.
Throughout this she was gently rubbing the tip of my cock, gently
squeezing out some pre-cum lubricant and rubbing it into the underside
(that drives me wild!).  She asked if I would like to see her smoke.
Of course I said yes, but this was what she was hoping for.  I had to
confess my full fantasy and beg for her to do this.  This involved
telling her the full story about Fran and about how much I fantasized
about various female smokers that we knew.  This was her kick out of
this - so I never really thought that she would actually do it...

Then she lifted up my twitching cock and slid it into her.  She raised
the cigarette to her mouth, lit it and quickly blew out the smoke.  She
had never done this before, but knew that I wanted more than this.  She
the sucked on it again and as she breathed in, clenched her pussy
muscles around my cock, releasing the pressure as she exhaled.  She
only managed this twice, before she felt me starting to cum.  She then
repeated the process and clamped her lips to mine as she exhaled.  I
had never felt anything like it before (or since!).  She eventually
untied me and said that she thought smoking was disgusting.  Despite
the high of the best sex I had ever had, I was panicking that it would
never happen again.  This again was what turned her on - me begging for
a repeat performance and talking her into doing what I had (or had
imagined!) doing with Fran.

I don't know what you think of this, but if you know how to put it on
the internet, it would be great to share it with people.  Sarah, who I
haven't seen for some years might enjoy it as well if she finds it!  I
have a few follow ups to this, if anyone is interested.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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