A Scapegoat's Indulgence

(by rileysmoker@yahoo.com, 12 June 2005)

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This fictional story contains adult themes and descriptions. If such offends
you, read no further.  All persons and situations depicted are fictional, any
similarities to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Copyright
Riley 2005. All rights reserved. Feel free to reproduce this story as long as
the author is notified via email.

It's advised that you read the following story prior to this:
   "A Scapegoat's Revelation"

Also feel free to send comments or suggestions and I will definitely take
them into account with the next installment in Jeanette's world!


"A Scapegoat's Indulgence"
By Riley, rileysmoker@yahoo.com

   After greeting her mother and sister, Jeanette settled down for a bowl of
mac and cheese while doing some readings for school. Normally Jeanette would
never dream of finishing all of her weekend homework on a Friday night, but
Jeanette felt as though she may be busy with other ventures later on and that
she should just get it over with.

   The evening passed by while Jeanette sat diligently working on her English
essay and calculus problems. She was just finishing her homework when her
mother approached her.

   "Hey you, what's with all this homework stuff on a Friday night? That's
not normal," her mother said.

   "Yeah, well it all pretty easy stuff, just time consuming and I figured
since I didn't have plans tonight I'd get it over and done with," Jeanette

   "Well, good for you then. Well, look, I saw that you returned the
cigarettes and the lighter and I want you to know that I know what it's like
to try giving up smoking and I'm here for you. Even though it might be hard,
it's really best to do it now because you can believe me it only gets harder
and harder until it's nearly impossible when you smoke more and more."

   "I know mom," Jeanette said.

   "Ok, well that said, I'm going to sleep! Don't work too hard, get some
rest hun."

   "Yeah, I just finished the last problem, so I guess I'll go up to sleep

   "Alright, goodnight Jeanette. I love you."

   "I love you too mom, goodnight." Jeanette replied before collecting her
homework papers and following her mother up the stairs to her bedroom.

   Jeanette closed the door behind her and waited until she heard her
mother's door also close. She moved quickly towards her closet and retrieved
the cigarette she had taken from her mother's pack, and then walked to her
dresser for her candle matches and one of her dishes she usually used to hold
candles to serve as a makeshift ashtray.

   Finally Jeanette started to take off her clothes to put on her pajamas.
After taking off her bra, Jeanette looked at her breasts in the mirror.  Once
upon a time Jeanette had been extremely self-conscious about her breasts, but
was quite pleased with how they had caught up to the rest of her body. She
put her hands on her chest and massaged her breasts, happy to not be too
small, but also not be abnormally large. 

   Once completed her short self-admiration session, Jeanette put on a large
t-shirt and her silk pajama pants, leaving her bra and panties off.  She
turned off the lights in her room and then climbed into her bed, making
herself comfortable before reaching for the cigarette, matches, and ashtray
from her bedside table. 

   Jeanette had the cigarette in her mouth and was about to light it when she
had another idea to add a little more to the experience, and she untied the
curtains of her canopy bed, allowing herself to become completely enclosed in
a beautiful wall of white.  Smiling, she finally removed a match from the
pack and struck it. 

   Moving the flame to the tip of her cigarette, Jeanette sucked hard on the
cigarette and continued to do so even after waving out the match. After
taking her largest drag yet, Jeanette breathed the smoke deeply into her
lungs, immediately feeling the rush she had enjoyed earlier that evening. 

   Her exhale was a long thick white stream that she could clearly see in her
darkened room. She repeated this process, extending her drag longer and
trying her very best to breath the smoke as deeply as she possibly could. She
became more and more excited as she continued watching such beautiful streams
of smoke come from within her. 

   Mimicking what she had seen her mother do many times before, Jeanette
practiced smoking hands-free, only removing the cigarette from her lips every
couple puffs. Meanwhile she began using her right hand to massage her
clitoris, while her left hand played with her erect nipples and voluptuous
breasts. All the while she continued to puff on her cigarette. She began to
climax just as her cigarette was almost finished. She took one final deep
drag on the cigarette as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body
before putting it out in her ashtray.

   She laid there in her bed for almost and hour before she fell asleep,
amazed at the ecstasy brought on yet again by her smoking experience.


   Jeanette awoke the next morning, still content from her activities the
previous night. She made her way downstairs, still only in her silk pajama
pants and t-shirt. She was surprised to find Lauren in the kitchen, just
finishing a drag on a Virginia Slims cigarette. 

   "What's going on? Where's mom?" Jeanette asked, confused.

   "She had some breakthrough on a case or something, said she'd be with
her client all morning," replied Lauren, smoke punctuating her words as she

   "Oh, well good because I really need to talk to you about-" Jeanette

   "I know, I know. I'm so sorry Jeanette, I owe you so much for not
telling mom it was me," her sister interrupted.

   "What is stopping you from just buying your own cigarettes?" Jeanette

   "Oh I do, I do, you don't think I've only smoked four packs in the past
two months do you?"

   "Well I dunno- How much do you smoke anyway?"

   "About a pack a day, sometimes a couple more or less," Lauren replied,
then sensing Jeanette's surprise, "It's really not all that much, most people
who smoke go through about that much a day, I think"

   "Wow. Anyway, the thing I really needed to talk to you about is that-"
Jeanette hesitated, nervous, "-Well, I tried one of your cigarettes last
night and I absolutely loved it."

   It was Lauren's turn to look surprised, "Are you serious? I mean, that's
good for you I guess, I certainly can't tell you it's a bad choice, I've been
smoking since I was only fourteen."

   "Oh my gosh, and mom has never found out?" Jeanette was stunned.

   "Well, she eventually started counting her packs, obviously, but I have no
idea why you're the one who gets slammed though."

   "Hah, don't play dumb, you know you're the favorite."

   "Shut up Jeanette." Lauren paused, "Hey, do you want to smoke one with me
now?" she asked.

   "I'd love to," Jeanette said, a wide grin on her face.

   "Here you go," Lauren said as she pulled a cigarette from her pack and
handed it to her sister.

   Jeanette immediately placed the long white cigarette between her lips and
bent forward to accept a light from her older sister. She dragged hard on the
cigarette before pulling it from her lips and inhaling deeply. The rush
returned, but was accompanied by a type of relief, almost as though her body
was already craving the smoke. 

   As Jeanette exhaled a thick stream of smoke Lauren was again stunned
"You're that much of a smoker after only one cigarette?"

   "Well, I actually had a second one after everyone went to sleep, I just
love the feeling I get when I breathe in so much smoke."

   "I know exactly what you mean, sis," Lauren said before taking a drag on
her own cigarette, performing a short french inhale.

   "Wow, how did you do that?" Jeanette asked, eager to become as experienced
a smoker as she could, as fast as she could.

   "It's simple, just take a puff like you normally do, except instead of
breathing in after taking the puff, just kind of hold your mouth open and
inhale through your nose. It feels kind of funny the first few times, but
it's definitely a good kind of funny." Lauren explained, before performing
another long French inhale.

   As Jeanette watched the waves of smoke trailing from her sister's mouth
into her nose, she imagined herself performing such a trick and once again
began to get sexually aroused. Jeanette then raised her cigarette to her
mouth, pulling hard on it to get as much smoke as she could in her mouth. As
she pulled the cigarette away from her mouth she began to inhale through her
nostrils and could feel the smoke going into her nostrils, a strange
sensation that she enjoyed.

   "Hey that was a good kind of weird," Jeanette said.

   "I told you! You know what? I was thinking- You're actually kind of lucky
to be in this whole situation."

   "What do you mean?" asked Jeanette, continuing to practice French inhales.

   "Well, mom already thinks that you're smoking.  I bet if you made her
think that you were helplessly addicted she might ease up on you."

   "Why couldn't you do the same?" Jeanette asked as she inhaled a puff of
smoke deeply.

   "Well she's under the impression that you've already been smoking for two
months, so it would be easier for you to play the addiction card. I however,
would have to go through the initial groundings and punishment stuff first,
and seeing as this is my last summer before college, I don't want to waste

   "What if we both went to mom and told her together that we've been
smoking?" Jeanette asked, taking another puff and holding it.

   "We could, I just don't want to risk my summer vacation when I'll be able
to smoke as much as I want to once I'm away from home."

   "Yeah I guess." Jeanette replied, as she exhaled a plume of smoke towards
the ceiling.

   "Do you want me to get you your own pack of cigarettes from the
convenience store later today?"

   "That would be great! Thanks Lauren!"

   "Yeah no problem, I owe you so much for taking the fall for me all these
times. Did you just want the same kind mom and I smoke?"

   "Well, could you just get the lights instead of ultra lights? I'd like to
see if a stronger taste would be nicer."

   "Yeah no problem, for now just take a few from my pack until I can get to
the store."
   Jeanette pulled three cigarettes from her sister's pack, "Thanks Lauren
for smoking with me and doing all this."

   There was a knock at the front door. "Oh, there's Sean," Lauren said,
stubbing out her cigarette. "It was fun smoking with you; I'll get you your
cigarettes soon."

   "Ok, I'm going to head up and take a shower and such, have fun with Sean."
Jeanette said as she too took one final drag and put the cigarette out. 

   Jeanette headed up to her room. She knew the typical deal with Lauren and
Sean, they had been dating for more than two years now, and he usually came
over anytime mom was out for a while. While it was supposed to somehow be
kept secret, Jeanette usually caught certain sounds and noises that suggested
what they were up to.

   Once in her room, Jeanette hid one of the cigarettes from her sister
inside of her closet, keeping two with her. She grabbed a pair of her khaki
Capri's and a halter top, along with a black pair of underwear and her black
bra. This was an outfit Jeanette would never usually choose, typically being
the jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but today she felt like dressing to be a
little sexier, especially since tonight was her night out with her friends.
Finally she found the matches and the plate she had used the night before for
ashes and headed out of the room with her little collection.

   In the bathroom Jeanette went to turn on the shower, but had decided to
just let the bathtub fill up instead, so that she could smoke while in the
tub.  While she waited for the water to get hot and to fill the tub, Jeanette
first stuffed a towel slightly under the door so that if her mother did
arrive home, she wouldn't see or smell the smoke coming under the door.
Jeanette also opened the window before she removed her clothing.

   Climbing into the hot tub felt wonderful to Jeanette, it had been years
since she had taken the time to enjoy a nice hot soak. Once settled, and
wetting her entire body, save her hands, Jeanette reached for a cigarette and
placed it between her lips before striking a match. She lit the cigarette and
waved the flame out. As she took her first deep breath of smoke, Jeanette
realized she could see herself in the bathroom mirror.

   While she smoked she found seeing herself in such a setting with smoke
pouring from her lips to be absolutely sexy. It was also a perfect
opportunity for Jeanette to practice her French inhales, nearly perfecting it
before she had to put the cigarette out.  Almost immediately, however,
Jeanette grabbed the second cigarette and lit it. She continued smoking this
cigarette, with deep breaths and long exhales, and began to feel light

   Jeanette was taking the cigarette from her mouth and inhaling a large
quantity of smoke when there was a knock at the door.

   "Hey, Jeanette are you in there?" her mother called.

   Jeanette nearly choked on the smoke out of surprise, "Yeah I'm in here,
mom," she managed, exhaling while she spoke.

   "Ok, just checking, what are you doing anyway?"

   "I just thought I'd take a hot bath."

   "Ooh! Nice, ok, well I'm home now, obviously, have fun."

   Jeanette's heart was pounding, afraid that her mother might have smelled
the smoke. She sat there a moment calming down from her worriment, forgetting
about the cigarette burning in her hand. When she suddenly snapped out of it,
she finished the cigarette with one final drag, and exhaled the smoke as she
sank under the water to fully wet her hair again.

   After washing her hair and body, and shaving her legs, Jeanette climbed
out of the bathtub, and began to dry herself off. Jeanette cleaned up while
blow drying her hair. She put the ashes and cigarettes down the toilet and
washed the plate off. She then put her clothes on, admired her sexy look
momentarily, and sprayed some of her nice smelling spray on before heading
out of the room, towel and laundry in tow. 

***Continued later this week in: A Scapegoat's Confession***

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