A Scapegoat's Revelation

(by rileysmoker@yahoo.com, 05 December 2004)

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This fictional story contains adult themes and descriptions. If such offends
you, read no further.  All persons and situations depicted are fictional, any
similarities to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Copyright
Riley 2005. All rights reserved. Feel free to reproduce this story as long as
the author is notified via email.

"A Scapegoat's Revelation"
By Riley, rileysmoker@yahoo.com

     Jeanette sighed as she stared out of her bedroom window. The darkened
afternoon sky and heavy rain pattering against the glass only symbolized her
dismal mood. It was the fourth time now that she had been reprimanded and
punished for something she had not done. Earlier that day Jeanette's mother,
Elizabeth, had grounded her for the weekend, claiming that she had yet again
stolen her cigarettes. Jeanette knew that it was actually her older sister
Lauren, but Lauren was the goody good favorite and Jeanette's mother would
never believe her eldest could do wrong.  Besides, Jeanette knew that despite
their differences, she could never snitch on her older sister.

     Jeanette had just pulled out a book to spend her night reading when her
mother knocked on her door and entered the room. 

     "Hey, I'm taking your sister out for a little celebration shopping and
probably to dinner. But listen, now I'm not saying that you're forgiven for
what you've done, but if you return what's left of that pack of cigarettes
you took yesterday, I might be willing to still let you go out with your
friends tomorrow night," her mother said.

     "But mom, I-" Jeanette started.

     "Just get them on my dresser by the time I'm back. Please understand
Jeanette, I don't want to be a bitch about this, but really, it's for your
health! I don't want you to make the same mistake of getting addicted that I
made. You're only seventeen years old, you don't even realize how lucky you
are to have such a healthy body."

     "Okay mom, I'm sorry," Jeanette resigned.

     "Ok, we'll be back by ten I should hope. There's some mac and cheese
from last night in the fridge that you can have, don't forget about putting
those cigarettes back. Bye hun."

     "Bye mom."

     With that, Jeanette's mother closed the door and headed out for the
evening with Lauren. Jeanette shook her head, flabbergasted that Lauren was
going out to celebrate her acceptance to Johns Hopkins while Jeanette stayed
home serving her sister's time grounded. Jeanette watched out of the window
as her mother and sister got into the car and headed out.  Just as a bolt of
lightening hit in the distance Jeanette had an idea as to how she would be
allowed to go out with her friends the following night.

     Exiting her room, Jeanette made her way down the upstairs hallway to
Lauren's bedroom. Upon entering, Jeanette frowned at all of the awards and
medals hanging on her sister's bulletin board and on her dresser. While
Jeanette was very intelligent, and beautiful herself, she had never been as
motivated as her older sister to achieve any particular distinction in sports
or clubs at her school. Jeanette was always more interested in enjoying her
years at high school with her friends, rather than building a great, but
ultimately boring, resume for colleges. 

     Jeanette began searching her sister's drawers for the pack of
cigarettes her mother wanted back.  Jeanette knew her sister would never be
dumb enough to take them with her in her purse. Not while their mother was on
the warpath at least. Jeanette suddenly remembered an old hiding spot that
she and her sister had used to hide their CDs and movies which their mother
had deemed inappropriate. Just under her sister's bed was the loose vent
cover on the wall that offered a fairly decent and flat place to store
questionable items. They had made a makeshift wall on the back of it to
prevent anything from falling and showing up someplace where their mother
might notice. 

     Sure enough Jeanette found the pack of cigarettes, along with a few
lighters and another two empty packs. A slight flush of anger passed through
Jeanette as she realized that she had probably been grounded for those packs
too. Jeanette grabbed the pack of cigarettes and looked at the package.
Virginia Slims 120's Ultra Lights. Yep, they were her mothers.  Before
Jeanette fixed the vent she grabbed one of the lighters, figuring if she
didn't her mother would accuse her of keeping it to continue smoking.

     A strange event happened when Jeanette went to her mother's room to
return the cigarettes. She had made her way to her mother's bureau, but
paused before she put the pack of cigarettes down. She looked up at the
mirror against the wall and found it a strange site to see herself holding a
pack of cigarettes and a lighter in her hand. Out of curiosity, Jeanette
opened the pack of Virginia Slims and looked at the white filters of the
cigarettes. She counted nineteen of them in the pack, meaning her sister had
only smoked one so far. 

     Jeanette pulled out one of the cigarettes, slightly taken aback by the
long length of the 120.  She put the cigarette between her index and middle
fingers and again looked at her reflection. She smiled at herself in the
mirror, surprised by how good she actually looked holding a cigarette.
Briefly she thought about actually smoking, but immediately suppressed that
idea, reasoning how much she would get in trouble. It was not until she began
putting the cigarette back that Jeanette realized that it didn't matter
whether she smoked it or not, because her mother already thought that she did

     Thinking about it some more, Jeanette came to the conclusion that if she
did try smoking, there would still be eighteen cigarettes in the pack and her
mom wouldn't think that she had been smoking too much. She decided that she
would try smoking right there, in her mother's room since it always smelled
of smoke and was equipped with a large mirror and an ashtray. 

     Jeanette put the cigarette in her mouth and picked up the lighter.
Having lit thousands of candles throughout her life, Jeanette did not
hesitate in lighting the lighter. With a final deep breath Jeanette put the
flame against the end of the cigarette with one hand and holding the index
and middle fingers of her other hands in a sideways V around the cigarette as
she had seen her mother do so many times before. Jeanette sucked on the
filter as the flame hit the tip and tasted the sweet smoke that entered her
mouth. Putting the lighter down, Jeanette pulled the cigarette from her mouth
and blew a small puff from her mouth. 

     Jeanette repeated small puffs on the cigarette several times, noting the
strange taste which she couldn't place as bad or good. Jeanette knew she was
not inhaling the smoke and so after her fifth or sixth little puff she
decided to actually try breathing the smoke in. Placing the cigarette in her
mouth again, Jeanette took another small puff, however this time when she
pulled the cigarette away, instead of blowing the smoke out she slowly
breathed in. Instantly Jeanette was awash with various thoughts and feelings.
She first felt a catch in her throat, followed by an amazing pressure and
sensation in her chest, and finally she felt a jolt of adrenaline as she
watched herself in the mirror actually exhale a stream of smoke. 

     Jeanette continued this practice, taking larger puffs of smoke each
time, becoming slightly light headed by the fourth actual inhale. With each
inhale/exhale combination, however, Jeanette enjoyed the smoke more and more
as every time she saw herself exhaling smoke a tingle of pleasure ran up her
spine.  After her last exhale Jeanette felt her stomach becoming slightly
queasy and she felt moisture growing between her legs. While still being a
virgin, Jeanette knew quite well how to push her own buttons and get herself
off, and after stubbing out the cigarette Jeanette snatched one more
cigarette from the pack and walked back to her bedroom to hide it. 

     Laying back on her bed, Jeanette kept replaying the images of herself
smoking and imagined herself doing so all of the time, as she opened her
jeans zipper and rubbed her clitoris. Switching between rubbing herself and
pushing her finger deep inside of herself, Jeanette quickly brought herself
to her most satisfying orgasm ever. The waves of pleasure pulsed throughout
her body for what seemed like forever before she finally calmed down.

     She repeated this process of pleasuring herself twice more throughout
the evening before her mother and sister returned. She decided then, before
going down to greet them, that she would continue to experiment with smoking
and she was going to do so with the help of her sister.

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