School Trip, Part 2

(by Dromedary Joe, 25 May 2008)

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School Trip 
by Dromedary Joe
Part 2 

"This week really fuckin' sucked," Sam thought to himself as he threw his
cigarette down after taking one last hit. The only reason he had gone to this
National Get Off  or Bake Off or whatever the hell they called it was because
one of the girls from his school who was supposed to go got sick and his home
economics teacher needed a last minute replacement. 

"You'll get a full week off from school and there are sure to be lots of
pretty girls there," she told him. It was his senior year and a week off this
close to graduation would be cool. The girls were a bonus, although that's
how he had been suckered into taking home ec his senior year to begin with.
It wouldn't be so bad being the only guy in his home ec class if there were
at least one good looking girl in the class. Sadly, they were all dogs. 

So he went to this national convention with all these girls and most of them
were homely. They were even worse than the ones in his home ec class. There
were a few good looking ones like the girl sitting on the bench on the other
side of the terrace, but none of the good looking ones smoked. Sam had a
thing for girls who smoked.

Sam again looked at the girl. He had seen her at least a dozen times in
various places throughout this convention. She seemed so alone. Too bad, Sam
thought to himself. She was probably the hottest girl at this fuckin'
National Bake Off. She would look really sexy smoking one of his Marlboro
100`s dangling from her lips, Sam thought. Sam had actually masturbated a few
times that week while fantasizing about her smoking. She looked kind of
young, she was 15 at the very oldest and he could tell this wasn't the type
of girl who had ever smoked a cigarette. Still, he hated to see a pretty girl
sitting all by herself so he decided to go over and keep her company.

He went over to the bench she was sitting on and asked if she minded if he
sat down.

"No, go right ahead," she said and smiled a little.

"This week really sucked," he told her.

"Yeah, it has," was her quick reply.

"Where are you from?" he asked her. 

"Georgia. And you?"

"Arizona," he replied.

They talked for a few minutes and he decided to smoke the last cigarette in
the pack. 

"You mind if I smoke?" he asked her.

"No, go right ahead. Everyone else does," she replied.

He sighed and lit the last cigarette from his pack. She seemed to be
anti-smoking. Once again, he thought about how good she would look if she
smoked, especially if she had a cork filtered cig in her mouth. She would be
so incredible.

"Do you like smoking?" she asked him.

He thought about that a moment. "Yeah, I guess I do kind of enjoy it." I
would especially enjoy it if you smoked, he thought to himself.

He was about done with the cigarette when she said, "Do you think..." She
paused for a few seconds as if she were thinking about whether she wanted to

"Do you think you could teach me how to smoke?" she asked meekly.

Sam's heart started beating really fast. He had always wanted to teach a girl
how to smoke. One of his biggest fantasies was seeing an innocent girl smoke
her first cigarette. That in itself would be a huge turn on. Teaching a girl
how to smoke was one step further. He looked at this beautiful girl standing
in front of him, the girl that was asking him to teach her how to smoke. Was
this really happening or was it a dream?

"Sure, I don't have any more on me, so we'll have to get some from my room."

He got up and she followed him as he went inside. He looked at her as they
waited for the elevator doors to open. Can she tell how nervous I am right
now? Do I look as nervous to her as she looks to me, he thought to himself.

They got to his room and they went inside. The girl looked around for a few
seconds as if to see if there were anyone in the room but them.

"There's no one else here. In case you haven't noticed, I'm like the only guy
at this hotel and they really wouldn't let me stay in the same room as the
three girls at my school who are here. They're staying in the room next door,
but they went sightseeing today with our teacher so it's just you and me."

That seemed to make her feel a little bit at ease as she sat down at the
table and stared at the ashtray in front of her.

Sam got the pack of cigarettes from his stash along with his lighter and sat
down next to her. He could tell the girl was really nervous now as she knew
the point of no return was coming very soon. 

"Here, why don't you pack these for me?"

She picked up the cigarettes and started packing them, looking a little bit
unsure she was doing it quite right. Sam noticed her hands were a bit shaky.

"You scared?" he asked her. 

"Yeah," she said quietly. Sam really wanted this to happen, but he also was
thinking of her as he tried to do something to insure she would go through
with it. He noticed that she had packed the cigarettes with the pack in her
left hand and so he assumed she was left handed. She would probably prefer
smoking with the cigarette in her left hand. He took her right hand and held
it with his left hand. He wanted her to feel like she could feel safe with

"Don't worry, no one has to ever find out you are smoking tonight. Once you
get used to it, you'll like it," he told her reassuringly.

She smiled at him and he could feel his dick getting harder. She had an
angelic face. He started to feel a little guilty about what he was about to

She opened the pack carefully, slowly grabbing the string and pulling off the
plastic. She opened the flip top lid, removed the foil, and looked inside.

"You can sniff them if you want," he told her. She held it up to her nose a
second and she got a cute grin on her face.

Sam remembered the first time he had tried smoking. She was probably curious
about how it would taste, unlit in her mouth.

"Put one in your mouth and practice," Sam suggested.

She took one out, eyed the filter, and put it in her mouth.

She sucked on it and Sam could see she was sort of surprised by the taste.
She pretended to take a drag and then took it out of her mouth and did a
pretend exhale. 

"Can I have a drag?" asked Sam and she handed it to him. They pretended to
share the unlit cigarette back and forth with their free hands while holding
the other one. She was starting to smile. He could see she was getting a
little bit more at ease. After a minute she looked down at her purse and
opened it as if she forgot something. She retrieved her lip gloss and put
some on. Sam moved closer so he could smell what flavor she had just put on.
Strawberry, he thought to himself, as his lips were inches away from her now
shimmering lips.

"You ready?" he asked and she nodded.

He flicked the lighter and moved it slowly towards the end of the cigarette.
She held his hand tighter as he moved the flame closer and closer to the

"Just suck on it," he said softly as he touched the flame to the end of the

The end of the cigarette glowed and he focused his eyes on her glossy lips as
he saw smoke coming out of her mouth. She coughed a little bit so he said,
"It's okay, you're doing fine," as he reassuringly touched her cheek with his
right hand. 

He took the cigarette out of her hand and said, "Once you get used to the
smoke, you'll be able to do this," and inhaled. He added, "But for now, just
take small puffs and just hold them in a split second. Don't inhale right
away. Just get used to the smoke in your mouth."

She nodded her head. This whole experience was overwhelming Sam and he was
surprised he was as calm as he was. Sam handed the cigarette back to her and
she took a small puff like he told her. 

"That's good," he told her as she handed it back to him. They both took a few
more puffs and Sam asked her if she was ready to start inhaling.

"I think so," she said nervously.

He showed her how to inhale. She tried it a few times but coughed each time.

"You're doing fine," Sam told her. "It just takes a little bit of practice."

Her next drag on the cigarette was a successful inhale and Sam watched as she
opened her mouth and sucked the smoke quickly into her lungs.

She giggled as a steady stream of smoke cascaded from her shiny lips and
said, "That tickles!" as she crushed the cigarette, which was down to the
filter, in the ashtray.

"You did pretty good for your first time," he told her, "It takes some
practice. It's like kissing, the more you do it, the better you get at doing

She looked him in the eyes and said, "I wouldn't know. I've never kissed a
guy before."

"Really?" he asked, "You're so incredibly beautiful, I would have thought
guys would be lining up at your school for a chance to kiss you."

She smiled at him and shyly said, "You can kiss me if you want to."

Sam moved his lips closer to hers, pausing to savor the strawberry and smoky
smell and then he kissed her lips.

He kissed her again, moving his right hand to her waist and noticed she had
put her left hand on his shoulder. 

They kissed and talked for the next fifteen minutes and then he asked if she
wanted to smoke another cigarette. She said she did so they smoked another
one. After they finished that cigarette, they kissed for what seemed like
forever. After a while, they decided to smoke their third cigarette together. 

She lit the cigarette and he noticed she was getting better at smoking by the
minute. They kissed in between taking drags of the cigarette.

"Too bad we can't smoke and kiss at the same time," she said, after taking
another drag on their third cig.

"Who says we can't?" he asked and demonstrated a smoky kiss to her. He took a
drag and pressed his lips against hers as he blew smoke in her mouth, making
sure he got his tongue in her mouth.  She took the cigarette from him and
took a drag. Sam took a deep breath since he knew what was coming up. Was he
dreaming, he asked himself as he saw her glossy lips moving towards his and
felt the rush of smoke coming off her strawberry scented lips.

Later they ended up getting in his hotel room bed and eventually went to
sleep. She had made it clear earlier in the night that she would not have
sex. He doubted he would have had sex with her even if she had consented. She
was a little younger than him and he respected her as a good girl who just
wanted to experiment a little. They did do some petting, probably a lot more
than she had ever expected to do at her age. 

Sam woke up around three in the morning and saw she was still in his bed. He
kissed her cheek and lifted her blouse a little so he could caress her tummy.
Her skin was so soft. Too bad he would never get a chance to really get to
know her. She woke up a few moments later giggling and said, "That tickles,"
as he continued to caress her skin.

Sam lit up another cigarette and then leaned in and kissed her lips. She
moved her hand to touch his and took the cig between his fingers. She took a
couple drags of it before she handed it back.

"So, you think you're going to start smoking?" he asked her.

"I don't know. I like it a lot, so probably. Maybe. " she replied, almost as
if she was debating whether this should be a one night thing or a new habit.

They made out for a few more minutes and shared a few more smoky kisses until
she looked at the digital clock on the table and quickly got out of bed and
said, "Oh my God. It's three o'clock in the morning. I gotta go."

She put her shoes on and started to go when Sam said, "Wait, I've got
something for you."

He went to his stash and pulled out a full pack of Marlboro 100's and handed
them to her.

She looked at him for a moment and she said, "Let's smoke one more before I
go." He smiled and realized this would be the last time he'd ever see her.
She got out her purse and put on a fresh coat of her strawberry lip gloss.

He sat on the bed and then she sat on his lap as he wrapped his left arm
around her. She picked up the lighter, dangled for a few seconds, and then
flicked the lighter and blew out a cloud of smoke.

She was becoming a pro, Sam thought to himself. He reached for the cigarette,
but she moved her hand away. She giggled a little and Sam knew he would have
to do more if he wanted to share this last smoke with her. She took a drag
off the cig and he moved his lips towards her shining lips as she exhaled
just at the moment the contact began. She shared each drag with him, giving
him a smoky kiss each time she exhaled. About halfway through the cigarette
he asked her what her name was.

"Kimmy," she told him.

"My name is Sam," he said just before she gave him another smoky kiss.

She saw it was getting close to the filter so she did a double pump, held the
smoke in for what seemed like forever and gave him his final smoky kiss as
she put her tongue in his mouth and left it there for him to savor one last

She gave him a quick kiss, said goodnight, put the pack of cigarettes into
her purse, and quickly headed back to her room.

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