Smoking Schoolgirl Superstar Athlete, Part 1

(by Smokewriter, 06 December 1999)

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by Smokewriter
Part 1 of 3

  There was no doubt about it. Laurie was by far the best athlete at
Washington High School. She excelled at everything she tried, soccer,
field and ice hockey, track and field, softball, and lacrosse. From her
freshwoman year, she had been the best player on any team she was on.
She was voted on to countywide all star teams in every sport. Her
teammates were so much in awe of her that in her sophomore year, they
elected Laurie the captain of their teams over the upper classwomen and
broken all of the school and many of the county and state records and at
sixteen was already becoming a legend in the local area.
 Laurie's accomplishments outshined all of the male athletes in the
school. She had proven herself playing in pickup basketball games with
the best of them, embarassing them with her superior athletic ability.
She was physically superior to most of them, growing to over six feet
tall in the eleventh grade. And her beauty equaled her athletic ability.
Laurie was an awesome sight, with long, dark brown hair hanging in soft
curls all the way down to her waist. Her stunning classic
high-cheekboned  beauty and piercing green eyes had boys and men of all
ages unable to take their eyes off of her. And on top of all that,
Laurie was an honors student.
 But what Laurie was known for, as much as anything else, was her
cigarettes. She loved to smoke and she loved her Marlboro 100'sk and she
didn't care who knew it. Not her parents, who smoked themselves and
enjoyed good health, and learned long before never to stand in the way
of anything she wanted. And not her teachers or the school
administration either. Though the school was proud of her
accomplishments on the playing field and in the classroom, some faculty
and administration didn't like the fact that she smked so boldly on the
practice field and in the locker room.
 Everything came to a head when Laurie smoked a cigarette during a track
meet. She had already won the 100 yard dash, the mile run and the
javelin throw, and after the cigarette she won the high jump and the
broad jump. Almost single-handed she had brought victory to her team,
and she treated herself to another cigarette as she trotted from the
track to the locker room. The principal thought that Laurie wasn't
projecting the right image by smoking in public and besides, she had
broken the school rules by smoking on school property . But he didn't
want to confront Laurie herself, so he gave the job to the chairman of
Washington Highs phys-ed department, Mr. Nash.
 Mr. Nash was a gym teacher who coached the boy's football and baseball
teams. Now thirty-two, he had once been a jock himself, good on the high
school level but only average in college, never coming close to
realizing his dreams of playing pro sports. He wasn't neary big or
talented enough for that. He settled for being a gym teacher and coach,
and lucked out by becoming head of his department. He was an old
fashioned macho jock who always had a hard time accepting women's
athletics, never taking seriously the accomplishments of female
athletes. He resented Laurie's celebrity, her almost goddess-like status
in school. He was put off by her cockiness. He was an ex-marine who
believed in discipline and he hated how Laurie could flout the school's
anti-smoking rules and get away with it. Everything about Laurie rubbed
Nash the wrong way, and he jumped at the opportunity that he was given.
 Nash confronted Laurie the next day after her lacrosse game. She had
led her theam to victory, scoring five goals and playing awesome
defense. On the way to the locker room the girls passed by where Nash
was running his team's practice. Laurie lit up a celebratory cigarette
and Nash had his opportunity. He called to Laurie and trotted out
towards her.
 Laurie, being quick and smart, immedeately sensed what Nash was up to.
She stood up tall and squared her shoulders, looking at Nash not as a
teacher or coach but as an opponent.  She took a deep drag and slowly
let the smoke escape her nostrils as Nash stepped up to her. She noted
to herself with amusement that she was taller than the coach! He was six
feet tallbut she was at least six-one at this point. Nash often bragged
about how well he kept himself in shape, but now that Laurie assessed
him up close, she saw him as being soft. And she had just learned
something about Nash that she found amusing and would now use against
him. Laurie knew that she had to sieze control of the situation
 Nash was infuriated by the insolence of the bratty kid  he was facing.
"You are in violation of the school rules by smoking, young lady, and if
you don't put that cigarette out right now and promise never to smoke on
the school grounds again, I'm going to suspend you, no matter how big an
athletic star you are!" His sarcastic tone got Laurie even angrier at
 Laurie took another drag and blew a stream of smoke at Nash's face and
chuckled as his eyes turned red with anger. "My parents let me smoke so
I'm certainly not going to listen to you! You may be a teacher, but rght
now I'm a lot more important in school than you, wth my athletic
successes, Coachie!" Nash bristled when the cocky bitch called him that,
as Laurie knew he would. 
 "You won't be such a superstar athlete for long if you keep on smoking
the way you do, girlie!" Nash blustered.
 This was all the opening Laurie was looking for. Bullshit, Coachie!"
she drawled. "In my family we all smoke, and were all active and it
doesn't bother us, especially the women! Both of my parents smoke and
they're in perfect health. All four of my grandparents smoke and they're
all doing just fine! All four of my great-grandmothers still smoke, and
they're going strong in their nineties! My great-grandfather is one
hundred and four and he walks a mile to the store and back for his two
packs every day! In fact my three deceased great-grandfathers were all
 Laurie stopped to take another drag, her cheeks hollowing slightly as
she sucked the smoke into her magificent body. Nash was too transfixed
by the sight of her and what she was saying to do anything but stare up
at her as she continued. "And last week I found out something that was
very interesting. After I broke the women's school record for the 100
yard dash, I was going through the records and saw that you went to this
very high school, Coachie. You did okay compared to your teammates at
the time, but MY time was way faster than yours! I looked at the other
races, Coachie, and I beat you every time, so you're in no position to
lecture me. I'm a better athlete than you, Coachie, and if I had been
your age I would have beaten the pants off of you then!"
 Nash's face now got even redder, and Laurie issued her challenge. "Tell
you what, Coachie. If you can prove that you're a better athlete than
me, I'll stop smoking. If you can beat me in any type of physical
competition I will accept any punishment that you give me. But if I beat
you, you will apologize to me for trying to punish me and you won't give
me any more of your lip. Deal, Coachie?"
 Laurie took a final drag, flicked the butt to the ground between Nash's
feet and stepped forward to grind it out, putting her face inches from
his. She looked down into his eyes. "They used to say that smoking
stunts your growth too, but I've been smoing since I was twelve and I've
grown over a foot since then. And now I'm bigger than you, Coachie! And
YOU want to give ME orders? Don't make me laugh! If you want me to
listen to you you have to prove that you're better than me, if you can!"
 Nash didn't know how to react to Laurie's challenge. Laurie stayed in
control of the situation. "Grab a bat, Coachie, and tell your pitcher to
give me a ball. Let's see if the smoking schoolgirl can strike out the
coach of the baseball team!"
 Nash was backed into a corner and did what Laurie told him to do. She
chuckled as they strolled onto the baseball field. Already she was
establishing control over the teacher. He was following her lead. Laurie
took off her outer jersey and her lacrosse pants, leaving her wearing
gym shorts and a t-shirt along with her white socks and cleated shoes.
She took another Marlboro 100 from her pack and lit one, putting the
lighter in the pack and rolling up her sleve, tucked the long red and
white pack in it.
 Watching Laurie warm up was amazing. Expertly, without even thinking
about it, she didnt let her pitching interfere with her smoking. She put
the cigarette in her mouth when she threw the ball, then took it in her
hand as she caught the ball in her glove. She took a drag, put the
cigarette back between her lips and threw again.
 Laurie's teammates had watched this confrontation and they, alon with
the boy's baseball team watched as Laurie blew three strikes past the
coach. His swings were desperate and way too slow for Laurie's blazing
fastball, her pack of cigarettes tucked into her pitching arm's sleeve
visible to all. She struck him out a second time, moving the cigarette
between her mouth and her hand between pitches. She gave him a third
chance. This time, she kept the cigarette in her pitching hand as she
threw the ball. This caused the ball to break sharply, and Nash looked
more pathetic than ever as he was fooled by her pitch and struck out
 "Okay, Coachie," called out Laurie. "Now you pitch and try to strike ME
out!" Again the teacher followed the lead of the student and took the
ball. Laurie stepped into the batter's box and lit up another cigarette,
putting it between her lips as she slammed Nash's first pitch over the
fence. She blasted several more, taking drags between pitches. Nash
tried to trick her by pitching quickly while she was still smoking. With
the cigarette still in her hand, she swung and sent yet another ball
over the fence. She then showed up the coach in front of her team by
trotting slowly around the bases, puffing on her cigarette and exhaling
as she did. As she rounded third base she flicked the cigarette butt at
him as he stood in motionless humiliation on the pitcher's mound.
 Nash felt that he had to say something to save face in front of the
baseball boys and lacrosse girls. "You HAVE to run like that or else
you'd be out of breath with all that smoking!"
 That was a stupid thing for Nash to say, of course. First, Laurie had
more than proven her athletic ability to tell all of her cassmates who
were watching. Second, it gave Laurie an opening to further put the
teacher down. She crossed the plate, lit another cigarette and walked to
the mound. "If you really think that's true, Coachie," she goaded, "Why
don't we race right now? Four times around the track. That's a mile! Or
do you want to concede now that I'm a better athlete than you and
apologize for trying to hassle me for smoking?"
 Laurie's goading worked perfectly. Nash reacted exactly as she wanted,
and angrily stormed towards the track. She tucked her pack of Marlboro
100's in one of her white athletic socks, against her lower calf, the
familiar red and white pack sticking out three quarters of the way.
Laurrie crouched into the starting position, cigaretted dangling between
her lips. Nash angrily followed suit.
 Laurie's quick, long strides put her comfortably ahead from the start.
She would occasionally turn around and run backwards to look at Nash as
she took a puff of her cigarette. She would then turn back and turn on
the juice, putting more distance between the two of them. Nash couldn't
help seeing that long red Marlboro pack, pulsating with the flexong of
Laurie's strong calf muscle with each stride she took. As she started
her second lap, Nash was more than fifty yards behind her, Laurie's long
dark hair flowing back in the breeze as if it were pointing at and
mocking the teacher.
 By the third lap Laurie was finished with her cigarette so she flicked
the butt behind her towards Nash. As she continued to run she reached
back  and grabbed the pack from her sock and took out a cigarette and
the lighter. Without breaking stride or slowing down, Laurie expertly
cupped her hands and lit the cigarette with ease, putting the lighter in
the pack and the pack back in her sock. She looked over her shoulder and
chuckled. She had opened up her lead by another ten yards just while she
was lighting up! She finished the fourth and final lap. Nash still had
over half a lap to go!
 Laurie stood at the finish line and tapped her foot, feighning
impatience, waiting for Nash to finish in the classic smoking pose, her
right elbow resting in the palm of her left hand as she held her
cigarette elegantly, taking puffs while Nash huffed and puffed his way
to the finish line. Far from being out of shape, Laurie's magnificent
body radiated a healthy glow. "Well well, Coachie," she teased,  "it
looks like YOU"RE the one that's out of breath and out of shape, not me!
Now let's have that apology, and a promise to stop giving me shit about
my smoking!"
 Of course that last line was intended to goad Nash even further, and it
worked. Laurie challenged the coach to a one-on-one basketball game in
the school gym. The lacrosse girls and baseball boys all followed them
inside the building.
            END OF PART ONE

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