A Cig is a Schoolgirl's Best Friend!

(by Sarah, 16 February 2000)

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A Cig is a Schoolgirl's Best Friend!
by Sarah
I thought you might like to hear my story of how and why I first started to

I live in England and am 17. Three years ago I moved with my family from
Leeds to Manchester. Of course, such a long distance move meant that I would
have to join a new school. I wasn't particularly looking forward to this but
it didn't take long for me to settle in to my new surroundings and I became
particularly good friends with the two most popular and good-looking girls in
my year, Rachael and Laura. It wasn't long before I found out one of the
reasons for their popularity with the boys was that they just loved to smoke
and they wasted no time in introducing me to the delights of being a smoking

It was my first day at my new school and I had gone with them to the back of
the gym at breaktime.  This was one of the regular 'smoking pits' and there
were already a group of girls and boys there already, smoke clouds swirling
around in the light autumn wind. I had been heavily into netball at my old
school and had avoided places like this like the plague. I wanted to keep
healthy and smoking was not on my agenda. In fact, I'd never even tried one
before. I'd hoped to carry on with my netball at this school, but even so,
being the new girl I was keen to fit in as soon as possible and not do
anything which would jeopardise this. So when Rachael reached into her
schoolbag, pulled out a packet of Benson & Hedges and offered me one I said
yes. It went completely against my health conscious nature, but being my
first day I was insecure and resolved to just 'play along' for now and come
up with an excuse not to smoke later on.

I put the cigarette to my lips and sucked on the lighter that Rachael was
holding out to me. The end grew red and wafts of sultry smoke blew from my
mouth as I puffed and sucked like the inexperienced amateur that I was. Both
Rachael and Laura lit their cigarettes and expertly inhaled large lungfuls of
air into their young bodies and blew out long shafts of swirling smoke.
However, it wasn't long before they noticed my clumsy, awkward smoking style
and that I wasn't inhaling.  They soon put two and two together! "Come on
girl, inhale - you'll like it!" laughed Laura as she took a deep drag of her
cigarette. She pursed her lips as she blew out the smoke from deep within her
lungs and smiled. "Yeah, after the first few drags you'll start getting used
to it" added Rachael. "Go on then!" I looked at the cigarette sheepishly and
decided to go ahead; I couldn't back out now. 

The first cloud of smoke hit my virgin lungs like a mini tornado and I
coughed and spluttered like a baby. The two other girls just giggled and I
noticed some curious looks from the other smokers at my apparent distress.
But I didn't want to look stupid so I regained my composure as quickly as I
could and took another drag, a smaller one this time. The result wasn't quite
so bad and by the time I'd finished the cigarette my urge to cough had almost
vanished. There was a curious, sweet taste in my mouth that I rather liked.

The next time I was offered a cigarette I wasn't quite so reluctant to
accept, and by the time this one was finished I decided that I was growing to
love the taste, the smell, the feel of the smoke in my lungs and the
satisfaction smoking gave you. Before I knew it I was a regular smoker. I
discovered that if I hadn't had a cigarette for a while I would get an urge
to smoke again; to feel the nicotine in my brain, the smoke in my lungs, the
sweet, wonderful taste on my tongue.

I soon gave up any ideas of carrying on with my netball ambitions, and the
thought that I had given up an innocent, healthy pursuit in favour of a
'naughty', unhealthy smoking habit really turned me on. That's what I loved
about becoming a schoolgirl smoker; the fact that I had changed from the
innocent 'good-girl' who used to be against smoking into a 'bad-girl', aware
of her growing sexual awareness and desires and the fact that smoking really
turned her on.

I was soon up to about twenty cigarettes a day, I couldn't get enough! I was
totally committed and dedicated to smoking; it felt so good, so sensual, so
sexy! It made me so damn horny. When we were smoking in the toilets I would
look at myself in the mirror and get so turned on I would nearly come in my
knickers. The possibility of getting caught smoking was also a huge turn-on.
My parents would kill me if they found out that I smoked, so the 'danger'
element of my passion was also a great sexual thrill for me. Of course, the
usual smoking areas at school were the toilets, back of the gym etc., places
out of the way of teachers. But I took to lighting up in the actual
corridors!  I picked them carefully of course, those that were light of
'teacher-traffic'. And if a teacher did approach it was fairly easy to
conceal my cig carefully up my sleeve. The feeling of smoking in such a
dangerous place and seeing the faces of the other kids as they looked at me
smoking arrogantly used to make my pussy tingle in delight. And you know
what, I was never caught! Fortune favours the brave, as they say.

I had become one of the bad-girls - a sexy, smoking bad girl. I couldn't get
enough of it. I loved walking down the street smoking and seeing the
unaproving faces of adults, 'tut-tutting' in their minds at the sight of the
naughty schoolgirl smoking.

It's now a year since I left school, I'm at college now. But I'm still
totally dedicated to smoking: It still turns me on and I will never, never
give up! Smoking is sexy, smoking is cool and it always will be!  

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