Seda, Part 3

(by anonymous, 15 September 2010)

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Part III  

Seda and Bradley continued to see each other regularly.  When Bradley invited
Seda to his apartment one night, she immediately lit an Ismir, the first
cigarette smoked in the apartment since he moved in. When she left later that
evening, Bradley noticed the smell of her cigarettes was still there. He
liked the smell, he had to admit. He could smell it in the bedroom, and all
over.  He could still smell it a week later. He did not want the smell to go
away, he realized. Ever.

A couple of weeks after the party, Bradley asked Seda if she would like to
come with him that weekend to visit his mother. Bradley wanted the two to
meet. Seda said she could not.  "Nicholas Timbers has invited me out to
dinner on Saturday," she said. 

Bradley knew the two had had lunch together, but he did not have the nerve to
ask Seda about it and she didn't mention it.  He hoped that had gone away but
now he knew it had not.

"Dinner?" Bradley said.  "I thought ...."

"We must talk about marketing a good deal. I want to learn all I can from him
so I can find a position in that area. You know that."

Bradley feared bringing that subject up again.  But it came up a few weeks
later when Seda let it slip that she had invited Nick Timbers to her
apartment for dinner.

Bradley was shocked. "Why are you seeing him still?"

"Stop being like a child," Seda said.  "Nicholas happened to mention that he
had never eaten Turkish food. I said I would cook him some, since there is
not a good restaurant in this city for that."  Seda paused as if undecided to
tell more. "When he came over he brought two bottles of Turkish wine and a
carton of Ismir.  I do not know where he ever found the wine, but that was so
nice of him. And the wine was so good. By the way, Nicholas has started
smoking Ismir- all the time. I must admit I am pleased that I could help.
Nicholas said it was just a the good marketing by me. " She laughed. "He is a
very good smoker, Nicholas. These are not so easy cigarettes to get used to,
as you know. Most people do not ever want to try them." Then she laughed and
glanced at Bradley. "And other people, they are getting sick."

Bradley was stunned. He felt his blood rising.  But he wanted to be careful
in how he preceded.  "Are you still talking about marketing?" His words were
halting. "With him?

Seda lit an Ismir from one she already had going.  "Yes, some of the time. We
have other interest too."

"Then there is more to this?" Bradley felt his body quiver. He tried to slow
down but could not. "What else should I know?"

"I think you are getting jealous," Seda said.  "And I am not sure if I like
that. You need to not be so   much worried."

"Did he ... Did he kiss you?" 

"Nicholas? It was nothing," Seda answered, reaching for another Ismir.  "Stop
putting your thoughts into this."

"But he did kiss you?"

"It happened. In Turkey it is traditional to kiss when a woman receives
gifts, as I did with the wine and the cigarettes. But we are just friends.
Nothing more."

A quiet filled Seda's apartment.  Bradley dreaded speaking what he felt
coming on next, but he did so anyway. "Did you go into the bedroom? Please
tell me the truth, Seda."

Seda studied her cigarette. "I want to be honest with you. I do not want any
secrets with us. That is why I am going to tell you this. Because we must be
truthful with each other, I will not spare any of the details. I will tell
you everything. We did go there, Nicholas and me, to the bedroom, yes." Her
voice was even, not at all shaky. "But you must know this. We are not having
sex. Not in the way you would think."

"Wha . . ? What do you mean?" 

"We did not have sex as you and I are having it. I told Nicholas I could not
do that because of my relationship with you. Nicholas understood. It so
happens likes you and respects you."

"But then . . . ?" 

"Nicholas asked if he could have my bottom."

"You . . . you . . ." Bradley fought to get the words out, words he had never
said aloud in his life.  "You had anal . . . anal sex?" His previous glimpses
of Seda's large, hairy behind flashed across his brain.  

Seda dropped her still lit cigarette into an ash tray, got up to go to the
kitchen and came back with a rum and Coke. She set her drink down, lit a
fresh cigarette and took a fierce inhale.  "Nicholas has done so much for me,
helping me understand all about the marketing.  This was the least I could do
for him. It had no meaning for me. A lot of guys, they like it, I happen to
know. I do not mind really, because it does not stand for anything in my
mind. I cannot see anything. I am on my knees at the top of the bed. Nicholas
is behind me, at the foot of the bed. He is on his knees as well. Nicholas is
a real gentleman, I do want you to know. He is very polite. Please know that
he asked me nicely before he took my bottom. And he put pillows under my
knees and he even placed my cigarettes and my lighter and an ash tray on the
bed near me. He is very kind. As I said, a gentleman. He wanted me to be
comfortable and relaxed while it is happening."

"Did he... " Bradley could hardly finish the sentence he was so distraught.
"Did he, uh, touch you?"

"Of course. He had to, do not be silly. I am quite wide back there. I am
aware of it. Nicholas needed to put his hands on my hips. I advised him to do
that, to hold on. It was necessary. If he did not, he could have slipped out
of me and fallen off the bed and hurt himself. I did not want that to happen.
I do not want an accident. I hope you can accept that."

"So that was it?"

"Nicholas was still sliding in me so I told him to reach around under me and
hold to my breasts.  That seemed to work but then it did not. Finally he
decided to wrap his arms around me, around my waist. He placed his head on my
back. That was much better, except for his whiskers which are tickling me.
Anyway, I am smoking all this time, as well as the second time."

Bradley was stupefied. "Two times? You did it again? Another time?" There was
pure pain in his voice.

"I want us to be completely honest. It is important that we are speaking the
truth. And for you to know everything. After the first time, Nicholas had to
go to the pharmacist to buy more condoms.  While he is going there I am
resting and enjoying my cigarettes.  When Nicholas came back with the condoms
he brought also a quart of butter pecan ice cream, my favorite. What a
wonderful treat that was! We both had an appetite from what we are doing, so
we each ate two bowls. That gave us some new energy, I think.  Because of the
ice cream, I wanted  to do something for Nicholas. I needed a way to show I
am appreciating him. That is why I am letting him have my bottom a second
time. That was only fair. He deserved to have it. Do you not see?"

"So he touched you again?" Bradley's words ragged.

"Nicholas is very big and powerful, as you might be guessing." Seda smiled as
if remembering. "This time he broke the condom. Broke it open. I had to stop
and help him put on another condom, and then a second one on top of that one,
to be safe. But now I am wet back there because of the broken condom and
Nicholas is slipping so bad it is quite dangerous. The poor, poor man. I am
so worried about him that I am smoking my cigarettes, one from the other.
Meanwhile, Nicholas is working very hard. But we need to find a way for him
to be, to be steady in me. I am squeezing the muscles inside my bottom for
him as much as possible for me." 

Seda reached for a cigarette. "But it is not helping, my squeezing. Then I
have the idea that he should stretch out all the way up my back and pull at
my shoulders. Pull me back toward him. Because I am working out in the gym
many days, that does not bother me at all. It is so  much better for
Nicholas. I can feel this way is a success and Nicholas is so pleased now. He
is letting me know it. Then it is over, all over, and we are falling into
each other's arms." She laughed. "Oh, I am so happy for Nicholas when it is
over, I cannot tell you. He was so determined to do my bottom and I was so
glad he did not give up. He is thanking me and telling me that it was worth
it and how much it is meaning to him." 

Neither of them spoke for a minute or two.

"Listen," Seda said, flicking her cigarette into the ash tray.  "I would
never want to do that way with you."

Bradley felt his anger reaching new level. "Why not?  If you did it with him,
why not with me? Did you think I would not be interested?" In truth, Bradley
had never dared to ask his wife or any woman if he might go there. 

"I did not want you there because you are my lover," Seda said. "I do not
want my lover behind me.  I want my lover under me. All the time under me.
Beneath my body as we make love.  That is what being lovers means.  Do you
not see? That is very basic."

Bradley said nothing. His mind was a jumble of thoughts. Some were crazy, mad
thoughts having to do with what Seda had told him. Other thoughts were
somehow reassuring. Seda's words reminded him that she still cared about him.
He tried hard to convince himself of that.

"Are you going to see him again?"  As he said this, Bradley stood up for a
moment to reach over and put out Seda's smoldering Ismir. 

"I do not know," Seda said.  "Who is to know?  But whatever I do you have to
stop being so upset." She was sitting on an arm chair, her long legs crossed
in front of her. "This," she pointed to a spot on her lap,"is here for you
only.  No one else.  My jelly jar is yours.  Nobody may go in there but you.
Why do you think I am taking the condom off you? I do not want that condom
between us. That should be enough reason for you to know what I think of you.
My bottom, I do not want you doing me there.  It is not the special place
that my jelly jar is. Do you not see the difference?  Do you not see my
point? I hope you do. If you do not, then we do not have very good

Bradley stayed quiet, his expression sullen. Seda rose out of her chair, a
fresh cigarette in her hand and came over to the couch where he sat.  She
took a seat alongside him. She put her burning cigarette in her mouth and
reached for a box of Kleenex on the coffee table and handed it to him.  "I do
not want my lover to be crying," she said. 

Bradley pushed the Kleenex away. "I'm not crying." 

She placed her right arm around his shoulders and squeezed.  With the Ismir
hanging from her mouth, Seda said, "Stop feeling this way. You must stop."
Eventually Seda stood and stared down at Bradley for several moments, her
hands on her hips. Without warning she bent down and picked him up in her
arms, as one would a child.

"What are . . . ?" 
"We are going now to the bedroom," Seda said, the Ismir still hanging from
her mouth. "I am needing my lover in the bedroom right now."

She laid him down on top of the bed and began undressing him.  She left his
shirt on and pulled down his pants and underwear - but stopped at the middle
of his thighs. She left them there. Bradley gave her a confused look. 

"This way, it is far enough to here," she said. "This is all I am needing. No
reason for you to remove the clothing more, so do not." She kissed him on the
forehead and went into the bathroom. 

When Seda came out, Bradley asked, in an almost pleading voice, "Would you
please take your bra off? Would you do that one thing for me? Please, Seda?"

Seda climbed into bed, her beige bra still on. "No. I will not do that and I
will tell you why. I keep my brassiere on me so you will not be distracted. I
know what you might be feeling or doing if I take the brassiere away. I am a
44 D-cup. My breasts are very healthy. I am taking pride in them. But I want
you to focus only on your job as my lover. That job is to be very still under
me. To be very quiet as a little tiny gray mouse. You would not be able to do
that job if I am without my brassiere. You would have your mind and your
thoughts elsewhere. I will not let that happen. So let us not discuss this

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