Annie starts smoking; the lost episode (Seventh Heaven), Part 1

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This story is based on the TV series seventh heaven.

Annie starts smoking; the lost episode.
Part 1

Annie Camden sat in the outside café waiting for her childhood friend Rachel
Parker. They hadn't seen each other in years so Annie was very excited. She
was sitting there and remembering all the good times they shared when she
heard a voice shout from across the room.

"Annie Camden! Is that you?"

Annie jumped up and greeted her friend. It had been a long time. After a hug,
they sat down and started talking about all the things that were going on in
both of their lives when something happened that Annie didn't expect.

"Now don't be shocked, Annie, but I've started smoking cigarettes." Rachel
said as she opened her purse and produced a pack of Virginia Slims menthol
120's. "You don't mind if I have one do you?"

Annie was a bit shocked since she had never smoked a cigarette in her life.
"Not at all, but when did this all happen?" 

"Well", said Rachel as she placed the long white 120 between her lips and lit
up. "After the divorce, I was under a lot of stress as you can imagine. My
friend Bonnie smoked and was always saying I should try one and well one led
to two and I was pretty much hooked after that and I just love it now.
Besides, it helps me keep my girlish figure" Rachel said with a laugh. "I
would have never thought of you as a smoker being the health nut that you
are, but you're an adult and I cant really say anything if that's what you
want to do." Said Annie.

"But doesn't it effect you're exercising?"

"Well, a little, but it helps my heart beat faster and that in turn helps me
burn more fat and keep my muscle tone. Besides, Dorothy Hamel smoked for
years and she has a gold medal."

The both of them laughed and resumed their catching up.  But something was
bothering Annie. She had been under a lot of stress as well. Being a full
time mother to 5 children wasn't easy and on top of that, she was a
minister's wife so she very active with all the church activities as well.
Every time Rachel lit up, Annie would watch her. She seemed to have a sense
of relief with every inhale. She started thinking that this might be just the
thing to help her cope with all her stress. They finished their coffee and
since Rachel was staying in town for two weeks on business, they made plans
to get together almost daily.

Annie couldn't help but think how good Rachel looked. She was 40 but could be
easily mistaken for being in her late 20's. Annie looked very, very good for
her age but had been trying to loose a few pounds she put on when her
youngest daughter was born. Maybe smoking could do that for her as well. But
what about her husband? Would he be upset if she started smoking? He had
never smoked either. And what about the kids. Would they except it? Annie had
a lot on her mind during that drive home but as soon as she walked through
the door, she forgot all about it as her motherly duties took over. Later on
that night in bed, her husband, Eric, asked her all about the visit.

"Well, Rachel's doing very good, she has her own design firm and seems quite
successful", she told him. "But there is one thing; Rachel started smoking."

"Really", Eric said.

"Yeah, but she looks great and it hasn't seemed to slow her down a bit",
Annie stated.

"Well, if it works for her, more power to her." Said a seemingly supportive

"Honey, I'm having Rachel over in the morning, you don't mind if she smokes
in the house, do you?"

"No, not at all. Just open a window."

"Thanks Honey, I wouldn't want to make her feel uncomfortable," Annie said
with a smile as she turned off the light and went to sleep.

The next morning, after everybody had left for the day, Rachel came over and
the two of them sat down for coffee.  Like clockwork, Rachel produced her now
ever present pack of VS menthol 120's and asked Annie if would be ok if she
had one in the house.

"Not a problem" Annie said as she sipped her coffee. "Rachel", Annie said "I
want to talk to you about something."

"What is it hun? Is something wrong?" asked a now concerned Rachel.

"Maybe I should try a cigarette. I've been under quite a bit of stress as
well and I've been wanting to loose 5 more pounds from having Ruthie. Do you
think that would be bad? I mean being a minister's wife and all."

"Um, well sure you can have a cigarette Annie and if you remember, the
Reverend Dawson's wife Margie used to smoke and no one seemed to mind.  Now
the next question I have is what if you like it? You know, one smoke leads to
another and well the next thing you know you're buying your own and before
you know it, you're hooked!"

"Rachel, I think you're jumping the gun a little bit here. I just might not
even like it and I don't think I'll get hooked after one cigarette. It's just
that I can see all the stress go away whenever you light up. I just want to
see if it will work for me, besides, if I do get hooked, it was all part of
the big guys plan" Annie said as she looked up at the ceiling and laughed.

"Ok, ok", Rachel said as she handed over her the pack. Annie felt a sense of
arousal at the thought of smoking. She was always taught that "good girls"
didn't smoke and she felt like she was doing something naughty.

"Actually, could you show me how to do all of this?  I mean the proper way to
light up and all. I don't want to look like I don't know what I'm doing if
you know what I mean. You look so sophisticated when you smoke."

"Sure hun, some people look very awkward when they first start smoking",
Rachel said as she stubbed out her finished VS 120 and took the pack back.
"First you have to pull the cigarette with your index finger and thumb like
this. And next, make the cigarette slide between your index and middle finger
like this and remember to hold it right at the top of your finger tips like
this and bend your wrist slightly. Its just that women seem to have a
different smoking style then men and you don't want to look like a man when
you smoke. That actually why I smoke the 120's, they make me feel more
feminine and sexy. Now you try". Annie did just what she had been taught.

"How's this?" she said.

"Very good! Now you place it right in the middle of your lips and let it
dangle like this. You don't want to cave in your lips like some people do. It
just doesn't look right."

"Like this?" Annie said as she placed the long white VS 120 perfectly between
her pursed lips.

"Yep, perfect." said Rachel.

Annie was feeling very excited by this point thinking about how she was just
about to light her first cigarette ever!

"Wait a second" Annie said as she took the VS 120 out of her mouth. "This
might seem silly, but I want to watch myself do this. I would have never
imagined me of all people actually smoking a cigarette. Hold on while I get
my hand mirror", Annie said as she rushed of to the bathroom to get it. "Ok,
I'm ready," said Annie as she sat down to the table again and placed the long
white 120 perfectly between her lips.

"Well, what do you think? Do you like the look of you in the mirror?" Annie
sat there, cigarette in mouth, mirror in hand.  She couldn't believe it. The
site of her just about to do something she was always told was naughty made
her feel things she hadn't felt in quite a long time. Kind of like the
feeling she used to have every time she would put on a new sexy nighty for

"Now these are menthols so they are going to taste a little minty. Now watch
just how I do this."

With that, Rachel placed the VS120 between her lips and flicked the lighter.
She brought the flame right to the tip and sucked the fire right in. Next she
inhaled and began her instruction to Annie.

"Pretend you are sucking on a straw but not too hard, you don't want to

Annie, for the first time in her life, brought her cigarette to life with
every moment caught in her mind with the help of the little hand held mirror.
As soon as the first particle of smoke hit her tongue, she was instantly
taken. "mmmmm" she said as she removed the cigarette and blew out a small
loud of un inhaled smoke.

"I love that minty taste," she said as she brought the 120 to her lips again
and took another small puff.

Rachel smiled and said "Now, you can't really say you have smoked until
you've inhaled."

"Ok, show me" Annie said in anticipation.

"Do just what you did but right after you take a puff, hold the smoke in your
mouth and take a breath." Annie did what she was told, accidentally doing her
first snap inhale. Watching the smoke disappear down her throat turned her on
even more.

"How does that feel?" asked Rachel as she watched her friend exhale her first
thin blue stream of inhaled smoke.

"I love it! My head and body feel a 
little tingly though."

"That's the nicotine hitting you. You'll get used to 
it."  Annie brought the long white VS 120 to her lips again and took another 
small drag and inhaled.

"I like the way the menthol makes my chest feel when 
I inhale", Annie chirped. "I also feel more relaxed. It's almost like getting 
buzzed on wine but not as strong."

"Yes it is. Now you can see why I like it 
so much. Its kind of like sex", laughed Rachel. "Now everytime you take a 
drag, try to take in a little more smoke."

 "Ok", said Annie as she finshed her 
cigarette all the while feeling more and more horny watching her self in the 

"So did you like your first cigarette?" asked Rachel. "You certainly 
look like you have the smoking style down. You don't look like a beginner at 

"Really?" asked Annie. "Must be the help of watching you and watching myself
in the mirror."

End of part 1 

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