Shannon (2007)

(by anonymous25, 17 April 2007)

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   Ever since I was a kid, I've had a smoking fetish.  It wasn't until a few
years ago (when a girlfriend of mine recognized it for what it was) that I
came to terms with it.  Due to the great stories on this site, I've decided
to contribute some true stories that led me to where I am today, engaged to a
beautiful smoking woman.

   When I got out of university, I had a teaching license, but no job.  To
make ends meet, I worked three jobs:  weekend supervisor at a local gym,
retail in a mall, and substitute teaching.  While the hours were a killer, it
helped me pay my bills, and its how I met Shannon.  One day I was
substituting at my alma mater (at age 21), and I had in class an 18 year old
senior named Shannon.  It was obvious she smoked; she had "the look":  a bit
of dark makeup around the eyes, and the faint fragrance of cigarette smoke
when she walked into class.  She was about 5' 1", brown hair, blue eyes,
perky breasts and a great ass.  You may criticize me for noticing these
things, but keep in mind I was (maybe) 3 years older than her, and she worked
in the mall as well.  While I was in the bookstore, she operated a kiosk just
a few yards from the entrance to my store.  After she had been in my class, I
noticed where she worked, and on occasion when I walked down the mall to the
food court, I would say hi and she would say hi back.  Nothing more than that
occurred during my time as a substitute, and by the next year I had received
an offer to teach at another high school full-time.  During that time, I was
able to quit the other jobs, and devote myself to being the best teacher I
could be, and a coach of various sports.

   The following Thanksgiving, in my second year as a full-time teacher, I
went to the local bar with friends.  Three of us had rented a house together,
and being single, there were more than an occasional woman coming over to
spend the night with one of us.  By the time this Thanksgiving Eve came, the
other two had girlfriends, but I was still single, and looking to take
advantage of the biggest drinking night of the year.  

   It was a great night - lots of drinks, running into former acquaintances
and high school classmates, and lots of women smoking.  Near the end of the
night, I ran into a kid who had belonged to the church youth group I had gone
to when I was in high school.  He was about 5 years younger than me, so I was
fairly certain he wasn't supposed to be in the bar.  Then again, this bar had
never been very strict with their inspections of drivers' licenses.  While
talking with Rick, catching up on activities at church and common friends, I
saw her:  Shannon.  She was standing about 30 feet away from me, lighting up
a Virginia Slims 120.  She was obviously drunk, and looking incredible with
the cigarette dangling from her lips.  A quick count of the years made me
certain that she too shouldn't have been in the bar, and that deviance
combined with her smoking just made her more attractive.  I pretended to be
listening to Rick, but I was staring at Shannon.  After she lit the VS 120, I
refocused on the conversation with Rick, hoping not to get caught staring at
Shannon by him or her.

   A few seconds later, there was a tap on my shoulder.  It was her, exhaling
smoke over her shoulder.

   "Excuse me, didn't you substitute teach at my high school?"
   "Hi, Shannon, how are you?"  She was drunk, and I tried to play it cool.
We had a brief conversation (i.e., what are you doing now, didn't you work at
the mall...), and then I turned to Rick.  I was a bit embarrassed at showing
interest in this girl, who was probably the same age as Rick.  She then
tapped me again on the shoulder, exhaling another large stream over her

   "I just wanted to tell you how I stared at your tight ass when you were
teaching my class."

   I was shell-shocked, and hard as hell.  Rick watched in stunned silence.  

   "Thanks..." I responded.  There was a pregnant pause.  After another drag
from her cigarette and another exhale, she continued.

   "I can't tell you how much I've wanted that tight ass of yours plunging
between my thighs."

   At this point, there was only one thing I could do.  I excused myself from
Rick, grabbed her arm and asked if she had driven to the bar.  She said yes.
I ran to my friends, tossed them the keys to my car and got the hell out of
there with this hot, dirty, smoking former student.  She put out her
cigarette upon getting into the car, but the smell of smoke was all over her.
I drove about 80 miles an hour to my house, the whole time Shannon stroked
me.  I rushed her into the house and upstairs to my bedroom on the second
floor.  We stripped in record time, and after putting on protection, I
entered her.  I'd like to say I showed her new things, and got her to orgasm
multiple times, but I doubt it.  This girl had been around the block more
than once, and to be honest I was just happy to be nailing her.  It didn't
last that long and shortly thereafter we both passed out.  	
   The next morning, there were quite a few awkward moments.  We got dressed;
I walked her to the door, and got her number.  She got into her car, pulled
out a cigarette and lit it, exhaling as she backed out of our driveway.  I
never called her after that - the guilt I felt sleeping with a (sort of)
former student, her definitely being under 21, and me not accepting that I
was attracted to smokers (since I was/am an athlete).  To this day I wished I
had called her.  I ran into her twice after that, both times while on dates
with different girls.  It was years later, and the years had not been kind to
her.  The last time she was a waitress in the restaurant I had taken my date,
and she was pregnant.  There was no ring on her finger.  
   Looking back, I'm sure she would've smoked for me in bed, but I hadn't yet
come to terms with the fetish.  If I was comfortable with my fetish at that
time, the sexual escapade which took place one Thanksgiving Eve years ago may
have developed into a relationship based solely on sex and cigarettes.  I
would've been okay with that, and I've fantasized about it often since.
   Thanks for listening, and I'll share some of my other stories which led to
my acceptance of my fetish.

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