She Owed Her One, Part 10

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


Julianna was on cloud nine as she made her way to the school for her English
exam. She managed to clear her head in time for the test, and was happy and
content that she would achieve at least a B+ (but probably an A) for the work
she had done. When the exam was over, she felt a huge sense of relief pass
over her. She knew that English was going to be the hardest exam to pass, and
she was confident that all the studying she had put in would lead to similar
results in all her other tests.

She made her way back to the Martin's feeling jubilant but slightly
apprehensive; she had enjoyed her first ever french kiss, but now that the
two young women had decided to take their relationship to the next level,
exactly what would that mean to their friendship? She needn't have worried.
She was greeted at the door by Hannah holding a freshly lit menthol cigarette
for her (which she gratefully accepted, immediately noticing that it was
indeed stronger than the Berkeley Menthols she had been smoking) and also by
Debbie, who planted a large kiss on her lips just as she removed the
cigarette after her first drag.

"God, I love the taste of smoke in your mouth," Debbie said as she pulled
away to let Julianna into the house.

"Me too!" Julianna said, taking another draw for emphasis.

The three women sat down to a late lunch, Julianna telling them how her exam
had gone between drags on her second, third and fourth cigarettes in a row.
Hannah had purchased a carton of 100 Richmond Superking Menthols for Julianna
to smoke, which she declared a `gift' when Julianna tried to pay for them.
After the meal, Julianna and Hannah each smoked another two cigarettes each
before Hannah said she had to go out on errands "which would take at least an
hour", winking at the two girls conspiratorially.

Alone for the first real time since declaring their feelings towards each
other, a moment of awkwardness passed between them. Julianna took this
opportunity to light yet another cigarette, absolutely loving the taste of
her new menthols. As she inhaled, she started to wish she had discovered the
joy of cigarettes years ago - somehow, everything seemed better when she was

"You know, you really ARE beautiful," Hannah said, moving closer. "May I kiss
you? You're so fucking hot when you smoke, I want to taste it in my mouth

"Okay," Julianna said, still a little tentative. She let Hannah slide closer
again, then they put their arms around each other and began a long, delicate
kiss, their tongues probing each others mouths again as they had that
morning, pausing only to let Julianna inhale large volumes of creamy white
smoke into her waiting lungs, which drove Debbie wild with passion.

As Julianna finished the cigarette, they broke away from each other. Debbie
reached over to the carton of cigarettes and extracted two, putting them both
into Julianna's mouth.

"I get the feeling you want as much smoke as you can physically get into your
lungs. Is that right?" Julianna nodded as Debbie sparked the lighter and
moved it towards the two cigarettes. Lighting them both, she gently pushed
Julianna gently onto her back on the couch. As she leaned back on the pillow,
Julianna inhaled more smoke at one time than she ever had managed before; the
results pleased both young women.

"Now relax, close your eyes and smoke for me," Debbie instructed, running her
hands over Julianna's body. As Julianna complied, Debbie reached behind
Julianna's back and unsnapped her bra. Julianna sighed in pleasure as she
felt her bra being removed and Debbie's lithe young hands grasp her nipples.
Debbie waited until Julianna was taking a deep drag off of both cigarettes
and then tweaked her nipples, causing Julianna to inhale even more smoke than
she thought possible. The feeling of so much nicotine coupled with the
sensations her body was feeling caused Julianna's body to tremble, a feeling
compounded as Debbie's other hand suddenly made its way towards Julianna's
pussy. Debbie rubbed her finger round and round her friend's clitoris, at
first slowly but gaining in speed until Julianna's body was writhing beneath
her. Debbie then abruptly stopped as she saw that Julianna had smoked both
cigarettes to their filters, which were by now completely blackened. This
time Debbie extracted three cigarettes and put them between her friend's lips
one by one, startling Julianna who still had her eyes closed. As Debbie lit
them, Julianna simply kept sucking, taking the maximum amount of smoke into
her mouth that she could before she ran out of breath. She then inhaled at
the exact same moment as Debbie inserted four fingers inside Julianna's cunt,
causing Julianna to cum all over Debbie's hand. But Debbie wasn't finished
there; instead of stopping, her hand became more frantic, moving rapidly in
and out of Julianna's hole while her thumb stimulated the clitoris and her
left hand grabbed Julianna's tit, twisting it to the point of extreme
pleasure/agony. Julianna, meanwhile, never bothered to remove the three
cigarettes from her mouth; instead she breathed through the cigarettes,
inhaling deeply and exhaling out the side of her mouth. She came again,
harder and harder until she could take no more and actually reached down to
remove Debbie's hand from her cunt; her body was physically spent, and she
trembled uncontrollably. Debbie took the three cigarettes from her friend's
mouth and stubbed each of them out. Seeing the pleasure she had brought to
her new lover, Debbie felt horny as she had ever been. She dearly wished
Julianna had enough strength left to pleasure her, but if not, that was fine
- this would do for now!

"Ciga...ciga...," Julianna motioned towards the packet on the table, her need for
nicotine betraying the fact she was still unable to speak from the last few
minutes efforts.

Debbie understood, and put a cigarette in her own mouth, lighting it for her
friend. She still did not care for the taste and did not think she would ever
become a smoker herself, but she would not mind occasionally lighting a
cigarette for her lover. She passed the cigarette to Julianna, who gratefully
received it and smoked it at a leisurely pace, still exhausted. Debbie,
meanwhile, was content to fall into Julianna's arms and watch her lover smoke
close up.

After Julianna finished her first ever after-sex cigarette, the two girls
fell asleep in each other's arms. Julianna awoke first twenty minutes later
and thought it about time she repaid Debbie. Removing her stockings, she
bound Debbie's hands to the sofa. She then went to Debbie's room and found
the drawer where Debbie's trusty vibrator was kept. Returning to the living
room, Julianna lit a cigarette, placed the vibrator on top of Debbie's
clitoris and turned it on.

Debbie, who had actually fallen into a relaxing sleep, was at first startled
then appreciative as she realised what was happening to her. Without knowing
it, Julianna had set up her dream scenario, and she was about to find out how
much the reality differed from fantasy. Julianna went to town on Debbie's
body, using her fingernails to stimulate her friend's nipples while the
vibrator first went over the clitoris before finding its way deep inside
Debbie's cunt. Julianna continued smoking, breathing her smoke over Debbie's
tits, her pussy, even into her mouth. This drove Debbie wild; she never
expected to lose her virginity to her best friend performing her wildest
fantasy! As Julianna reached the end of her cigarette, her movements became
more frantic; she turned the vibrator on to its top setting and made the
strokes longer and faster, all the while stimulating Debbie's clitoris with
the fingers of her other hand. It was not long before Debbie was climaxing,
her body vibrating furiously beneath Julianna. But Julianna was not finished
there; with her friend's hands still bound together, Julianna lit another
cigarette, switched the vibrator off, and went down on Debbie, eating out her
cunt with passion and fury, only stopping occasionally to take another drag
of her cigarette and blowing the smoke over Debbie's pussy. Five minutes
later it was all over, Debbie by now screaming loudly over and over again "DO
IT, DO IT, DO IT!" until she climaxed, squirting cum from her pussy which
Julianna licked up before taking a final drag from her cigarette, the liquid
from Debbie's cunt sticking to her lips and the filter and creating a long
sticky mess on it's way to the ashtray.

Julianna untied Debbie and they made their way unsteadily to the bedroom,
where they fell asleep naked in each other's arms.

An hour later, Hannah arrived home and found the mess the girls had left
behind, their clothes in a heaped pile next to the living room couch. She was
pleased the girls had at last unleashed their true feelings towards each
other, knowing as she did how important first love can be. Debbie's father
had died in an accident when Debbie was three, and she had never had anyone
other than her mother and Julianna in her life, and it was lovely to see her
daughter finally develop into the woman she always promised to be.

Julianna awoke an hour later, a scratchy feeling in her throat from the
excessive number of cigarettes she had smoked recently. "Only one thing for
that!" she thought, lighting another cigarette and gratefully receiving the
smoke into her lungs.

Debbie awoke a few moments later, smiling at Julianna as she watched her
smoke. The two young women lay together, not speaking, content in the
silence. Eventually, the time came to get out of bed and head downstairs.
Julianna wrapped herself in a towel as Debbie announced the two girls were
going for a shower.

"Together or separately?" Hannah wanted to know, guessing the answer before
it came back to her.

"Together!" the two friends cried in unison.

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