She Owed Her One, Part 11

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


Julianna and Debbie decided to keep their relationship and Julianna's smoking
a secret by mutual consent until after the exams were over. Julianna did not
want to deal with her parent's reactions to any of the two major revelations
in her life until she could be sure it would not affect her hopes of getting
the best grades she could, stress free.

Julianna continued smoking at an accelerated late, much to Debbie's delight.
Pretty soon, she was up to almost fifty a day when she spent time at the
Martin's (which was pretty much all the time now) and up to half of that when
she spent time at home (she made a lot of trips to the shops and ran a lot of
errands in order to get time away to smoke, and then spent at least an hour
smoking amongst the trees after her parents went to bed). On one horrendous
day, her parents invited friends over and Julianna could not get away at any
point to have a crafty cigarette. That night she smoked fifteen one after
another to nullify the intense cravings. Julianna knew the time was coming
when she would have to tell her parents everything.

She decided to do this in two stages. The first was to announce to the world
that she and Debbie were lovers. She wanted to do this when her parents were
in the best possible mood, so when the fateful day arrived and her exam
results came through the post, she opened the envelope to find she had
straight A's. Knowing how delighted her parents would be, she asked Debbie to
come over in anticipation of them returning home from work. Debbie had also
managed to get the grades she needed to get into the music course she had
applied for at university, so she was equally happy. 

Julianna and Debbie spent most of the day in the garden, Julianna rarely seen
without a cigarette in her hand, until at last the time came and her parent's
car pulled up in the driveway.

Once her parents got inside the house, her mother enquired excitedly, "So,
how did you guys get on? The suspense has been killing me all day!" Debbie
and Julianna stood up side by side. Debbie spoke first, saying, "I got into
university!" just as Julianna chimed in, "And I got straight A's!" before
both parents rushed over and hugged them. Julianna waited until the initial
cheering had died down before saying, "I have another announcement - Debbie
and I are also going out with each other."

Both parents looked at each other, puzzled.

"As in dating?" said one.

"For how long?" said the other.

"Yes, and about six weeks," Julianna said, answering both questions. She
looked at her parents worriedly before a big smile broke out on both their
faces and her father shouted, "This calls for champagne!"

"I agree!" her mother said, and with that one of Julianna's two burdens was
unleashed. Playing on their good feelings, Julianna then laid the foundations
for the second stage of her plan.

"Mum, dad, can I invite some friends over tomorrow night?" Julianna asked.
"And Debbie too, of course?"

"Certainly," Julianna's mum replied. Julianna had never invited friends other
than Debbie home before, so this was somewhat unusual. "How many guests are
you planning to bring?"

"Just another two," Julianna responded. "Dan and Hayley. I met them at the
funfair a few months back."

"I don't remember you talking to anyone," her dad commented.

"It was while mum was trying to win teddies," Julianna answered quickly. "Is
it okay, then?"

"Sure, no problem. Will seven o'clock be fine?" her mum enquired.

In actual fact, Julianna had already contacted Hayley and Dan and warned them
of her plan. She had asked if they would be free for dinner at her place, and
Hayley said that would be fine. All Julianna had to do now was inform them of
the time and everything would be set.

The next day arrived with minimum fuss. Julianna's parents were excited that
Julianna had at last found love in her life, and the fact that it was her
best friend and someone they all knew made it even more special. Of course
her parents had lots of questions and Julianna and Debbie managed to answer
them all (skipping over only the most intimate of details, of which by now
there was many!)

Dan and Hayley arrived at seven o'clock on the nose and were invited in. As
they took their seats at the dining area, Hayley pulled out a packet of
cigarettes and asked Julianna's mum if it was okay to smoke. Julianna had no
idea how her mum would react to this as no one had ever smoked in the house
before. Sensing a slight hesitation, Hayley and Dan started to get out of
their seats to go outside before Julianna's father said, "No, no, don't be
silly, I'm sure we can find an ashtray for you somewhere."

Julianna was relieved. She hoped, as part of her plan, that her parents would
let the guests smoke indoors. This bode well.

Julianna's mum managed to find an ashtray while her dad poured the wine for
all six of them (Debbie was also at the dining room table, playing footsie
under the table with Julianna). The two guests lit up and proceeded to fill
the room with smoke as Julianna's mum attended to the food in the kitchen. A
moment later she came back in and asked Julianna to come and help with the
final preparations.

"No, no, Julianna, you sit down," said Hayley, "I'll help. I love working in
the kitchen!" Hayley made an attempt to stub her cigarette out as Julianna's
mum said, "Well, okay, thanks Hayley, but you can bring your cigarette with
you if you like. If you're going to help, I'm not going to deny you your
pleasures. In fact, why don't you bring the pack?"

Dan stubbed his cigarette before it was quite finished, allowing Hayley to
take the ashtray through to the kitchen to use with her own cigarettes.

Dan and Julianna's father made small talk with each other and the two girls
at the dining room table while they waited for the food to come. The two men
quickly struck up a rapport, especially about sports where it was discovered
they both supported the same teams.

Ten minutes later, the kitchen door opened and the plates started to be
brought through. Everyone enjoyed the cooking and the desserts that followed,
and of course the wine that was now flowing, and by the time coffee was
served all six of them were quite tipsy. Hayley reached for her cigarettes as
she poured herself a cup of coffee, saying out loud, "You know the only thing
I enjoy better than sex and a cigarette? Coffee and a cigarette! Don't you
agree, Dan?" Dan nodded his head in agreement. "Would anyone else like to
join me to find out? How about you, Julianna? Would you like a cigarette with
your coffee?"

Julianna's parents looked on, fully expecting her to say, "No, thanks."
Instead, Julianna reached over and took a cigarette from the proffered pack.
Putting the filter between her lips (to the shock of her parents), Julianna
leaned over and accepted a light from Hayley, inhaling deeply to show her
parents she knew exactly what she was doing. Her parents were still
speechless as Julianna said, as nonchalantly as she could under the
circumstances, "I agree Hayley - coffee and cigarettes are an excellent

Of course, in complete contrast to Julianna's parents shock, Debbie was
getting extremely aroused; this was one of the hottest things she had ever
seen, Julianna coming out to her parents as a smoker. She couldn't wait to
take Julianna home tonight - she was going to fuck her harder than she had
ever been fucked before.

Julianna's dad was first to break the silence. "I can see this is not the
first time you've smoked, darling. How long exactly has this been going on?"

Julianna, still trying to act casually as she dragged on her cigarette, told
her parents, "A few months, I guess. I'm sorry I went behind your backs, but
I never thought I would end up getting addicted, and now that I am I'm not
sorry. I really love smoking, and if you like, I'll tell you the full story,
but be under no illusions - I'm not going to quit, not for you, not for

No one had ever seen Julianna talk like this, and they all saw in that moment
that she was not a child anymore - she was her own woman, who made decisions
on her own terms and would not be governed by anybody. Julianna's parents
could see that as much as they might disapprove of their daughter smoking,
they would not be able to challenge it.

Eventually, after a few minutes of silence in which Julianna, Hayley and Dan
all finished their cigarettes and lit up another, Julianna's dad spoke up.

"I can see that no matter what we say, you are probably going to keep
smoking, so all I ask is that you restrict yourself to your bedroom while you
live here. It will be up to you to pay for your own cigarettes and to clean
your own ashtrays. Does this sound fair to you?"

Julianna's eyes lit up. Fair? It was better than she expected! Of course she
never thought her parents would approve, but they hadn't disowned her or
asked her to move out, or even lectured her - in fact they were going to let
her smoke in her room!

"Mum, dad," she said, "you guys are the best!"

With that everybody relaxed.

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