She Owed Her One, Part 12

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


The rest of the evening went smoothly, and within a few hours Julianna's
parents were starting to get used to seeing their daughter with an
ever-present cigarette in her hand or mouth. They could see how much she
loved smoking and how addicted she was, and that if this was her only vice,
they could live with it.

It wasn't long before the restrictions about where Julianna could smoke in
the house were lifted and with her newfound freedom came a gradual increase
in the amount she smoked each day, sometimes breaking the hundred mark if she
was really in the mood. Debbie, of course, encouraged Julianna every step of
the way, loving it even more when Julianna smoked multiple cigarettes or
chained-smoked more than four in a row, or when smoking became part of their
sex-games (which it frequently did). Hannah was also a big influence, making
sure Julianna was never short of cigarettes and occasionally offering a
Benson & Hedges when a menthol wouldn't do.

Dan and Hayley became regular fixtures at the Posey house, getting on very
well with not only Julianna but also both of her parents. Her father and Dan
went to the football together, while her mother and Hayley were both very
much into the whole cookery thing.

One day, near Christmas, Hayley got Julianna alone and said, "I know you
won't believe me, but this has been on my mind for months. Did you know your
mum is a secret smoker!? She made me promise not to tell, but I had to! She's
been smoking since just after you were born, but has never told anyone. She
only smokes about ten a week, usually on her lunch breaks at work, but she is
just as addicted as you or me. I've known from the first day I came to your
house, when your mum asked me to bring my cigarettes into the kitchen. Much
like you did all that time ago, she timidly asked me for a puff. I let her
finish my cigarette, and then gave her another one right after. You should
have seen her - she was so scared of being caught, she hid behind the fridge!
I've been surreptitiously feeding her habit for months, but it's been driving
me crazy watching how she reacts around you. You think that she leaves the
room when you light up because she doesn't like seeing her only child
smoking. In actual fact, she's just annoyed because she can't join you! She
thinks you'll tell your dad and he'll leave her, or something stupid like
that. Nothing could be further from the truth - you see, Dan tells me your
dad is a smoking fetishist and would like nothing more than to see your mum
smoke! Sorry I've kept it secret for so long, but I thought you deserved to

Julianna was both shocked and amused by the story. So, her mum was a smoker
too? That was so cool! She would love to see her mum light a cigarette up in
front of her. Maybe Julianna could even encourage her mum to become a
full-time smoker like she was, and they could share coffee and cigarettes
with each other on a nightly basis. As an added bonus, this was apparently
also what dad wanted too. 

Julianna reached into her pocket and brought out her cigarettes and lighter.
Lighting up, she then inhaled deeply as she always did now. As she exhaled,
she turned to Hayley and said, "I think I know what I'm getting my parents
for Christmas this year..."


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