She Owed Her One, Part 7

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


Julianna awoke just before sunrise, thankfully giving her enough time to get
back indoors undetected. She tidied up a little and went for a brief nap
before calling Debbie and asking if it was still okay to come over. She also
reassured Debbie that all the things that were said the night before would
not get in the way of their friendship. Julianna gathered her books and
started to head out. As an afterthought, she returned to her room and put her
cigarettes in her bag. She did not know if she was going to smoke again, but
after last night's pleasures, she was ruling nothing out.

When she arrived at the Martin household, Hannah invited the two girls into
the living room for a cup of tea. After she put the kettle on, she returned
to the living room with the cigarettes and lighter Julianna had left the
previous evening. Holding the pack over the bin, Hannah asked Julianna, "So,
have you made a decision? Do you want me to drop these into the bin? To smoke
or not to smoke, that is the question!"

It only took Julianna a split second to consider.

"To smoke!" she replied. Hannah, happy that she still had a smoking ally (at
least for now), handed the cigarettes and lighter to Julianna. Debbie was
more that a little surprised that Julianna was going to smoke again -
according to the plan, Julianna was supposed to announce she had quit today
and wouldn't be smoking anymore. However, the almost palpable look of relief
on Julianna's face as she lit up told Debbie something had changed. Hannah
noticed this too, and also noticed something else.

"Julianna, you're inhaling! When did this happen?" she asked.

"Last night," Julianna explained, taking another decent sized inhale and
breathing the smoke out while she spoke. "When I got home I thought about
what you had said about how much you enjoyed smoking and that you never
regretted trying it, and decided if I was going to smoke, I might as well do
it right. It's actually much better this way." Julianna attempted her biggest
inhale yet, holding the smoke for a good few seconds before exhaling.

"Does this mean you're not going to stop?" Hannah asked. "From what Debbie
was saying last night after you left, you didn't really enjoy smoking that

"That was true actually; I didn't, although it is much better now that I am
inhaling. But I am still determined to quit smoking; I just wanted another
couple of days before I gave up for good. It also seemed like such a waste to
throw the cigarettes I had left. I know that you wouldn't want them Hannah,
so I decided that I would quit after I had finished these two packs. That
gives me seven left after this one, then I can stop." Julianna took another
drag, and Hannah noticed how hungry Julianna seemed for the smoke, a marked
difference from the previous day. Hannah started to think Julianna might be
in for a surprise when she `quit'.

Julianna smoked her cigarette right down to the filter, satisfied with the
feelings the nicotine provided. The two girls then adjourned to Debbie's
bedroom. As soon as the door was closed, Debbie turned on Julianna.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked. "I thought you were going to stop

"I WAS, but as I said, it would have been a waste to simply throw the
cigarettes away. Anyway, I thought you said I looked hot when I smoked? Did
you not enjoy my performance downstairs?"

"Well, yes, but that's not the point. If you keep smoking, you'll get
addicted and it will be MY fault. Now I know how mum felt when she found
those cigarettes in my pocket!"

"Don't worry, I don't plan on getting addicted. I'll stop when these are done
and that will be it. It's just a bit of fun. Don't you like my new `wild
side'"? Julianna responded.

Debbie thought for a minute. "I guess it is kinda cool. But promise me that
when you finish the rest of the pack that will be it."

"Promise," Julianna said, "and as for what was said last night..."

"Is it okay if we don't talk about that right now?" Debbie asked, obviously
still embarrassed.  "We really should study."

"Okay," Julianna said, "but we WILL come back to it later. Cool?"

"Cool," Debbie replied, and the two friends got out their textbooks.

An hour later, they were stuck on a maddening maths problem. No matter what
they tried, the solution was not forthcoming. Debbie suggested they have a
break, and Julianna was quick to agree. Maybe a relaxing smoke will clear my
head she thought to herself mischievously.

A few moments later, Julianna was reaching for her cigarettes (a little too
eagerly, Hannah thought to herself) and lit one. As she smoked, she
subconsciously found herself matching Hannah drag for drag, and for the first
time let herself truly enjoy the act of smoking. When Hannah inevitably
reached for a second cigarette immediately after stubbing the first one out,
Julianna (much to Debbie's astoundment) did the same, which she smoked at a
more leisurely pace. Julianna's first experience of chain-smoking was a
return of the headrush she found so enjoyable. She noticed that the filters
of her cigarettes were now much darker than the previous days', a sign that
she was inhaling deeper and longer. Instead of taking this as a warning to
slow down, Julianna actively tried breathing in even more smoke to try and
emulate the dark stains that Hannah left on her filters.

Debbie continued to be amazed by the change in her friend's attitude. Every
time Julianna lit up, Debbie felt conflicting emotions. On the one hand, what
she had told Julianna was true - she did not want to be responsible for her
friend getting hooked on cigarettes because of a mistake she herself had
made. On the other hand, watching Julianna smoke was giving Debbie waves of
sexual excitement she did not quite understand. Until recently, she had never
felt lust for her friend, but every time Julianna lit a cigarette, Debbie
wanted nothing more than to throw her to the ground and rip her clothes off.
Wanting to understand more, she had even gone on the Internet the previous
evening and Googled "smoking fetish"; here she found a multitude of sites
(aimed mostly at men, it seemed) which detailed how erotic cigarette smoking
could be. Looking at some of the pictures and videos of sexy ladies inhaling
and exhaling cigarette smoke had turned Debbie on in a way she had not
previously known. She had gone to bed that night with fantasies of Julianna
tying her to the bedposts and putting on a smoking show while licking her
out. Using her vibrator, she had brought herself to climax, not realising
that at exactly that same moment that previous evening, Julianna was
performing a similar ritual thinking about Debbie.

After Julianna finished her second cigarette in a row, the two girls went
back to Debbie's bedroom to resume their studies. The break had done Julianna
good - suddenly, problems she was having with the math questions were gone
and she found answers coming to her thick and fast.

Julianna stayed late that night, smoking another three cigarettes with Hannah
(and enjoying each one more and more, it seemed) before heading home. She now
only had two cigarettes left and she would never have to smoke again,
something she realised with a surprising pang of regret. She went straight to
bed when she got home, but it was a hot night and she couldn't sleep. As she
lay in bed, she decided that she could maybe tire herself out with a good
wank. She tried for several minutes to recall the fantasies she had the
previous evening, but could not get herself sufficiently wet to enjoy them.
Then she realised something was missing - she needed to smoke to set the
mood! She went into her bag and retrieved a cigarette and her lighter, and
headed outside.

As she lit the cigarette, she let her mind drift to what Debbie had told her,
that when she smoked, she looked hot and sexy. As she inhaled her first full
drag down her windpipe, her fingers met her clitoris, which was by now soaked
in juices. Julianna held the smoke until there was nothing left to exhale as
she stimulated herself towards climax. She continued to smoke like this,
holding the smoke for as long as possible in her lungs as she probed and
rubbed and eventually entered her cunt with four of her fingers, until she at
last climaxed, stifling a scream of pleasure by biting down on her blanket
with the smoke still inside her lungs. Last night's endeavours paled in
comparison to the bliss she felt tonight.

Again, Julianna fell asleep naked outside, this time having the presence of
mind to set the alarm on her phone to wake her at sunrise.

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