She Owed Her One, Part 9

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


With Julianna's increasing need for nicotine satiated, her mood improved
ten-fold and the Posey's ended up having a great day out. They returned home
at seven thirty and Julianna's dad suggested they watch a film. "What about
Thelma & Louise?" her mum asked, and they all agreed. Julianna had seen it
before and enjoyed it, but found herself watching with renewed interest the
scene where Thelma was emulating Louise by pretending to smoke. That had been
her not three days ago! She also liked watching Louise smoke -  Susan
Sarandon was a beautiful, hot woman who looked even more sexy with a
cigarette dangling from her lips.

All these thoughts of smoking renewed the cravings in Julianna's mind, and
she started to hope the film would end soon so that she could try out her new
cigarettes and see if they really were as good as she remembered them from

At about ten thirty, her parents announced they were exhausted and were off
to bed. Julianna impatiently waited till eleven thirty before sneaking out
with her cigarettes, still overly cautious about getting caught smoking. By
then she felt desperate and she lit up before she even reached the trees,
inhaling deeply and not exhaling until she had covered the thirty feet or so
to the clearing. She smoked this cigarette to the filter and used the tip to
light another immediately afterwards. She smoked this one just as rapidly,
and when it was done she thought, "What the hell?" and lit a third. This one
finally seemed to satisfy her need for nicotine and she had a little break
afterwards while she contemplated the events of the day. She had made two new
friends, taken risks by smoking while her parents were nearby, felt cravings
for the first time and was now chain-smoking like Hannah. A few days ago, she
would have been upset by these developments, but a strange thing had occurred
- she found herself actively welcoming them. She admitted things to herself
which seemed alien to her not so long ago - she enjoyed smoking, she enjoyed
masturbating, she enjoyed making new friends and she enjoyed feeling that she
was growing up at last. Speaking of masturbating, her thoughts turned towards
Debbie (and inevitably, smoking) as she pulled her panties down and touched
her newfound area of pleasure.

Three orgasms and five cigarettes later, Julianna made her way back indoors,
feeling like a new woman.

Sunday, the next day, dragged by for Julianna. Her English exam was the next
day, and she studied alone (Debbie was not even going to bother showing up
for this exam, knowing she would fail anyway) meaning she had no time to
smoke since her parents were home all day. Julianna tried to stave off the
cravings with food and gum, but she was clock-watching the whole day until
the moment finally came when her parents announced they were going to bed.
Fifteen minutes later (a huge risk, time-wise), Julianna was back at her tree
and then smoked her final three cigarettes in less than ten minutes,
blackening the filters as never before. She figured this would be enough to
get her through the exam the next day. She was wrong. 

The following day, Julianna woke up, panic-stricken. Her exam was only three
hours away, and all she could think about from the moment she had opened her
eyes was smoking a cigarette. How would she get through the next few hours
without a nicotine fix? Then she remembered Hannah's words that she could
smoke at the Martin house anytime she felt the need. Well, she certainly felt
the need now! Gathering her stuff together, she almost ran to Debbie's house.
Ringing the doorbell impatiently, she was relieved when Debbie finally opened
the door and let her in.

"What's up?" her friend asked, wiping sleep from her eyes as Julianna brushed
past her.

"Is your mum home?" Julianna asked, urgently.

"Yeah, she's in the toilet," replied Debbie. "Hey, aren't you supposed to be
at an exam today?"

"Yes, but I need a favour first," Julianna said, hearing the toilet door
opening. Hannah came out and spotted Julianna.

"Morning, Julianna..." Hannah started, but then saw the look in her daughter's
friend's eyes. "Oh, I know that face," she said, and immediately walked to
the living room table where her cigarettes were lying. Picking them up, she
extracted two and handed one to Julianna, who eagerly shoved it between her
lips and, without prompting, picked up the lighter and sparked it into
existence. Applying the flame, she inhaled deeply, not prepared for the
headrush a full strength Benson & Hedges cigarette provided. The nicotine
immediately calmed her and she inhaled deeply again before handing the
lighter back to Hannah so she could light her own cigarette.

"Oh, wow, thank god for that," Julianna said, flopping into the chair.

Hannah and Debbie looked on, Hannah amused and Debbie bemused by this turn of

"Now that is what I call a craving," Hannah said, as Julianna blackened her
filter further by dragging on the cigarette for a full ten seconds before
inhaling all the smoke into her windpipe, letting it absorb into her lungs
for another ten seconds and finally blowing out only a tiny amount of smoke.

"Looks like we've got a smoker on our hands, Debbie," Hannah said, watching
Julianna repeat the actions of a moment ago.

"When did this happen?" Debbie asked. "Two days ago you were talking about
quitting, now you're smoking just like mum."

"Well, I've managed to smoke quite a few cigarettes since we last saw each
other," Julianna said, at last taking time to breathe, "and every time I
smoke I seem to want more. It really is the most exhilarating feeling - you
should try it, Debs!"

"No thanks," said Debbie, getting aroused watching her friend's descent into
addiction become ever closer, "It's enough to watch you guys smoke without
doing it myself."

"You don't know what you're missing - this is the best feeling in the world,"
Julianna replied, and to demonstrate she double dragged what was left of the
cigarette before performing a perfect nose exhale and stubbing it out in the
ashtray. "May I?" she asked Hannah, indicating the packet of B & H on the

"Be my guest, but only if I can join you!" Hannah replied as Julianna shook
two cigarettes loose, put them in her mouth and lit them both, offering one
to Hannah who accepted without hesitation.

"I take it this means we can expect to see a fair bit of you from now on?"
Hannah asked.

"I guess so," Julianna replied. "I've thought about this a lot, and I have no
intention of giving up now. The trouble is, I still don't want my parents to
find out I'm smoking. Would it still be okay for me to come over anytime?"

"Absolutely. My house is your house. In fact, why don't you get that spare
key, Debs? That way, even if we're both out, you can come over and smoke
whenever the fancy takes you. I trust you - god knows I've known you long

"Gee, thanks, Hannah," Julianna responded, "that means a lot to me."

Debbie returned with the spare key as Julianna and Hannah lit up their third
cigarettes. Julianna enjoyed the power of the Benson & Hedges, but preferred
the taste of the menthols; she wondered if there was a best of both worlds, a
strong cigarette that was also menthol? She would look into it at a later
date, she decided.

Hannah noticed her daughter staring at Julianna as she smoked. Was it her
imagination or did Debbie seem to be enjoying the show? Or maybe Debbie
really DID smoke and did not want to `come out' in front of her mother? She
decided to test the theory.

"You know, Debbie, if you want to smoke, it's okay. Join in," Hannah said.

"What? No!" The trance broken, Debbie turned to her mother. "What makes you
ask that? I really don't smoke, you know."

"Are you sure? It's just that every time Julianna lights up, you can't seem
to take your eyes off of her. I just assumed you were craving a cigarette
like our little princess over here!" she said, indicating Julianna, who at
that moment was trying her best to mimic Hannah's perfect french inhales.

Debbie looked embarrassed. "Oh no, nothing like that. I personally don't want
to smoke, but for some reason I like to see Jules doing it, that's all."

"Oh, do I see a little crush developing?" Hannah teased.

"Mum, don't embarrass me!" Debbie pleaded. "It's nothing. Forget about it."

"No, it's okay," Julianna found herself saying. Lighting another cigarette
for confidence with the butt of her previous one, Julianna turned to Debbie.
"Actually Debbie, ever since you told me I looked hot smoking, I've started
to think of you in a different way - that you, too, were also hot and
beautiful and maybe, if it was okay with you, we could possibly take our
friendship to the next level?"

"Oh, this is so cool!" Hannah piped in.

"Mum!" Debbie chided, turning back towards Julianna. "Well, if that's how we
both feel, maybe we could," she offered. "So, what do we do now?"

"Well, first things first, I better get to my exam! But I promise we'll talk
when it is all over. Can I come back at two o'clock?"

"Of course, dear," said Hannah. "I'll make us a lovely lunch and you two can
have a chat. You'll need some cigarettes. Will I get you some Ultra Lights?"

"No thanks, Hannah, they're like smoking air! Would you be able to find me
some strong menthol cigarettes please? I have been smoking Berkeley, but I am
curious if there is a menthol brand out there that are as strong as your B &

"Consider it done. Good luck with your exam!" Hannah said, and made her way
to her bedroom, leaving the two girls alone at last.

"I really do have to go or I'll be late," Julianna began, just as Debbie
moved towards her and suddenly their lips were locked in a passionate kiss.
Julianna closed her eyes as Debbie's tongue probed her mouth, and they kissed
like this for a few minutes before finally breaking free. Julianna took a
final drag of her almost burnt out cigarette and Debbie promised her there
was more of that to come. Much more.

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