(by Blackbladder, 20 August 2002)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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by blackbladder1

"You ready yet, Kirsten?" Andie inquired, whilst switching the 
television off.

A voice mumbled "Hold on a minute! My hair is a mess."

Andie laughed to herself. The university student knew her flatmate, 
Kirsten, was nervous about tonight. As Andie walked to the mirror 
and admired the revealing black dress, she could hear the tapping of 
feet rushing above her. The student then returned her glare to her 
mirror's image. Andie had it all - long, black hair, perfect bone 
structure in her face, she was also quite tall standing at 5ft 9 
inches. The only thing she did not have was a boyfriend. Nice men 
were so hard to come by. It had only been a month since Jason walked 
out on Andie. 

She then smiled back into the mirror again, her attention springing 
back to current times. Tonight she would strike it lucky. Andie was 
determined to achieve this aim whilst out on the town with her 
university friends. 

Kirsten ran down the stairs, laying her black handbag beside her on 
the hallway carpet. She faced the mirror to apply her red makeup. 
Kirsten removed the hairbrush from her near-empty handbag and began 
brushing her long, permed brown hair. Unlike her student flatmate, 
she was not smiling in the mirror. 

"Try not to worry about your Dad tonight. He will be fine. I 
noticed you have not been sleeping well lately.." Andie noted.

Kirsten had been deeply affected since news of Phil's accident. As a 
victim of a hit and run accident, he lay in a coma for about a week 
now. His daughter had been on edge ever since that infamous day of 
the accident. 

"Hey Andie, its ok for you. Your Dad is in perfect health. Phil 
could be dying for all we know. I couldn't bare to lose him. I 
don't want to go tonight. I think i will go to the hospital 

"You won't do such thing, Kirsten.  If there is any news over your 
Dad's condition, then your Mom will get in touch."

Kirsten then frowned. "Oh sugar!". Andie smiled, knowing that 
Kirsten never swore in her life and never endorsed such language. 

"I forgot my purse.....its still in my bedroom." Kirsten mumbled to 
herself, whilst running back upstairs.

Andie smiled. Time for a quick smoke, she thought.

Whilst hearing Kirsten rummage upstairs for her valuables, Andie 
opened the back door and saw the rain splatter down onto the grey 
tarmac ground. She took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from 
her jacket pocket, and lit up. The end glowing red as she sucked in 
all its seductive toxins and closing her eyes. After holding in the 
wonderful substence for a few seconds, she carefully projected her 
exhaled smoke out into the atmosphere outside. Andie was very alert 
to every sound Kirsten was making upstairs, knowing she was keeping 
this new habit secret from her flatmate. 

Andie had started smoking like every other university student - an 
anti smoker in her youth, she paraded the dangers of smoking until 
she began mixing with new people in an unfamiliar environment. As 
the night outs got wilder and more alcohol-induced, her inhibitions 
weakened. One night as her new friends sat at a table and took out 
their cigarettes, Andie felt an incredible sense of curiousity, a 
feeling of losing out on a social bonding with her new uni friends. 
A curious first puff from her friend's cigarette blossomed into a 
social habit everytime she and her friends went out to clubs. As 
Andie raised the burning cigarette to her lips for a second time, she 
realised this social habit was now beginning to spiral out of 

"Hey Andie...........Are you ready?........" Kirsten said as she 
walked into the room, flabergasted to find her friend blowing smoke 

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Don't you know how 
disgusting that stick is between your fingers?" Kirsten retorted. 

Kirsten had always been an avid anti-smoker. After verbually abusing 
her parents on their habits, they eventually gave up smoking when she 
was ten. She could not believe that her flatmate had been partaking 
in this awful habit. 

"Listen Kirsten, how do you know it is so horrible?" Andie replied, 
knowing she could wind up Kirsten easily.

Before Kirsten could slip into anti-smoking lecturer mode, they both 
saw cars headlights beam at them through the kitchen mirror. Andie's 
friends had arrived.

"Let's go Kirsten!" Andie smiled, happy her friend's intervention had 
prevented a lecture from her anti-smoking housemate. She dropped her 
burning cigarette to the concrete ground and ground it out with her 
black high heel shoe. 

The two housemates locked up the apartment building and approached 
the car. The noise of the engine being drowned out by the lashing 
down of the night's rain. 

As Andie moved over to make room for Kirsten, she introduced her to 
her university friends. Kirsten could detect the faint smell of 
cigarette smoke. 

Kirsten smiled when introduced to the trio. Sarah was a blonde 
bombshell - she was tall, and beautiful - her lips devil red from the 
lipstick. She was very upfront and assertive. Then, in the drivers 
seat sat Donna, with green eyes and short brown hair. She was also 
very assertive and chatty. Also sitting beside Kirsten and Andie in 
the backseat was Grace. Grace was short like Kirsten, and seemed to 
be more quiet. After brief introductions, the Vauxhall Astra roared 
back into life and out of the housing complex. 

Twenty minutes later, and the girls were approaching Seven's Heaven - 
a popular bar with the local people. As the girls entered the bar, 
Kirsten immediately detected the strong, fresh smell of cigarette 
smoke dominating the atmosphere. What Kirsten did not know was that 
the bar was a smoker's haven. The ambient smell was thick and the 
girls sat down at a table in the far corner of the small tavern. 

"What do you guys want to drink?" Donna asked, purse in hand.

"Get me and Kirsten two vodka and orange." Andie smiled, knowing her 
housemate did not drink alcohol. 

As Donna approached the bar for the orders, the rest of the girls 
became engrossed in small talk. 

"So what is tonight's entertainment?" Grace asked whilst opening her 

Kirsten noted that as Grace began rummaging into her purse, the other 
girls almost telepathically joined her in scouring their handbags. 

"Seven's Heaven is hosting a live hypnotists act tonight. He will be 
here any minute." Andie smiled whilst taking out her hidden pack of 
cigarettes and lighter from her coat pocket. 

Kirsten was shocked at this action by her friend as Andie placed the 
pack and lighter on the ash-covered table in front of them. To 
Kirsten's disgust, Grace and Sarah followed suit by producing their 
own packs and lighters to the table. 

"You guys smoke?" Kirsten asked rhetorically.

"Of course we do, want one?" Sarah answered, whilst bending her pack 
over towards the small student. 

"No! I hate smoking! I hate this night already. I will leave you all 
to kill yourselves." Kirsten commanded, whilst witnessing the girls 
lighting up, adding their fresh smoke to the atmosphere haunting the 
room like a free spirit. 

Kirsten coughed at the volume of smoke in the room and saw Donna 
return with a tray full of glasses. As the university student layed 
the tray down, she frowned upon her smoking friends.

"Hey! What the fuck you all doing?" Donna feigned disappointment.

Kirsten's relief that Donna shared her attitude towards smoking 
quickly evaporated as the speed of another cigarette firing up. 
Donna's cigarette.

As Donna exhaled her smoke towards the ceiling, her posture relaxed. 
She was now in her element, embracing in the one common bond her 
university mates all shared.

"Hey Kirsten please stay. Remember Phil said for you to relax 
tonight....." Andie pleaded as Kirsten picked up her coat and stood 
up from her seat. 

"Please stay with us. We will keep our smoke away from you. 
Promise." Donna stated, whilst smoke punctuated her words.

After a thought, Kirsten sat back down and took a tentative sip of 
the vodka. Is there any news on my Dad yet? Kirsten thought to 
herself. I don't want to be here. Kirsten stated to herself.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, now here is tonight's entertainment.......the 
hypnotist extroadinare from Basilton, Please welcome Jon Magnet." 
The Bartender shouted through the microphone.

A spotlight then appeared on stage, with the hypnotist standing to 
face the crowd to a rapturous applause. Kirsten saw to her disbelief 
that most people in the tavern were either holding or dangling a 
cigarette. She was almost overcome with the stench of smoke now 
filling the room. 

"Welcome everyone tonight to my show. Tonight I will demonstrate the 
full potential of hypnosis. I will show you all tonight how far i 
can bend people's will. I hope you enjoy the show. My first act 
will be to show the room how I can convert one person's habits to 
another. Who would like to be my willing volunteer?........" Jon 

Andie immediately smiled as evil thoughts ran through her mind. 
Whilst puffing on another cigarette, she reached over and pinched 
Kirsten's nipple. As Kirsten felt the small, sudden pain eminating 
from her nipple, she almost jumped out of her seat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we seem to have a volunteer..." Jon smiled at 
his oblivious subject.

"You're bad." Kirsten grumbled to Andie, who was lighting a fresh 
cigarette for herself. The glow of her cigarette illuminating the 
dark, smoky tavern. She took a cheeky pull on her cigarette as 
Kirsten relunctantly tred towards the stage floor to join the 

The smoky crowd applauded as Kirsten stood next to Jon, awaiting her 
fate whilst still thinking about her poorly father. She looked very 
small, her brown eyes wide open and alert, soaking in the noise-
filled room. 

Jon pulled a chair from a nearby table and motioned Kirsten to take a 

"Ok just relax. I am not going to hurt you. What is on your mind?" 
Jon whispered 

Kirsten relunctantly replied "I have got a lot on my mind right now. 
I don't think it was a good idea coming here....not tonight."

" I am just going to use you in this one act. It will all be over in 
five minutes. You ready to proceed?"

Kirsten nodded and followed the Hypnotists instructions, trying to 
release all her worries for five minutes.

"You see the smoke dancing in the light?"

Kirsten nodded.

"All I want you to do is just watch the smoke. Clear your mind. For 
now, no worries are on your mind....."

To Andie's amazement, she pulled positively on her cigarette whilst 
Kirsten's eyes were becoming heavy. 

"This guy is good. Look at Kirsten. She now looks drunk!" The 
friends laughed whilst drinking and smoking. 

Kirsten's eyes became so heavy from watching the smoke, that her 
eyelids just shut willingly in time with Jon's relaxing tone. As 
Kirsten's body slouched forward, her mind relaxed completely. She 
was now in place where there were no responsibilities and worries. 
She was free. A feeling of enormous wellbeing washed over her like 
water in a waterfall. 

Jon, convinced Kirsten was now under his spell, faced the audience. 

"Ok now we have our first subject, ready and willing to take a 
suggestion from the audience." Jon announced.

As Andie flicked her bic lighter to life for her fourth cigarette, a 
new brainstorm filled her mind, as her lungs filled with fresh smoke.

"Jon! Come over here!" Andie shouted excitedly.

Her university friends smiled, wondering what devious plan Andie was 
constructing as she whispered into Jon's ear.

Upon returning to the stage, Jon made another announcement.

"We have had a suggestion from the crowd - a suggestion which will 
prove to everyone here how strong hypnosis can really be. From what 
I have been told, Kirsten is an anti-smoker. Kirsten also loathes 
bad language of all sorts. So for now, we are going to make Kirsten 
the person she hates the most."

"You are fucking evil!" Sarah laughed at Andie as she exhaled through 
pursed lips.

Jon whispered into Kirsten's ear. Knowing his subject now had no 
barriers up, he began feeding her new temporary lifestyle into touch.

"Kirsten, you are so relaxed now you will obey any command I make 
without reasoning. The next time you see someone light up a 
cigarette, you will be overcome with the urge to smoke yourself. You 
will not find it strange smoking despite your prior beliefs as you 
find smoking pleasurable, relaxing, socialable and routine. You will 
become a non-apolgetic smoker. When you hear my magic words, you 
will awake from your spell, realising that you do not smoke at all. 
All my conditioning will be removed from your mind when I say my 
magic words. Do you understand?"

Kirsten murmered "Yes..."

"Also, you will now find it perfectly normal to swear as much as you 
want to. You no longer find bad language offensive. Again, my 
conditioning and spell will wear off when I reveal my magic words. Do 
you understand?"


"My magic words are 'I need a light.'"

"When I snap my fingers, you will awake and act normally as if 
nothing has changed."

As Jon clicked his fingers, Kirsten sprung up in the chair regaining 
her senses from passing out. Had the hypnotherapy worked? Did she 
embarrass herself on stage?

"Ok thank you Kirsten, you can go now. Thank you for pariticipating."

Kirsten smiled, before departing the stage to a round of applause. 
The smoke no longer seemed to annoy the student as she moved back 
towards the table.

"Ok you guys, when I light my cigarette, I want to be the first to 
offer Kirsten a light." Andie sniggered whilst putting out her latest 
cigarette. Chain-smoking with her party animals was nothing new for 
Andie and her new-found social life.

As Kirsten sat down beside the villainious friends, her mobile phone 
vibrated to life as its noise pentrated the material of her handbag. 
Reaching for the handbag, Kirsten witnessed Andie put a fresh 
cigarette to her lips. As Andie flicked her bic lighter, Kirsten 
dwelved into her bag and produced the small phone. 

"Shit." Kirsten subconsciously mumbled. The social group smiled at 
the suggestions working already. 

"It is my mother. She is at the hospital........I must go now." 
Kirsten said quietly. 

Andie grew impatient,and lit the cigarette, drawing deeply on its 
flavours and expelling the smoke with her breath. 

As Kirsten politely excused herself from Andie and her friends, she 
noted that the smoky atmosphere no longer seemed hostile towards her 

Kirsten walked out into the street, attempting to hail a taxi. It 
was only 10pm so she knew there would be taxi services on routine. 
A black taxi car soon drew up towards the kurb, letting Kirsten in. 
As she sat back, she informed the driver to take her directly to the 
local hospital. The driver complied and revved the engine up and the 
car set off into the heavy traffic. As the car stopped at a set of 
traffic lights, Kirsten felt concerned about her father. He had just 
been in for his x-rays on his legs and would be able to be seen when 
she arrived. Kirsten wanted to be there for him as she and Phil were 
very close. Whilst considering what results the x-rays might 
conclude, Kirsten glanced out of the window onto the corner. There 
was an off-licence with a queue of customers awaiting to be served 
inside. A woman exited the shop, immediately opening a pack of 
purchased cigarettes. Kirsten witnessed this practiced art form of 
lighting up, like she watched her smoking friends do. However, as 
the woman brought the lighter to life and brought it to the end of 
the dangling cigarette, a craving washed over Kirsten. As the woman 
inhaled deeply, the cigarette end glowly brightly, Kirsten felt an 
indiscribeable hunger roar inside her. Instinctively, Kirsten asked 
the driver to stop and got out of the car. She subconsciously headed 
into the Off-Licence, passing the woman who's exhaled smoke drifted 
away in the cool breeze. 

As Kirsten stood in queue to be served, she wondered why she was 
doing this. Whenever she tried to answer that question to herself, 
the thought of 'who cares?' entered her mind. Kirsten then stepped 
up to be served and looked in lust at the cigarette display enticing 
her. She picked up a pack of Marlboro Lights, and tore off a plastic 
lighter from a cheap case of lighters, and placed the former-
offending items onto the desk. As the cashier took the money from 
the small student, she placed the items into her coat pocket whilst 
exiting the Off-Licence. The cool air assaulted her senses as she 
breathed in deeply. This prompted Kirsten to take out the cigarettes 
and lighter from her pocket and stare at the objects lustfully. She 
walked up to the Taxi Driver, payed him a fee for his troubles, and 
sat at a nearby bench on the street corner. 

I can stop for a smoke, Kirsten thought, smiling as this new 
sensation took over. She felt this was a forbidden hobby, she felt 
something wrong about this whole experience. Whilst pondering, 
Kirsten pealed off the cellaphane wrapping, leaving it to dance 
freely in the breeze. She then flipped open the top of the pack, 
removed the foil sealing the filters, and removed a single cylinder. 
Staring longily at the unlit cigarette, she raised it to her lips and 
sealed them around the filter like she seen Andie do earlier. 
Kirsten turned around to face her reflection in a shop window. It 
was an almost unreal sight - an anti-smoker dangling a cigarette. In 
one quick motion, smiling, she raised the lighter to the end of 
cigarette and turned the wheel. The flame erupted and engulfed the 
cigarette end. Kirsten involuntarily sucked hard, unwillingly her 
cheeks collapsing in the sheer force of her inhaling. The end stood 
up, glowing bright red, as Kirsten sucked for an eternity. The red 
ember died after five seconds as Kirsten removed the cigarette and 
held it down by her side. Kirsten felt a shudder of excitement and 
relief shoot through her body as the smoke travelled through her 
body, exploring every cavity and providing her with a massive rush of 
energy. Kirsten subconsciously pursed her lips and allowed the smoke 
to float away with the wind. She was totally engrossed in the 
exhaled smoke. She returned the cigarette to her lips a second time 
with a deeper draw. This process seemed natural to her.

Whilst finishing her very first cigarette, Kirsten hailed another 
taxi and made her way to the hospital. 

As Kirsten got out of the taxi, she tred carefully, fearing the worst 
before stepping nervously inside the hospital doors. The air was 
clean and the lights shone bright made Kirsten's eyes squint as she 
made her way to the reception area. After receiving the location for 
her family, she made her way to Ward 5. She also noted the 
receptionists distaste in her lingering tobacco smell. She couldn't 
believe how she could have hated the smell before she started 
tonight. She realised she now saw smoking in a whole new light. 

Reaching the ward, Kirsten embraced her mother, who was sitting in a 
waiting room. 

"Is there any change in Dad?" Kirsten pleaded

"No honey." Julie, her mother, replied, looking over at the 
motionless body of her husband on the bed.

Julies eyes were bloodshot as she had not slept in days over Phil's 

Negative thoughts began filling Kirsten's mind as she sat beside her 
mother. As her anxiety grew, a similar hunger began to swell inside 
her. Kirsten looked down upon her handbag, concealing her new 
habit. She was needing another cigarette to help calm her down. But 
Kirsten knew her mother gave up smoking. She did not want to leave 
Julie in her frantic state......

"Mom, can we step outside for some fresh air?" Kirsten asked 

Julie nodded in reply, informing the doctors that they would be back 
very soon for results. The mother and daughter stepped outside into 
the hospital gardens on a clear night where all the stars shone 
brightly. The only noise was the ambulances driving in and out of 
the premises with patients. 

As they sat down on a garden bench, Kirsten immediately took out her 
new purchases and proceeded to light up.

"Hey Kirsten what on earth do you think you are doing?!" Julie gasped.

"Smoking mom. What does it fucking look like?" Kirsten laughed, 
smoke punctuating her words into the atmosphere.

"Who taught you to swear like that?" Julie replied, suprised at her 
daughter's change in attitude.

Kirsten smiled, inhaling once again deeply on her Marlboro Light. 
She tilted her head back, eyes towards the stars, and exhaled 
casually into the night air. 

"Shit. This is just what I needed." Kirsten mumbled whilst enjoying 
the nicotine harpoon through her system.

Julie decided to change the subject as Kirsten finished the 

"You know, the police have captured the bastard who was speeding."

"Yeah, what happened?" Kirsten said exhaling.

"They breathalised him. He was drunk while speeding down that 
country road. Your father has been using that country road for years 
to keep fit. He needed something to do since me and him quit 

"You gonna press charges, Mom?" Kirsten asked, grinding out her 
cigarette on the ground.

"When your father gets better, we'll make a decision 
together. If he doesn't get better, then I will be getting the cops 
to throw away the key permanently!" Julie barked, new feelings of 
intention boiling inside of her.

"Mom, everything will be ok.  Dad will pull through....." Kirsten 
replied, squeezing her Mother's hand, installing fresh hope inside 
her depressed body.

"I think we should go back inside. You coming?" Julie asked, watching 
as Kirsten pondered returning her pack and lighter to her purse. 

"I am gonna stay and have another smoke. You may as well stay too 
coz the doctors can come out and tell us any news. You look really 
stressed out........" Kirsten said, opening her pack and lighting up 
a second cigarette.

As Julie sat back next to her, Kirsten suddenly pro-offered the pack 
to her mother.

"Go on Mom, have one.....You know a cigarette will calm you down a 

"Kirsten I haven't smoked in years. You seem to forget why me and 
your father quit in the first place....." Julie replied, stunned her 
former anti-smoking daughter would now try to promote her old habit.

"I remember Mom, but that was in the past. I didn't know how 
enjoyable smoking was when i was a youngster. Now I do know how good 
it is, times are different now. You know this will help you...." 
Kirsten proded the pack of revealing filters at her grief-stricken 

Julie thought for a second, then reluctantly gave in to the growing 
temptation. She extended her hand towards the pack, giggled like a 
schoolgirl, and removed one of the cork filters. Julie naturally 
lifted the filter end towards her lips, and let the cylinder dangle. 
She wiped the tears from her eyes whilst Kirsten sparked the lighter 
to life. Julie leaned in casually to receive the light and sucked 
deep whilst the end grew bright red. Her eyes shot wide open as the 
nicotine began reawakening old sensations. Julie's posture relaxed 
as she withdrew the cigarette from her lips. She leant back in the 
chair and exhaled forcefully into the night air.

"That was incredible! I have missed this so so much! Don't you dare 
make me quit this again!" Julie laughed as she felt the stress melt 
away per drag she took.

As the women continued to share this new bond, a doctor ran out 
towards them...

Kirsten awoke to the whining sound of the kettle echoing the 
apartment floor. She got up out of bed, got dressed and made her way 
down towards the kitchen. Her throat was extremely dry and her hair 
messy, as she entered the kitchen to see her housemate pouring 
herself a cup of coffee. Immediately, Kirsten glanced down towards 
the pack of cigarettes and lighter sitting on top of the Kitchen 
table. Previously, this sight would have shook her to the core. 
However, she now licked her lips in anticipation. She now knew how 
smoking felt from first-hand experience

"What side of the bed did you get out of?" Andie remarked towards the 
wavy style Kirsten's hair sat.

"It was a long, fucking night ok?"

"How is your dad?" Andie asked whilst sitting at the table with one 
hand on her hot cup and another hovering over her pack. She was 
almost challenging Kirsten to a confrontation on her own habit. 

"My dad is gonna be fine. He awoke about two this morning.  Hence the 
wacky hairstyle from getting in very late. But, with rest, my dad 
will be on 
his feet in no time!" Kirsten smiled, relaxing in her chair, inhaling 
the faint smoke lingering in the apartment. She embraced the smell.

"I am so glad to hear that Kirsten. That must be a lot of your mind! 
What about the driver?" Andie stated, whilst removing a cigarette 
from her pack.

"The driver is still in trouble with the cops. He has been banned 
from driving for five years, but my parents have decided not to 
pursue the matter. I am just so relieved that it is all over. Are 
you not gonna offer me one?" Kirsten laughed, noting Andie picking up 
her lighter.

Andie beamed at that statement. It had confirmed that the 
hypnotherapy had worked perfectly on the subject. With one movement 
of her fingers, she clicked the lighter and inhaled on her first 
drag. Her next movement with her hands was to pass the lighter and 
pack towards her anxiously-awaiting housemate. 

"I hope you don't mind me using this saucer, Kirsten." Andie laughed 
at the white saucer in front of her.

"Thats my favourite piece of china. In this case, its ok by me." 
Kirsten smiled whilst lighting up a cigarette. The rush was more 
incredible than last night as her system was flooded by the now-
familiar sensation of nicotine.

As Kirsten finished exhaling her smoke towards the ceiling, she 
relaxed her posture again, bending her wrist and holding the 
cigarette beside her head.

"How you finding smoking?" Andie asked.

"I love it. I don't even fucking know why I started. All I know is 
that I love doing this now. I wish I wasn't so stuck up for years on 
the subject. I feel so guilty now for getting my parents to quit 
initially. I was such a dumbass." Kirsten replied before inhaling 
deep again on her cigarette. She enjoyed this early-morning 
experience. It fed her energy for the day ahead. 

"What about your parents now? Aren't they gonna be mad as hell?" 
Andie asked, exhaling smoke in Kirsten's direction.

"I don't see any problems with my Mom, considering I got her to smoke 
last night at hospital. After that first cig, she asked for a 
second, then a third after she saw my dad. As the doctors will be 
keeping my dad in for a few extra days, Mom is gonna buy her own pack 
and smoke at home. She is 
gonna keep smoking behind Dad's back until he is out of hospital. I 
don't think it will take long before Dad starts up too. Apparently, 
Mom found a pack in his pockets from the scene of the accident. He 
was already smoking behind her back. Isn't he in for a suprise?!" 
Kirsten burst out laughing, smoke spewing out.

"How did last night go, Andie?" Kirsten enquired, tapping her ashes 
into the saucer.

"Well......" Andie blushed as Jon walked into the kitchen, scratching 
his head. He was naked apart from a towel wrapped tightly around his 
waist. However, Andie now knew exactly what Jon was covering up. 
She had gotten very lucky indeed.

As Jon watched Kirsten inhale sharply on her cigarette, he remembered 
his hypnosis last night and initially thought about ending the 
spell. As Jon was about to say the magic words, Andie cut him off.

"Hey Jon, care for a smoke?" Kirsten smiled, offering Andie's pack.

Jon returned the smile, realising he would not be needing to say his 
magic words, and accepted a cigarette gracefully.

The three smokers sat puffing away at the table, engaging in small 
talk for the next hour. 

"What brought you two together then?" Kirsten asked, taking another 
cigarette out of the diminishing pack.

The two new lovebirds just blushed.

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