Sherri's 50th, Part 1

(by anonymous, 15 December 1999)

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Sherri's 50th - Part 1

It was my 50th birthday, and it also happened to be the fisrt time I would 
spend a long amount of time away from my husband in 32 years of marriage.  He 
is a Baptist minister, and I, a typical ministers wife.  He would be 
attending a conference in Atlanta the week of my birthday, and up to this 
point I'd always accompany him on such functions.  This time, however, I 
shocked him at the last minute when I informed him that I would being staying 
home.  I told him I wasn't feeling well, and he bought it.
    I don't normally lie to my husband, but I'd been concocting a fantasy 
during the months leading up to my 50th(yikes) birthday.  You see, I'd always 
been the good girl, and marrying a man of God at such a young age had 
prevented me from any type of rebelion as a young adult. I'd never smoked, 
drank- even danced. I'd never even kissed anyone other then my husband.  As 
the big "Five-0" approached, I really started getting depressed by this. I 
finally decided that I would stay home on the next trip my husband went on 
and become, if only for a few days, a "wicked (my husband's term) woman."  
The timing, as it turned out, was perfect, as this trip coinsided with my 
    His flight left early Thursday morning, and I did something I'd never 
done before, except for the few occasions when I really was sick; I slept in 
untill 10 AM.  I then did another thing I'd never done before. I walked 
around the house nude. That may not seen like a big deal, but it was very 
arrousing to me. Things like this just weren't done in our house.  After 
lounging around nude, watching Jerry Springer(another 1st), I decided I 
better get ready to go to the store.  First I did my hair. It's blonde, and 
fairly long, normally worn in a tight bun. Not today. I teased it out and 
saturated it with some styling gel I'd snuck into the house.  After I got it 
how I wanted it I couldn't believe the difference it made. For the first time 
in my life I liked my hair. It looked very sexy, I thought to myself. Now to 
get dressed.  The week befored I'd pilfered a few things from our churches 
charity clothes drive that I thought would fit me. Nothing fancy. Just a red 
t-shirt and pair of jeans(I never wore pants.)  I cut the shirt around the 
collar so it would hang of my shoulders, then cut the bottom so it would 
reveal my belly-button.  For the jeans, all I did was cut the legs about 3 
inches from the croch. I started to open the drawer where I keep my 
underwear, then thougt to my self "What the heck.  I don't need underwear 
today."  Then I said out loud to myself, "What the heck?  You mean what the 
fuck?" You guessed it. It was the first time for that word to come out of my 
pure little lips.   Speaking of lips, I found the dark red lipstick I'd been 
hiding and applied it to my virgin lips.  I then put on the t-shirt and 
shorts and went to the mirror. God I looked different. And hot, if I say so 
myself. I grabbed my purse and dug out my sunglasses to complete the picture.
    It was now time to go out and buy some cigarettes.

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