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(by, 03 September 2001)

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The sun was shining.  It was a beautiful spring day.  Sheryl stepped out the
back door of her grandparents farm house.  She was alone today.  Her
grandfather was in town selling the vegetables he raised.  Her grandmother
was attending one of the many clubs she belonged to.  At age twelve, her
grandparents trusted her not to get into trouble if they left her alone for a
few hours.  She was visiting for the summer.  She loved the farm and her
grandparents very much.

The day before she had noticed an open pack of Salems in a drawer of the
coffee table in the living room.  She asked her grandmother if she smoked
sometimes and her grndmother said "No, those are for my gentlemen callers".
She had never seen her grandmother or grandfather smoke, but her grandfather
said he had smoked a pipe when he was younger.  Her father smoked Salems, so
maybe he had left them there or her grandmother kept them in case her father
ran out when he was there.  Her mother had quit smoking several years before.
Sheryl was a naturally curious girl and had wondered why people smoked.  She
didn't like the smell of tobacco smoke and usually tried not to be close
while her father was smoking.  However today she decided to see what the
attraction to smoking was.  Before she came outside, she had gone to the
coffee table and took one of the Salems from the pack and gone to the kitchen
for a match.

She sat on the steps of the back porch.  She smelled the cigarette and
thought it smelled fresh and good.  She put the filter between her lips and
sucked gently on it.  She tasted the menthol from the unlit cigarette and
noticed it tasted cool.

After doing this a few times she decided to see what it tasted like when lit.
She struck the match, put the cigarette between her lips and gently sucked on
it.  She immediately noticed a bitter taste in her mouth, but thought that is
probably what smoke tastes like.  She blew out the match with the smoke from
her mouth.  She then took another puff and blew it out.  On the third drag,
she took a longer puff and blew that out.  She noticed that the smoke no
longer tasted bitter, but that it was beginning to taste good, nothing like
the smell of her father's cigarettes.  She then took another long puff and
this time held it in her mouth for several seconds before blowing it out.
She noticed that she was feeling warm and wet between her legs.  This was a
feeling she had never experienced before.

She then took an even longer drag and held it in her mouth.  This time she
breathed in through her nose and when she breathed out, noticed a little
smoke escaping her nostrils. She repeated this twice before she finally blew
the rest of the smoke out her mouth.  She noticed a little warm feeling in
her chest as she did this.  She repeated this twice more and the cigarette
was burned down to the filter.  She was feeling good, no dizzyness, a taste
she liked in her mouth.  She stubbed the cigarette out on the ground, carried
the butt into the house, and flushed it down the toilet.

The next day, her grandparents were in town again and Sheryl revisited the
coffee table and took another cigarette.  She went to the back steps again,
sat down, put the cigarette between her lips, struck a match and lit the
cigarette.  She blew out the match with the first puff and then took a long
drag and repeated breathing air through nose and exhaling small wisps of
smoke through her nostrils.

By the third drag, she held the smoke for ten breaths and when she finally
blew it out, noticed there was not much smoke to blow out.

She then decided to try something different.  She took a very small puff,
opened her mouth and breathed all the smoke in.  When she exhaled, she blew a
small stream through her lips.  She noticed the wetness between her legs
again.  She continued smoking this way with longer and longer puffs until she
finished the cigarette.

The next day her grandparents wanted her to go to town with them.  Her
grandfather had a doctor's appointment in an office which happened to be on
the second floor of a hotel.  As she got on the elevator she noticed a
cigarette machine between an artificial tree and the elevator, a place of
relative obscurity.  After her grandfather was finished with the doctor, her
grandparents decided to go to a restaurant across the street from the hotel.
As soon as they were seated, Sheryl said she needed to go to the restroom and
said she knew where the hotel restroom was, but not the restaurant's, so she
would go across the street to the hotel.

She walked into the hotel and noticed that there was no one near the
cigarette machine, so she walked over and put in the correct amount of coins.
She looked at the brands, saw Salems, and pulled the lever.  When the pack
came out, it didn't look quite the same as the Salems in her grandparents
house.  She looked again and saw the word "lights".  She wasn't sure if this
was what she wanted, but thought she had better take them, and get back to
the restaurant.  Late that night when her grandparents were in bed, Sheryl
went to the bathroom, removed the top cellophane from the pack of Salem
Lights and proceeded to light up.  She decided to watch herself smoke so she
stood in front of the mirror.  She took a medium size drag, opened her mouth
to see the smoke inside, and inhaled.  She thought this was the neatest thing
she had ever seen, smoke disappearing into her body and then coming out when
she exhaled.  She did this for the whole cigarette and when she was done, her
inner thighs were so wet she had to sit down and clean herself.

Her grandparents always kept kitchen matches in the bathroom and everyone had
instructions to light a match after they used the facilities to kil the odor.
Sheryl lit two matches and figured of anyone asked about the smell of smoke
in the bathroom she could say she had just lit a match.

She went to bed and slept the best she could ever remember.

The next day her grandmother stayed home, so Sheeeryl helped heer with
laundry, cooking dinner, and watched soap operas.  That night  when her
grandparents were in bed, Sheryl went to the  bathroom, pulled out a Salem
Light, stood in front of the mirror, lit a match, drew on the cigarette, blew
out the smoke from the corner of her mouth and took the longest drag she had
ever taken.  She was impressed how her cheeks hollowed in as she dragged on
the cigarette.  As she took it out of her lips, she saw that the burning end
was aabout a quarter of an inch long.  She opened her mouth and saw a very
thick ball of smoke, so thick it looked more like cream than any type of
vapor.  She inhaled it deeply and immediately felt a warm feeling in her
chest.  It warmed her down to her toes.  Then it happened.  All of a sudden
she felt dizzy.  So dizzy she staggered to the commode and sat down.  She had
never had this happen.  Her system was not used to the nicotine that so deep
a drag and deep inhale put into her system.

After about a minute the dizzyness passed and she decided she liked tha warm
sensation the first drag had given her.  She took another cheekhollowing
drag, inhaled as deeply as she could and held the smoke in as long as she
could.  She felt dizzy again, but not as dizzy as the first time.  She
continued smoking this way with deep drags and deep inhales until the
cigarette was finished.  Then she sat still for about twenty minutes,
clearing her head and relishing the warm feeling in her chest.  Sshe was
definitely on a nicotine high and feeling the best she had ever felt.  Then
she went to bed.  Only then did she notice that she was very wet between her
thighs and she touched the area.  It felt VERY good.  In fact it felt so good
that she could not resist rubbing the area.  As she continued to rub, it felt
even better so before long she was shrieking with enjoyment.  As she reached
her climax she thought that nothing else on heaven or earth could make her
feel so good.

As she settled under the blanket, her grandmother came in the door and asked
if she was all right as she thought she had heard Sheeeeryl calling.  Sheryl
said no she had just awakened from a dream.  Then her grandmother said she
thought she smelled smoke.  Sheryl said she had used the bathroom and lit a
match when she was finished.  Grandmother said maybe that was it and went
back to bed.  Sheryl decided she would not smoke in the house anymore.

The next few days when her grandparents went to town, Sheryl smoked a
cigarette or two outside.  A couple of nights, she went outside and smoked
beside the house.  She was grateful her grandparents did not have a dog which
might have barked when she came out.  They only had an affectionate old cat.

On Sunday of the next week, Sheryl and her grandparents went to church in the
town.  After the services, they went to the restaurant across from the hotel.
Sheryl said she needed the restroom and went across the street to the hotel

She went to the cigarette machine, put in the correct change, and pulled the
lever for Salem Lights.  To her horror nothing came out.  She decided she
really wanted cigarettes and knew she did not have enough change to try
again. So she went out the side door of the hotel, next door to a magazine
and book store and bought a pack of gum.  She asked the clerk for an extra
dollar in coins.

She returned to the cigarette machine and put the coins in.  The Salem Light
lever was on the far right.  She decided not to try that one again as it may
have been empty.  So without looking she pulled the lever on the far left.
When she reached to pick up the pack, she saw it was red and said WINSTON on
it.  Also to her surprise the Salem Lights had also dropped. She picked up
both packs, slipped them in her purse, zipped it shut and returned to the

The next day her grandparents went to town again, leavaing Sheryl at home.
She went out the back door, sat on the steps and opened the pack of Winstons.
She took one out and noticed the filter tip was brown, not white like the
Salems.  She put the Winston between her lips, struck a match, brought the
flame to the cigarette, drew in smoke and blew out the match.  She then took
a long drag, inhaled the smoke into her lungs and discovered she did not feel
the sensation of hot and cool which she had when she inhaled a Salem.  She
exhaled a long stream of smoke, but still could not understand why it felt
different.  Thinking the cigarette was not lit right, she took a very long
drag and blew out the smoke without inhaling.  The result was a cloud that
looked like it might deposit some rain.  She decided it was lit OK, soo she
took a very long cheek hollowing drag, inhaled deeply, and still not feeling
much, took another one pulling the smoke in on top of the first one.  Then
she felt a warm sensation in her chest.  She exhaled a stream which was
almost as thick as the uninhaled cloud she had previously blown.  Also it
took her four breaths to exhale all the smoke.  She felt a little dizzy, but
liked the taste of the Winstons and the feeling her first double pump gave
her.  Also without the menthol, she was inhaling more smoke without actually
feeling anything in her throat.  She decided the next time she bought
cigarettes it would be Winstons.

Sheryl spent the rest of the summer with her grandparents, smoking 2 or 3
cigarettes a day when she could.

The weekend before school started, her parents came to get her.  On the ride
home, her father smoked and she noticed thar the smell from his cigarettes
did not bother her as it used to.

Monday was the first day of school.  Sheryl was glad to see her friends again
and did not think about smoking until she got home.  She lived at the edge of
town, so she rode a school bus.  When she got home, she knew she was not
feeling right, a bummed out kind of feeling, but she did not know why.  She
decided she would like a cigarette, so she went out to the garage, took a
Winston from the pack, struck a match, and lit up.  She blew out the match
with uninhaled smoke and immediately took a deep double pump as she had been
doing since she first started smoking Winstons.  Immediately she felt better
and all the bummed out feelings left.  This is when she discovered she was
really addicted to cigarettes.  She had to discover another way to get them,
so she started asking friends to take her shopping in a nearby town where she
would slip away and go to a convenience or groceery store.  If the cashier
asked her why such a pretty young girl was buying cigarettes, she would say
they were for her father.

She came home from school every day, would smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes in the
garage, cooked supper for her family, did some basic house cleaning and her
homework from school.  She really was a good daughter.  She had a sister,
Maxine, four years older who had a reputation as being wild.  She had become
pregnant and had a "miscarriage" two years before.  Maxine was a senior in
high school and only are and slept at home.  Sheryl's 13th birthday was
September 21.  Once a month her parents spent the evening with her aunt and
uncle(her father's brother).  Their children were grown and gone and they
enjoyed the company.  They visited, drank coffee, and played cards.  Both
brothers were very competitive pinochle players.  On the night they went to
Uncle Bill's, Sheryl's mother asked her if she wanted to go.  Sometimes she
did, but usually was very bored.  On this night Sheryl said she had a lot of
homework and would stay at home.  Maxine was out running around so Sheryl had
the house to herself.  As soon as she was alone, she went into her
bedroom(which she shared with Maxine), sat on the stool in front of her
dresser mirror, took out her Winstons, lit a match and lit the cigarette.
This time after she blew out the match, she decided to try to inhale the
smoke without taking the cigarette from her mouth.  She took a long drag,
opened her lips from the sides, saw a little smoke escape her mouth from the
sides and inhaled deeply.  Immediately she repeated this performance.  Then
she wondered if she could smoke an entire cigarette this way and inhale smoke
with each breath until the cigarette was finished.  She continued to draw
deeply and inhale deeply with smoke escaping only from her nostrils until the
cigarette was done. No dizzyness this time, as by now her system was fully
used to the nicotine, but she get a definite nicotine high.  She was wet
between her thighs and decided to get the most pleasure she could out of

She took off her clothes, sat on the bed, lit a Winston, and lay down.  She
then started to smoke as she had earlier, dragging deeply, inhaling deeply,
and not removing the cigarette from her mouth.  She decided she had better
use for her hands.  She started slowly rubbing the area where her legs come
together and with each smoky breath rubbed harder and harder.  When her
cigarette was finished, she took another one and lit it off the butt of the
old one, threw the old one in an ashtray and continued smoking and rubbing.
When the second cigarette was finished, she could stand it no longer and
brought herself to the best climax she could imagine.  She was seeing stars
and planets!

After a few minutes, she brushed the ashes off her chest, and took a hot
shower.  She then came back to bed and went to sleep instantly.

Maxine came in much later, drunk.  She hopped in her bed and passed out.
Sheryl got up early the next day, cleaned the ashtray and put it in a drawer.
Maxine had a new friend who had just moved in from another city.  They were
like an odd couple.  Donna was bright and a good student.  She also smoked.
She smoked a lot.  Maxine was not a good student, barely passing her courses,
and Maxine did not smoke.  They were nearly always together.  Donna helped
Maxine with her schoolwork and Maxine helped Donna with her social life.
Both were good looking and both had big breasts.  Sheryl was pretty, but not
beautiful.  She was a blonde, but shy, and looked like someone's little

The Monday before Thanksgiving, at the end of the school day, Maxine came to
Sheryl and said she and Donna were coming home to study there and would
Sheryl like to ride with them in Donna's car.  What Sheryl really wanted was
to go home and smoke.  By herself.  As yet no one had ever seen her smoke.
But since Maxine was going to be home, she knew she had to do something
desperate, so she accepted the ride with Donna.

When the girls got in the car, Donna immediately lit a Marlboro, took a deep
double drag, exhaled and said "Ahh, that's good."

Sheryl in the back seat said, "Donna."

Donna said, "Yeah Sheryl."

Sheryl said, "Could I have one of your cigarettes?"

Maxine shouted, "NO!"

Donna said, "Aw lighten up Max.  This could be fun." She passed a Marlboro to
Sheryl and said, "Want a light?"

Sheryl said, "Yes, please."

Donna passed her lighter to Sheryl.  Sheryl had never used a lighter before
always having used matches.  She tried to make it work, but could not figure
it out.  Donna took it, pressed in the child-proof button and handed it back
to Sheryl.  Donna explained how to use her thumb to turn the wheel and to
hold down the little lever.  Sheryl got a flame, put the cigarette between
her lips, drew in some smoke and tried to blow out the lighter.  It had
already gone out when she removed her thumb.

Donna and Maxine grinned and started to chuckle.  But what Maxine saw next
made her eyes go as big as saucers.  Sheryl took a long cheek hollowing drag,
inhaled deeply, her chest expanding and her shoulders rising.  Then she blew
a long stream of smoke thar extended from her lips in the back seat to the
front windshield of the car.  Maxine gasped, "How long have you been doing

Sheryl's reply, "For a while."

Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Maxine said, "Give me one of those!"
She grabbed a Marlboro out of Donna's pack, lit the lighter, took a cheek
hollowing drag, inhaled through her mouth, and started coughing.

 She yelled, "STOP THE CAR!"  She opened the door and proceeded to throw up
and coughed for about five minutes.  When she shut the door, her usually rosy
complexion was tinged with green.  She said, " I don't know how you can stand
doing this!"

When they got home, Donna asked if she could smoke in the house and Maxine
told her that her father smoked in the house so she thought it would be OK if
Donna did.

Later while Sheryl was fixing supper, Maxine came into the kitchen for some
juice.  Sheryl was smoking.   Maxine said, "I'm going to tell Mom and Dad."

Sheryl said. "No."

Maxine said, "Yes I am."

Sheryl said,"If you tell on me, I'll tell them where you were Saturday night,
and the Saturday before."

Maxine said, "You wouldn't."

Sheryl said, "Yes, I would."

This little blackmail scheme kept Maxine silent.  Also with Donna smoking in
the house, if anyone asked whoy the house smelled smoky, Sheryl could say
Donna had been there and was smoking.

Also when Sheryl ran short on cigarettes, she could get Donna to get them for

When Thanksgiving Day came, Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth came for dinner.  Sheryl
helped her mother prepare the meal.  After dinner, her father and Uncle
watched a football game on TV.  Sheryl, Aunt Ruth, and her mom washed the
dishes.  Maxine went riding with Donna.  Her mom took a nap.  Bill and Ruth
went home, and her father stayed glued to the TV.  No chance to smoke.  Her
mother got up and they had a snack.  Sheryl said she was bored and wanted to
go to her room and read.  Instead she took a shower and went to bed.  She
tossed ant turned all night.  In the morning, her parents went to work, Donna
came for Maxine and Sheryl was alone.  She gor her cigaretes and lit up.  She
took a deep double drag and felt a little head rush but otherwise felt much
better immediately.  She chained the first cigarette into a second.  This was
the first time she had ever smoked in the morning.

Sheryl's brother Buddy came home on leave from the Navy.  He had not been
home for two years and came home to spend Christmas with his family.  He was
21 and had joined the Navy shortly after he graduated from high school.  When
he came in the door the first day home, after hugging Mom and Dad, he sat
down on the sofa, took out a pack of Camel Filters and lit up.  No one said
anything about his smoking.  He had never smoked before he joined the Navy.
In high school he went out for football and track.

A couple of days later Buddy said he was going downtown and Sheryl asked if
she could ride along.

Buddy said, "Sure."

When they got in Buddy's car Sheryl said, "You are my brother.  Brothers and
sisters are supposed to be able to talk and share secrets."

Buddy said, "Sure, little sister, what's on your mind?" Sheryl said, "I've
started smoking."

Buddy said, "Yeah, right!"

Sheryl took a Camel Filter from his pack on the seat between them, and poked
in the car lighter.  When it popped out, she put the cigarette between her
lips, touched the lighter to it and drew gently.  As was her habit, she blew
uninhaled smoke at the lighter.

Her brother said, "You're playing."

Then she took a cheek hollowing drag, opened her mouth to show it full of
thick smoke, and inhaled it deeply into her chest.

Her brother's jaw almost hit the floor.  He said, "You really are smoking!
How many people know about that?"

Sheryl said, "Just Maxine and Donna.  They're cool about it and haven't told
anyone else."

Buddy said, "What do you want me to do, buy you some cigarettes?"

Sheryl said, "That would be nice--Marlboros please."

Buddy said, "What else do you want me to do?"

Sheryl said, "I don't know.  I would like to be able to smoke aat home, but I
don't want Mom and Dad to freak out."

Buddy said, "Let me think about this."

On Christmas morning the family gathered in the living room for their annual
ritual of opening of gifts.  Sheryl, being the youngest, distributed the
brightly wrapped packages to the person whose name was on them.  She had
several with her name on them.  She selected a package to open, about a foot
long and four inches wide.  As she started to remove the wrapping, she tried
to guess what was inside and guessed stockings.  When the wrapping came off,
she was surprised to find a carton of Marlboro Lights and a Bic lighter.  She
hurridly looked at the tag and it said from Mom and Dad.  She looked up
puzzledly at them and Mom said, "It's all right.  Buddy told us.  We don't
really like it, but you have been such a good girl all your life and if this
will give you pleasure, then you have our blessings.  We know you are going
to smoke anyway, and don't want you to hide it from us.  Smoke all you like,
but only at home.  We don't want you smoking at school or in public.  Oh,
Maxine, if you want some too, we'll get you some."

Maxine said, "No thanks.  I tried it and didn't like it."

Her father said, "Go ahead, I want to see how you do this." Sheryl opened the
carton, took out a pack of Marlboro Lights, opened it up, tapped out a
cigarette, put it to her lips, lit the lighter and tried to blow out the
lighter with the first puff.  She decided whe would havae to stop blowing out
unlit lighters.  Then she took a deep drag, inhaled, and felt or tasted
nothing.  She was used to much stronger cigarettes.  She exhaled a long
stream and immediately did a cheek hollowing double pump.  This time she felt
some warnth in her lungs.

Her father said, "Well, it looks like our little girl really does know how to

She smoked around the house all day and just before she went to bed, lit the
last cigarette in the pack.  The next morning, she got out another pack and
walked into the kitchen.  Her mother was sitting at the table drinking
coffee.  She poured a cup for Sheryl.  Sheryl sat, opened the pack of
cigarettes, lit one, dragged deeply, inhaled, and exhaled.  Her mother said,
"You look real good smoking.  I can't believe I'd ever say that about my
little daughter, but it's true.  You know, I used to smoke.  I smoked for
about 10 years.  I quit when you were a baby.  I had pneumonia and was having
trouble breathing at all without trying to smoke too.  Also, when you were a
baby, you always tried to grab my cigarette.  Neither Buddy nor Maxine ever
did this.  I guess I should have figured if I had a smoker in the family it
would be you.  Anyway, between pneumonia and your grabbing, I quit.  And you
know now--I still climb the walls wanting a cigarette after all these years.
I didn't smoke lights, I smoked full strength Kools.  Um--Sheryl, would you
mind if I take one of your cigarettes?"

Sheryl said, "Sure, Mom."  Sheryl's Mom, Alice took the cigarette, put it
under her nose, sniffed and closed her eyes.  "Umm," she said.  Alice put the
cigarette between her lips, took the lighter and appllied flame to the end of
the cigarette.  She took a small drag, inhaled and blew out a small stream.
Then she took a longer drag, inhaled and exhaled.  She said, "Oh, That's
good.  I've missed this.  She continued smoking and said, "Don't worry, if I
smoke too many I'll get us more."  Later that morning when Sheryl went to the
kitchem, she noticed her mom was smoking again.

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