Shimmering Attraction, Part 1

(by, 15 December 2002)

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Shimmering Attraction

Part 1

My name is Cynde and this is my story. I'm a 38 year old female, blonde 
hair, hazel eyes, 5'6" tall and I weigh approximately 135 lbs. I consider 
myself to be an attractive looking woman. I exercise regularly and work hard 
to keep myself in good condition. I enjoy sporting events, outside 
activities and smoking, but it wasn't always that way.

I was married at the age of 20, to a man, that I later found out wanted to 
control every facet of my life. He was what you would call a control freak. 
When we were married he was a smoker I was not. He would often try to get me 
to smoke but I refused. I told him I didn't mind if he smoked, it even 
turned me on a little , but I wasn't interested. That didn't keep him from 

One evening, after being out at the bars with a group of friends, my husband 
asked me if I would be willing to try a smokey kiss. I told him I didn't 
know what that was so he explained. He would take a drag from his cigarette 
and inhale it, we would then kiss and I would suck the smoke from his lungs 
into mine. Being slightly intoxicated form the evening out, I said I would 
give it a try. He took a drag and inhaled, we kissed and I sort of inhaled 
some of the smoke from him. I didn't get much of the smoke at all. He asked 
if I liked it and I replied it was OK but it didn't do much for me. He 
wanted to try again. I agreed to one more try. This time though he must have 
exhale as I inhaled, as I could feel more smoke entering my lungs. I even 
exhaled a small amount of smoke after the kiss.

We continued with our smokey kisses when the occasion arose to due so, 
usually after sex. We were becoming very proficient with our technique. I 
could inhale almost all of his smoke in one kiss. One night, he asked if I 
would like to try something different? I said, sure why not. He took a 
double drag of his cigarette, we then kissed, there was much more smoke than 
I was used to inhaling. I even got a little buzz from it. I then exhaled a 
long stream of smoke after the kiss. He asked how I liked that? I said, I 
enjoyed that and it was excitingand would like to try it a again.

We continued our practice of smokey kisses for several more months. I got to 
the point where I would forward to them, as we were now doing them on a 
regular basis. One day I was at home alone and had a strange craving for a 
smokey kiss. I hadn't felt like this before. I just needed a cigarette. I 
proceeded to the corner store and bought my first pack of Marlboro menthol 
light 100's. I rushed home, opened the pack and smoked my first cigarette. 
It wasn't anything like our smokey kisses. It was much better, more 
exciting, exhilarating if I might say so. That night I smoked with my 
husband for the first time. He was shocked,and excited, as was I, but 
looking back I think he knew what he was doing the whole time.

I continued to smoke on a limited basis for some time. I was kind of a 
closet smoker, never smoking outside our apartment or in front of anyone but 
my husband. The one night at a party, everyone was smoking, and I wanted a 
cigarette so badly. I went to my purse took out a cigarette and lit up. 
Everyone there was so surprised. They wanted to know when and how I started. 
>From that point on my habit continued to grow. I'm a pack a day smoker now 
and loving every minute of it. My husband, even though he got me started 
smoking, still wanted to control my life. We divorced about a year later. As 
I think back the only enjoyable thing he ever gave me was getting me to 
smoke. I enjoy it as much today as I ever have.

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