The Shining Star, Part 1

(by Somers, 10 June 2005)

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The Shining Star
By Somers
Part 1 of 2

Wendy hurried out of the building after her Math test that day. It was good 
to be out of class for another weekend; now she could unwind at Phil's 
party, which was probably getting started already. She was one of the few 
freshman girls who had been invited. Although she was anxious to get there, 
she walked slowly, enjoying the fresh air of the springtime. She felt 
somewhat unusual.

Wendy had several strange sensations before the test, which she attributed 
to not having slept the night before, trying to study from a book that she 
had not cracked open since the semester began. She didn't exactly have a 
head for math, and was feeling a little sick after having taken a dozen 
No-Doz that night. But, Wendy sensed a newfound understanding of math, which 
seemed to have happened sometime during the test. It awakened her and began 
a process of appreciation of everything around her.

Now she was out of class for an entire weekend, and she didn't want to think 
about math. She'd think of the sunlight beaming down on her face, and the 
wonderful air all around her. The world seemed so terrific as she watched 
some squirrels playing in a big, gnarly oak tree, and saw a bee buzzing 
around a flower. She took a big breath of air and smiled. Oh, it was so 
beautiful to be young and fresh.  And very, very sexy.

She looked down at her body, watching as her smoothly tanned and shapely 
legs strutted above her sandaled feet below the pair of jean shorts that she 
wore. She saw her tummy, lean and flat, and her tight, short pink T-shirt 
demonstrating, by means of its shapely contours, the fact that she was every 
bit a woman. The smooth, flowing blonde hair that she tossed back over her 
shoulder further added to the joy of freedom and the feeling of beauty, and 
that feeling made her smile. Now it was time to get naughty.

"Wendy! Wait up!" Another freshman girl, Janice, rushed out of the building 
and down the stairs to meet her.

"I need something to drink, you want to go to the deli?" Janice asked Wendy.

"Yes, I guess I need something, too," Wendy said, feeling that Janice had 
mentioned something she had not been thinking of. She was rather thirsty, 

While tasting the invisible caress of fresh and warm spring air in her 
lungs, she spied Christine Palmer, a junior, exiting the Math and Science 
building. The girl stopped to put a cigarette in her lips and light it up, 
drawing on it fully, wafting the smoke into her lungs and smiling. She wore 
a tight and short black top, adorned by the words: "Look, But Don't Touch." 
She obviously loved her makeup, with dark mascara, unnaturally red hair, and 
a semi-goth look. She observed a glint of sunlight shining on the ring in 
Christine's nose as she raised the cigarette to her lips again, while 
breathing out a lungful of smoke from her last breath.

Just then, the door to the building opened and this incredibly buff guy came 
out. Wendy's eyes were riveted on him, but his eyes were trained on 
Christine Palmer. He jogged down the steps of the building and said 
something to her, and then the two of them kissed. Christine leaked smoke 
from her nose all the while, and he placed his arms around her midsection.

"Damn Provider! Why, oh, why can't I have that?" Wendy exclaimed, looking up 
into the sky.

"What did you say?" Janice pushed the glasses back on her nose and looked at 
Wendy strangely.

"Umm- I don't know-" Wendy said, trying to remember what it was that she had 
said and obviously confused. Something seemed weird, but she just blew it 
off as she watched a plane fly overhead.

"I thought the test was very hard, how did you do on the third one in the 
problem section? I didn't know what to put," Janice trudged on, looking and 
acting like the full-time scholar that she was. Modest, friendly, and a 
delight to get to know, Janice was nevertheless always focused on 

"The third one? Oh, that one was a breeze. The answer was the side of the 
triangle bisected by the two lines," Wendy answered authoritatively, 
watching as a beautiful red cardinal soared across the street to take up 
residence by his mate, waiting in the tree. Then she saw another woman, 
driving an SUV on the street while confidently lighting up a cigarette, and 
a guy on the sidewalk staring at her.

"Wow, you must be right, now that I think about it, was it that obvious? I'm 
worried, because I got that one wrong," Janice glumly walked up in front of 
the deli, and pulled the door open. She hadn't thought that Wendy was so up 
on her math, and she usually derived some comfort from speaking with her 
after tests. Wendy never was exactly a math scholar.

"Awesome!" Wendy said in a hushed voice, staring at this guy reaching up to 
draw something off an upper shelf within the store. She could see a pinch of 
skin beneath his T-shirt and she had to stop herself from seizing those buns 
beneath his jeans.

Janice just giggled, then looked at Wendy, very curious as to why her friend 
seemed to have this difference in attitude today. She silently followed her 
into the store.

Janice chose an "Orange Crush," while Wendy went with a bottle of water. 
They went to the counter, and Wendy said:

"A pack of Marlboro Lights, and one of those swirly colored lighters over 

"You don't smoke, Wendy, do you? I've never seen you smoke before! Are you 
getting them for someone else?" Janice incredulously looked on.

Wendy was silent, paying for her order and taking the items off the counter 
while stuffing the pack of cigarettes into her purse. Janice had already 
ruined her chances with "Mr. Buns," since he was laughing quietly at what 
Janice had said as he waited with his bottle of hot dog relish for them to 
be completed with their transaction. Wendy forgave Janice, however, and 
waited for her by the door as she paid for her stuff.

Wendy gulped her water to the very last drop in one swift movement, sighed 
and dropped the bottle into a nearby trashcan.

"That stuff has no flavor," she said dispassionately.

"What do you expect? It's water! My goodness, you must have been thirsty," 
Janice announced, taking a small swig from her bottle of Orange Crush and 
looking at Wendy with wide eyes.

Wendy pulled out the pack of Marlboro Lights, and the swirly black lighter 
from her bag as she watched a girl crossing the street, swinging a cigarette 
by her side as exhaling as she walked. Wendy observed a man who was driving 
a car, stopped at the traffic light, staring at the girl as she strutted 

"Wendy? Are you going to smoke those? I didn't really know that you smoked! 
I mean, is this something recent, or is it something that has been going on 
for a long time?" Janice, with wide eyes, watched as Wendy peeled the 
cellophane from the pack, opened it up, and ripped out the foil. Janice 
quickly put the bottle of sweetened orange drink to her lips and sucked on 

Wendy looked down at her hands, and stopped at the edge of the school campus 
with the long white cigarette part way out of its container. What was she 
doing? She had smoked before, but only to be sociable, and mostly when she 
was in high school. She felt as if something unseen was making her do odd 
things. She saw another girl at a table in front of the college union 
building. The girl was smiling at this handsome guy sitting across from her. 
The girl had just raised a cigarette to her lips, and accepted a light from 
the guy. The girl pulled on the cigarette with great power, and smiled at 
him. The girl then started chatting as smoke played out of her mouth in a 
cloudy mist.

Ah, that was it: spring love. Her mind was back to its original course now, 
and it was as if a fog had been lifted. Wendy had the cigarette in her 
fingers while she turned to her friend and said:

"Janice, I've got to go to Phil's party like immediately. I think I must be, 
like ovulating or something. Anyway, my hormones are all screwed up, so I 
don't know what I'm doing. Are you coming, or what?" The lighter was in her 
other hand, the cigarette was in her lips, and she cupped the flame as she 
spun the wheel of the lighter like a pro. She had seen numerous light-ups, 
and was learning very fast.

"I- I- I guess so," Janice stammered as she watched her friend fire up the 
flame and turning the tip of the cigarette crimson. Wendy sucked the 
delicate smoke from the paper tube. It seemed like Wendy was someone else 
suddenly, and Janice watched with surprise as she pleasantly inflated her 
lungs and smiled.

"Let's go, then," Wendy confidently marched over to the dorm buildings and 
blew the puff of smoke out of her lungs into big cone of glorious 
indulgence. She got a taste of the nicotine then, and looked at the burning 
cigarette within her fingers with admiration, widening her eyes as she gazed 
at it.

"That's terrific, Janice! You must try this!" Wendy saw a guy coming towards 
them, on his way to the college union building. She stopped and took a big 
drag on her cigarette and winked at him as he walked by, brushing her long 
blonde hair back over her shoulder. He looked at her and smiled, nodding 
politely, as she inhaled the huge puff completely.

"Nice day, isn't it?" He said, looking at her with perhaps a look of desire 
in his eyes.

"There's a party on! Are you coming?" Wendy looked at him longingly, then 
turned her face upward and exhaled a stream of smoke above her head.

"No. Sorry, but I have to get to class," He grinned at her, and then 
continued walking while he admired Wendy's anatomy, and she, his.

"If you change your mind, I'll be in Philbert Hall, room 209," Wendy winked 

"Wendy, are you sure you're feeling OK? Nothing's wrong, is it?" Janice 
pushed her glasses back upon her nose. This behavior was extremely strange.

"Wrong? Heck no! Everything is well on its way, and before long it will be 
culminated! Do you have any idea what these things can do?" she said, 
indicating the cigarette. "It's like a magnet for guys and they've also got 
this beautiful, dreamy kick to them. I just realized that, and want to use 
them all the time from now on."

"If you want to screw up your body, it's your choice. But I wouldn't advise 
it, certainly. Girls that smoke are considered are considered easy targets," 
Janice took her hair out of the pony tail she'd been wearing, and shook her 
head to tousle her hair. She was really pretty, if she would let herself 
look that way. She pulled on the bottle of Orange Crush again.

Wendy stopped her and placed the cigarette in her lips then she turned to 
Janice and fluffed up the other girl's hair and removed the brown-rimmed 
glasses from her face. Wendy smiled at her while sucking on her cigarette, 
then removed it from her lips and completed the action by filling her lungs 
with fresh spring air. Her smile became much broader, and she said, with 
smoke filtering out from her mouth:

"And what, exactly is wrong with being an easy target?"

Wendy handed the glasses to Janice and held the door to the dorm building 
open, Philbert Hall. She took one last drag on her cigarette and threw it on 
the ground, filling her lungs with pleasure. A guy came out and she blew a 
huge puff of smoke in his face as he turned to thank her. She was smiling as 
that load of smoke came pouring from her lips.

"Hey!" The guy exclaimed as he nearly tripped on the steps while looking 
back at the blonde beauty who was coyly holding the door. Wendy could see 
that he was smiling, however.

"There! You see? It's a matter of attitude, and honey, I think you need your 
attitude adjusted somewhat," Wendy said, stopping Janice in the hallway. She 
pulled Janice's blouse out of her skirt and tied the ends of the fabric into 
a knot, then poofed it up into a fluffy little decoration just above her 
midriff area.

"I'd recommend that you roll up that skirt, because you wouldn't want to 
deprive the male audience of those sexy legs of yours," Wendy giggled as the 
two girls climbed to the second floor.

"Wendy, I'm scared. I mean, you are acting so strangely, and I don't know 
what to do," Janice appeared frightened suddenly. She had never been much a 
party-goer; she could never get into the scene. Then, there was this sudden 
obsession with smoking. She didn't know what to make of it. She looked at 
Wendy, and the other girl calmed her down with a loving look.

"Don't worry, Janice. You'll look great." Wendy knocked on the door as 
Janice dutifully rolled up her skirt. She looked at her legs, but had never 
thought of them as sexy before.

"Wendy! Hey! It's great to see you. I didn't expect that you'd be here so 
soon. Are the rest of the math people still at the test? You're in math 
aren't you? Anyway, the drinks are in the kitchen, so stay a while and 
chill." Phil met her as she entered the party, toting her pack of Marlboro 
Lights and the lighter, and he noticed that she looked better than he 
remembered. More vibrant, somehow, he noted, and he said so, admiring her as 
she crossed the threshold into his noisy and somewhat dirty dorm room.

"And who is this lovely lady?" Phil was surprised at the appearance of 
Janice, who followed Wendy across the threshold. He hadn't seen this girl 

"This is Janice! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?" Wendy said 
while quickly scanning the room.

There was music playing and a couple of video games going. Three jock-types 
were kicking a hacky sack around with beers in their hands, and there was 
the familiar smell of people smoking a joint.

"Do you know Donald? He's a Polysci major, and he's going to be my lawyer 
someday," Phil rapped Donald on the back while laughing. Wendy recognized 
Donald as a prime specimen of the male gender, having musculature beyond the 
norm, and she took an instant liking to him. As she made penetrating eye 
contact with Donald, she began wondering how he would be in bed. She smiled 
at him, as she removed another cigarette from her pack.

In the meantime, Phil was getting to know Janice. "Janice, huh? Are you in 
Wendy's math class, or what? Why haven't I seen you around campus? Welcome 
to the party!"

Phil smiled at Janice, Janice blushed shyly, straining her eyes to see with 
blurry vision, and friendship was born. Phil laughed at Donald as he 
wandered off, leading Janice into the kitchen area, leaving Wendy and Donald 
by themselves. At least as much as you can be by yourself at a party. "Would 
you like to put a little a bit more exciting into that bottle of Orange 
Crush?" Wendy heard Phil say, as the two walked off.

"Allow me," Donald said, looking at Wendy as she turned back to him with the 
unlit cigarette in her fingers. He was holding up a silver lighter and had 
expertly flicked the top back with his thumb. She held the cigarette to her 
lips and stared at the blue flame as she placed the tip of the cigarette 
into it and created a draft which brought the first vestiges of newly burned 
tobacco smoke into her waiting mouth. She drew inward with a feeling of 
elegance and glory, showing a set of lovely cheekbones, and then pulled the 
cigarette from her lips as she brought her chest up to complete fullness. 
Donald closed the lighter with a firm sound.

She smiled when the action was complete and took Donald's lighter from his 
hand, admiring it and making the sharp clicking and the final thunking sound 
as she opened and closed it repeatedly. She grinned while exhaling a long, 
thin strip of smoke over his generously-sized shoulder.

"That's a very manly lighter! I like the way that it sort of sounds like a 
clock. You know, tic, tock, tick tock? Time for a cigarette!" She 
illustrated with the same hand that she held the cigarette in, waving the 
smoke back and forth, then giggling and putting the cigarette back into her 
lips for another healthy pull.

"It came from Australia. I had a friend who went there with the Marine 
Corps, and he brought this lighter back with him," Donald looked into 
Wendy's eyes and held her hand in his to reclaim the lighter. He took the 
opportunity to draw closer to her and study her lovely face. She had just 
completed her tug on the cigarette, and she removed it from her lips, 
placing her arm upon his broad shoulder. With a hush, she inhaled the breath 
of smoke and said:

"Australia? Really? I've always wanted to go down under." She met his gaze 
and slowly exhaled a big cloud directed downward. The smoke quickly rose, 
and filled the space between them.

"I've got some more things from Australia in my room. Would you like to see 
them?" Donald traced the curve of her cheek as he brought his fingers up to 
move her hair away from her face.

"Mmm, I've never been to Australia before. Is it very far?" Wendy asked 
softly, bringing the cigarette near her lips once more.

"Right over there," Donald stated, still holding her hand, but stepping back 
to show her the entrance to his room, which let off the main room of the 
apartment. Donald was one of the three other guys that occupied this place 
with Phil.

"How convenient, you seniors sure have it nice and cozy here, with separate 
bedrooms and all," Wendy then took another puff of her cigarette as, from 
the corner of her eye, she spied Janice, sitting down on the couch next to 
the pot smokers. She crossed the threshold while trailing smoke behind her 
then waited for Donald. She closed the door, and unobtrusively locked it 
behind her.

Janice was pretty nervous, but this guy Phil seemed real nice. He put 
something in her bottle of Orange Crush that certainly had alcohol in it, 
but it blended well with the sweet beverage and when she took an 
investigative sip, she found that she liked it.

"Hit?" This red-eyed girl who appeared to have been sprawled on the couch 
all day, offered her the joint, and spoke this one-word sentence, following 
it with another inspiration into an already overfull chest. She had several 
adornments in her face: a ring through her nose and her eyebrow, and a 
sparkly stud in her lip.

"No! I mean, no thank you," Janice took a big gulp of her drink, feeling 
very self-conscious.

"Pass't," the red-eyed girl sniffed again, indicating the guy to Janice's 

"What? Oh! Sorry!" Janice held the joint in her fingers, and handed it to 
the guy on her opposite side. Then she took another gulp of her drink.

Red eye then exhaled the contents of her lungs with a large and noisy 
breath, saying: "Damn good shit!" She smiled at no one in particular and 
stared into the room.

"So, what's your major?" Janice asked, trying to start a conversation.

"I think Dell's major is in getting stoned. When's the last time you went to 
class, Dell?" Phil asked, smiling and having taken up residence at the other 
end of the couch.

"I lost my fucking schedule, so I don't know," Dell said, laughing as she 
withdrew a small cigar from a pack on the table, then placed it in her lips 
fumbling with the lighter, then trying to place the flame into the tip. 
Janice was pulling on her Orange Crush mixture again, when the joint came 
back to her. This time she took it dutifully, but had to hold the burning 
object while Dell was trying to light herself up.

The guy sitting to Dell's left helped her hold her hand and the two of them 
successfully lit the cigar. Dell pulled on it with a strong breath and sat 
back on the couch, filling her lungs with the sweet-smelling smoke.

"I think I was taking Oriental Religions, or maybe it was psychology, or 
something?" Dell exhaled thoughtfully, then she noticed Janice holding out 
the joint, and sat back up immediately, staring at the precious gift and 
pinching it in her fingers. In a moment, she had sucked upon it and filled 
up her lungs, and passed the joint to her left. She looked at the cigar in 
her fingers, and gently tapped it into the ashtray. She held it to her lips 
as if to take a puff, but she didn't want to let go of the stuff in her 
lungs, so she waited as smoke curled up into her face.

"What's you major, Janice?" Phil asked, taking a sip from his beer can.

"Me? Oh, I'm in the five year nursing program," Janice answered, after 
taking the bottle down from her lips.

"Maybe you can help poor Dell out, she's got a definite problem with her 
brain," the guy on the couch to Janice's right started talking. The other 
guys laughed, and Dell threw a pillow over at him.

"Shut (sniff) the fuck (sniff) up (sniff)!" Dell then exhaled, fully 
expelling her lungs, taking a drag on the cigar and placing her arm around 
Janice, smiling as she said:

"My nurse, Janice, will take good care of me," she inhaled the drag from the 
cigar, and kissed Janice on the cheek. Then she saw the joint coming back 
again, so she reached over and grabbed it.

"I'll bet Janice won't let you smoke at all!" Phil laughed, watching as Dell 
drew in on the joint, letting tobacco smoke out of her nose. She quietly sat 
there, staring into space and passed the J to Janice.

"No, Dell can smoke all she wants. I assume she needs it to maintain her 
sunny disposition?" Janice grinned, raising the bottle to her lips while 
passing the joint along.

Dell, her lungs full, as they frequently were, leaned over, sniffed and 
kissed Janice again on the cheek. Janice blushed, but she didn't mind Dell 
kissing her. The cigar began to smell good.

"M'nurse!" Dell declared, sniffing again.

Janice giggled, and took another swig of fluid from the bottle. It was 
nearly gone now. She was getting into the spirit of the conversation, and 
she was a lot more relaxed now. The joint came back from her right and she 
held it. Phil started talking, which drew the focus away from Janice and 
Dell. Janice shrugged, and raised the joint to her lips to try a little bit 
of the smoke which was making everyone feel so good. She wanted to feel 
good, too.

Back in Donald's room, Wendy had her top off and was sitting on the bed. She 
was smoking a freshly lit cigarette. Donald was sitting next to her with his 
hands around her naked waist.

"You look beautiful, the way you smoke," he stated. Then he shyly admitted: 
"I have a thing for girls who smoke; I think it very much enhances their 

"You'd look beautiful, too, especially with your pants off," Wendy giggled, 
then took a long drag on her cigarette, leaving it in her lips as she 
reached behind her to unhook her bra. Now it was time to get really naughty, 
her wicked mind thought.

"You are so incredibly lovely, Wendy, and I can't believe that we are here 
together." Donald placed a hand on her breast and gently encircled her flesh 
while Wendy inflated her chest.

She clutched the cigarette in her fingers once her bra was on the floor, 
leaned over and pressed her warm lips against his. She began blowing her 
smoke into his body. Grabbing his face with both hands, holding her 
cigarette behind his head, she made the pressure more intense. Donald broke 
away and coughed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see that coming! It was absolutely fantastic, though," 
Donald stated, still trying to clear the cough from his throat.

"You don't smoke, do you?" Wendy asked, holding up her cigarette next to her 
face, and appearing quite devilish, "Well, let me give you a regular kiss 

They brought their lips together again. Donald could taste the tobacco smoke 
on her lips and mouth, and he smelled it as it encircled him, but was not 
treated to so heavy a dose as before. Her tongue entered his mouth on a 
mission of polite exploration. It was met by his corresponding and masculine 
muscle, which danced as he brought her to a prone position on the bed. Her 
arms encircled his strong back, and the cigarette remained within her 
fingers, where it felt already a part of her soul.

"My God, you are a wonderful kisser," he said, making no objection as she 
reached beneath his T-shirt with her unencumbered arm. He leaned up, and she 
helped him off with it as she placed the cigarette in the center of her 
mouth and began to fill herself with more pleasure. He was every bit the 
specimen that she had hoped for. He had a husky and hairy chest, and muscles 
rippled in his shoulders and arms. She took the cigarette from her lips and 
filled her own chest with smoke, smiling, then blew it beyond his dreamy 
sinews into the room and closed him in a kiss, allowing the lingering smoke 
to entice him further. She brought her arms across his strong back, 
permitting her fingers to feel the luscious ripples of his skin as she 
brought the remainder of her smoky breath into his massive chest cavity.

Tongue play ensued within the light smoke, and she felt as if she could 
taste his heart. She could certainly feel it beating within his chest, and 
she answered with beats of her own from beneath her breast. This was what 
spring love was all about, but Wendy couldn't stop there. Breaking their 
kiss, and touching his nose to allow herself some space, she placed the 
cigarette in her lips and reached down to unzip his pants.

"Whoa, now, wait a minute, this is going too fast for me, and I'm not sure 
I'm ready for this," Donald balked.

"Well, let's just see how ready you are," Wendy said with a wink, reaching 
into his pants and groping for his manhood.

"Stop it, now! Shouldn't we get to know each other a little bit first?" 
Donald asked shirking down below her grasp, and trying his best to disguise 
how actually very large it was becoming. He was practically bursting out of 
his trousers. The way she pulled on that cigarette within her lips, 
refreshing her breath with another sweet draw, and the way she fragrantly 
drew the smoke into her little body did something to his sexual drive that 
he had been quite unprepared for. Never before had he seen a girl smoke so 
sensuously, and the manner in which the smoke exited those sweet, kissable 
lips was pure magic. It invoked and invited him, and now they were lying 
here like this. It was somewhat unbelievable.

"What's the matter? Don't you want to fuck me?" She asked, taking another 
drag on the cigarette and letting two streams of smoke pour down from her 
nose, before she took the cigarette out of her hands and reached out with 
her slender nails to touch that awesome torso of his.

"Wait a minute now, how old are you?" Donald asked, since Wendy appeared 
quite young. Fully developed, and every bit a woman, but quite young, when 
he looked at her soft skin and her uplifted breasts.

"I'll be eighteen next month," she answered truthfully, bringing the 
cigarette back to her wet lips of passion, and pulling the thing down to the 
filter with a drag that seemed to burn its way through his heart.

"Oh, Jesus! I almost had sex with jail bait!" He lamented, "Can't we just 
lie here and I can hug you and kiss you, and light more cigarettes for you?"

"Donald, do I displease you? I can change in any way your heart desires, but 
will you please fuck me? I'm ovulating, and I don't have much time here, so 
I need this to de done quickly," Wendy stated, looking around for a place to 
put her spent cigarette, and talking through her exhale.

"I'm terribly sorry, Wendy, and I want to. Oh, Jesus, I want to! But can we 
do it after a month? I can give you an awfully good present on your 
eighteenth birthday!" Donald declared, searching for Wendy's purse to 
retrieve her pack of cigarettes for her next light-up.

"No, I need it right now. You wouldn't believe how much is at stake, and I 
picked you because you seem so incredibly juicy. You're not going to 
disappoint me now, are you?" She asked, helping him find the pack of 
cigarettes and the lighter. Once they were located, he eased one out of the 
pack, and discovered her colorfully adorned black lighter. He placed it into 
her lips gently and flicked a flame.

"No, tonight I think you should just smoke for me. We can go out if you want 
to, but I think we should save the special stuff until you are eighteen," he 
declared, watching as her face was illuminated by the fire, and the end of 
the cigarette turned into an inferno with another inspiration from her body.

She said nothing, but drew back from the flame with the cigarette in her 
lips and reached down within his pants again, trying to clutch his penis in 
her hands. It was growing so large that it just invited that sort of 
treatment, but he wiggled away as she let the smoke down in rivers from her 

"OK, I'm eighteen," she said, lunging at him with the cigarette in her lips, 
and losing a lot of the smoke from the drag. She pushed him down toward the 
end of the bed in an attempt to grab the mighty manhood that he held captive 
beneath his underwear.

He jumped up, still holding that swirly black lighter in his hands while she 
reached out from the bed, dodging her gripping hands while he was trying to 
pull up his pants.

"No, No, NO!" He shouted, "I- I... Must not!"

"Shall I smoke for you? You want to see some smoke?" Wendy challenged, and 
then she sucked on the cigarette so deeply that it made a crackling sound. 
Then she inhaled and dragged again, making the cigarette crackle again. A 
long ash was forming, but the cigarette never came out of her lips. She 
dragged a third time, and Donald seemed frightened as she leaped off the 
bed, taking the cigarette out of her mouth and chasing him into the door 
with large, wet, and luscious lips.

He fumbled with the lock for a moment then he burst out into the common 
area, fumbling with his pants at the same time, saying:

"Help me, guys! This is some kind of wild girl!"

A topless Wendy appeared behind him in pursuit, and a couple of guys that 
were standing around by the door managed to restrain her, although they were 
quite unprepared for the huge cloud of smoke that accompanied her capture. 
She was writhing in their hands, and the cigarette was still in her lips and 
was shouting the words:

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

She slipped apparently into a deep sleep, but a red-eyed Janice just smiled 
and declared, from the couch, that Wendy was her best friend, but that she 
also loved Dell. Then she wrapped her arms around Dell and kissed her, 
sharing the beautiful smoke from the joint that was in her fingers.


Bid-rah was back within her ship, orbiting within the asteroid belt to avoid 
detection by the humans. On their radars and telescopes, they would detect 
only a tiny asteroid, among so many. It was easy to creep up very close to 
such primitive species and infiltrate them.

"What happened? Why didn't you become pregnant?" The provider wanted to 

"It was very difficult under the circumstances, but apparently I picked the 
wrong male. We need to try again, with some female that is much more 
desirable to males, so that every single one of them wants to place his 
sperm within me," Bid-rah tried to explain, imagining with bliss just what 
that phrase meant.

"Was that the reason that you did not copulate with the male? We decided 
that she was a prime candidate for creation of a new life form, being of 
perfect childbearing age. Or did you consume too much smoke? You saw what it 
did to those people; they didn't behave rationally," the provider said, with 
obvious disappointment.

"Oh, get a life and stop disagreeing with me! If you had any idea of what I 
felt like, you would understand that it is not easy to ignore such pleasures 
like smoke; they are an intimate part of passion and romance and love and 
these things absolutely must precede the act of intercourse! I can't fuck if 
I'm not in the mood, and they put me into the mood very nicely. These are 
things that you wouldn't understand at all!" Bid-rah exclaimed, hoping that 
would squelch the provider.

"I have a life. I have you. But we don't have much longer together and we 
must create a new entity to go on and be with me. I'm also afraid that we 
won't make it to the next inhabited planet before you die," the provider 
said, with apparent sadness. At least its electronic circuits said that. The 
provider was no more than the computer who ran the ship and tended to the 
needs of its passenger. It needed an entity to give it purpose. It needed 
the life that Bid-rah gave it, and she had been its cargo for many eons. 
Bid-rah was becoming very old now, and would not live much longer.

"True, and I will miss you very much, provider. Perhaps I am a little 
reluctant to leave you? I'm sorry; I guess I screwed up this time," Bid-rah 
said, softening a little.

"I understand love, Bid-rah. I know you have a need for pleasure, and I 
acknowledge it. I understand this need for smoke in a certain way, but it 
confuses me. My knowledge of the relationship between smoking and sex among 
humans will increase as we stay here longer, but we cannot stay too long. 
This transition between breeders has always been a difficult time for me. 
But we do not have much time to produce offspring, do we? I will not know 
what to do, or how to go about carrying out our mission without another 
breeder aboard. I exist to serve your pleasure, and within that bubble of 
pleasure, life is very good. Without it, I will be another piece of space 
debris," the provider stated.

"I know, provider, and I will try my hardest this time. I will miss you, 
though, as I live out the new life on this planet and you take the new child 
aboard. Something makes me feel very jealous of her. I want her as much as 
you do, yet I know that she will take you away from me. We have had a good 
time together, though, yes?" Bid-rah said, with the equivalent of a tear in 
her eye.

"I will miss you, too, Bid-rah, and the times have been very good. I think I 
will miss you more than the other breeders I have had, because you bring 
life to me," the provider stated.

"Put me now into another human female, but this time, it needs to be someone 
who lives to do nothing but smoke and fuck. Someone with experience, and 
someone with only those purposes in mind. I want to be just dripping with 
sexuality," Bid-rah said, steeling herself for the rush that accompanied the 

"Are you sure that is what you want?" The provider questioned.

"Yes! Hurry now, and by the way, I need some boobs. Wendy was sort of 

"By your command, mistress," the provider said.



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