Shock Therapy, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 04 August 2003)

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This fictional account contains adult language and graphic sexual themes.  If
such language and themes offend you, please do not read further.  References
to InRealLife, InRealLifeExposed and its owner Adam are used with his
permission.  All other persons and events described in this work are purely
fictional.  Any similarity to actual persons or events is strictly
coincidental.  Copyright 2003 by SSTORYMAN.  All rights reserved.  Permission
is hereby granted to reproduce this story in any form and for any purpose as
long as this notice is reproduced and no financial remuneration is received,
directly or indirectly, by the person reproducing it.


1.	Crisis Management.

   "Luanne, come in.  I'm glad you came.  We have lots to talk about."

   The pretty brunette ambled into Dr. Thomas' office and sat down.  Luanne
Larson was unusually attractive.  Though in her early thirties she looked 25.
"Thanks for meeting me alone, Doctor.  You met with John by himself a couple
days ago, right?  I must admit that I felt discouraged after our session

   Sam Thomas straightened his tie.  He picked up a pen and smiled.  He was in
his late forties.  His beard was flecked with gray and he was balding.  The
opulent furnishings in his office conveyed his competence and success as a

   "I understand.  Now that I met with John one-on-one I have a better idea
what's going on with him and how we might address the problems you two have."
He looked at his notes.  "For the record, tell me once more in your own words
what you see as the problems in your marriage."

   Luanne frowned.  "I told you last time, Doctor."

   "I know.  But John was here.  I want to see if your analysis changes when
John's not in the room."

   Luanne sighed.  "Okay, but last time I was honest.  For the record, though,
John and I got married 11 years ago when I finished college.  He was 23 and I
was 22.  At first John seemed like a perfect husband.  He was gentle, kind,
and also as conservative as anyone I ever met.  He was an Eagle Scout in high
school and an honor student in college.  I thought I was the luckiest girl
alive to land a husband like John.  Plus, we were truly in love.  At least I
thought he loved me."  She began to cry.

   "I know it's hard, Luanne.  But please, I want to hear the whole story just
the way you remember it.  Everything."

   "Okay, Doctor.  Sorry."  She sniffled and reached for a handkerchief.  "The
first ten years everything was great.  John's dad retired and left him the
family real estate development business.  From the very beginning we always
had plenty of money, a nice house, new cars every year.  I had no complaints
about that.  Still don't."

   "But tell me about the problems.  When did they start?"

   "I don't remember for sure," Luanne said hesitantly.  "But a year ago John
began to lose interest in making love.  Even when we were first married we
never had sex all the time.  But we did it regularly.  Sex has always been
important to me.  But like I said, a year ago John seemed to lose interest."
She sniffled.  "It was about then I first learned about the videos."

   "Yes, tell me about the videos."

   "I was shocked the first time I discovered them," Luanne spat out.  "The
videos were of pretty young girls smoking cigarettes.  Oh, Doctor, I felt so
violated!  John was lusting after other women, girls engaged in a disgusting
foul habit.  Doctor, I never smoked myself.  I never had an inkling John had
any interest in that sort of thing.  I mean, he's an elder in our Presbyterian
church and is active in numerous community charities."

   "And you confronted him about it, didn't you?"

   "Yeah," Luanne sighed.  "John was embarrassed but said it was nothing
personal.  He told me he couldn't help it.  He just liked looking at them.
Well, I ordered him to get rid of all the videos.  I don't know if he did.
But the next time I looked in his desk drawer they were gone.  Then I realized
John's clothes were smelling like smoke.  So I confronted him on that.  He
admitted he'd started smoking in secret.  Once again I was totally shocked.
And again, he was embarrassed but said he wouldn't stop.  He said he likes

   "That upset you, didn't it?"

   Luanne nodded.  "I wondered if I even knew my husband.  I mean, John
watched videos of girls smoking cigarettes.  Plus he was smoking himself!  It
scared me, Doctor.  I told you all this the last time John and I met with you

   Dr. Thomas sagely nodded.  "So it was about then that John stopped showing
any interest at all in your sex life?"

   Luanne hesitated.  "No, that was a little later.  For awhile I simply
decided not to talk about the smoking thing.  I hoped it'd go away.  I asked
John to see a counselor for professional help.  He refused.  Like I said, for
awhile we just ignored the subject.  But then we stopped ever having sex."
She blushed.  "It's hard for me to talk about this, Doctor."

   "I understand, Luanne.  But it's important.  Go on."

   "I was always the aggressor in bed, the initiator.  It was odd, but at
least John responded if I asked to make love.  It made me feel strange he
never made the first move.  But then, finally, a few months ago, ?."

   "That was the first time he couldn't perform?"

   Luanne nodded and sniffled.  She dabbed her nose with her white
handkerchief.  "At first I thought it was stress, that he was tired from his
responsibilities at the office.  You know?  John does have a very high
pressure job.  His company does shopping mall and hotel developments all over
the country."  Dr. Thomas nodded and she went on.  "So I'd ask to have sex.
We'd fool around a little," she blushed.  "But when it came time to do it he
couldn't perform."

   "You mean he couldn't get it up?"

   "Yeah, basically.  I felt awful.  I feared it meant John didn't love me but
I was afraid to say so.  So I suggested he talk to his doctor.  John's only
33, for God's sake.  Normal men his age don't have that problem.  But after he
talks to his doctor, the doctor says everything's fine.  So John suggested we
talk to a psychologist to get help for our marriage.  That's how we wound up
with you, Dr. Thomas."

   "Luanne, I talked a long time to John several days ago.  We met alone, just
like we are now.  He described his problem.  I must tell you, it's not
unusual.  It's quite common in men.  John has a sexual fixation that's
commonly called a fetish.  Do you know what that means?"

   "I think."

   "Fetishes are sexual obsessions with inanimate objects," Dr. Thomas went
on.  "The fetisher has feelings of sexual attraction both to, and because of,
the object desired.  In some situations, of course, it's perfectly normal,
like virtually all men are visually attracted to female breasts.  It's
technically a fetish since the attraction is solely to the visual stimulation
of seeing female mammary glands.  But we don't call it a fetish when men find
breasts attractive.  They're part of the female body.  In John's case,
however, he has a sexual obsession with a separate inanimate object, an
activity, really.  His fascination is with cigarettes and smoking, in
particular with beautiful females smoking."

   "I already knew that," Luanne groaned.  "That's not news to me, Doctor."

   "But let me explain," Dr. Thomas continued.  "Fetishes aren't uncommon.
Many men are turned on by the visual stimulus of inanimate objects.  For
example, some men are abnormally attracted to women in high heels.  For
reasons unknown to John he's fascinated by the sight of women smoking
cigarettes.  It'd take many sessions to uncover the reasons why.  But that's
not really important.  The problem is that by repeated stimulation of his
fixation John has now so identified sex with that fetish object that he's
unable to obtain an erection apart from its stimulus."

   "Meaning?  Tell me that in English."

   Dr. Thomas smiled sympathetically.  "It means John can't get it up anymore
unless the object of his smoking obsession is present."  Seeing the concern on
her face he laughed.  "It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, Luanne.  No, I
sense he truly does love you and cares for you.  But unfortunately John
stimulated his fetish too much and for too long.  Now he can't perform
sexually without that additional stimulus."

   "So, what are you saying, Doctor?  Can you cure him of this ? this thing?"

   "Cure isn't the right word, Luanne.  You can't cure someone of a sexual
attraction.  But I have a suggestion for how we can redirect John's feelings;
if you're willing, that is."

   "Doctor, I'd give anything to get John back the way he was.  He's obsessed
with girls smoking.  I notice it every time we go out.  His eyes immediately
lock onto a girl smoking.  Or if an image comes on TV of a girl with a
cigarette he can't look away."  She sighed.  "So he inadvertently trained
himself to only be sexually turned on if he's in the presence of a woman
smoking?"  She shook her head.  "That bastard!"

   "Luanne, you should feel sorry for him.  He can't help it.  As much as he
wishes it wasn't true, John's sexual appetites have become unhooked from a
natural attraction to you as his wife and onto an inanimate object.  Allowing
himself repeated exposures to the stimulating sight, the only thing that
pushes his buttons anymore is the spectacle of a woman smoking.  But like I
said, I have an idea how we can change that."


   "Let me explain.  John believes that what makes him happy, what turns him
on, if you will, is seeing women smoke.  But deep down he loves and adores
you.  He loves you for who you are, Luanne.  I believe John would be horrified
if his two worlds collided."  Dr. Thomas took a breath.  "If you surprise John
by smoking in front of him the shock will totally disgust him.  He likes
fantasy girls smoking cigarettes.  But he won't feel that way about someone he
loves.  So if you learn to smoke, Luanne, in a short time the shock should put
John in touch with his true feelings.  There's an excellent chance it'd shock
him into distancing himself from his obsessive smoking fetish."

   "You're kidding, right?  Me, smoke?  Ugh!"

   "I'm not kidding, Luanne.  You see, John's become obsessed with beautiful
girls who smoke.  But they're pure fantasies, nothing more.  John doesn't live
with these imaginary girls or with the putrid odor and constant filth that
their dirty smoking habits generate.  If John sees you smoke, Luanne, and has
to deal with it in the real world, instead of inside his unrealistic fantasy
one, I believe we'd quickly separate John from his unhealthy preoccupation
with women smoking.  Ultimately I think you'd get the old John back pretty
much the way he used to be."

   Luanne put her hands on her head and rubbed her now throbbing temples.  "I
don't know, Doctor.  I hate smoking.  I always have.  Now I hate it more than
ever after I found his videos and I know he lusts after other women because
they smoke.  Do you really think this is a good idea?"

   "I don't know, Luanne, but this I do know.  John's sexual dysfunction is
permanent unless and until something changes his warped perception that female
smoking is sexually alluring.  Shock therapy might just jolt him out of his
fool's paradise.  The real world's never as attractive as the shiny pretend
fantasies that the purveyors of deviant sexual material like those videos
promise.  I know it's a shocking idea.  But think about it.  Smoking in front
of him might be your last chance to save your husband, your sex life and your

   She hesitated.  "But how, Doctor?  Even if I agree to try, how do I learn
to smoke?"

   Dr. Thomas leaned back in his chair.  "You must know someone, a friend or a
family member, who smokes, Luanne.  Someone you could ask to teach you?"

   "Well, there's my little sister Sheila," Luanne agreed.  "Sheila smokes.
Ever since high school she's been something of a rebel."

   "Ah, of course.  The second sibling phenomenon."

   "What do you mean?"

   "The oldest child is often a rule follower, the perfect one," Dr. Thomas
smiled.  "I bet you've always been the daughter who exceeds your parents'
expectations.  And I also suspect your younger sister resented it and
therefore engaged in activities that never tempted you.  Undoubtedly that's
why she began to smoke.  She purposely wanted to be different from her perfect

   Luanne had to smile.  "You hit it right on the nose, Doctor.  Since high
school Sheila's always loved doing things my parents don't approve of.
Smoking's only one example of many such things."

   "Well, now it may turn to your advantage, Luanne.  I suggest you seriously
consider my proposal and ask your sister to help you learn.  John's fascinated
by beautiful women smoking.  You're very attractive yourself, Luanne.  You can
compete with any fantasy.  After a short while it'll begin to trouble him if
you smoke.  At that point you can discard the cigarettes because John will
discard his warped fascination with female smokers."

   "Gosh, I need to think about this, Doctor.  But at least it sounds like
there's hope."

   "Oh, there's always hope, Luanne," Dr. Thomas smiled warmly.  "Always!"


   Luanne left the psychologist's office dazed.  She stopped at Starbucks to
treat herself to a latte.  She sat down to think.  Dr. Thomas was a renowned
psychologist.  He came highly recommended.  His analysis of John's problem was
dead on.  For months she'd seen his preoccupation with smoking.  To Luanne it
was unfaithfulness; nothing more, nothing less.  Mentally John had sex with
other women, though he didn't see it that way.  No videos remained in his
former hiding place but she was certain he still had them somewhere.  Plus she
knew he was watching girls smoke on the internet.  He masturbated while he
watched on his computer.  She'd seen telltale stains inside his boxers doing
laundry.  Recently she began to check the viewing history on his laptop every
morning while he was in the shower.  Not a day went by that John didn't check
his favorite smoking fetish sites on the web.  The thought of it infuriated

   Dr. Thomas was right.  Something had to be done.  She couldn't let John go
on like that.  She hated the idea of smoking.  But maybe it's shock him, jolt
him into seeing the disgusting metamorphosis happening inside his messed up
head.  Smoking seemed gross but she told Dr. Thomas she'd consider it.  She
guessed she could think about it, and maybe even talk to Sheila.

   Luanne drove home and pulled her two month old Acura RL into the spacious
three car garage of their large suburban home.  The Larsons had no kids.  Long
ago she and John decided they didn't want any.  She didn't have the
temperament to endure munchkins running around her house, and John felt the
same.  His brother had kids.  He and Luanne loved the nieces and nephew but
parenthood wasn't for them.  Luanne was glad.  She wasn't sure anymore if
their marriage would make it.  It'd be hard to subject any children to the
current state of affairs!

   She went into their large home office and turned on the computer.  She
waited while it booted up.  After John took over his dad's real estate
business she left her old job as an elementary school teacher.  She hated
teaching; she never liked it.  It totally soured her on having kids.  She
preferred life as a free social butterfly flitting about in the elite circles
she frequented as John Larson's socialite wife.  How would that change if they
divorced?  She didn't know.  But one thing she did know.  If her marriage
ended she wouldn't go back to teaching.  She'd get a good lawyer to make sure
John took care of her the rest of her life!

   The menu screen came up.  She maneuvered the mouse and clicked the web
browser's history button.  She scanned the site list.  God, there it was, all
right!  In Real Life Productions.  She clicked to go to the home page of the
site.  It was one of John's favorites.  Despite her melancholy she simply had
to see for herself what her stupid husband looked at and lusted after.

   It took only a few seconds for Luanne to figure out the organization of the
In Real Life site.  First she clicked "models" and scanned pictures of all the
women.  Every single picture had a girl with a cigarette.  For the most part
they were indeed cute!  She returned to the history list to see what on this
site John had viewed.  She clicked on one.  A video file begin to load.  It
said the girl's name was Danielle.  Luanne gasped.  There in living color on
the computer screen a cute blond was smoking a cigarette and shyly smiling
into the camera.

   She shook her head.  So _this_ was what John watched!  It turned him on,
did it?  God, it was sick and perverted!  She stopped the video playing on
Windows Media Player, exited and returned to the main menu.  She groaned.
Hopefully Dr. Thomas was right.  If she pretended to smoke hopefully John
would soon be shocked into abandoning this bizarre fetish!

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