Sibling Rivalry, Part 1

(by, 05 October 1995)

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Subject: Sibling Rivalry - Part 1 of 3 (long)
Date: 4 Oct 1995 20:49:42 -0400
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Sandy Sandy and Rachel, like all sisters, had their fair share of fights
and bickering while growing up in a lower middle class neighborhood in SE
Gary, Indiana. However, lurking just below the surface of the superficial
disputes, which constantly erupted
, their proved to be a much deeper cohesive force at work which ultimately
shaped and enriched both their lives. This is the feel good, heart warming
story of how Sandy and Rachel discovered the true meaning of sisterhood
many years ago at the explosive
ages of 13 and 15, respectively, and of how their hard working, divorced,
mother Cheryl "CJ", imparted on them both the wisdom to accept live's many
It was mid August as Rachel sat nervously, chain smoking a Virginia Slim
120, on the window ledge of their third floor apartment waiting for her
friends Maxie and Kari to show up at the curb below. Sandy, Rachel's 13
year old sister entered the room screa
ming "Caught you again! Just wait till mom finds out.". Rachel, now
growing tired of this almost daily ritual, asked Sandy what she wanted (in
return for her silence). "Well, if you fold the laundry, I guess I won't
tell." came Sandy's quick response. Rac
hel grudgingly accepted her terms and began folding, thinking in the back
of her mind what a little winch Sandy was becoming, and thinking it would
almost be a relief if CJ did catch her smoking, at least the extortion
would end. Rachel was folding together
the last pair of socks when the familiar horn blared three stories
below. She quickly grabbed her cigarettes and lighter from her top drawer
hiding place and headed out the door.
When she was out with her friends, she felt very positive about her
steadily growing smoking habit, after all, it was Kari's older sister
Maxie who had got her started. They would drive across the state line into
Chicago and cruise the loop, stopping at
vashionable outdoor boutiques and cafes just long enough to drink a soda
and smoke a couple of cigarettes. But at home, Rachel realized that her
cravings could not be satisfied frequently enough and that the constant
nagging and outright extortion from San
made it almost unbearable. She knew that CJ always got home around
11:30 PM from her waitress job at a local diner. Rachel figured she had
between the time she got home from school at 3:40 until CJ arrived home to
enjoy smoking. The problem was that 
Sandy made even this quality time a virtual nightmare, always threatening
and making demands on her.
A few days later CJ had entered Sandy's and Rachel's bedroom to straighten
up when she offhandedly mentioned that she thought she smelled a faint
smell of cigarette smoke in the room. While CJ had already dismissed the
smell as probably from her own cigarette
which she was smoking when she entered the room earlier looking for
the phone book Sandy, in an almost laughing tone, decided to use the
incident as an opportunity to rat on Rachel. She explained to her mom the
truth and even revealed Rachel's stash
in her top drawer where a half empty carton of Virginia Slims 120's were
found. Sandy seemed deflated when CJ's only response was "thanks dear,
I'll have to have a little talk with Rachel after I get home from work.
Maybe Sandy was expecting some kind of
reward for her betrayal or at least a "Rat of the Year" plaque. Sandy
watched in almost disbelief as her mom grabbed a pack from the carton,
commenting "Now I don't have to stop at the quick mart on the way to work
tonight" and then placed the carton back
 in Rachel's drawer.
Sandy taunted Rachel almost the whole evening, chanting "Wait till mom
gets home, you're in troubbble!". For her part, Rachel smoked her usual
four cigarettes over the course of the evening and noticed that Sandy did
not make her usual "Do this for me or
I'll tell mom you smoke" threats. When CJ arrived home exhausted at 11:30,
Sandy and Rachel were both still up. CJ calmly looked at Rachel saying "In
your room young lady. I need to talk to you, right now." Sandy eagerly
approached the closed bedroom door
 to listen and was soon disappointed that there was no screaming, in fact
most of the talking she could hear was of CJ recounting her exploits at
that age. Finally, Rachel emerged from the bedroom, stopping at the end
table in the living room long enough
to grab her mom's lighter from the cigarette case, and proudly lit up. As
she collected an ash tray from the kitchen counter, CJ came out and
explained to Sandy, "Sandy, thank you for letting me know that Rachel was
smoking. We had a long talk about it 
and I have given her permission to smoke in the house for now on. Do you
understand?" Sandy, now feeling sorely defeated, answered "Yes, I guess
Rachel, now enjoying the new open smoking policy in her home was quickly
up to a pack a day. And, because she and CJ smoked the same brand, she no
longer had to use her money to get Maxie to buy them for her, as CJ said
she could take packs from her carton
as she needed them. But she still had a score to settle with little Miss
Sandy, who had betrayed her sisterly trust, and now seemed genuinely
miserable and brooding most of the time. Each morning while Rachael and CJ
were enjoying a couple of cigarette
 at the table after breakfast, Sandy sat stewing in her room, complaining
about the smoke. Rachel had already figured out a pay back scheme for
Sandy, one which she was sure Sandy would thank her for years later. After
all, she reasoned, it's the sisterly
 thing to do. Her plan was to turn the tables, putting Sandy in the same
situation she had been in, and make her squirm just a little in the
process. Rachel watched as Sandy stormed out of the apartment for school.
Rachel slowly crushed out her cigarette
just as CJ was reaching to borrow her lighter with a fresh cigarette
dangling from her lips. CJ asked "So what are you thinking about honey,
you seem to have a distant look in your eyes." Rachel, still exhaling a
long stream of smoke towards the ceiling
from her just extinguished cigarette said "Oh nothing mom. I'm a little
worried about Sandy, you know, she seems so uptight lately, like she needs
something to help her relax and calm down a little.". CJ looked at Rachel
with an almost devilish gleam in 
her eye saying "And I guess you know just the thing, huh Rachel" as she took
a long pull on her cigarette knowing exactly what Rachel was planning.
Part 2 of 3 coming soon

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