Simone Writes a Short Story

(by SuburbanLife16, 07 December 2003)

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Simone writes a short story
by SuburbanLife16

Simone had written such good short stories during the year that she asked her
English teacher, Mr Dwyer, for some extra tuition before school broke for the
long summer vacation.  During the break she wanted to write a few stories to
improve her already imaginative writing style.  Mr Dwyer was always happy to
help an enthusiastic student and suggested they stay back a few minutes after
classes on the last few days of the term.

So after school on the Wednesday in the last week of term, Mr Dwyer talked to
Simone about the next year's syllabus, giving her some good ideas about what
to concentrate on during the vacation.

After nearly an hour, Mr Dwyer suddenly realised how late it had become.  He
apologised to Simone for talking for so long and offered her a lift home in
his car, as the school bus had well and truly gone.

Once they were in the car and on their way home, Simone asked Mr Dwyer, "Now
that we're off school grounds, do you mind if I have a cigarette?  I haven't
had a smoke since lunch time and I'm dying for one."

"Sure, go ahead, Simone.  I understand just how much 15-year-olds need their
tobacco.  I used to do the same myself."

He did not let on about his female smoking fetish.  Nor did he tell her how
much he enjoyed seeing Simone sitting in the passenger seat beside him, with
her short school uniform skirt riding quite noticeably up her thighs.  He
gave some thought to the anatomy that lay beneath that delightfully brief
skirt, as well as her blouse.

Simone took several deep inhales on this, her first cigarette for several
hours, clearly indicating that she needed to drag the smoke deep into her
body.  After savouring the smoke in her lungs for quite a few seconds, she
exhaled most sensually.

Mr Dwyer casually asked how long Simone had been smoking and she told him
that it had been a bit over two years now.  At the age of 13, she had started
off with only one a day, but she was now up to well over half a pack.

Simone told him that, after about six months, when she was smoking about four
or five a day, she first noticed that smoking helped inspire her with her
short story writing.  She told her mother that she had started smoking and
how it influenced her literary capabilities.  In the course of the
conversation, Simone asked her mother if she would buy cigarettes for her and
was pleasantly surprised that her mother agreed.  As it happened, her mother
had already recognised her talent for short story writing.

Mr Dwyer was enjoying this conversation with Simone, as it gave him the
excuse to glance across at her smoking, whenever the traffic situation
allowed it.

When they arrived at her place, Simone thanked Mr Dwyer not only for the
additional tuition, but also for letting her have a smoke in his car.  She
expressed the hope that it did not make the car smell too much.

"It was my pleasure," he assured her.  The sight of Simone smoking in his car
far outweighed any smell in the car, he thought to himself.


The next day, Thursday, Mr Dwyer and Simone spent another hour or so after
school going over strategies for story introductions and endings and plot
development.  Again, when they had finished, Mr Dwyer offered Simone a lift
home.  Once more, she asked to have a smoke in the car, with Mr Dwyer again
readily agreeing.

As she lit her cigarette, she off-handedly commented that it was the last in
her pack.  Hearing Simone say this prompted Mr Dwyer to stop off at the
nearest store so that he could buy her another pack.  Simone accepted his
offer with gratitude, as her mother did not normally buy her week's cigarette
ration until Saturday.  She certainly did not want to spend Friday unable to
satisfy her cravings.

When Mr Dwyer had handed over the pack to Simone, she lit up a fresh
cigarette from it.  Having given her this pack, Mr Dwyer felt that he was
fully entitled to observe Simone's rather attractive smoking charms as they
continued the drive home.  He asked her if smoking had helped her concentrate
on all her schoolwork.  Simone confirmed that, yes, smoking did assist her,
not only for short story writing but also with other subjects.

But it was for the short stories, being her first love, that her smoking gave
her the most inspiration.  When writing, she was able to sit, smoke and think
through her story lines in a calm and unhurried manner.

Mr Dwyer was again aroused by the sight of Simone smoking and was pondering
afresh what delightful attributes were hidden by her skirt and blouse.

Once home, Simone thanked Mr Dwyer again, firstly for once more giving her
free extra advice on her writing style, secondly for being able to smoke in
his car, and thirdly for buying her an emergency supply of smokes to tide her
over until Saturday.


On Friday, the last day of term, Mr Dwyer and Simone had a few more things to
cover to give Simone a good basis for working on her literary style during
the forthcoming vacation.  They got through them quickly and, for the third
time, Mr Dwyer offered Simone a lift in his car.  They got in the car and
this time Simone knew she did not even need to ask if she could smoke on the
way home.

Again Mr Dwyer was absorbed in Simone's smoking charms.  But a wave of
concern overcame him.  Seeing her smoking so reflectively, he suddenly
thought that maybe Simone might not have enough cigarettes to last right
through the summer school vacation.  He certainly did not want the excellent
standard of her short stories to wane due to a lack of cigarettes.  So he
stopped off and bought Simone a whole carton of her brand of cigarettes.

Simone was so overcome with gratitude that she asked Mr Dwyer if she could
offer him a cup of coffee at home, as a means of thanking him for the all the
help he had been to her.  Mr Dwyer was more than happy to accept.

They soon arrived at her home and she ushered him in.  As was her custom, she
immediately kicked off her shoes and socks.  Simone's mother was not yet
home, so Simone boiled the jug and they enjoyed a hot cup of black coffee
each.  Simone really enjoyed smoking with her coffee and chain-smoked two
more cigarettes while they were drinking.

As they were draining their cups and Simone was stubbing out her second
cigarette, she felt she owed it to Mr Dwyer to show him the software on her
computer which she used for spell-checking and grammar.  She picked up her
packet of smokes and lighter and led Mr Dwyer into her bedroom where the
computer was.  She flicked it on.

Mr Dwyer had not seen that particular version of the software and he sat down
to have a closer look at it.  Simone perched on the bed nearby and lit
another cigarette as she watched Mr Dwyer at the computer.

He took several minutes to check out the software and asked Simone whether he
could apply it to a document which she was working on.  Simone, who had been
sitting and quietly enjoying her cigarette, got up and, dangling her smoke,
took control of the mouse so she could select her latest story from the file

Mr Dwyer felt a definite thrill when Simone stood so close to him and he
could smell the smoke rising from her cigarette.  With her latest story
selected, he ran the spell-check over the document and casually observed that
the story was not yet finished.

Taking a final drag on her cigarette, Simone admitted that she had had a
slight case of writer's block which prevented her from finishing that
particular story.  As she stubbed out her smoke, she said she would value
some assistance on a scene with which she had not yet had much experience.

It was a `boy meets girl' story, where the girl was not sure how far she
wanted to take the relationship.  The boy was attracted by the girl's sensual
smoking and so was very keen to progress their friendship and was doing his
best to persuade her.

"I don't have any `hands on' background knowledge to rely on here, Mr Dwyer,"
she explained.  "Can you make some suggestions, please?"

"Happy to help," responded Mr Dwyer.  "Why don't you light another cigarette
and we'll take it from there.  I'll try and give you some practical tips."

She extracted a smoke from her packet and lit up in a very attractive manner,
holding her cigarette next to her face and leisurely exhaling smoke in long

"I think the boy might do something like this . . ." suggested Mr Dwyer,
sitting down on the bed next to Simone.  He put his arm around her and
gradually worked his hand up under the back of her blouse.

Simone was taking mental notes of all his actions while she innocently
inhaled on her cigarette.

"Then he might undo her bra strap . . . like this . . . and pull it gently
off her shoulders."  His actions matched his words.  "After that, he might
give her a passionate kiss and start unbuttoning her blouse," again
demonstrating what he was saying.

"By this stage, the girl might well be starting to get in the same mood as
the boy and she might shrug off her blouse and bra."

"By this stage the boy would almost certainly be completely excited by the
girl's smoking and might then continue by fondling her extremely delectable
boobs, like this . . . and then also kiss those boobs as a sign of
appreciation of their beauty."

As he enunciated each step, his actions followed his spoken words.

Getting into the swing of things by this stage, she was enjoying the
attention My Dwyer was giving her, at the same time continuing to note his
actions for the plot development of her story.  She went on smoking her
cigarette very attractively, as Mr Dwyer proceeded with his demonstration.

"They would probably then stand up and together they would go on to undo her
short skirt and let it drop to the floor . . . after which the girl would
only be wearing a G-string.  At this point the boy would ease his hand under
that brief item of underwear and let it also fall off."

Simone was rapidly getting to understand the direction in which Mr Dwyer was
leading and performed the same actions that Mr Dwyer was suggesting the girl
might take.  

At that stage, Simone was naked and looking extremely desirable in Mr Dwyer's
eyes.  He kissed her, while his hands followed a path down her slender body
towards her crotch.

Mr Dwyer's erection had been developing all the while, but now he had an
enormous hard-on, as he realised that he no longer had to imagine what lay
beneath Simone's school uniform.  There, for him exclusively to see, were her
shaved clit and her beautifully rounded tits, all in the smoky atmosphere
generated by Simone with her extremely sensuous smoking techniques.

"Almost certainly, the girl would have got into a very receptive mood and she
would be looking forward to seeing her boyfriend undressed as well."

Simone took the hint and, dangling her cigarette to leave her hands free, set
about unbuttoning Mr Dwyer's shirt.  Mr Dwyer helped by removing his shirt
and singlet, while Simone dropped her hands towards his belt and undid it.
His trousers soon fell down.

"You're getting the sense of this plot excellently," Mr Dwyer commented.
"The next step would be for the girl to massage her friend's very hard cock
through his undies, before becoming so excited that she rips them off so they
join his trousers on the floor."  As she hurriedly took his undies off, his
cock sprang out, welcoming the fresh air.

"I appreciate your giving me help with my story plot," Simone thanked Mr
Dwyer.  "And now, please, come and give me the ultimate inspiration for my
writing efforts during the vacation," Simone continued, as she lay down naked
on the bed and spread her long legs.

Mr Dwyer needed no second invitation.  With his clothes now removed, he
accepted with relish, and joined her on the bed.

The smoke of Simone's almost finished cigarette drifted up and mixed in with
her wavy hair.  He saw how perfect her tits were - fantastic.
She wrapped her slender fingers round his shaft and started wanking him as
she dangled, pumped and then nose exhaled.  The cherry of her cigarette was
glowing hot from the continuous drags that she was taking.  He ran his right
hand up the inside of her thigh and found that her pussy was wet and eager.
She groaned slightly as he probed two fingers deep inside her.

She removed the cigarette from her lips.  Smoke drifted from her mouth and
nose for the next two breaths.

"Oh, you don't know how good that cigarette makes my lungs feel and how good
your fingers make my cunt feel," she moaned, smoke still coming from her
lips.  She let go of Mr Dwyer's cock and reached over to the bedside table
and put the smoke out.

He sat on the bed with one hand on her tit and the other still up her pussy.
She removed a new ciggy from the nearby packet and dangled it unlit from her
mouth.  Her lighter was clutched in her hand.  He gazed at her perfect body:
she was cover-girl material.

"My body needs more nicotine," she said, the long cigarette bobbing in her
mouth.  She lay naked in front of Mr Dwyer and lit it.  Yet another long,
luscious drag followed.  The volume of smoke that her lungs could hold was

"Ummm," she moaned, "I love chain smoking; it makes my body feel wonderful."

"And I think your body feels wonderful too, Simone," he was now happy to
admit.  Her skin felt warm and silky smooth against his.  As they kissed, her
skin smelt of a smoke and perfume.  It made his mind spin.  He straddled her
naked body with his arms either side of her.

"This is what I think you should have your fictional character do when he
realises that his girlfriend has decided to cement her relationship with

And he hovered just over her, as his still enormous cock pointed directly at
her virginal pussy before she allowed him to slowly lower himself into her
waiting body.

As he slowly entered Simone, she leaned back and enjoyed the exquisite
ecstasy of him removing her virginity.  She took a deep drag on her
cigarette, exhaled through her nose, and pumped on the cigarette.  With his
cock fully inside her vagina, she took the smoke from her lips and exhaled as
she slightly raised her head and kissed him.

She extinguished the cigarette and, now worked up to a frenzy, he
simultaneously commenced moving his erect spindle up and down her soaking wet
pussy.  His movements became faster and they were both in paroxysms of
absolute delight.  In a few moments they both came together, as they both
groaned from the sheer pleasure of orgasmic perfection.

Lying there with her vagina wrapped around his throbbing penis, she said,
"Oh, I'm getting to love smoking and fucking . . . and so will the girl in my
story."  She kept filling her fit young body with as much smoke as possible,
until she had smoked the cigarette down to the filter.

"I already love fucking you while you smoke," Mr Dwyer replied, "and I think
that's what I suggest the boy in your story would be thinking too."  

They lay there in silence for a while as they simply enjoyed each other's

Then he remembered that he had one final suggestions for the plot of Simone's
story.  So he advised her, "The girl in your story will certainly now want
her first post-coital cigarette - it's always a most enjoyable experience."

So Simone extracted another smoke from her packet, lit and inhaled with a
sense of utter satisfaction, knowing that she now had the complete story line
for her latest literary effort.  She was also enjoying her own first
post-coital cigarette to the maximum.  While she was smoking, she pulled his
hands towards her so he could once more massage her fantastic tits.  Then he
sucked and teased her nipple and she again groaned loudly.

"You're right about the post-coital smoke - it's amazing!  Thanks for
suggesting it," she said appreciatively, as they both lay back in her bed,
her head on his chest.  While she rested there, Simone smoked not only her
first but also her second after-sex cigarette.

"So now that the school holidays have officially started, how much do you
think you'll smoke every day until school goes back, Simone?" Mr Dwyer asked
as she lay there.

"I'm going to try to get up to a pack and a half a day - I think that's the
ideal amount to give me inspiration for my writing.  I'm training my body to
take more smoke all the time.  You've given me some valuable experience to
help reach that target."


When Simone's mother got home some time later, Simone and Mr Dwyer were
sitting together in the lounge room, having another cup of black coffee, to
refresh themselves after their inspirational session in her bedroom.

Simone was dressed only in her rather skimpy dressing-gown, which not only
afforded a generous view of her cleavage, but also displayed almost all of
her long, pretty legs.  She had just extinguished one cigarette in the
already full ashtray and was lighting another as her mother came into the

At the same time, Mr Dwyer was still adjusting his clothing and doing his
belt up.  He was somewhat concerned about what Simone's mother would think
when she found them in this state.

Simone's mother, however, was quite unperturbed.  Taking a big drag on her
new smoke, Simone introduced Mr Dwyer to her mother, saying, "Mr Dwyer has
been giving me some more inspiration for my short-story writing during the
vacation, Mum.  He has promised to come back as often as I like to give me
further assistance throughout the holidays."

"Glad to meet you, Mr Dwyer," Simone's mother replied enthusiastically.
"I've read all of Simone's short stories and I think they're wonderful.  But
she's a perfectionist and always trying to improve herself.  So I'm so glad
that you've been able to help her.  I hope you can keep on inspiring Simone
to maintain and improve her style right through the vacation."

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