Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 11

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 11 - November 5, 2006 - Cameron's secret mission

    She was led into the Federal Building through the back entrance in order
to attract the least attention possible. She wasn't sure why she was here
other than that it involved something top secret regarding the program.  They
brought her to a room and told her that the party she was meeting with was
running a little late but that her wait shouldn't be too long. She was
offered a drink, she chose a glass of red wine. She was given an ashtray and
told that she could smoke if she wanted to. 

    "Great," twenty year old Cameron said as she lit a Newport and sipped her
wine. "Now, why the hell am I here?" she said under her breath.  She smoked
her cigarette down to the filter and lit another. She wasn't a patient person
and she had things to do. She detested the fact that she'd been called off
her mission, her network was growing and she was in the middle of hooking a
couple of girls when they called her in. This damn well better be fucking
worth it, she said to herself as the door opened. 

    Two men walked in. One she recognized as Decker Falconeri, Cray's boss at
RJT. The other guy looked familiar but she couldn't quite place him. 

    "Cameron, how are you?" Falconeri asked. Decker was in his early forties
but he looked ten years younger. He had longish brown hair and an athletic
build. Cameron had met him once during the time she was being recruited.
Falconeri had the reputation of being brilliant and had been instrumental in
improving the serum's potency a few years back. Cameron respected smart
people, being one herself. If Falconeri was part of whatever this was, them
maybe it would be an interesting afternoon. 

    "Cameron, this is Senator McGee, he's on the senate sub-committee that
funds the research we do at RJT."

    Cameron shook McGee's hand, still not understanding why she was here.
McGee was in his mid fifties. He was tall and blonde but graying.

    "So, this is the shining star you've been telling me about Decker. But
you didn't tell me how beautiful she was, though." He kissed Cameron's hand.
Cameron secretly rolled her eyes and exhaled a plume of smoke in McGee's
direction.  She sat down and brushed a piece of her black hair away from her

    Decker didn't waste anytime. "I'm sure you're wondering why you're here,

    Cameron dragged from her cigarette and exhaled, her smoke filling up the
room. Neither of the two men seemed affected by it. "Actually, yes, with all
due respect senator, I got pulled off a real important mission. If you look
at my log, I'm involved with some really key girls at the moment. The longer
it takes for me to get them started, the fewer girls they will in turn

    McGee looked at Decker. "You said she was a spitfire, Decker. Now I see
what you mean." Cameron flashed McGee a look. If he was going to be this
condescending to her there was definitely going to be a problem, senator or

    Decker continued. "Yes, we know, Cam, but bear with us. I think when you
hear the senator out, you're going to see that your trip here was well worth
your while." 

    "I'm listening." Cameron said. She stubbed out her cigarette. 

    'Well, I'm sure you know that there's on-going research and development
that goes on at RJT," McGee began. Cameron nodded. "And the program, thanks
to efforts by people like yourself has been a huge success. But there's a
major problem Cameron." 

    "What's that?"

    'We're not winning the war against the anti-smoking campaign. You've seen
it yourself, smoking bans in bars in 2005, the smoking ban in cars in one
California city in 2008. Cam, did you know that by 2020, there will be a
no-smoking-in-the-home law in nearly every state?" 

    Cameron listened intently. She didn't like the last statement by McGee,
especially. The senator continued. "Cameron, we've developed a new serum, one
that contains all the elements of the GS4268 but with, shall we say, a little
kick." Cameron leaned forward a bit, a bit more interested. "You see,
Cameron, the only way we win this war is to totally change the public's
perception of smoking. Smoking is still considered a filthy, unhealthy habit
right now. There are anti-smoking activists whose initiatives cause laws to
be put in place that force just as many people to quit that agents like
yourself are getting started. 

    "You've heard of the smoking fetish, right?" 

    Cameron, though annoyed by the obvious stupid question, nodded. She
reached for another cigarette and lit it. 

    "What if we told you that our new formula not only injects the subject
with the same uncontrollable nicotine addiction that it does now, but it also
gives the target an incurable and uncontrollable smoking fetish?"

    She didn't mean to blurt out what she did. Even though she was still only
twenty, she prided herself on her professionalism. But she couldn't help
herself. McGee's last statement pushed every button that was Cameron.  "If
that were possible, then we could get the whole fucking planet to smoke," she
said and then did a double pump before filling the room with smoke again.
"Umm, sorry," she said. McGee waved her off and told her not to worry about
it. She tried to calm herself and took another drag, this time holding the
smoke in her lungs an extra few seconds to relax herself.

    "Is this still in the testing phase? How long before we actually have
something like this ready to test in the field?" Cameron asked. Decker and
McGee looked at each other and exchanged an amused look. "It's already tested
and in the field," McGee said, "The trials are over, trust me on this one,
it's already working!" 

    McGee explained that the new serum had been in the works for years. Even
back in the sixties when the program began, the tobacco industry knew that
this day would come. They knew that the GS4268 would help the program get
started but that eventually something stronger would be needed to ultimately
defeat the anti-smoking movement. 

    McGee explained that once injected with the smoking fetish, the person
becomes obsessed with the nicotine addiction and as a result is motivated to
get as many people hooked as possible. 'It's real power, though, is the link
that it causes the mind to draw between smoking and sex, Cameron. The target
actually associates smoking and nicotine addiction with the highest sexual
pleasure. Now, don't get me wrong, Cameron, it's not as though someone is
going to have sex every time they light up a cigarette. Some of this is
subconscious but as I'm sure you're aware, sex can be a powerful motivator.
Think of it, Cameron, if the entire planet is filled with smoking fetishers,
the anti-smoking movement ceases to exist." 

    Cameron smiled and felt herself getting more than a bit horny. Maybe
she'd read McGee wrong at first. This shit was pretty brilliant, a plot
devious enough she herself could have come up with if she wasn't involved in
her other projects. She took another drag from her cigarette. A hazy cloud of
smoke hung over the room. 

    "Cameron, we want you to deliver the DVX69 formula on all of your
missions going forward. You don't have to do anything different than you do
now, the only change is what will be in the vials you'll be carrying. There's
one other thing though. The DVX69 project is top secret.  Only a handfull of
people in the organization are aware of it. After we leave this room, you can
never speak of this to anyone again, and that includes Cray." Cameron nodded
that she understood.  "Decker will provide you the DVX69 vials. When Cray
gives you the GS4268 simply contact Decker and you two can make the switch.
I'm really excited that we're finally going forward with this. Do you have
any questions Cameron?" 

    "Well, just one, really." Cameron said as she blew a fiery stream of
smoke across the room. "You said that DVX69 was already successfully being
used in the field right. That some people have already been injected with
this." Both men nodded the affirmative. "It's me, isn't it? I'm the test
case." She took a deep inhale and let the smoke sway around in her lungs for
a good six seconds and alternately made eye contact with both men before
exhaling in Falconieri's direction. She absolutely loved gaining the upper
hand in a meeting like this. 

    "Yes, Cameron, you were the first to be given the DVX69. Like we said
earlier, you were the test and passed with flying colors." Falconieri said.
Both men looked at Cameron trying to measure the girl's take on the truth
that was now out in the open. 

    'Wel-l-l I could sue you for fucking with my head," she started while
blowing out the last exhale from the cigarette she was squishing out in the
ashtray. "But what the hell, what kind of fun would that be? Fuck the
anti-smokers, boys, lets rock and roll." 

    They left the smoky meeting room and McGee shook both of their hands and
bid them farewell. Decker and Cameron started walking down the hall towards
the exit. But Cameron was wild with excitement. Her heart was beating rapidly
and she was now horny as hell. She felt if she didn't do something soon she
would literally explode, right there in the corridor. Suddenly she jerked
Decker by the arm and pulled him into a men's room they were passing by. She
started kissing him hard, he could taste the nicotine on her breath. Before
he knew what hit him she was ripping his suit jacket and unbuttoning his
shirt.  Decker started responding. He grabbed Cameron and started kissing her
hard and pulling her brown tank top off. 

    "Wait," she said. For a split second he thought she was halting things.
She fumbled in her purse, her hands literally shaking as she pulled out a
cigarette. "Light me!" she said. 

    "Huh," Decker didn't get it at first. 

    "Fucking light me," she screamed, not really caring whether anyone heard
her or not. This time he complied and flicked the lighter to the cigarette
that was dangling from her mouth. She leaned up against the sink, now just in
her undies and bra and took a drag. She was trembling with excitement. "This
is so fucking incredible, isn't it?" She blew the smoke in Decker's face and
then jumped up on him and started kissing him hard again. 

    All their clothes off now, Cameron pushed herself up against him. Her
cigarette still dangled from her mouth and they both crashed into the wall.
He felt her hard breasts against his chest and began caressing them.  The
smell of nicotine that seemed to resonate from her body was turning him on
and he felt his animal instincts taking over. She took a drag and then kissed
him, exhaling her smoke into his mouth. She was laughing, almost hysterically
now.  "Smoke it," she demanded and put the cigarette in his mouth. He inhaled
and she dove in for another kiss, taking in his smoke. He plunged himself
inside her.  He grabbed her by the shoulders while they were locked in each
other and pushed her against the row of sinks and began moving up and down
against each other, Cameron's back on the sink, Decker's body on top of her.
Decker started to kiss her.

    "No, no kissing," she said as she put the cigarette in her mouth and dug
her fingernails into his back. She took a long drag, the smoke escaping
around her dangle as she began to moan softly. "Harder," she said. "Fuck me
harder!" as she inhaled and spewed smoke all over his face and chest. They
continued to fuck each other as Cameron alternately moaned and dragged on her
cigarette.  She screamed at orgasm and the two continued to breathe heavily
afterwards.  Finally when they were done, she kissed him, letting her tongue
swim around his mouth and then smiled at him wickedly. She tossed the still
lit cigarette on the bathroom floor when they finished. It was still
smoldering when they left the bathroom. 

    McGee looked out his window of his office while talking on the phone.
He'd opened his curtain just in time to see Cameron and Decker walking
together, talking for a moment and then going to their respective cars.
"Yes, Mr.  President," McGee said on the phone. "We are right on schedule
with the DVX69 project.' 

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