Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 12

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 12 - April-June 1979 - Second Chance Continued

    Erin and I became inseparable. I called her after I got home from
practice on that first night and we talked for four hours. During the
conversation we talked about everything and nothing and through it all I even
forgot that I was a fifty year old that had traveled thirty two years back in
time. We started dating almost immediately, becoming a couple, mildly
surprised both our sets of friends. It seemed random and out of the blue to
them. We had never hung out during our two years of middle school and three
and three-quarter years of high school and now we were suddenly a couple. If
they only knew! 

    There was one other thing that was different than my first go-around in
1979. My sudden emergence as a smoker outright shocked my circle of friends.
It was noticed immediately. I started meeting Erin in the quad in the morning
before school and in between classes and word traveled fast. I got some well
meaning lectures from my friends and there were some awkward moments at times
but I didn't care. I was getting a second chance at this and I didn't really
care if a few high school memories got revised in the process. 

    Indeed, about a month after Erin and I started dating my high school
friend dynamic did begin to change. It wasn't that my old buddies from the
track team and I stopped being friends. But hanging with Erin and taking up
smoking was undoubtedly going to shift things. As a byproduct of my
relationship with Erin I also became friends with her best friend Liz and her
boyfriend Rick Edwards.  What was interesting about this is that Liz and Rick
did date during our senior year during my first go around as well. But I only
knew them peripherally. Now I was hanging out with them at the roller skating
rink and going to parties with them. It was as if an alternate reality was
being created and I was beginning to feel that this was the way things were
supposed to have happened the first time. 

    Erin's younger sister Meghan was part of our group sometimes. She was a
sophomore and also a smoker. She didn't smoke as much as her older sister who
I suspect had something to do with starting her. 

    One thing I realized almost immediately. Erin was a pretty addicted
smoker.  She was still a month from turning 18 but was already smoking twenty
five to thirty cigarettes per day. I was lucky because I was getting a front
row view of quite a few of them. 

    During the first couple of weeks of dating she was extra self conscious
about kissing me with "cigarette breath" as she called it. It was actually
funny watching her fumbling to jam a piece of gum in her mouth when we were
about to kiss. She didn't have to do this, of course, I wouldn't have minded
in the least but it was cute to watch anyway. 

    One night we were at the movies, I believe it was Steven Spielberg's
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind". We were seated in the back of the
theatre, my arm was around her when she suddenly says, "I'm dying for a
cigarette but the movie's getting good, I don't want to miss this." 

    I had a feeling I knew what was coming. I tried to contain my excitement
but I was getting to know her pretty well. I had seen her in the halls in
between classes before we got out to the quad. She was always outwardly happy
when she saw me after a class got out but I could see it in her mannerisms
and hear it in her voice when she was jonesing for a cigarette.  She was
jonesing for one now. 

    Even back in 1979 smoking wasn't allowed in movie theatres. But back then
kids smoked in them anyway. Erin was sparking up her lighter. I could see the
calm returning to her as she tried to blow her smoke down towards the floor
in between the seats. She took another drag and then offered the cigarette to
me. Why not, I said to myself, thinking this experience certainly didn't
happen my first time through the spring of '79. She was holding the cigarette
and had just taken a drag when the usher came through. I often wondered back
then why the ushers that were hired at movie theatres were so dumb. The drill
was always the same. Some kid lights up in the theatre, the usher walks in,
smells where the smoke is coming from but can't find the offending smoker who
is cupping said lit cigarette in his or her hand underneath the seat. Of
course that's exactly what this usher did, appearing in our section for about
twenty seconds before walking away. 

    Erin giggled as the usher walked by and took another inhale and handed
the cigarette back to me. We passed it back and forth as the aliens flashed
across the screen and finally, after one long exquisite drag, Erin
extinguished the cigarette on the metal portion of the chair in front of us
and dropped it to the floor. As I leaned over for a kiss, she started
reaching in her pocket for her gum but I ran my fingers through her blonde
hair and gently guided her over and pressed my lips into hers. 

    The smell of the freshly smoked cigarette was seeping from her whole
body.  The taste of each other's nicotine breath seemed to intensify the kiss
for both of us as our tongues maneuvered around in each other's nicotine
stained mouths.  Our kissing and makeout sessions before were amazing but
this gum-free kiss was more intense than anything previously, and we both
knew it. I moved my lips to her neck. The stale smell of smoke seemed
implanted in every strand of her hair. She pulled me back and began kissing
me again, pushing her tongue inside my mouth as if she were searching for
some leftover smoke that might be lingering. Suddenly the lights came on and
the movie was over. We looked at each other and grinned.  Her hair was a mess
but she didn't seem to mind. We started walking arm in arm out of the theatre
and her cigarette was already lit before we'd hit the exit. 

    She called me one Thursday night right after her 18th birthday. "Hey,
what are you doing tomorrow?" Before I had a chance to answer she said,
"There's this cool new band playing in Providence. I've been reading about
them, I think they're going to be huge some day." Sharing her love of music,
I asked her more about them and she went on. I heard the familiar sound of
her lighter clicking as she spoke. "They're from England and they're our age.
Mike, you know how we're always talking that even the good bands, none of
them are our age. The lead singer's like seventeen and the oldest guy in the
band is nineteen, I think." 

    The band was playing in a small club that held maybe 500 people. The
drinking age was 18 back then and we each ordered a beer. As we waited for
the band, music from the day blared on the speaker. Some of my old favorites
like Jay Ferguson's "Thunder Island and "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner were
played. It struck me that I had continued to enjoy this music for years after
I graduated but these songs were all still relatively new to everyone else in
the room, including Erin. We both lit cigarettes and walked over to the crowd
and gave each other a quick kiss. "I'll bet you five dollars these guys are
huge by eighty," she said as she took a deep drag, her excitement evident
over the band's impending arrival. 

    Looking back I'm surprised I didn't put two and two together. If I'd
really stopped to think about it, I absolutely should have. But to say I had
gotten caught up in the whole Erin experience was an understatement.  The
lights dimmed and some guy came out and grabbed the microphone. "Ladies and
Gentleman, welcome to Lupoi's Heartbreak Hotel. We have a real treat for you
tonight, all the way from England making their first appearance in the US,
please give a warm welcome to... DEF LEPPARD!" 

    I was stunned! The crowd applauded and the band bounded on the stage and
immediately launched into the song "Photograph", a song I had heard many
times, but a song everyone else who was there that night, including Erin, was
hearing for the first time. I looked at her, she was beaming as the band
belted out the chorus for the first time. She took a drag and started dancing
a little bit while blowing out her smoke and looking at me and drawing me
into the dance with her. I joined her in the dance, the band's loud metal
sound vibrated through the floors and I could feel the pounding in my legs.
How the hell did she know? I wondered to myself. As the first song ended I
pulled her close. We stared into each others eyes and she mouthed the words,
"told ya" before I pulled her in for a kiss. 

    The night of the Def Leppard show was the first time we tried to make
love.  I say tried because our first few attempts seemed to get broken up by
the craziest interruptions. I knew my parents weren't home so I brought her
to my house. The basement at our house was finished and of all things had an
extra bed. So Erin and I went downstairs. We sat on the edge of the bed.  I
went to grab her a soda and when I came back she was laying on the bed,
resting her head on her elbow and smoking a Kool. I remember that "The Way I
Feel Tonight" by the Bay City Rollers was playing on the stereo that I'd
turned on when we started kissing and fondling each other on the bed. But
this makeout session was different. It was more passionate and we both wanted
it to go further. I removed my shirt and she was unbuttoning hers.  She fell
on top of me on the bed and we started groping at each other's shorts. A
strong tobacco odor was still present in her mouth when she kissed me.
Suddenly I heard the back door open. We looked at each other and quickly
fumbled to dress ourselves.  Erin's shorts had been down to her knees. The
fifty year old in my head noted the irony that I was scrambling to redress
out of fear of being discovered undressed with a girl by my parents. 

    "Mike, Mike, are you here?" It was my then thirteen year old brother

    "What the hell?" I said to Erin, she shrugged. Finished dressing, we went

    "Oh cool, you're here. Hi Erin!" Matt said. "You're not going to believe
this but I have a horse outside." 

    Of course, the frigging horse incident, I remembered. When we were kids,
my brother used to bring home stray animals all the time - dogs, birds, cats.
One night he found a wayward horse and damn of all things this was the night
of the horse incident. To make matters worse, Erin thought the horse was cute
and needed our help and you can gather what happened to our love making

    We were interrupted on a couple of other occasions. Once we were in
Erin's bedroom when her parents were away for the weekend when her aunt
showed up at precisely that moment to check on her and Meghan. Again we were
able to redress ourselves before being discovered. 

    We were interrupted a third time at a party we went to. The senior class
president threw a party in early June and pretty much invited the entire
school. When you invite the whole school, the whole school usually comes.
Erin and I were in a bedroom. We had just started kissing and knew this was
going to be the night when we heard the sirens. I was beginning to wonder if
some Time Traveler God was mocking me in some way. 

    The last two weeks of the school year went by in a blur. Final exams, the
senior picnic, yearbook signings and graduation. They were all as I
remembered them and yet I was seeing them from an entirely different vantage
point. This time I was doing all these things with Erin. This time through
was so much better! 

    The last event for the seniors was the traditional senior cruise which
this year was held two days after the graduation ceremonies. This was
essentially the last time some of us would ever see each other before
everyone scattered away to colleges across the country and to whatever lives
awaited us. I approached this event with a sense of melancholy. I sensed that
my time here was coming to an end. I had been getting some texts over the
Trav from Cray over the past few days, each one with a little more urgency
than the last. Erin actually picked up on my somewhat down mood and asked me
what was wrong. 

    "Nothing," I said. "Guess I'm just feeling a little weird that I'm going
to not see some of these people anymore."

    "Yeah" she said, "It's sad really, like Julia Littlefield, we've been
friends since kindergarten and she's going to school in Florida, I'm gonna
miss her so much." She started to tear up. 

    "But just think of it, you'll see them all at our thirtieth reunion and
they'll all be bald and fat," I joked, trying to lighten the mood. 

    "Shut up," she said while hitting my arm and grinning. We stopped at the
store to get cigarettes. "Can I get two packs of Kools?" she said to the
clerk.  Then she turns to me grinning, "Just in case we get stranded on an
island someplace, gotta be prepared right."

    The boat cruised for three hours up and down Narragansett Bay, starting
at Rocky Point and heading towards Jamestown before returning. There were
snack foods and kegs of beer. I thought to myself how much things changed
from 1979 to 2011. A cruise like this with kegs of beer and a bunch of
eighteen year olds never would be allowed in 2011. 

    Erin and I hung with Rick and Liz most of the night, drinking and
dancing.  There was a deejay on board and he played songs such as
"Hotblooded" by Foreigner, "LeFreak" by Chic, "Ain't No Stoppin us Now" by
McFadden and Whitehead and the disco era's signature song, "Stayin Alive" by
the Bee Gees.  Near the end of the night, the song "Reunited" by Peaches and
Herb came on and we even switched partners.  Both Erin and Liz were smoking.
Liz was pretty drunk and on a couple of occasions blew smoke in my face, not
that I minded of course. 

    Liz was cute. In some other time or some other place, being on the
receiving end of Liz's exhales might have sent me into a fetish induced
arousal. But my eyes kept shifting to Erin. The last song was Donna Summer's
"Last Dance" and there was nobody else I was dancing to this but Erin. Even
though this was a song designed for a fast dance, we held each other, kissing
more than intermittently while bantering back and forth with Rick and Liz who
were doing the same thing. 

    As the boat docked and everyone said their goodbyes, Erin and I walked to
the car. "There's nobody home at my house," she whispered with her signature
grin. "And I mean nobody." As we got to the car, I ignored the Trav in my
pocket that was vibrating again. 

    Erin's parents were out of town this time, and unless they took an
unscheduled plane home from Los Angeles, nobody was busting in anytime soon.
Meaghan was staying overnight at a friends, and Erin said it was highly
unlikely that she would be bringing any horses home anytime soon. 

    "Damn," she said as we got to her bedroom. "I smoked a whole pack on the
boat, I'm gonna need to go buy more tomorrow." I could feel myself already
getting aroused. 

    We laid down on her bed, both of us on our elbows. There was an ashtray
in between us and she was smoking as I gently stroked her hair. We didn't say
a lot. We'd both been waiting for this and knew that it was finally here. She
reached over and pushed an eight track into her player. "Pieces of April" by
Three Dog Night was playing as we started to kiss. I moved the ashtray to the
headboard and pulled her on top of me. "Oh you want me on top, huh?" she
grinned as she sat up and took her shirt off. I pulled her on top of me and
unfastened her bra and our tongues started playing together.  I massaged her
breast and she elicited a small moan that coincided with her breathing. I
turned her over on her back and got on top of her and removed my shirt; she
was already unbuckling my belt. 

    Our nude bodies rubbed against each other for the first time. I brushed
her hair out of her eyes and kissed her on the lips, then her cheek and neck
and worked my way behind her ear. She was caressing my back, her moans were
getting louder. Suddenly she made a move to turn me over and I rolled over on
my back again. She leaned over me and kissed me on the lips. Then she did
something that I didn't expect. 

    "Wait," she said, "I mean, don't wait, but I gotta do one thing 'cause I
wanna know what it's like." She reached over me and grabbed her pack of
cigarettes. She wore a mischievous grin and her hands were trembling with
excitement as she lit up and blew her smoke at my face. Then she pulled
herself close to me and we were inside each other and started kissing. She
lifted her head from my lips and took a drag. The bed was making a loud
creaking sound as we bounced each other up and down. "It's an old bed," she
grinned and took another drag. 

    She plunged her lips back into mine and exhaled into my mouth. I turned
her over while we stayed in the embrace, passing the smoke back and forth to
each other until it disappeared. I was massaging her hips and her sides,
pulling her deeper inside of me as we both got closer to ecstasy. She put the
cigarette in her mouth and grabbed my sides as we started to climax.  She was
screaming now, her eyes were glazed with excitement. For an instant I was
worried she would swallow the cigarette she was yelling so loudly... but she

    We laid there, next to each other, her head up against mine. The ashtray
sat on my chest and we passed a cigarette back and forth to each other for a
few minutes, saying nothing. She leaned over and kissed me, then rolled over
on her side resting her head on her elbow. 

    "So, I keep thinking there's something you want to tell me," she said,
smoke coming out of her mouth as she spoke the words. 

    "What do you mean?" I asked, pretending not to know but I knew she sensed
something had been off with me. 

    "Come on, I know there's something you're keeping inside, you can tell me
anything you know." She said it in a tone that I knew she meant it.  Right
there and then I made the decision to tell her everything.  "Okay," I began,
"but after I tell you all of this, you're gonna think I'm a lunatic at the
very least." 

    She hit me on the arm and took another drag. "I already think you're a
lunatic," she said flashing that knowing smile. 

    Then I told her my story, I told her everything; well almost everything.
I didn't tell her that I'd crushed on her for the whole four years during my
first high school experience. But everything else. I told her that I had come
from the future, I told her about the RJT, The Trav, the GS4268, and my role
of injecting it in people to get them addicted to cigarettes. It took me
nearly an hour to tell her all of this. The whole time she just sat there,
listening quietly. She did smoke four cigarettes during my explanation; when
she lit two in a row, I figured I'd freaked her out beyond belief and this
was her way of coping or something. But she said nothing. When I was done,
she took a final drag out of her cigarette that was down to the filter and
stubbed it out. For a second she looked at me and I could tell she was trying
to get her mind around something that I said. 

    "Back in seventh grade in gym class in flag football, you crashed into
me, remember?" I nodded that I did. "Did you inject me with that GS4268 stuff
then?" I again nodded. "Hmm," she said as she searched her brain for
something. "That was something I always wondered about. I mean I was WIDE
OPEN, the ball was like three inches away from me and all of a sudden I get
plowed out of nowhere and I mean NOWHERE! There was nobody near me and the
next thing I know I'm getting flattened. Always wondered about that." 

    "Wait a minute," I said. "I just told you that I time jumped from the
future, that I'm fifty and I inject people with a nicotine addiction and all
you care about is catching a football!' 

    "I could have run forever, nobody would have caught me if we were playing
on two football fields!" 

    "It's a problem they have with the Trav. It doesn't always put you in the
exact place you set it for," I said. 

    "Great, so how many people have you barged in on having sex?" she said as
she lit another cigarette. 

    "It's only happened twice, actually. There was a dog once, that one got a
bit touchy." 

    She took a long drag and let out a slow and deliberate exhale. "You're
going back aren't you?' 

    "I have to eventually. I actually think they can pull me back if they
really wanted to but I'm supposedly valuable to them so they don't want to
piss me off too much." 

    Then she said something that blew me away. "I'm coming with you, well
that is, if you want me to." 

    "Of course I want you to, I mean I want you to know, I didn't plan this.
I didn't come back here to meet up with you and kidnap you to the year
twenty-eleven," I said. "I admit, I did stop by to see how my umm, handiwork
was going but the rest - well, that was more real than anything I've ever had
- in any time period."

    "Me, too," she said as she stubbed out her cigarette. "Hey, so can I ask
you a question?" she had a sly grin on her face. 

    "After everything I've just told you I guess you get at least one
question." "So, how much exactly do you get turned on by my smoking?" she was
grinning from ear to ear. 


    Four hours later we stood in her back yard. She took one last look around
as I punched "June 12, 2011" into The Trav. "Are you sure about this?"

    "I've never been so sure of anything in my life," she said. "Oh hey, they
still make Kools in 2011?" she asked. I told her they did. "Very cool, well
let's get on with it, then," she said playfully. I punched in the date and we
left 1979 behind. 

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