Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 22

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 22 - December 10, 2011 - The Sisterhood of the Smoker Babes
    For the next couple of months, Katie, Melissa and Erin as well as ten
other girls who were new recruits went through RJT's vigorous training
program.  Although I use the word vigorous, to imply that this period was in
any way grueling or unpleasant for the girls would be grossly misleading.
There was the boring textbook stuff that I had to endure during my initial
days with the company that neither Erin or Melissa had any use for.

    "I thought I was all done with books and blackboards when I graduated,"
Erin said with a whisp of smoke coming out of her mouth one day as we sat on
the curb outside the building during one of her class breaks. "The only thing
that makes it ok to deal with is that I can smoke in class. Mike, imagine
lighting up in either Dreyer's or MacDonald's class!" she said with an evil
grin, referring to two of the teachers back in high school. "They'd both shit
their pants!" she giggled.

    The girls, as I had done in my early days, spent countless hours in front
of the computer pouring in vast amounts of personal information into their
profile page so that their networks could be developed and tailored to their
personalities and individual strengths. The system would take the information
and do continued analysis to plot out the best order of who their targets
were, in order to maximize the span of their addiction trees.  I would peek
in from time to time and just enjoy the site of all three of them, staring
intently at the computer with cigarettes dangling from their lips and a heavy
haze of smoke hanging over the room.

    Physical fitness was an important aspect of RJT's philosophy as well. It
was important for the girls to maintain their hard bodied thin figures. The
use of their sexuality wasn't needed on every mission but sometimes this was
crucial.  RJT's gym was state of the art, its equipment was equal to that of
any major professional sports facility. Of the three girls Katie, being the
athlete, enjoyed this part the most. She would often show up for these
workouts early and would sometimes squeeze in extra workouts when time

    There was one other difference between RJT's gym and the many other gyms
Katie had gone to during her twenty years of existence. Smoking was allowed.
There are no videos of this so you'll have to take my word for it but the
sight of Katie sitting on a leg press with a cigarette dangling from her
mouth will last with me for a lifetime.

    On the day that the girls were to graduate, Decker gave all of them the
day off for some R&R. Erin and I spent the morning in bed. Despite the fact
that she was now six months pregnant, her appetite for sex was insatiable.
Following another steamy smoke-filled lovemaking session that morning she
even asked me if I thought it was possible to make another baby on top of the
one she was already carrying. She was joking of course, but in light of
everything that had happened over the past year, I was less inclined to deem
anything impossible anymore.

    Later that evening the company was treating us to a night out. Decker had
rented out a VIP room at a local nightclub. There would be a large food
spread and drinks would be taken care of as well. Decker had even somehow
fixed it so that smoking could be allowed despite a statewide ban of smoking
in public places. I'm not quite sure how he pulled that one off but I'm sure
it involved a sizeable cash donation to the club's owner.

    Around 2 pm on that afternoon Erin was sitting deep in thought by the
window dragging on one of her Kools. I was still in awe of her smoking style,
how she would pull from the cigarette and hold the smoke in her lungs for
sometimes five seconds before releasing balls of smoke that would fill up the
room. In her sixth month of pregnancy she wasn't showing much weight gain;
indeed if it wasn't for a cute little baby bump, someone from the outside
wouldn't even know she was carrying a little life inside her.

    "Hey, would you mind terribly if I met you at the party?" she asked as
she sucked from her half-smoked cigarette.

    "Everything ok?" I asked.

    "Everything's awesomely perfect," she said smiling and kissing me at the
end of her exhale. "There's just something I have to do first." I noticed an
odd look of determination on her face. "I'll meet you out front around

    I pulled up to the club just before eight. Although it was mid-December,
scantily clad girls dressed in outfits more suited for summer despite
temperatures in the twenties. Some of the girls were smoking and were taking
two or three near simultaneous drags off their cigarettes in order to satisfy
their nicotine addicted bodies before they entered the club.

    I was waiting in the main foyer for Erin to arrive when I got a tap on my
shoulder. I turned around and there was Erin. She was dressed in her 1979
blue and gold cheerleader uniform. She greeted me with a big hug and a
lengthy kiss.  Erin's outfit garnered a few curious glances as people passed
by us at the entrance. But neither of us cared. I thought she looked amazing.

    "Hey, there's someone I want you to meet," she said eagerly and pulled me
by the hand outside on the patio obviously excited. It didn't take me long to
see that Erin had been a bit busy that afternoon.

    She was standing alone in the corner of the patio, also dressed in a 1979
blue and gold cheerleader uniform and had a cigarette dangling from her
fingers. I looked at a smiling Erin; who seemed quite satisfied with herself.
The girl standing in the corner was none other than her now sixteen year-old
sister Meghan.

    The two sisters hugged for what was probably the tenth time. As Meghan
hugged me she said, "Hey you, so I hear you're the reason I started this
nasty habit when I was like eleven." She looked at her cigarette as if to
emphasise that it was my fault but she was grinning as she took a drag.  Like
her sister, she also smoked Kools.

    "The Kools here aren't as good, Meg, I've been trying Marlboro Menthols
lately. I might end up switching," Erin said as I lit her and then lit my

    "So this," I said, while motioning to Meghan, "was what you had to do,

    "Yeah, I had to go get her, couldn't leave her trapped back there, could
I?" The girls were giggling as we all walked in together arm in arm, Erin on
my left and Meghan on my right. At least fifty pairs of eyes stared at the
guy with the two retro cheerleaders as we headed upstairs to the VIP room.

    Inside the VIP room we were immediately greeted by Katie, Melissa and the
other girls from the first graduating class. Erin introduced everyone to
Meghan and the party began. The food spread was out and the drinks started

    Club standards from Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, and ACDC blared from
the speakers and the girls all hit the dance floor with their drinks in one
hand and cigarettes in the other as I watched. Erin and Meghan both looked
cute in their cheerleader outfits and even did a 70's retro cheer rendition
to Tony Basil's 80's hit "Mickey".

    Katie and Melissa, who'd become fast friends, were getting wasted. After
downing a couple of shots Katie jumped on the stripper pole and began doing
spins and then slid seductively up and down the pole. Not to be outdone,
Melissa lit two cigarettes and joined Katie on the pole and handed one to her
friend. What followed was perhaps one of the hottest girl on girl dances that
I'd ever seen in my life as Katie, with her back to the pole, began feeling
up her own breasts as Melissa, her cigarette dangling from her mouth backed
up into her and began sliding herself up and down the front of Katie. Katie
wrapped her legs around Melissa and started rubbing up against the pole.
Katie took a long inhale from her cigarette and blew the smoke all over
Melissa, who responded by pulling Katie up close and started running her
hands first over Katie's shoulders, down to her breasts and finally started
rubbing her hips while Katie continued to grind on Melissa. The two girls
separated and almost as if they'd rehearsed the next move, swung around the
pole in opposite directions coming together again their faces only inches
apart. Melissa took a drag from her cigarette.  Using her tounge only she
poked open Katie's mouth and exhaled inside. The two girls stood, inches
apart, staring wickedly at each other. Katie pressed her lips against
Melissa's and the two swapped saliva and began rubbing their bodies up
against each other. I honestly thought that both of them were going to start
removing their clothes and have at each other right there but the song ended
and the two jumped off the stage and high fived each other and joined the
rest of the group.

    "That was hot," Erin said to me as she came over. "I still think we have
hotter sex though. Wanna show them?" she said, grinning.

    As I looked around the room something suddenly hit me. If anyone had told
me a year ago that I would one day be in the same room with all of my smoker
girls I would never have believed it. Yet, what I never thought possible was
right there in front of me, complete with the overflowing ashtrays. Erin,
Katie, Melissa and even Meghan all looked exactly as they did when I fetished
over them at different points my prior life.  The only person that seemed to
be missing was Cameron. She would have enjoyed this night and it seemed
strange that she wasn't there. I asked Decker about her and he said her
current assignment was taking longer than expected. Despite her absence
though, I couldn't help but think that at that moment I was the luckiest guy
on the face of the earth. Fate moves in mysterious ways sometimes.

    But fate wasn't quite finished yet. As I went to get myself a drink I saw
someone sitting alone on one of the chairs adjacent to the dance floor.  She
had very long blonde hair and was in middle of a drag from a cigarette when I
first spotted her. I thought it odd that I hadn't noticed her before but
chalked it up to my attention being divided to the crazy activities of the
night including Meghan's surprising arrival. I couldn't make out who she was
right away, the lights in the club were dimmed and her facial features were
somewhat obscured because of the flashing strobe light that was situated
right above where she was sitting. As I approached her, both her face and her
identity became crystal clear. I was momentarily stunned!

    "Hi, excuse me but have we met?' I said, thinking perhaps I was mistaken
although deep down I knew right away exactly who she was.

    "I don't think so, once maybe. I'm Jamie," she said with a friendly

    I was temporarily at a loss for words. After everything that had occurred
during this crazy last year and a half, I figured there was little else that
could surprise me. And yet seeing her absolutely floored me!. She was perhaps
a little older than I remembered her, perhaps about fourteen now. But she had
the same hair, the same pretty face, and most of all the same cutie pie
smoking style that was forever burned in every corner of my brain. As I
stared into the face of Jamie Plouffe; the girl who had started it all really
on that hot summer day on the grassy hill at my brother's little league game,
I realized that it was somehow appropriate that she was there. But how I

    I looked across the room at Erin, and she caught my eye and came over.
'You didn't go and get anyone else when you went back to get Meghan right?" I
asked her. Erin said she hadn't and was just as confused as I was.

    "Oh it wasn't her." Jamie said while pulling hard from what I now could
see was a Newport. I marveled at how polished smoker she was despite her age
and petitte size. "It was a dark haired girl who was really pretty named
Cameron. She showed up after school one day after I got detention cuz I got
caught smoking in the girls bathroom. Cameron tolded me everything and said
that I sorta belonged here and well here I am. Oh thanks a lot you guys for
doing this to me; getting me hooked on cigarettes. Do you know how many times
my mom and dad grounded me cuz they kept catching me smoking!" she said. Both
Erin, and Meghan who had joined us by then pointed at me so that Jamie knew
who the true culprit was.

    Just before the end of the night the girls came up to me. Katie had a
digital camera and wanted me to take a group shot. I was struck at how close
they all were. Lots of times girls especially around the ages of these girls
will break into different cliques and in some cases catty rivalries will
develop. But not these girls. They had all gotten close; the latest evidence
was their immediate acceptance of Jamie, and Meghan earlier in the evening.
They all crowded around me after I took the picture, craning their necks to
see the picture.

    "We need a name" Melissa said. "Something to call ourselves" They all
liked the idea and for the next few minutes alternately shot out various

    Some of the names were funny, some were ridiculous and although the girls
were enjoying the exercise, none of their ideas stuck. None that is until

    "How about the Sisterhood of the Smoker Babes" she said with a triumphant
smile because she knew as she said it that it was the winner.  The girls
gathered in a circle, cigarettes protruding from the fingers of each of them
with me in the center. And from that moment on that's how they were known.

    The next day was a Sunday but on Monday morning the project was to begin
it's next phase in earnest with all of the girls heading off on their first
missions. Meghan and Jamie would begin the training program, I had no doubt
that they would be at the top of the second graduating class. Melissa was
staying local and going back to 1996 to start a fourteen year old Rhode
Island girl named Christina. Christina had a network of about five friends,
all who would become severly addicted smokers. The Christina Network would go
on to span most of the east coast from Maine all the way to Florida.

    Katie had an interesting first project, one that she pushed for, almost
begged Decker to let her take on. It seems there was a not so popular and
somewhat overweight country singer from Canada named Avril Lavigne back in
the year 2000. Katie believed that by starting the girl in her mid teens
might change everything. Decker was a bit skeptical but Katie was so
passionate about this that he was eventually convinced.

    Erin and I were off to the Midwest. Our targets were of great interest to
me but I had to explain a bit of their history to Erin. Our first target was
a Minnesota girl named Dana. We were going back to when she was fourteen. She
would go on to become literally a smoking temptress to our second target, a
guy named Mark from Idaho. Mark who was a writer would become a the major
fetisher in that part of the country and turn into a big advocate for us. His
writings would stoke the fetish of many, including my own as he would post
detailed accounts of his many sightings throughout the years and encourage
more fetishers to join the movement.

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