Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 25

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


     Cameron sat in her parked red convertible Mustang along the side of the
main drag. Ft. Lauderdale Beach on her right was packed with the usual array
of tanned scantily clad summertime swimmers. To her left was a strip of
restaurants and outdoor eateries that were just starting to get busy with the
lunch crowd. Her left hand dangled a cigarette over the drivers side door and
her car stereo was blasting Nelly's hit "Grillz" from a few years ago. She
took a deep drag and trapped the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds before
exhaling a stream of smoke into the hot summer air. She had just finished
reading Katie's text saying she was going to be a few minutes late but
Cameron didn't mind. She was people watching; taking everything in and just
loving everything she saw.

     Walking by her car at that moment was a young couple, maybe a few years
younger than Cameron. The couple was arm in arm and both had cigarettes
protruding through their fingers. Across the way, Cameron noticed that the
tables which were situated in front of the restaurant were all full. Clouds
of smoke were being dispersed by virtually everyone sitting at each of the
tables. Cameron even noticed a pretty blond girl that was maybe seventeen was
smoking while she was eating a sandwich. "Fuckin-A!" Cameron laughed to
herself and contemplating whether or not to walk over and try and recruit her
to the newest class of recruits at RJT. A silver Jetta passed by and Cameron
noticed a family of four inside. She couldn't make out the two people on the
driver's side but the mom and fourteen year old daughter on passenger side
nearest to Cameron were both smoking.

     A bus drove by. "Sweet!" Cameron said with a sense of satisfaction as
she saw several people in various stages of dragging or exhaling as the bus

     "Hey you," a voice called from a distance of maybe thirty feet away.
Cameron turned towards the beach. It was Katie. Her blonde hair in a
ponytail, the barefooted Katie was slowly approaching the car but moving at a
strategic leisurely pace so that she would attract every guy's attention as
she made her way off the beach. She was clad in a powder blue two piece
bikini and had a shiny silver belly piercing that was shining in the bright
sun. A cigarette dangled from her right hand and she was carrying a pack of
Marlboro Reds in her left. 

     Cameron stepped around the side of her car and started walking towards
her friend. Her long dark hair was draped over her back. Cameron was wearing
a light green sleeveless halter and tight jean shorts. She took a final drag
off her cigarette and walked towards her friend, and smiled at a group of
four guys who were checking them out.

     "Wanna give them a show?" Cameron asked. Katie nodded eagerly.

     Cameron took one more look at two guys at the edge of the beach and
smiled before saddling up to Katie. Simultaneously they put their arms around
each other. "I've missed you babe." Cameron said as she pressed her lips to
Katie's. The two girls pecked at each other a few times, both with primal
looks in their eyes. Katie took a drag and offered her cigarette to Cameron
who gladly accepted, and then they kissed, softly at first and then a bit
harder. Katie playfully bit around her friend's lips and felt Cameron's hands
rubbing at her thighs and slowly working their way underneath Katie's bikini
bottom. Just when the guy gawkers thought they were going to see the girls go
all the way, the girls separated. Both Cameron and Katie flashed the widest
of grins at the two guys and jumped in the car. 

     "Fuck you" Katie yelled at the four guys who all seemed to be in a daze
over what they`d just witnessed. "She's all mine." The two girls laughed

     Cameron peeled out and they continued their fit of laughter. "Oh my god
wasn't that fun!" Cameron yelled a little ways down the road. "So tell me
more about Venice" Cameron said. Katie filled her in on the details. They
hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks and spent the next ten minutes
catching up.

     "Dude, I see what you mean about Florida. It's so frigging incredible.
I went for breakfast this morning. Even the cook was smoking in the kitchen
while he was flipping eggs." Katie said.

     "Kay, man, I gotta tell  you, even when I knew we'd won I never ever
thought it would be like this. I stopped at Walmart the other night. People
are pushing carriages with cigarettes dangling out of their mouth. Katie,
they're smoking in fucking Walmart!" an excited Cameron said as she took two
quick drags off her just lit cigarette.

     "Yeah, I still can't believe I smoked on the plane. They were even
selling cigarettes, for fucking nine dollars a pack. What the fuck, it's like
the airlines are trying to gouge people. We should do something about that."
Katie said with a gleam in her eye. She was joking, but when she looked at
Cameron she could see the wheels turning in her friends head, most certainly
thinking that maybe they should go back in time and somehow mess with the
airlines profit taking off the worldwide cigarette craze.

     "Holy fuck!" Cameron said. "Katie, look!" Katie looked in the direction
her friend was pointing. It was a large billboard that pictured a thin petite
twenty one-ish knockout blonde holding a cigarette. The words "Newport
Pleasure" was adorned at the top of the sign.  "She looks fucking hot"
Cameron said. "Not as hot as her older sister though." "Yeah, Abby does look
good, I mean, really good. If she wasn't my sister I'd probably switch to
Newports cuz of a sign like that." Katie said.

    "That's the subliminal messages that are in there, Kay. It's loaded with
them. One of them is saying "Katieee, you want to fuck your sister, go buy
some Newports." Cameron said the last part in a mysterious voice with a deep
tone for emphasis.

     "You're crazy," Katie said, and then mimicked Cameron's tone. "It's
actually saying. Katieee you want to fuck Cameron and make her your sex
slave." The girls broke into hysterical laughter.

    They were stopped at a red light. Katie had moved closer to Cameron and
was stroking her hair. Their previous kiss, although passionate, was more to
show off in front of the boys on the beach but this one wasn't like that at
all.  Katie drew her friend into her and moved into a passionate kiss,
sliding her nicotine stained tongue down Cameron's throat. Cameron responded
and kissed her friend back hard, she could smell smoke in Katie's hair and it
turned her on and she almost lost control right there at the red light. She
was again reaching down Katie's bikini bottom when a horn blared.

     "FUCK YOU!" Cameron screamed. Both girls shot out their middle fingers
as Cameron sped away.


     Cameron and Katie walked into the convenience store arm in arm, still
laughing about the car incident a few moments earlier. They each had a lit
cigarette in their free hand. To their right, two boys and a girl, all in
their middle teens, had cigarettes going while they crowded around a video
game. There were three people in line, a man in his sixties, a woman of
perhaps thirty-two and a guy in his mid-twenties. The two men also had
cigarettes. Cameron and Katie continued kissing and groping each other while
they waited their turn. 

     "Ahem," the store clerk, a balding black man in his late fifties, said.

     "Carton of Marlboro Menthols." Cameron said.

     "Carton for me too" Katie said. "Marlboro Reds."

     The clerk handed the girls their cigarettes as both girls slid their
cash on the counter. It seemed to be non-stop. People were buying cigarettes
to the point that the store was having trouble keeping them on the shelf
despite the fact that they'd tripled their orders a few days earlier. 

     As the girls were getting into their car, the younger twenty something
year old guy that was ahead of them in line was waiting for them outside. He
was tall with dirty blonde hair and introduced himself as Jay.

     "Hey, do you girls work at the club down the road? If you don't, you
should." he said.

     "Huh?" Katie said. "What the fuck is he talking about?" she said and
then pulled Cameron in for a peck on the lips.

     "He means Fantasy's right?" Cameron said, gesturing to Jay who nodded.
Cameron explained to Katie that Fantasy's was a strip club and told Jay that
neither of them worked there.

     "Well, you should check it out anyway. Fun place," Jay said, noticing
the closeness between the two girls. "I actually own the place and you want
to stop in, drinks are on me for the day if you want. You don't have to do
anything. Of course if you want to, well, that's another story."

     "You can smoke in there, right?" Cameron said, knowing both of them were
intrigued by the idea of a little fun, but also knowing that a "no" to this
question was an absolute deal breaker. But Jay assured the girls that smoking
was most definitely allowed at Fantasy's.

     There was a pretty good crowd inside Fantasy's even though it was still
afternoon. Katie, still in her bikin,i ordered a long island iced tea.
Cameron ordered a "cameron." She had to explain to the bartender exactly what
a "cameron" was, which was a concoction of Bacardi rum, Jack Daniels, a touch
of tequila, and cranberry juice. 

     They hung with Jay for a bit as they watched the typical strip club
ritual take place where a girl does some version of a striptease on the
stage, singles out a guy, gives him a lap dance and then takes him into one
of the booths for a private session. Cameron whispered something to Katie
that Jay couldn't hear and the girls laughed. 

     Cameron looked at Jay and, signaling with her eyes, asked him if it was
ok if she went up. Jay nodded. Cameron hopped on the stage as AC/DC's "You
Shook Me All Night Long" began to play.  She began to seductively move,
swinging around the pole, round and round, knowing she was catching the eye
of every guy in the room. She walked over to the edge of the stage and
brushed one of the guy's faces with her hand and then grabbed onto the pole
again. She began grinding herself up and down the pole, staring at that same
guy with a playful flirty look.  After a few seconds of this she spun around
the pole again, this time with her legs wrapped around it. At the end of her
spin, she bent herself backwards from the waist so her head was practically
in the guy's lap. She hung there long enough so that he could get a clear
view down her top, as well as the rest of her assets.

     Katie dangled two cigarettes in her mouth and lit one and then the other
as Cameron went over to a forty something dark haired guy and rubbed herself
against his face. She removed her top and bra and planted a kiss on the
middle aged guy and stroked his face. Just as the dark haired guy was about
to respond, Cameron spun away from him and grabbed one of the cigarettes from
Katie. She stopped dead in her tracks and took in a deep inhale and sprayed
her smoke into the room as she started backsliding into the pole; this time
thrusting her pelvis towards the crowd as she slid lower and lower to the
floor. With the cigarette dangling from her mouth, she went over and pulled
Katie up on stage. The two girls wrapped themselves around each other and the
pole. Cameron removed Katie's bikini top and the two girls, both dangling
cigarettes out of their mouth started rubbing up against each other to the
tune of Nickleback`s "Figured You Out."

     Both girls went over to the edge of the stage and separated. Katie found
a blonde, blue eyed kid next door who was at a strip club for the first time
with his friends. She went over and stuck her breasts in the kid's face and
started rubbing up and down on him. Sliding off the stage and now on equal
footing with him she started feeling him up, running her hands up the back of
his shirt as his face began to redden. The song ended but Katie wasn't done.
With one hand still inside the kid's shirt, Katie took a drag from her
cigarette and moved herself so her face was only inches away from his. She
waited for him to make a move. He didn't. She gave a quick smile of disdain
and then slowly blew her smoke all over his closed lips as the bewildered kid
stood there. She slowly took her hand out of his shirt and slid it over his
ass before returning to where Cameron was dancing below stage. As if to show
the kid what he missed, she put her hand on Cameron's back, drew in a lungful
of smoke and then repeating the seductive pause but this time she was inches
away from Cameron's face. Cameron pulled her in and Katie opened her mouth
and exhaled into Cameron as the two went into a passionate kiss, rubbing
themselves up against each other as the crowd cheered.

     The girls partied at Fantasy's for the better part of the next three
hours. They danced continuously on stage and one patron even spent $150 for
ten minutes with both girls in a private room.  Both girls poured down a
number of free drinks and of course there were plenty of cigarettes. As the
night was winding down Cameron looked across the room and even in a drunken
stupor was able to appreciate what she saw.  "Katieeee, look!" she said

     Katie looked in the direction her friend was pointing, only seeing a
couple of drunk guys nearly passed out at the bar. At first she didn't get

    "THE SMOKE KATIE, THE SMOKE, LOOK!" she said, this time pointing harder
as if for emphasis.

    This time Katie saw what Cameron was so excited about - smoke everywhere,
coming from the burning cigarettes of the Fantasy customers. Her eyes stung a
bit but she didn't care. "We really have won, haven`t we!" Katie said,
cuddling up to Cameron.

     "No one messes with the Sisterhood of Smoker Babes." Cameron said,
squeezing Katie. "Let's go home." 

     As they were leaving, Jay offered them each a job at the club. Although
both girls declined his offer, they both indicated that they would most
definitely be back as partying customers. Jay offered to call them a cab but
they declined this offer as well. Cameron's bungalow was less than a mile
down the street.

     On the walk to the parking lot both girls were in a state of euphoria
from their night of fun. They both loved dancing and while Cameron had danced
at strip clubs a few times, this was a first for Katie. But in a way both
were glad it was over. They'd had an awesome day but now they were going to
be alone at Cameron's and being alone was something they'd been looking
forward to all day. 

     As they got in the car, Katie checked her cell phone and noticed she had
a missed call. She checked who it was and was surprised to see that it was
her old friend from high school, Alyssa Morgan, who had tried calling her.
"That's strange," she thought. She hadn't heard from Alyssa in years. They'd
been best friends growing up but as is often the case, childhood friendships
go by the wayside after high school graduation. Still, they were close once
so Katie decided she'd call Alyssa the next day.

     Just as she was about to start the car, Cameron's cell phone rang.
"Hello." she said. "It's my Dad." she said to Katie while cupping the phone.
Trying to focus through her alcohol induced haze she said "Hi Daddy, where
are you guys?" she turned to Katie. "They're in 2001 at a Lifehouse show."
"Aww you said you were gonna take me when you went to see them." Cameron said
into the phone. "I know I can just jump there and see it myself but with work
and all... Yeah, Katie's with me... Katie, my dad says hi... Hi back from
Katie, Dad... Ok, well tell mom I said hi, I'll call you tomorrow... Bye Dad,
love you."

     Katie snuggled up to Cameron, resting her head on Cameron's shoulder for
the drive home. She had a cigarette going and her left hand was on Cameron's
thigh, which was also where the smoke from her exhales were going. They
pulled into Cameron's driveway and walked into the bungalow already
passionately kissing and groping each other. 

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