Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 27

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 27 - SAME DAY IN JUNE 2015 - Counterpunch
    Outside the bedroom window of Cameron's bungalow a shadowy figure watched
as the naked girls fell unconscious, entwined together on the bed. He had
been watching the entire time as the girls stumbled in the front door and
then had another drink and snorted cocaine; or at least what they thought was
cocaine. He chuckled over the fact that his plan had gone off without even
the smallest hitch. 

     The man scratched at his furrowed mustache as he reached for his phone
and made a call. "It`s done." he said and flipped the top back down.  He was
feeling not only a sense of pride, but also a huge sense of redemption. His
new bosses would not only laud him in front of his peers but would most
likely reward him for this. Two for the price of one, he thought to himself.
His assignment was Cameron Micheletti, the same Cameron Micheletti that had
treated him like dirt back at RJT.  The fact that Katie Beckett was going to
be part of the package was definitely a bonus. No doubt about it, his
superiors were going to be impressed.  "Nobody fucks with Sidney Cray and
gets away with it," he said to himself. 

     He briefly gazed through the window at the girls, focusing on Cameron.
He still remembered that day when she dressed him down in front of Falconeri
when Mike Micheletti brought that Erin Williams girl back from the past.
Micheletti had fucked up and broken the company's cardinal rule and Cray got
lambasted by Falconeri and Cameron especially for simply doing his job and
calling out Micheletti on his poor judgment. They reassigned him to a low
level administrative position. He remembered how she'd talked down to him and
acted smug like he was beneath her when he was demoted. About a month after
his demotion, Cray was abruptly fired because of some alleged security
breach. Cray didn't have any proof but his gut told him that it was Cameron
who'd set him up.        

     For nearly three years after his ouster at RJT Cray wandered aimlessly.
Depressed and despondent, he added nearly fifty pounds to his already heavy
frame. He had no direction in life and his bitterness over the way things
turned out only grew over time. So when he got a call one day from someone
interested in talking to him about his days at RJT, he was more than
interested in meeting with them.

     Cray's met with a company called Z-Corp who told him they were
affiliated with a special government agency that was funding the company's
research in hypnosis, brainwashing, and mind control. His mood went from
despondence to elation and excitement when he found out the purpose of this
research. Z-Corp had been contracted by certain government higher-ups to
eradicate the recent smoking epidemic that had spread throughout the world,
and the way they were going to do this was to destroy the smoking fetish. One
of Z-Corp's top psychologists had figured out that the smoking fetish
contained two powerful elements. The first element was an obsession over the
addictive powers of nicotine. The second was an insatiable link between
smoking and sex. When combined together, these two elements caused a fetisher
to develop an uncontrollable urge to both smoke more themselves and to
relentlessly seek out and start others as well. 

     Z-Corp's research uncovered something else Cray learned during his
initial meeting. RJT was no longer injecting their victims with just the
nicotine addiction. A small covert group within the organization had improved
the formula and what was being put in all those vials was something else. The
smoking fetish! Cray was first dumbfounded and then became angry when he
learned about this. This had started while he was still in RJT's employ! He
racked his brain but couldn't come up with even one shred of evidence that
would have led him to believe this was going on back then. One of his main
duties had been to supervise the transfer of the vials of GS4268 from the lab
to the time travelers heading out on their missions.  But someone was
switching the vials and the time travelers were using this DVX69 compound
when they went out on their missions. And they had been doing this right
under his nose. Cray had to do everything he could not to let his new
employer see the rage that was building within him. But rage he felt and he
had a pretty good idea who the perpetrators were who made him look like a
fool. Cameron Micheletti, Decker Falconieri, perhaps even Mike Micheletti,
who seemed just a bit too smug during that fateful meeting when Cray dressed
him down for bringing that Erin girl back with him.

     Z-Corp's agenda was simple. The antis-moking faction for years had been
using the media to spin the public's perception with scare tactics, warnings,
and negative advertising that smoking was a dangerous and dirty habit. Their
efforts were working as smoking was declining worldwide and the bans and laws
that were being enacted were making it more difficult for the remaining
smokers to light up freely. Then their whole effort had been ruined in a few
years by a bunch of teeny bopper and twenty-something girls. The girls known
as the Sisterhood of the Smoker Babes had to be stopped.

     Cray immediately accepted the offer to join Z-Corp. He would be paid
well, obviously, but for him it would be more than that. It would be his
chance to exact some satisfying revenge on the people who wronged him. When
he was told exactly what his role was to be, he knew he had his chance to
take revenge against everyone who had treated him badly.

    Procure the Sisterhood of the Smoker Babes! Cray felt his heart racing
when they told him that. It nearly pounded out of his chest when he heard the
rest. The smoker babes were at the heart of the movement. Each of their
fetishes were uncontrollable to the point that the only way that their fetish
was satisfied was to keep starting others and getting them hooked into the
fetish world as well. The overwhelming desire they had to start others was
similar to a vampire's thirst for blood. Stop these girls and the smoking
revolution stops as well. 

     "How exactly do you stop their fetish?" Cray asked. "I've seen all these
girls, it won't be easy."

     A woman walked into the room who Cray soon learned was the brilliant
psychologist who had developed the methods of mind control that had been
explained to him earlier.

    "It's easier than you think, Mr. Cray," she said. "These girl's greatest
strength is also their greatest weakness." Cray looked at her, not
understanding. "It's simple. We know they are all strong willed and will
resist, and they might resist successfully for awhile. But eventually we'll
break them. Know why?" Cray shook his head. "Because while they're in
captivity, we'll deprive them of the one thing they need the most. If you've
never been a smoker Mr. Cray then you cannot even begin to understand how
powerful nicotine deprivation can be."

     Cray listened and his heart pounded louder with each word that came out
of the psychologist's mouth. "Let me explain something. Our therapy won't
expel the smoking fetish from the girls. We've researched the drugs they were
injected with and the fetish will always be there. But our mind control
tactics buries it very deeply in their subconscious. To say it another way,
our programming will essentially write over the fetish with some different

     "I think I'm beginning to understand," Cray said, smiling.

     "I don't think you got it all yet" the psychologist said. "We're not
just going to bury the fetish and be done with it. We are going to convince
them through the mind control process to work with us to kill the smoking
epidemic that they were largely responsible for. Once we have them under our
control, we'll send them back into the past and have them undo everything.
Mr. Cray, in a very short period of time not only will things be back to the
way they were before RJT started messing with things but they will actually
be better. It is the firm belief of all of us here at Z-Corp that smoking can
be completely eradicated forever."

    Cray looked up at the psychologist, shocked. This was something he
honestly hadn't considered. The psychologist continued. "Mr. Cray, there are
certain key events that occurred throughout the past decade which put
everything in motion, correct?" Cray nodded and the psychologist went on. "We
need you to fill us in on exactly what these are. Once we've acquired the
girls and reprogrammed them, we'll send them back and have them undo
everything. If certain critical events never take place, then the worldwide
smoking epidemic that we are seeing now will never have existed."

     Motivated exclusively by vengeance, a newly energized Cray went to work
for Z-Corp.  A couple of weeks ago he picked up Jamie Plouffe when she was
outside a convenience store up the street from her house. The acquisition was
easy and the Z-Corp brass was impressed with his quick work. He wasn't sure
but he had a feeling that his next target wouldn't be as easy. But when he
learned who his second assignment was, he knew it would be his most rewarding

     A few days ago he'd gotten a call from Jay Falkowski, who Cray had hired
to keep an eye on Cameron in Ft Lauderdale. Falkowski owned the strip club
Fantasy's and had informed Cray that Cameron came into the club a few times a
month to party with her friends. Cray told Falkowski to continue to monitor
her movement and report back daily with a status report. Two days ago
Falkowski informed Cray that a tap on Cameron's phone had revealed that a
Katie Beckett was coming to visit her. 

     Cray couldn`t believe this stroke of good fortune. Two girls for the
price of one! He had never met Katie Beckett but knew from her reputation
that she was one of RTJ's top agents, perhaps almost as good as Cameron. He
instructed Falkowski to accidentally bump into the girls and invite them to
his club and ply them with drinks. Cray knew Cameron liked to party and
suspected Katie did as well, given some of the file photos he'd seen of her.
Plus, she was close with Cameron; a fact that Cray thought he could use if
necessary if Cameron became difficult.  While the girls were busy getting
wasted at the club, Cray snuck into Cameron's bungalow and replaced her
cocaine with a heavy sedative. The girls would come home so  wasted from all
the free drinks courtesy of Falkowski that they wouldn't realize it wasn't
coke they were inhaling until it was way too late.


      "Stupid bitches," he chuckled to himself as he stared at the two
unconscious girls on the bed. 


     The sound of footsteps from behind yanked Cray back into the present.
Four men carrying two stretchers had come up the driveway. A van sat in the
driveway. Cray told the men to wait outside for a minute while he went
inside. A half empty glass of vodka sat on the table, the ice inside nearly
melted. Cray removed the plastic bag that still had a bit of white powder in
it and put it in his pocket. He crushed out a still smoldering cigarette in a
nearly full ashtray and went into the room.

     The two girls still lay there, naked and motionless. Cameron's left arm
was draped around Katie and her boobs were slightly depressed up against
Katie's back. Cray ran his finger down Cameron's shoulder and arm and then
traced a line around her stomach. "Looks like you`re not as smart as you
thought you were, bitch!" he said softly to Cameron and then motioned to the

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