Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 30

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


     Jamie blew out a curly stream of smoke as she spoke into the phone.
"Yes, Mr. Cray, I understand it's time. Meghan first and Erin will come
running. I already told Meghan to meet me in the parking lot by the beach.
It's where we hang out and meet up with guys sometimes." She took a long
succulent drag, this time exhaling as she spoke. "Nope, Cameron isn't
suspicious at all. Everything's the same really, she has no idea. Nothin's
different with any of the others either." She brushed her hair out of her
face and took another drag. This one was deeper as evidenced by her hollowed
cheeks as she drew her smoke in. "Five o'clock. Alright, I'll talk to ya

     Jamie hung up the phone and after taking a deep breath, her face erupted
into a huge grin. She paused for a second and gave the thumbs up sign. Seated
around her were Meghan, Erin, Cameron, Melissa, Mike and Decker. The room was
full of smoke since everyone was smoking, with the exception of Decker who
had just snuffed one out.

     "Great job, Jamie." Erin said. 

     "Think he bought it?" Melissa said.

     "Totally," Jamie said grinning from ear to ear. "I can be quite
convincing, you know." Meghan came over and gave her a hug. "Meghan, are you
sure about this? I mean, if anything goes wrong...."

     Meghan took a snap inhale and after emptying her lungs with clouds of
smoke, reassured her friend. "I'm not worried. I know y'all got my back.
We're the Sisterhood of the Smoker Babes, remember."

     "How'd we make out with the others, hun?" Mike asked Erin.

     Erin checked her IPhone. "Haha, don't worry, I invited the whole school.
You know what happens when we do that, right?" Erin said with a twinkle in
her eye.

     At five o'clock, Meghan pulled into the beach parking lot. It was a warm
summer afternoon and the smell of the ocean was in the air. Meghan lit up a
Kool and got out of her car to wait. Shortly after, Jamie appeared. The two
girls, with cigarettes between their fingers, headed towards the far end of
the parking lot. As they headed towards the more secluded area a black van
appeared.  "Showtime," Meghan said. Both girls took hits off their cigarettes
to calm their nerves.

     The van slowed as it reached the girls. Jamie made eye contact with
Cray, who was sitting in the passenger seat. As per the plan they'd already
worked out, Cray asked Jamie for directions. As Jamie started to answer the
back door of the van opened. 

     Cray opened the passenger side door and got out of the van. It was
pre-planned that Cray would act as if he was confused over the directions.
The plan was that he would step out of the vehicle and ask for more details
while his men inside the van would sneak out the other side and surprise an
unsuspecting Meghan.  But when Cray exited the vehicle, he was the one who
was surprised. Jamie and Meghan had company.

     First there was only one. He'd actually never met her but recognized her
from her file photos as Melissa Turner. Melissa  was standing a few feet
behind the girls, smoking a cigarette and had an odd grin on her face. Erin
was next. She appeared from behind the van and walked over and stood next to
her sister. She too had a burning cigarette perched between her fingers. Cray
had a confident, almost cocky smile on his face. "Nice job, Jamie," he said
as he was filled with excitement of delivering three girls and not just one
to his bosses at Z-Corp. His excitement faded quickly however when both Mike
Micheletti and Decker Falconieri appeared from out of nowhere.

     "It's over, Cray." Mike said. "Let's see, where do we start? Three
counts of kidnapping, assault, drugging girls with a sedative. I'm not a
lawyer but even I can see that you and your goons are going away for a long

     "It's NOT over!" Cray said with perhaps a bit too much bravado. "Do you
honestly think that the two of you and these bitches are a match for me and
my men?" By this point five men had come around and joined the standoff.

     "See, that's the difference between you and me." Mike said. "You never
think things through. Do you honestly think we'd come all this way and not
have a backup plan?"

     As Cray was about to respond he sensed someone had snuck up behind him.
"Hello, Sidney." a voice called to him from behind. He spun around. CAMERON.
"Who's the smart one now?" Cameron mocked and gave him the finger. She
inhaled off her cigarette and then blew her smoke skyward and after flashing
Cray a deliciously evil grin, joined the others.

     Cray turned towards Jamie, who was standing with her arms crossed with a
cigarette dangling from her mouth, with the best pleased with herself look on
her face that she'd ever worn in her seventeen years. 

     "We reprogrammed you!" he said to Jamie in a tone that was trying to
convince himself more than he was trying to convince Jamie.

     "Yeah, and that worked really well. I needed to smoke. I would have told
you that the sky looked like a fucking zebra if I thought that's what you
wanted to hear!" she said, grinning, and the rest of the girls laughed.

     "No, Jamie, see him and the rest of the fucking anti's don't get it. The
smoking fetish is unbeatable. Nothing and nobody can stop it. Nothing and
nobody can stop us." Cameron said. She took a drag and blew it in Cray`s
direction. She was still wearing that devil-grin and it was starting to
unnerve him. But the smell that suddenly filled the air unnerved him even

     It was just there all of a sudden. One minute the air smelled of the
fresh ocean breeze and then in an instant it was replaced by an overpowering
pungent smell of smoke. "What the hell...." Cray started to say but he was
cut short in mid sentence. At first he thought he was imagining things. "This
is impossible," he said to himself. He blinked his eyes, thinking that
perhaps he was dreaming. When he opened them, he realized that he was in the
middle of a nightmare.

     He tried to quell the feeling of terror that was slowly rising within
him. There were literally hundreds, no make that thousands, of girls
approaching the van. They were stretched as far back as the horizon, and they
all had cigarettes. There was a cloud of smoke that appeared to hover over
the army of girls as they drew closer. Cray started scurrying towards the
back of the van to make a run for it. He got as far as the back of the van
before he stopped dead in his tracks and recoiled in horror. There were more
of them coming from the beach's entrance. Again, they seemed to be endless,
and all the girls in this herd were smoking as well. 

      He turned back toward the front of the van. They were all there, arm in
arm staring at him, expressionless: Erin, Meghan, Melissa, Jamie and Cameron.
Erin and Meghan waved at him, the same way one would wave to a neighbor. But
the look on the five girl's faces was anything but neighborly.

     The mob surrounded the van; stopping when they'd gotten about ten feet
away. The smell of smoke had not only replaced the smell of the ocean breeze
but actually seemed to have saturated the immediate oxygen supply. All
different types of girls had joined the march. There were bikini clad beach
babes, tattooed alternative girls, glam girls, and even a good amount of girl
next door types. They all continued to smoke as Cameron, Erin, Melissa,
Meghan and Jamie greeted the rest of the girls, hugging some of them and
talking to others that they knew. 

     After a few minutes there was a bit of commotion that started to brew
near the hood of the van as the girls in the front of the mob began to
separate from each other and open up what seemed to be a path for someone to
pass though. Someone was definitely coming up the alley way as evidenced by
the volumes of screams that were getting closer to the front. The girls up at
the front were jumping up and down, wild with excitement as the guest of
honor made her way to the front and finally Katie Beckett, who was making an
effort to high five everyone within reach emerged from the crowd with a
cigarette dangling from her lips and a huge smile on her face. She
immediately walked over to Cameron, threw her arms around her and the two
locked lips for a good ten seconds while everyone cheered, with the exception
of Cray.

     "Hey baby," Katie said. "I still think you need to be my sex slave."  

     Cameron took the cigarette from Katie and inhaled. A sly grin crossed
her face as she blew out her smoke. "Well, we could just do each other here.
I don't think anyone here would mind, right guys?" The rest of the girls just
laughed. One by one they all hugged Katie and the girls enjoyed their reunion
and the fact that they were all together again. 

     By this point, all of Cray's men had made their escape via the beach,
leaving him alone to deal with his failure. He had failed both in his efforts
to exact his revenge and carry out the very task that Z-Corp had recruited
him for. He stared blankly ahead, thinking that things couldn't get any
worse, and then they did. 

     "So there you are. I've been looking all over for you." The voice
snapped him out of the daze he had fallen into. He turned his head and for a
few short seconds hope returned. It was Alyssa who was standing before him.

     "Doc. Am I glad to see you," he said and a relieved smile creased
through his furrowed moustache. "You gotta do something. You can do
something, right?" he said, gesturing his chubby arms in the direction of the
wild scene.

     "Of course I can do something." Alyssa said. Cray was still too shell
shocked to notice the grin that Alyssa shot in Cameron's direction. "What I
can do is....go in my pocket like this...and take out my pack of Marlboro
lights...and then take out one of my cigarettes." Alyssa was grinning widely
now and clearly enjoying the look of disbelief that was growing on Cray's
face. "Umm, I don't have a light though. Hey girls, can one of you help me
out over here?"  It was Katie that walked over and lit Alyssa. Alyssa took a
powerful deep drag, pulling in as much smoke as she could fit into her lungs
before exhaling in Cray's direction.

     Katie and Alyssa were grinning from ear to ear as they watched a
despondent Cray slink up against the van with a look of defeat plastered all
over his face. They hugged each other for a long time and talked about how
they'd missed each other and now how glad they were friends again. Within
minutes they were on their way to becoming as close as they were when they
were teenagers.

     Shortly after, Decker made a phone call and soon after a path was
cleared for the ambulance to come in and pick up Cray. The EMT immediately
called the psych ward fearing that Cray was suffering a breakdown because he
kept talking about odd things like people traveling through time and some
outlandish government plot to inject people with something called the smoking

     "Poor guy," the EMT said to Mike. "His mind must have cracked under the
excitement of being surrounded by so many gorgeous smoking women or
something." Mike laughed at that. Suddenly he felt a pair of arms wrap
themselves around his waist. He turned around.

     "Hey you," he said to a smiling Erin and kissed her, tasting her fresh
nicotine breath.

     "This must be some day for you, huh?" Erin said through an exhale. "Bet
you never thought you'd be surrounded by thousands of sexy smoking girls all
at once. I can hardly wait to get you into bed tonight," she said with a

     "I have to admit that even my craziest fantasies never came close to
matching this," I said. 

     "Oh yeah, and what were those crazy fantasies, I wonder," she said with
a twinkle in her eye. "As if I didn't know."

     "Hey guys, where you off to?" It was Cameron. Katie and her had strolled
over, arm in arm each with fresh cigarettes burning.

     "We were actually thinking of taking in Woodstock," I said. "You two
wanna join us?" Cameron looked at Katie, who nodded eagerly.

     "Umm, we have some news," Cameron said. "We're moving in together. I
mean we spend so much time at each other's place anyway so it's just sealing
the deal, really."

     "That's so awesome. I'm really happy for you, congratulations!" Erin
said as clouds of smoke poured from her mouth. She turned to me and added. "I
guess there goes my dream of that threesome I've always wanted." Everyone

     "Hey, I just thought of something." Katie said. "Mike's the only member
of the family that I've never kissed."

     "Eeww." Cameron said. "You can't kiss my dad!" She pulled deeply from
her cigarette. "I mean you've already kissed my mom, so what the hell." We
all laughed. Both Erin and I hugged both girls. When I hugged Katie we
briefly stood with our faces a few inches apart before separating and we all
broke into laughter. 

     I took one more look around the beach. It was nearly empty now, with the
exception of all my girls. They were still amazingly close and when the whole
group got together, the girls seemed to prolong their time together as long
as possible. They were truly a close knit bunch. Most of them came from
different backgrounds and some were even from a different time, but they all
shared one link that made them inseparable, and that was their love of
smoking. I stood there watching them as they basked in the enjoyment of
everything they'd just accomplished.

     My old friend Melissa was still as hot as ever with a cigarette, but who
would have thought when I took that job at the jewelry company that an
accountant would have such a profound impact on me? Then there was Meghan who
became the little sister I never had. Trust me when I tell you this, every
guy should be lucky enough to have a funny, wisecracking little sister who
happens to be a ferocious chain smoker. Katie, the girl who I first met when
she was in middle school. The day I first saw her smoking at Alyssa's
graduation party still ranks at the top of the list as the most shocking
fetish experience ever. The contrast between the super athletic girl I
thought I knew and the heavy smoker who seemed to show up out of nowhere was
equally mind-blowing and delicious.

     And then there's my daughter Cameron. There aren't many fathers who can
say how proud they are of how their daughter turned out when that same
daughter at four years old is home with her grandmother. Call it one of the
perks of what I do for a living. Still, after watching my little girl grow
up, I know that not only will she be extremely intelligent but she'll also be
extremely passionate as well. Those she chooses to love, she'll do so in a
way that is fiercely intense and with every ounce of her being. And if need
be, she'll break through cement walls for them. God, to watch her smoke! I
know I'm her dad but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy how much pleasure she
seems to take in with every drag. When one thinks of the smoking fetish, on
some level they are thinking about Cameron who is the true embodiment of
every fetisher's dream.

     Along with Cameron Jamie was the one who saved us with her quick
thinking when she was being held by Z-Corp. She's living proof that the love
of smoking will win out every time. I, of course, first witnessed her love of
smoking long ago on a grassy hill at a kid's baseball game. 

    Finally, there's Erin. Given a second chance after a long time we'd found
each other. But unlike most, our reality became greater than the fantasy. I
realized something on the beach that day, or should I say, I remembered
something. Sometimes in life an event occurs that is quickly forgotten. It's
as if the brain stores a memory in a special place and only resurrects it
when the time comes for one to fully realize its profound impact. Today one
of these memories from long ago came flooding back to me.

     I had always thought Jamie was the girl who kick-started my smoking
fetish. Prior to that day on the grassy hill, I might have been subtly
starting to pay attention to the female smoker, but it was Jamie who had
brought it up to the surface. While that still may be true, I now believe
that the events from this lost memory are what originated my fetish in the
first place.

     It was 1973 and I was a twelve year-old seventh grader. My mom had just
dropped me off at religious instruction on a cool fall evening. As she drove
off and I approached the school's entrance, there was a little blonde girl
standing up against the building, right by the door. She was smoking. I
remember seeing the clouds of smoke pouring out of her mouth as she stood
there while all the other kids were going into the building. She made eye
contact and smiled at a couple of kids that she knew but she didn't follow
them inside even though it was two minutes until class started. The other
kids were rushing in so they weren't late but for some inexplicable reason I
began walking more slowly. As I neared the building she sucked from her
cigarette again but this time didn't exhale right away; instead she let the
smoke hang at the edge of her mouth and watched as it floated out on its own.
As I walked up the steps my head was turned to the right, my eyes were glued
to her as I felt for the door. She was in the mid-drag as the door closed
behind me.

     I was in my seat a minute later. The class was a mix of noisy chatter as
we waited for the nun to arrive. Just as the nun walked in the front door, I
sensed someone walking up the row behind me. The class was full and the only
empty desk in the room was the one in front of me. She walked by me without
saying anything or making eye contact and sat in the seat in front of me. It
was the same blonde girl that had been smoking outside. Immediately I noticed
the smell. It was the same stale smoky stench that I'd recognized in my own
house since both my parents were smokers. But this smell wasn't coming from
my parents. It was coming from the blonde girl in front of me and it was
overpowering the room. But for some reason I didn't mind the smell, in fact I
kind of liked it. 

     As the nun started her lesson, the girl shifted in her seat and then
stood up and started digging for something in her pocket. With her right hand
she pulled out a pack of Kool cigarettes and a pen which she placed on her
desk. She then turned in my direction as she stuffed the cigarettes back in
her pocket and before she sat down our eyes met. She gave me a quick polite
smile and sat down. 

    I can honestly say that I didn't learn one thing in religious class that
day. I was too focused on the girl who was sitting in front of me, the girl
who was smoking outside before class, the girl who still smelled of smoke,
and the girl who was making me feel things I'd never felt before. The girl
who's name was Erin Williams.

EPILOGUE: July 10, 2024 - From the email archives of Mark The Midwest Smoking
Fetisher from Idaho


     I have been writing you for what, nearly twenty five years now? In that
time I've shared with you probably thousands of sightings, many of the epic
variety. Some these sightings are legend and I sometimes still don't believe
some of the stuff I've seen over the years. But what I have to tell you about
today trumps all of them. I'm not sure I even have the words to describe what
is now my all time, number one sighting in over twenty eight years of
fetishing, and it happened right in your backyard!. Yes, on that business
trip back east this past week that I told you about. I decided to stay the
weekend for some R&R and that one decision led me to the most incredible
sighting that I may ever encounter in my life! I'll get on with it then. 

     Saturday morning I was reading the paper by the pool at the hotel when I
noticed a fair was going on in the town of Rockport, Massachusetts.
Remembering some of your own accounts about east coast girl smokers I decided
to see for myself and decide how they stand up to the girls in my part of the
country. I still don't know where I stand on an overall comparison but this
one sighting beats beyond a shadow of a doubt anything from the Midwest.

     I rented a car and headed to Rockport. The drive was nice and I have to
admit Massachusetts is a pretty state, although the drivers on your side of
the country are, shall we say, interesting. Glad I don't have to deal with
them very often. So, after about a ninety minute drive I see the fair grounds
up ahead on my left. The road I was on was a four lane road and I pulled up
to the red light where I'd be turning into the grounds.

      Never before during my fair excursions had my sightings began BEFORE I
got into the grounds. But on this day epic-ness was sitting in the passenger
seat in the car in the lane next to me. Michael, she was no more than twelve.
She had long jet black hair and the cutest girl next door look and she was in
the middle of a snap inhale when I spotted her. Her exhales were a thing of
beauty as she almost seemed to be playing with her smoke, alternately blowing
smoke rings and streams out the window. I was stunned at what I was seeing
and actually blinked my eyes just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. But
she was very real. I couldn't get a good look at her mom who was driving, but
not to worry. I would see the mom later on. The girl took another drag while
staring straight ahead an,d get this, she didn't even blow her smoke out the
window. Instead she just spewed her smoke straight ahead of her inside the
car, filling it up with the result of her cloudy exhale. She then says
something to her mom and smiles and she turns her head in my direction and I
realize she has braces. God, braces!

     The light turned green and we both turned into the lot. The car in front
of me was going a bit slower so I was unable to keep up with them and lost
them for a time but don`t worry, it wouldn't be long before I found them

     About an hour later I'm walking past the midway when I look up and see
the girl with her mom coming off of the rollercoaster ride. I would later
find out that the woman she was with was her mom, but at this point in the
day I wasn't sure. The mom was a total babe, dressed in a skimpy white top
and jean shorts and she was curved in all the right places. She wasn't that
tall, only maybe 5'5", had medium length blonde hair that just reached her
shoulders, and she's wearing a rather odd headband that looked straight out
of a sixties hippy commune. She looked to be about twenty eight or thirty, so
at this point I'm not sure if she's the dark haired girl's mom or big sis or
who knows what. More on that later.

    Now here`s where it gets good.. The daughter is all bubbly, jumping up
and down with excitement from the ride, I'm assuming, and the next thing I
know the daughter is reaching into her pocket and producing a pack of
Marlboro Menthols. Yes, Michael, this twelve year old is smoking one of the
heaviest cigarettes around. The mom, or perhaps sister, is on her cell phone
and the two go and sit on a bench. Of course I go and sit on a bench next to

     So the mom is on her cell phone and I see her digging in her purse. She
pulls out a pack and at first I don't recognize the brand but then I realize
it's the brand Kool. I didn't realize people smoke them down your way, I
can't recall ever seeing anyone smoking them in Idaho. The mom inserts the
cigarette in her mouth and then proceeds to dangle the unlit cigarette for a
good ten seconds while she talks on the phone. Finally she lights it and
inhales off her dangle while she's still speaking on the phone. She takes the
cigarette out of her mouth and blows her smoke skyward. 

     Now my eyes shift back to daughter. She really is the cutest most
wholesome looking thing. She's wearing a black concert tee shirt, of that
band that's popular with all the young kids these days, and jean shorts. Her
hair is really dark and long, probably down to the middle of her back, and
she has really blue eyes. Plus, those damn braces really just take the cake!

     She is just sitting there, dragging on her cigarette like she's been
doing this for years! Her inhales are not of this world for a girl that age.
Her holds are for a good four to five seconds and she still proceeds to spew
out full blown creamy exhales. One thing strikes me about both of these two.
They don't seem to have a care in the world. I know these days that there is
a very liberal attitude about smoking but damn, this girl is twelve and she's
smoking like it's nobody's business and that it's the most natural thing in
the world. And her mom acts like it's the most normal thing in the world for
her pre-teen daughter to be smoking like a trooper in public.

     My eyes shift back to the mom who has now finished her phone
conversation. She is talking to her daughter and her talking exhales are
perhaps the best I've ever seen because the smoke always seems to wait a few
seconds after her inhales before trickling out when she's talking. Watching
the mom, I can see where daughter gets her smoking prowess from. I can't know
this for sure, obviously, but I'd be willing to bet the mortgage that mom
started young, perhaps around the same age that her daughter is now.

     As delicious as the mom is, I'm more focused on daughter. This girl,
even at her tender age, really loves smoking; you can see it in the way she
almost closes her eyes and savors every drag. She takes one final drag from
her cigarette that is nearly down to the filter and just pitches it, still
lit on the pavement not caring about the sign right behind her that says "no
littering". I made a mental note of where the butt landed so I could pick it
up later. 

     This wasn't the last I would see of my two friends, I happen upon them
again next to the bungee jump about an hour later. Both mother and daughter
are once again smoking. I'm actually wondering now if there ever is a time
when they aren't smoking! The girl is hyped up again, gyrating her hand
that's holding the cigarette while talking to her mom about the bungee jump.
In between her gesturing, she's hitting her cigarette hard, no doubt because
of her excitement. Perhaps she'd just tried bungee jumping, who knows. The
mom is just oozing sexuality the way she's holding her cigarette in front of
her face with her elbow bent while she's listening to her daughter.

     I would see them one last time and this encounter would be the best of
them all! They were in line at one of the stands in the food court; of course
cigarettes were protruding from both of their fingers. As they got up to the
front, both mother and daughter leaned on the counter while placing their
orders, with their cigarettes above it the whole time. I can't imagine some
of the smoke not going into the stand. I half expected one of them to exhale
right into the food stand but neither of them did.

     As they leave the food court, the mom gets a call on her cell. The
daughter continues over to a bench with her hot dog and sits down about
thirty feet away from me. Before digging into her hot dog however the girl
reaches into her pocket and produces ANOTHER cigarette and fires it up before
taking a bite out of her hot dog. It's good to know that this girl knows
where her priorities lie - feed her nicotine addiction first, feed her
stomach second. I look over to the mom who has also lit another cigarette but
seems to be enjoying the conversation with whoever she is talking to on the
other end. My eyes go back to the daughter, or at least where the daughter
was but the bench is empty.     

     I nearly die of a heart attack and think I've been busted when I realize
daughter's standing not more than two feet in front of me. "Excuse me," she
says. As I'm still trying to regain my composure, she bends down, and as
she's bending down she's taking a drag from her cigarette at the same time.
She picks something up and as she's straightening herself up she proceeds to
shower me with the cloud of her exhale. "You dropped this," she says, handing
me my money clip with eighty dollars that must have fallen out of my pocket.
Doing everything I can not to have a coronary, I start to tell her thanks and
the mom appears.

     "Hi," the mom says, "is everything alright?"

     "Don't worry, it's cool mommy, I saw him drop his money and grabbed it
for him before someone ripped him off," the girl said. At that precise moment
both mother and daughter took simultaneous drags and proceeded to pollute my
airspace with the cloudy smelly residue of their exhales. 

     "Umm, yes, I was just about to thank her," I said to the mom, still
worried that maybe she was on to me.

      "Here," I said to the girl, "I'm not going to be here much longer
today, I bought some extra ride tokens that I don't think I'll be able to
use. They're yours if you want them, that is, if it's ok with your mom."

     So the mom nods that it's ok and I thank the girl again for giving me my
money back and start to walk away. Michael, I'm not more than five feet away
and she calls to me, and her voice was a little bit too loud for the amount
of distance between us. 

     "Hey, what's your name?" I turn around. She's smiling and those damn
braces that are being reflected by the sunlight are a total contrast to the
cigarette that she's holding by her side.

     "I'm Mark." I tell her.

     "I'm Cameron," the girl says.

     "Well, nice to meet you Cameron, and your mom, too," I say back to her.

     "Nice to meet you too, Mark. Thanks for the tokens, see ya around," she
says and then puts her cigarette up to her lips and takes a drag much, much
longer than any twelve year old should and does a pirouette and skipping down
the pavement leaving a cloudy exhale in her wake.    

     I am utterly convinced that none of the sighting in my future will ever
measure up to this one. I already know that none of the girls from my past
twenty eight years of fetishing even come close, and as you know there have
been some great ones. But this girl was special! Yes, she had all of the
important qualities needed for a sighting to be epic. She was young,
beautiful and completely addicted. The mother-daughter combo and smoking
while eating further ramped up how extraordinary this encounter was. But this
girl had something else, and I'm not sure how well I can describe it, but I
call it an "It" factor. What I mean by that is this: watching the way this
girl carried herself with a sense of extreme self-confidence that was
tempered by a touch of sweetness, as she dragged fiercely on her cigarettes,
it gave me the impression that this girl was born to smoke. I know that
sounds crazy and maybe the best sighting of my life caused my brain to
release too many endorphins and I'm not thinking clearly, but I honestly have
no other way to explain it. 


     So I'm back in Idaho now. Next weekend is the Idaho State Fair, which of
course I'll be attending for the twenty eighth consecutive year. I will no
doubt have some new epic sightings to report to you when I get back, but I
highly doubt that any will measure up to the one I just witnessed in your
neck of the woods. That is, of course, unless little Cameron and her mom
decide to take a trip out West. One can only hope, right? lol.

Talk soon. 


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