Sisters, Part 10

(by Dromedary Joe, 10 March 2010)

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by Dromedary Joe

Part Ten

Brenda and Ashley woke up late the next day and decided to go to the mall
before they headed for the beach. Ashley was pacing herself, she didn't want
to smoke too much that day, but ended up finishing her pack later that night. 

"I'm going to go downstairs and buy another pack. You need another one?"

"Sure," said Brenda. She had already smoked a pack and a half that day and so
still had a half pack in her purse, but it didn't hurt to have another pack
handy.  "Newport 100's Box, please."

Ashley thought for a moment. "I think I'm going to try a different one."

"What kind?" asked Brenda, curiously.

"I don't know," said Ashley, "I'll decide once I get down there."

Brenda smoked a Newport and waited for her sister to get back to the room. A
few minutes later Ashley came back and put a pack of Virginia Slim Light
120's on the table.

Ashley sat across from her sister at the table and packed the Virginia Slims.

"Want one?" asked Ashley.

"Sure," said Brenda, marveling at how long the Virginia Slims were.

The girls talked for a few hours as they chain smoked.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Guess who's coming here tomorrow?" asked Ashley.


"My buddy Matt from school," responded Ashley exhaling the last bit of smoke
from her Virginia Slim as she crushed the butt in the ashtray, "and his
cousin Sean."

"Oh," said Brenda. Brenda, of course, had always and a crush on Matt and had
always been a little jealous of her sister's friendship with him. Brenda's
face started turning red.

"You like Matt, don't you?" asked Ashley.

"Maybe," said Brenda. 

"Well, you should know my interests lie with his cousin Sean. I'm gonna fuck
him this week. Matt, on the other hand, has his eyes on someone else."

"Really?" asked Brenda, wondering who Matt liked.

"Yeah, Matt has this thing for this really dorky girl who happens to be my

Brenda almost choked on the smoke from her Newport 100. 

"You're kidding?" asked Brenda in disbelief.

"No, I actually tried to talk him into coming down when I thought Emily was
coming with me. It wasn't until he found out you were going that he decided
to come down."

Brenda took another drag off her Newport and smiled as she thought her
biggest dream just might come true on this trip.

Matt and Sean met the girls the next day and Brenda hit it off really well
with Matt. Ashley, of course, ended up with Sean that day and spent almost
the entire day with Sean in her hotel room. Later that night Brenda went back
to her room and knocked on the door when she saw the "Do Not Disturb" sign
was hanging on the knob.

A few minutes later Ashley opened the door, half naked.

"Umm," said Ashley, "You can spend the night in Matt's room."

Brenda stood there for a moment, scared, as she realized she was being kicked
out of the room for the night and that she would be spending the night with
Matt. She gave her sister a helpless look. 

"Some advice," Ashley said as she exhaled smoke from her Virginia Slim, "Make
sure he wears a condom."


The girls drove off after lighting up a More 120 for themselves. They both
laughed as they took their first hit off of their cigarettes.

"Remember how we used to bitch when Aunt Gladys used to come over and smoke
these?" asked Brenda, laughing.

"Yeah, who'd have thought we'd be smoking them ourselves?" said Ashley,
double pumping her More. Ashley had decided after her one week of smoking not
to stop. She had experimented with different brands. She had tried
Marlboro's, Winston's, even Camel unfiltered, and finally the More 120's
(with Ashley taking the non-menthol and Brenda the menthol ones), but had
decided she liked Virginia Slims the best. Those would be her "regular"
brand, she thought to herself.

It had been an eventful week for both girls with many firsts. Brenda, of
course, had lost her virginity to Matt and they were now a couple. She had
also increased her cigarette consumption and had smoked two packs a day for
the first time. 

Ashley had cheated on her boyfriend. She would dump him once she got back to
town and would start dating Matt's cousin Sean. She had also started smoking
that week. Both girls had also gotten drunk for the first time and Matt and
Sean had introduced them to the joys of marijuana. 

Most importantly, Ashley thought to herself as she took a drag off of her
More 120, Brenda and her were friends for the first time since grade school.
For the first time in a long time, Ashley was proud of her younger sister,
even though she thought she was still somewhat of a dork.

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