Sisters, Part 11

(by Dromedary Joe, 10 March 2010)

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by Dromedary Joe

Part Eleven

For the rest of the school year, things were strange for the four sisters.
One would think that eventually one of the sisters would catch another sister
they didn't know smoked in the act, or that one of their parents would catch
them, but somehow they were all very careful. And so, for the last couple of
months of the school year, each sibling only knew that some of their siblings
smoked.  So Ashley knew Brenda smoked, Brenda knew Ashley and Cindy smoked.
Cindy knew Brenda and Danni smoked, and Danni only knew that Cindy smoked.

Typically those last two months, the two older girls started hanging out with
each other since they both had cars and were dating guys who were first
cousins. This left the two younger girls at home, where they usually could be
found in their father's little used study, smoking. 

The school year ended, and after Ashley went on a road trip for a few days
with her boyfriend, she came home to watch her three younger sisters for a
few weeks. Their parents had decided to go on a "second honeymoon" to Europe,
and put Ashley in charge of them for those two weeks. 

A couple days after their parents left, Brenda and Cindy went out to lunch

"I'm in the mood for a Newport," said Cindy, "Think I can bum one off you."

"Sure," said Brenda, extending her pack towards her sister.

Cindy lit up the Newport and took a quick drag. "I can't believe you finally
made time in your busy schedule for me. I mean you and The Bitch have been
best buddies ever since you went to the beach a few months back," Cindy said.

"Well, I was about to comment about you and The Brat. I mean, you guys have
been like Siamese twins this year."

"You sound jealous," said Cindy.

"No, I guess it's weird, you and Danni becoming friendly and me and Ashley
hanging out."

Both girls eyed each other suspiciously and wondered if the other knew the
truth about the other sisters they had been hiding.

"You know I have a really big secret," said Brenda, "But I promised not to

"What's that?" asked Cindy.

Brenda thought about how to tell her sister. She had been dieing to tell
Cindy about Ashley's smoking, but didn't want to betray Ashley's newfound
trust in her. Finally, she thought about a way to say it without being too

"You know we're not the only sisters in this family who smoke cigarettes."

Cindy got a shocked look on her face. So Brenda knew about Danni, she thought
to herself. "I know that. I've known that for a while."

"Really," said Brenda. So she knows about Ashley thought Brenda. "Wouldn't
Mom and Dad be shocked if they knew she smoked?"

"Yeah," said Cindy, "I mean, her age and all."

Brenda got a puzzled look on her face. "No, I mean how much she used to nag
Mom and Dad about smoking. She's eighteen, it's not like Mom and Dad could
stop her now."

Cindy got a shocked look on her face. "Ashley smokes?"

It took Brenda a few moments to figure out why her sister was shocked. "Danni
smokes?" Brenda asked, just as shocked. 

The girls sat there for a few hours chain smoking as they filled each other
in on the details.

"Do Ashley and Danni know the other one smokes?" Cindy asked 

"That I don't know," said Brenda as she took a drag off of one of her
sister's Marlboro 100's, "But I'd like to find out."

Cindy sat there for a few moments as if she was in deep thought. Finally her
eyes lit up.

"I've got an idea," said Cindy.


Danni snuck out of her room and went downstairs into her parent's bedroom.
She hoped her two oldest sisters wouldn't catch her. She wondered what that
note Cindy had written her was all about.  The note read: "Meet me in Mom and
Dad's room at 3 o`clock in the morning. It's important. Bring your smokes."
Danni sat on her parents' bed and lit up a Virginia Slim Light 120. Usually
she would smoke one of the Marlboro Lights her parents left lying around or a
Marlboro 100 which Cindy would buy for her, but Cindy had given her a pack of
Virginia Slims earlier that day. She wasn't sure how Cindy had gotten these,
but sometimes Cindy would get different brands of cigarettes, occasionally
she would even smoke Newport's.

"These aren't so bad," said Danni as she took a drag off of the Virginia

Ashley got out of bed and looked at the note Brenda had written her again. It
said to meet her in her parents' room at three in the morning. "Bring your
smokes" it had said at the bottom. Ashley picked up her pack of Virginia
Slims 120's and headed out her bedroom door carefully. She knew it was a
matter of time before her two youngest sisters found out that her and Brenda
were now smokers, but she wanted to put that moment off as long as possible.
She didn't want to be a bad influence on Cindy and Danni. Ashley opened the
door to her parents' bedroom and turned on the light.

"What the hell?" said Ashley. She blinked her eyes as if this were a bad
dream and realized it wasn't. Her twelve year old sister Danni was smoking a

Danni sat there in shock before she finally asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Never mind that," said Ashley, "What the hell do you think you're doing
smoking a cigarette?" 

Danni had no good answer, but then she spotted the pack of cigarettes in
Ashley's hand. "What are you doing with those?"

Ashley looked at her hand and, remembering what she had come up there for,
pulled a Virginia Slim out and lit up. "I'm eighteen, you're only twelve,'
she told her sister.

"Well, if you're old enough to smoke, then so am I," said Danni as she
defiantly continued to smoke.

After a minute of ordering her sister to put out her cigarette, Ashley
finally gave up and sat next to her sister on the bed.

"We're smoking the same brand," said Danni pointing to her sister's pack of
Virginia Slims.

"Yeah, I guess we do. I've tried other brands, but these are my favorites."

"I usually smoke Marlboro Light 100's or Marlboro 100's, but I think I could
get used to these," said Danni, taking another drag.

The girls heard giggling coming from their parents' walk-in closet and turned

"What the fuck!" said Ashley.

"Don't know," said Danni confused.

The giggling turned to laughing as the closet doors opened up and the two
middle sisters walked out.

"Mind if we join you," asked Cindy.

"You smoke?" said Ashley, confused.

"And you smoke?" said Danni to Brenda, noticing the pack of Newport 100's in
Brenda's hand. 

"Yeah, looks like we've all been smokers for a while," said Brenda, lighting
up a Newport 100 and handing one to Cindy before lighting one for herself. 

All four girls laughed as the two middle sisters sat on the bed. For the next
hour the four girls talked and smoked non-stop. Finally, Ashley got an idea
and went up to her bedroom.

"Here's something stronger for you girls to smoke," said Ashley as she lit up
a joint. The girls got stoned and then went to bed around six in the morning.
After sleeping all day, the girls eventually woke up and for the first time
were able to smoke freely throughout the house without worrying about being

Three days before their parents were scheduled to get back from Europe the
four girls sat in the living room talking about the fun they had the past
week and a half. The previous night had been the wildest night of all as the
two older girls had had their boyfriends over all night while the two younger
girls had each decided to invite a boy from their class over for a sleepover. 

"You better not have done anything last night," said Ashley to her youngest
sister Danni.

"No," said twelve year-old Danni, taking a drag off of the More 120 her older
sister had given her. "Me and Ron just kissed a little." 

Ashley looked her sister in the eye to make sure she was telling the truth.
She had had Sean check on her youngest sister periodically throughout the
night to make sure she behaved.

It was now fourteen year-old Cindy's turn to confess the sins of the previous

"I gave Ted a blowjob," Cindy finally said as she smoked her Marlboro 100.

"You what!" exclaimed Ashley and Brenda in unison.

"What's a blowjob?" asked Danni curiously as she exhaled the smoke from her
More 120.

Ashley turned to her youngest sister and said, "Danni go in the other room."

"No," said Danni.

"Okay, well if you want to smoke until Mom and Dad get home, you'll ignore
this conversation and pretend it never happened."

"Okay," said Danni, shrugging her shoulders as she continued to smoke the
More 120.

"Is it okay if I swallowed?" asked Cindy sounding worried.

"You swallowed?" asked Brenda, laughing.

"Well, yeah," said Cindy, "I had just taken a hit off my cigarette when he
squirted it in my mouth, so I kinda swallowed it and inhaled at the same

"So you smoked a cigarette while you gave Ted head?" asked Ashley, laughing.

"Yeah," said Cindy, wondering what was so funny.

Brenda took a banana out of the fruit bowl on the coffee table, peeled it
open, and triple pumped her Newport 100 before putting the banana in her
mouth as she exhaled. The other three girls laughed.

"You didn't see that," Ashley said to Danni, still laughing as she took a
drag off her Virginia Slim. 

The girls talked for a few hours, including about what would happen once Mom
and Dad got home.

"I'll cover for you girls," said Ashley, "I'll tell Mom and Dad I started
smoking. At the end of the summer when I go to college, Brenda will come out
of the closet and then she'll help you girls hide your smoking. You two girls
will have to wait a few years before you can tell Mom and Dad that you

"And don't forget," said Brenda, "we're going to have to get the smoky smell
out of the house the last day before Mom and Dad get back from Europe, so
we're going to all have to smoke outside the last day. Okay?"

"Okay," said the two younger girls at once.

They all knew the plan, but sometimes things don't go as planned...

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