Sisters, Part 8

(by Dromedary Joe, 10 March 2010)

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by Dromedary Joe

Part Eight

Both girls followed the porter up to their hotel room. Both Ashley and Brenda
were miserable, for different reasons. For Ashley, it was the thought of
having her dorky sixteen year old sister following her around all week. For
Brenda, it was about the nicotine withdrawals she would be having over the
next couple of days. For the past month or so she had been averaging a pack
of Newport's a day. Perhaps she could abandon her plans of quitting this week
and somehow acquire a pack. Surely there would be plenty of college kids at
this beach who were smokers.

After about fifteen minutes of silently unpacking their things, Ashley
decided to be civil to her sister and said, "Hey, I'm hungry. Let's go
downstairs and get something to eat."

"Okay," said Brenda weakly smiling. The lack of nicotine was making her
hungry anyway, she thought to herself.

The girls got to one of nicer restaurants at the five star hotel where they
were staying, and the restaurant was pretty packed. 

"We're pretty full right now," said the maitre d', "it'll be an hour wait
unless you want to sit on the patio."

"Sure," said Ashley.

The girls followed the maitre d' to the patio and Brenda noticed there were
people at nearby tables who were smoking. Now more than ever, she craved a

The girls ordered their beverages and meal after a few minutes wait and
Ashley pulled out her purse. She carefully opened it up and retrieved a pack
of Black and Mild's. Quickly she put one in her mouth and lit up.

"You smoke?" asked Brenda, somewhat surprised. 

"Not really," said Ashley quickly. "I very rarely inhale. It's just something
to keep my hands busy and pass the time. I would never smoke a cigarette
though- that's nasty."
"Oh," said Brenda. She took a whiff of the smoke from the Black and Mild and
noticed it wasn't entirely unpleasant. Maybe her sister would let her try one
and that would relieve her cravings. 

After a few minutes of mostly holding the Black and Mild with a few
non-inhaled puffs, Ashley noticed her sister seemed curious about it-

"Hey, if you promise not to tell Mom and Dad," said Ashley, taking a drag
without inhaling, "I'll let you try it."

"Sure," said Brenda trying not to sound too excited about the prospect of
relieving her nicotine cravings.

Ashley extended the Black and Mild to her sister and Brenda slowly extended
her hand.

"Just take a small puff," said Ashley, trying to give her sister a little bit
of coaching, "don't worry about inhaling."

Brenda put the Black and Mild in her mouth and slowly took a puff. She was
unsure whether she would like the taste at first, so she didn't drag too
much. Once she was sure she could handle it, she sucked more smoke into her
mouth. Brenda took the Black and Mild out of her mouth and sucked the smoke
into her lungs. Aware that she was probably exceeding her sister's
expectations, Brenda faked a cough as she exhaled.

"Wow," said Ashley genuinely impressed, "That was pretty good for the first

Ashley continued smoking the Black and Mild for a few minutes before she
offered her sister another drag.

Now that Brenda knew what to expect from the Black and Mild and she wanted
more nicotine, she double pumped and held the smoke in a long time before she
exhaled a huge plume of smoke. 

Ashley continued sharing the Black and Mild with her younger sister and
watched her sister take huge drags. Ashley began to get suspicious of her
sister, but after seeing Brenda push her glasses back up her nose, realized
maybe Brenda was just a quick learner. There was no way her goody-two-shoes
dork sister could have ever smoked before, thought Ashley. She was just a
quick learner. Even if she were a quick learner, though, she was bound to
become sick soon enough from inhaling as deeply as she was. 

"Here," said Ashley, taking the Black and Mild from her sister. "No need to
make you sick the first time you try one."

"No, I'm fine," said Brenda, relieved that her nicotine cravings were
satisfied for the moment.

After dinner, the girls once again decided to share a Black and Mild.

"Here," said Ashley, handing the unlit Black and Mild to her sister.

Ashley watched as her sister lit up like a pro, and Ashley once again
wondered if her sister had smoked before. Later on that night the girls
smoked a Black and Mild before bed and Ashley once again got suspicious.
Ashley would only inhale one or two drags off each Black and Mild, but Brenda
made sure she inhaled every time she took a puff. Ashley wanted to find out
for sure if her sister was a smoker.

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