Smoke Trick, Part 1

(by Jill Smoke, 02 December 1997)

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The Smoke Trick
Part 1
by Jill Smoke

It was Jill's first day of seventh grade and she was happy she would see her
friends from sixth grade for the first time in three months.  Jill lived on a
farm in the country with her parents and her older sister Carrie who was
sixteen. Jill had just turned thirteen last week and junior high seemed so
exciting to her. She would have her own locker, have many different teachers,
and be able to go to seven eleven for lunch if she didn't want to eat in
school. She had already decided that was what she would do on her first day
of  seventh grade, "Oh, the FREEDOM!" she thought. Well she picked up her
schedule from the office and went to her home room to only to discover none
of her old friends were in home room with her. Well she would meet them later
she thought.  Finally the bell rang and she went on to her next class,
English.  Inside she discovered her old friend Cathy and they talked until
the teacher arrived. Cathy told Jill that Roxanne and Samantha would be
meeting her at seven eleven for lunch and asked Jill to join them. Jill was
excited and said she certainly would be there? Two more classes later and
Jill went straight to seven eleven in such a hurry she left her pen on her

Seven eleven was almost a block away and Jill wanted to have as much time as
possible to meet her old friends. She was almost there when she saw all three
of her friends standing on the side of the building watching Roxanne take
something out of her purse when Jill realized Roxanne had a pack of Virginia
Slim Luxury lights in her hand and was opening them. Shocked Jill slowed down
to watch as Roxanne put a Virginia Slim Luxury light in her mouth, produced a
gold lighter and with a flick of her thumb a small flame erupted which she
brought up to her Virginia Slim Luxury light, Roxanne's cheeks began to
hollow and her face looked so satisfied while she took what seemed to be a 1
min drag from her Luxury light and then pulled the Luxury light from her
mouth and quickly breathed in to finish filling up her lungs. Roxanne's face
was now radiant and her eyes were glowing while she held in this first drag
ever so long and then out of Roxanne's nose came two long plumes of smoke for
a good 2 seconds. Then she held the cigarette in front of Cathy's mouth who
quickly sucked on it and blew out. Jill knew Cathy must not have smoked much
before because she didn't seem to inhale. Next Samantha took the Virginia
Slim Luxury light from Roxanne and stuck it in her mouth. Jill was close
enough she could hear Samantha say to Cathy, "let me show you how it's done"
with the cigarette bobbing up and down in her mouth, and then Samantha closed
her lips on the Virginia Slim Luxury light and the cigarette lifted up and
Jill could here the crackling tobacco from this action as she finally stepped
up to the group.  Samantha was finally done sucking on the Virginia Slim
Luxury light and with the cigarette still dangling from her lips she blew a
long stream of smoke right at Cathy and said, "with a little more practice
you can smoke just as good as me".  Everyone could see the shock in Jill's
face and Samantha decided to brake the ice by pulling the cigarette out of
her mouth with her thumb and index finger, turning it around, and saying
"here Jill, have a drag, it is so?",  Jill stopped her in mid sentence
"smoking is bad for you, why did you three decide to be so stupid over the
summer?" Roxanne replied, "smoking isn't so bad. My mom taught me this summer
and I am so grateful to her, do you know I lost 10 pounds since I started?
Mom said I needed to start so I would lose the weight or the boys would never
look at me."   Cathy interjected, "I don't smoke much but every time I do all
of the boys around me look at me like I am some sort-a sex symbol, Wow! I
love the attention." "Your all crazy, there is no way I am going to start
just to lose a few pounds or to have boys look at me!" Jill said with
disgust. Roxanne, taking a long drag and then speaking with the smoke coming
out of her mouth with each word said, "Jill is just chicken, she could never
learn how to smoke. I'll bet Jill you don't know how! Everybody else knows
how, even the people who don't smoke?". Jill not wanting to lose her friends
decided to change the subject, "so besides smoking your lives away what else
did you girls do this summer?" Cathy talked about meeting some nice boys at
her parents lakeside cabin. Roxanne said she had gotten to third base with a
tenth grader when her older brother had a party while their parents were
away. Jill excused herself and went inside to get something to eat because
lunch period was almost over.

Jill went home that day and thought how awful her friends had turned out over
just one summer. She kept meeting them  everyday at lunchtime watching Cathy
gradually learn to be a full fledge smoker and Roxanne giving Jill a hard
time, always saying Jill didn't know how? and Jill was chicken. Although Jill
had been in school for 3 months now she didn't seem to fit in with the other
girls in her class. Most of the other girls were from the city and she just
didn't seem to click with them. Jill still had much in common with Cathy,
Roxanne, and Samantha even if she didn't smoke. They all live in or near the
country, they all like going shopping together whenever possible, they all
like talking about boys, and none of them like sports in anyway shape or
form. Not one of Jill's friends were stuck-up, so she wasn't going to give up
on them.  Jill just wanted Roxanne to stop nagging her with the "you don't
know how ? you're chicken" line.

So one day after school she decided to have a talk with her mom. Jill lived
20 miles into the country which was the last stop for the school bus, so Jill
thought long and hard on what to say to her mom. No one in Jill's family
smoked. She decided to tell her mom about Cathy, Roxanne, and Samantha, then
ask her if she could learn how just to prove she could to her friends and
then never have another one. She was certain this would stop Roxanne from
bugging her and she wouldn't have any adverse side affects of long-term
smoking. Shortly after Jill started junior high her mom had asked her why her
clothes smelled of smoke and Jill calmly said that many of the students go to
seven eleven at lunch to smoke and she had to walk through their cloud to get
into the store.. Jill's mom trusted her and never asked again. It was 5:30
p.m.  when the bus finally arrived at her beautiful country 2 story home.
Jill ran up to her room and put her book-bag away and nervously went down to
the kitchen to talk with her mom. As she approached the kitchen she smelled
something strange, then it hit her, she smelled cigarette smoke. Jill quickly
smelled her clothes and decided it wasn't coming from her.

She walked slowly towards the kitchen door and could hear her closest
neighbor Edith talking with her mom in the kitchen. "Edith, give me your
Menthol More for one more drag before Jill comes in, I don't want her to see
me smoke", Jill's mom said. "Beth why don't you just have another cigarette
because you know she will sit up in her room until her homework is done",
said Edith handing Beth a pack of Menthol More's with a lighter. Jill
crouched down and peeked around the corner in amazement to see her mom take a
Menthol More out of the long green and silver pack, the cigarette was long
and brown, and her mom placed it up to her nose, smelled it with shear joy on
her face, placed it between her lips in a way that looked so natural, snaped
the lighter, and with the most elegant of movement raised the lighter to the
tip of the long chocolate brown cigarette. Jill was excited, she felt wet
between her legs, her knees were weak, she only felt this way once before
when her friends had told her how to masturbate, she watched as her mom's eye
lids closed when she took her thumb off of the lighter and took a 10 second
drag, she watched her mom elegantly slip the cigarette out of her mouth and
take a slow long deep breath. Jill thought to herself, "my god my mom must
have the largest lungs!". She watched her mom's eyes open as she slowly blew
the smoke towards the ceiling, her whole look seemed so natural, so elegant.
Her mom looked like she was enjoying the most precious moments of her life as
if she had just met her long lost best friend. Jill thought her mom was the
most beautiful smoker she had ever seen. Jill had been rubbing her crotch
the whole time when she felt this extremely strong sensation coming over her,
she had never really masturbated before and didn't realize she was doing so
now until she felt a strong spasm erupt and she fell onto the floor half in
the kitchen and half in the hallway. At the time Jill fell her mom was taking
another drag on her Menthol More. Scared, Jill scrambled to get up while
watching her mom quickly blow out her smoke and shove her hand with the lit
Menthol More under the kitchen table. Jill's legs were so week she fell again
and she was so nervous she began to laugh.  Jill just folded her legs on the
floor and  said, "hi, mom just got home from school and seemed to have left
my balance at school."  "How much did you see Jill", said Beth. "Oh, just you
smoking a cigarette, nothing else", said Jill.  Beth didn't know what to say
and so she said, "why did you come down so early today ? You usually finish
your homework and then come down to eat." "Well mom, I wanted to talk to you
about something today, but I see you have company so I will go up to my room
and we can talk later", Jill said getting up now that her legs weren't so
weak. "No, dear you can talk to me now. Um, I don't smoke you know, I just
have one every once in awhile. I am sorry dear", said Beth. "I know you don't
smoke mom, but it is funny this is what I need to talk to you about"? and
Jill seized the opportunity and told her mom all about her friends and that
she just wanted to learn how to shut up one of them. Her mom and Edith sat in
amazement listening to the story and her mom finished her cigarette. When
Jill was done talking Edith said, "Beth, you know you learned at her age with
Brenda and me. She should learn how, you know, to shut up her friends and
then stop. It is really a good idea, maybe you should have done the same
then." "Mom!  You never told me you smoked before", said Jill. "Honey you
never asked" replied her mom, "do you really promise to stop after you show
off to your friends Jill?". "Yes, mom I just want to learn a trick they don't
know and then shut them up. I promise to stop after that mom" said Jill.
Edith interjected, "well you should teach her to French inhale that would
shut up her friends!" "I don't know", Beth said with hesitation "she would
really have to learn how to inhale and then inhale through her nose? I think
just a shallow inhale would do the trick".  "No mom, Roxanne can blow three
foot stream from her nose, I have to beet that to shut her up", cried Jill.
"OK dear, take a cigarette from the pack"? her mom said and proceeded to give
her a lesson.

Her mom first had Jill smell the cigarette to get used to them. Then her mom
told her to place the Menthol More between her lips and get a feel for it.
Jill was getting excited again, the Menthol More was so long, it felt sexy,
she couldn't wait to taste the smoke but her mom was going on and on and she
really wasn't paying attention. "and when you take your first inhale you need
to take it in very slowly and don't take to much your first time?", her mom
was rambling. Finally her mom said, "OK Jill, I will hold the lighter up to
your cigarette and you take a small puff to get the cigarette lit, don't
inhale you can try that next" and with that her mom flicked the lighter and
brought it up close to the cigarette. Jill leaned forward remembering how her
friends did it and put just the tip into the flame, she then sucked slowly on
the filter, the taste was warm yet spicy cool mint. Beth pulled the lighter
away and watched her daughter fill her mouth with smoke then Jill opened her
mouth and took in some air really slowly, her throat feeling a strong
sensation to cough but Jill fought back the urge and held the smoke in for 10
seconds just like she had seen her mom and then she let it out again
resisting the strongest urge to cough she had ever felt she blew out a stream
of smoke towards the ceiling like her mom did.  Her mom was flabbergasted,
she couldn't believe her daughter had inhaled her very first cigarette with
out coughing she said, "Jill are you sure you've never tried a cigarette
before?" with a stern look.  "Mom, I swear this is the first, it made me want
to cough but I held it back. It didn't taste to bad either. I thought it
would be really awful" Jill said sincerely. Jill then put the cigarette up to
her lips again and took a slightly deeper inhale, again resisting the urge to
cough,   and she blew out a bigger stream of smoke. Her mom then showed her
the proper holding techniques and how to hold the cigarette in her mouth with
no hands and smoke. On Jill's third inhale she began to feel really dizzy and
her mom took the cigarette away and said, "your young body will have to get
used to the nicotine slowly honey so I will finish this and you can try again
later." "Mom, I want to try one more puff please", said Jill as her mom took
a long drag and handed her back the cigarette. Jill put the cigarette back in
her mouth inhaled deeply, much deeper than before, and then blew the smoke
out of her nose in a way that was positively delightful until she sneezed at
which point her mom took away the cigarette and enjoyed the rest of it. Her
mom told her not to talk to her father or her sister about this, that it
would be their own little secret and they would only practice when her sister
was still at gymnastics and her father was out farming, Jill agreed and went
to her room to study.

The next day at school Jill was tempted to tell her friends and start with
them but she wanted to be more professional before she let them know so she
decided to wait. She now watched more intently as the others smoked.
Roxanne's smoking style was tough she didn't look sexy she looked more butch.
Samantha's style was a little better but again it just wasn't sexy. But
Cathy's style started to make Jill feel excited inside. When Cathy pulled a
long white cigarette out and put in her mouth her sucking style made Jill
feel weak in the knees and Jill could see from the boys who hung out at the
seven eleven that her style also got their attention. Cathy would then take a
second puff before exhaling filling up her mouth and then let out a cloud
from her mouth and blowing a stream of smoke through it.  Jill decided she
would have the best style of the bunch and would practice for hours until she
had it.

Jill couldn't keep her mind off of smoking since her lesson and was praying
her sister wouldn't be home when she got home. Jill looked excitedly from the
bus window and noticed that the family car was gone.  She was now worried
that mom wasn't home and she wouldn't get a lesson until the weekend. Jill
went to her room dropped off her things and went down into the kitchen to see
if mom was home. Her mom wasn't home she left a note that supper was in the
fridge and if she wasn't back by the time the family was ready to eat to go
ahead and pop it in the microwave. Jill was crushed, all she could think of
all day was her smoking lesson and now her mom wasn't home. Jill went up to
her room and reluctantly proceeded to do her homework. Twenty minutes later
she heard the door slam closed and she ran down the stairs to see who was
home. Mom popped through the front door with a bag of groceries in her hand,
"hi Jill their wasn't many shoppers so I am home earlier than I thought. How
was your day?", Beth said. "Well mom, Roxanne really has been hard on me
today about smoking", she said knowing this was not exactly the truth, "I
need to learn quickly so I can shut her up and fit in with the crowd." "What
do you mean fit in with the crowd? I thought you promised you would stop
after you showed off to them" said Beth. "I did mom, I mean once they know I
can and choose not to they will leave me alone and we can talk about other
things", replied Jill hoping now she could stop something she really liked.
Reluctantly her mom said, "OK dear, I went to the store for food and for some
cigarettes, we can't just smoke all of Edith's cigarettes we need our own",
said Beth, but Jill heard that "we" part and figured that mom holding a new
carton of Menthol More's probably meant "we" wouldn't have to stop for some
time. Jill asked, " mom what if dad or sis find out?" "Your father knows I
have cigarette every once in awhile so he won't bother. Your sister tried
smoking before, I know because I could smell it on her strong but she later
quit on her own" mom said, "help me put away the groceries and we can get on
with lesson number two dear." Jill didn't need any prodding she quickly put
away the groceries and sat at the table with her mom. Her mom then told her
to reach on top of the refrigerator to the back and bring the ashtray. Jill
was wondering if her mom had ever stopped smoking, but she couldn't ever
remember smelling smoke on her mom so she asked, "Mom, how is it I never have
smelled smoke on you before?" "Well dear when I have an occasional cigarette
you are either in bed or in school and then when I finish I take a shower and
change my clothes. You will need to do the same if you don't want your father
to find out" said her mom as she opened the carton of Menthol More's and
pulled out a pack. Jill watched as her mom easily opened the cellophane on
the pack and carefully opened only the a third of the foil like paper top and
asked, "mom, why do you only open a third of the pack? Roxanne opens her box
of Virginia Slim Luxury lights and pulls the whole foil off of the top."
"Well dear, these aren't in a box so you don't open the whole top or they
will get stale and fall out in your purse", responded her mom. Her mom then
tapped the pack, handed Jill a cigarette, took one for herself, then grabbed
the lighter and offered Jill a light without saying anything. Jill gratefully
accepted the light, took a deep inhale again fighting off the urge to cough,
although it wasn't a strong urge, and held her smoke well she watched her mom
light her own Menthol More.  Her mom looked so perfect as a smoker she
thought. Jill started to feel moist down in her crotch again and with smoke
coming out of her mouth said, "Mom, why is it when I smoke I feel funny, um,
you know, uh um, down there?" pointing at her crotch. "Jill, your now of the
age that you will get these feelings from time to time, it is natural. I
sometimes get horny when I smoke and if your father isn't around I
masturbate. Masturbation is natural and if you don't know how I can teach
you", her mom said so casually it mad Jill feel at ease. "No mom, I know how
to", replied Jill and then her mom told her, "Jill if you feel like
masturbating when you smoke you can smoke in the bathroom with the window
open and the fan on. I do this sometimes while taking a bath and it is very
relaxing. Why don't you take a pack of cigarettes to your room and if you get
that feeling go to the bathroom and try it in private. You will also need to
practice smoking sometimes when I am not around but don't smoke in your room.
Smoke in the bathroom or the garage when no one is around. I will teach you
how to French inhale when you are much more comfortable with smoking" said
her mom and then taking a deep inhale, stopping, and without blowing out
taking another inhale.  After seeing her mom take a double pump Jill wanted
to go straight to the bathroom and masturbate but decided to be cool and wait
until later. Jill took 6 full inhales this time before feeling dizzy, but
this time she didn't tell her mom she wanted to take as many as she could so
she took 5 more off of the long brown cigarette and put it out. "Jill your
cigarette was only half finished why did you put it out dear?" "I was
starting to get dizzy" Jill replied. "I understand, but if you want to get
used to the nicotine you will have to smoke another one tonight" her mom said
as she did the most beautiful smoke trick Jill had ever seen a French inhale.
Jill grabbed a pack of cigarettes and asked, "Mom is there another lighter I
can use?", "Certainly dear I bought a couple a the store today here", pulling
one from her purse, "take this one", a yellow mini bic. Jill happily took the
lighter and went up to her room where she slipped the cigarettes under the
back corner of her bed. Jill then decided she needed to take a shower to hide
the smell like her mom said, but decided a bath and a cigarette might just be
in order so she grabbed the Menthol More's and the yellow bic and went to the
bathroom, yelling down the stairs, "I'm gonna take a bath to cover up the
smell mom."  She turned on the bath water, opened the window, turned on the
fan and opened toilet so she would have a place to put the ashes and
proceeded to take off her clothing.  As Jill took off her blouse she noticed
her nipples were hard, in fact they were so hard they hurt, and she was
getting more excited as she took off each piece of clothing, but when she got
to the panties she thought she would explode and she could barely stand up so
she jumped into the tub and sat down. The Menthol More's were on the corner
of the tub and she sat there and stared at them thinking about the warm spicy
cool mint taste, imagining  she looked like an elegant princess when she
smoked. "Wow", Jill thought, "I can watch my self smoke in the mirror." With
that she pulled a Menthol More from the pack, placed it between her lips,
picked up the mini bic yellow lighter, flicked the lighter and brought the
flame close to the cigarette and then looked at the mirror in amazement at
herself actually lighting a cigarette there in her own bath tub, her body now
trembling with excitement as the first tiny piece of tobacco crackled and
glowed on the end of the longest brown cigarette she had ever seen, her
waiting mouth finally tasting the warm spicy cool mint taste of the smoke and
her pussy was throbbing with her increased heart rate. Jill dropped the
lighter on the floor and was scared for a second she'd get caught when she
realized this is what her mother had told her to do. She let the cigarette
dangle from her small thin lips and reached down between her legs with both
hands slowly massaging her clitoris and watching herself smoke in the mirror.
Her movements were slow and soft but she came with such a thunderous orgasm
that the cigarette fell from her lips into the bathtub and she didn't notice
until her long after she winced loudly in pleasure. "You need to learn how to
masturbate quietly Jill or the rest of the family will figure it out", said
her mom. Hearing this startled Jill and she almost crapped in the bathtub but
then calmed down and enjoyed the most pleasurable feeling she had ever felt.
She pulled the wet cigarette out of the tub and threw it into the toilet
deciding she would have to hold it tighter the next time? and she new there
would be a next time.

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